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This article is about the antiquity. For the achievement, see Spaulder of Ruin (achievement).

ON-icon-armor-Spaulder of Ruin.png
Masterfully etched void alloys make up the bulk of this imposing pauldron. It creaks and tightens when companions draw near—desperate to siphon your power into bloodthirsty allies.

The Spaulder of Ruin is a Mythic light shoulder armor that comes with the Infused trait. It can be obtained through the Antiquities system. It was released as part of the Deadlands DLC.


1 item: Activating crouch activates and deactivates a 12 meter Aura of Pride. Up to 6 group members in the aura gain 260 Weapon and Spell Damage. Reduce your Health, Magicka, and Stamina Recovery by 70 for every target benefiting from your Aura of Pride.


  • Five fragments are required to create the item, all of which require a master-quality Lead in order to scry, and are classed as master difficulty to excavate.
  • You are required to be at least level 7 in Scrying, and have the Antiquarian Insight IV passive in order to scry Master difficulty leads.
  • Fragment Leads are largely found in the same zone as where the fragment is excavated, save for a few cases where it may be found in different zone.
Icon Lead Source Zone Codex Entry
ON-icon-stolen-Horn.png Petrified Daedroth Horn The Abomination Cradle world boss The Deadlands The beveling on this horn doesn't appear natural. And you see the hole here at the bottom? I suspect someone attached this to something—a weapon or piece of armor. It might have acted as an offensive element or something to deflect blows. — Reginus Buca This horn's definitely organic. If I had to guess, I'd say it's a Daedroth horn. Plenty of those crocodile-face brutes wander the Deadlands, and according to Zexelax's Guide to Lesser Daedra, those horns on their head can blunt the sharpest swords! — Amalien I've read Zexelax's Guide, and half of it's utter fiction. A Daedroth horn can deflect a sword stroke or two, sure. But without alchemical hardening, it would never hold up to serious abuse. Some Daedric spellsmith put a lot of work into this. — Ugron gro-Thumog
ON-icon-stolen-Nail.png Void Alloy Rivets Dremora Any zone Small rivets, eh? The Daedra do like their fasteners. I dare you to find a piece of Daedric armor that isn't blanketed in rivets, pins, and spikes. These seem special though. Ugron's the authority, but they look like they're made of voidsteel. — Amalien Aye, the smith who hammered these out used voidstone, but I don't think it's voidsteel. This looks like some kind of bespoke alloy--the sort of thing you'd only find in a Daedric realm. This sandy hue and matte finish have me stumped. — Ugron gro-Thumog Oblivion minerals are hard to categorize. Every Daedric realm operates by its own set of peculiar rules, and the materials of Princely realms often mimic their master's temperament. The composition of a Deadland ore may change by the hour! — Gabrielle Benele
ON-icon-fragment-Void Alloy Lame Plates.png Void Alloy Lame Plates Safeboxes in Leyawiin Blackwood I must admit, the silhouette of these metal plates is quite fetching. Sleek lines, sharp corners, and simple, robust filigree. Pity that they're likely the product of some bloodthirsty Dremora's labors. — Verita Numida These plates do seem more restrained than the standard Daedric panoply. People often say that Daedra lack imagination, but I think distinctive objects like this prove they're more creative than scholars give them credit for. — Gabrielle Benele It's only because this is an item with utility. Daedra can't create anything that lacks utility. That's not hyperbole. Only creatures of Aedric origin can create objects for their own sake. If you find me a Daedric still life, I'll change my mind! — Reginus Buca
ON-icon-stolen-Ampoule.png Aureal Armor Glaze Shivering Shrine world boss Stonefalls What a curious substance. This appears to be some sort of unguent or polish. Daedra do not place great emphasis on wound care, so I'm assuming it's the latter. Even more interestingly, this smells quite pleasant. Unlike any Dremora craft I've seen before. — Reginus Buca This smells nice because it isn't the work of Dremora! Unless I miss my guess, I'd say a Golden Saint made this. An Aureal, I mean. According to my research, they compulsively polish their armor. As for why you'd find it in the Deadlands? I have no idea. — Amalien The Mages Guild's surveys of Oblivion indicate there's far more void-travel than we suspected. Dremora and Aureal societies are both highly regimented and warlike. Given the existence of Fargrave, it's certainly possible that they engage in trade. — Gabrielle Benele
ON-icon-stolen-Stole.png Clannfear Leather Strapping Clannfear Any zone Rugged. A little knobby. I'd bet this came off the back of a Clannfear. Those beasts are far smarter than people think. I doubt they'd take kindly to someone wearing the hide of one of their own. Still, it seems to make damn fine strapping. — Ugron gro-Thumog I'd like to take a closer look at this at some point. The resilience, durability, and dependability of Daedric materials remains a subject of serious debate in the Guild. What elements of a Daedra corpse endure and which discorporate seems totally random. — Gabrielle Benele Oh, Gabrielle, there are so many theories about Daedric remains! We have to discuss this over tea some time! My theory is, high concentrations of dynamic forces result in longer shelf-life. That's why Dremora's hearts persist for so long! — Amalien