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The Level Up Advisor is a mechanic introduced into Elder Scrolls Online in Update 17, with the intent of helping new characters to progress as they level. It provides recommendations on where to allocate skill points for specific builds and playstyles, and gives rewards upon levelling up and upon reaching significant milestones.

Skill Advisor[edit]

Level Up Advisor for a Necromancer

When you look at your Skill screen, you will see a new window on the left. You can click the gear icon in the corner to choose which build you'd like, or to turn off the skill advisor.

The rest of the window is divided into two sections. At the top are up to 3 skills or morphs that are recommended for your choice of build. If you meet the requirements for these skills and have available skill points, you can click on them to invest a skill point in them. If you do not meet the requirements (e.g. your level in the skill line is too low or you have not advanced the skill enough to unlock the morph), the icon will be grayed out and there will be a lock symbol on it. These locked skills will move to the top of the list. If all three of the recommended skills become locked, you will not be able to use the skill advisor until you have unlocked and invested points in those skills.

Below this section, there is a list of skills applicable to this Build which you have already spent points on. You may also see, both here and in the regular skill selection screen, an icon which looks like a ! in a triangle. This is used to indicate ill-advised morphs, which may be sub-optimal for your choice of build.

Note that the skills advisor does not give you all of the skills needed for each build. For example, it may suggest that the first skill you should select on a given skill line is one of the skills lower down on the list, which you cannot unlock without building up that skill line first, for which you will need to invest points in earlier skills that are not considered part of your build.


This list shows the various builds the Level Up Advisor will help you with. For each class, there is a Starter build, two Damage builds (one Magicka and one Stamina), one Tank and one Healer. You can always change your build at any time, and the tool will give you advice on which skills and morphs will best fit the build you've chosen. For an established character, you might want to see which build best fits what you currently have set up. Then the advisor can offer you tips to further optimize your character.

Class Build Role Description Main Stat. Suggested Weapon(s) Suggested Armor
Dragonknight Dragonknight Initiate New Players Learn to channel your inner dragon through the mastery of Dragonknight abilities. Magicka None None
Dragonknight Inferno Dragon DamageON-icon-role-Damage.png Set your enemies ablaze in an inferno of destructive magic. Magicka Destruction Staff Light Armor
Dragonknight Venomous Dragon DamageON-icon-role-Damage.png Control the field of battle with lethal poisons and furious strikes. Stamina Dual Wield/Bow Medium Armor
Dragonknight Stoneskin Dragon TankON-icon-role-Tank.png Channel your fury and charge into the fray like a raging, heavily-armored dragon. Health One Hand and Shield Heavy Armor
Dragonknight Elder Dragon HealerON-icon-role-Healer.png Safeguard your allies by granting them powerful boons such as shields, health, and power. Magicka Restoration Staff Light Armor
Necromancer Necromancer Initiate New Players Wield the power of death itself to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies as a terrifying Necromancer. Magicka None None
Necromancer Baleful Summoner DamageON-icon-role-Damage.png Control an army of the dead to overrun your enemies while channeling destructive elemental magic. Magicka Destruction Staff Light Armor
Necromancer Deathbringer DamageON-icon-role-Damage.png Use close strikes and ranged assaults to cripple your enemies with lethal poisons and diseases. Stamina Two Handed/Bow Medium Armor
Necromancer Undying Warrior TankON-icon-role-Tank.png Drain the life from the living and dead alike to become an unkillable horror on the battlefield. Health One Hand and Shield Heavy Armor
Necromancer Flesh Sculptor HealerON-icon-role-Healer.png Stave off death's cold touch by siphoning power from the recently deceased and using it to aid your allies. Magicka Restoration Staff Light Armor
Nightblade Nightblade Initiate New Players Grasp the sinister art of assassination by heeding the call of the Nightblade. Magicka None None
Nightblade Deathweaver DamageON-icon-role-Damage.png Sap the life-force from unsuspecting victims and use shadows to cast deadly spells. Magicka Destruction Staff Light Armor
Nightblade Umbral Assassin DamageON-icon-role-Damage.png Blindside your enemies with a flurry of poisonous strikes, then disappear without a trace. Stamina Dual Wield/Bow Medium Armor
Nightblade Living Shadow TankON-icon-role-Tank.png Become one with the darkness, drawing your foes close, then crippling them with shadow and steel. Health One Hand and Shield Heavy Armor
Nightblade Blood Magus HealerON-icon-role-Healer.png Siphon away your foe's vitality to fuel powerful healing spells, shielding you and your allies form death's embrace. Magicka Restoration Staff Light Armor
Sorcerer Sorcerer Initiate New Players Master ancient spells that control deadly force as a powerful Sorcerer. Magicka None None
Sorcerer Elemental Arcanist DamageON-icon-role-Damage.png Channel the power of ice, fire, lightning and Oblivion to weave powerful, destructive spells. Magicka Destruction Staff Light Armor
Sorcerer Arcane Warrior DamageON-icon-role-Damage.png Merge your martial and magical skill by empowering your weapon strikes with arcane energy. Stamina Dual Wield/Bow Medium Armor
Sorcerer War Mage TankON-icon-role-Tank.png Wade Confidently into battle, protected by heavy armor and potent sorcery. Health One Hand and Shield None
Sorcerer Eldritch Mender HealerON-icon-role-Healer.png Protect and bolster your allies with powerful wards and shields while draining your enemies of their vitality. Magicka Restoration Staff Light Armor
Templar Templar Initiate New Players Extend your knowledge on brilliant Aedric spells through the Templar order. Magicka None None
Templar Gleaming Champion DamageON-icon-role-Damage.png Dazzle and burn your enemies with Aedric light while turning the battlefield to your advantage. Magicka Destruction Staff Light Armor
Templar Luminous Warrior DamageON-icon-role-Damage.png Visit swift justice upon your foes with stunning strikes up close and deadly arrows from afar. Stamina Dual Wield/Bow Medium Armor
Templar Bastion of Light TankON-icon-role-Tank.png Walk the path of a valiant knight and become an immovable, undying foe of the wicked. Health One Hand and Shield Heavy Armor
Templar Beacon of Hope HealerON-icon-role-Healer.png Bring out the best in your allies by showering them with holy light, protective auras, and empowering spells. Magicka Restoration Staff Light Armor
Warden Warden Initiate New Players Learn to harness the powers and beasts of nature as you traverse the ways of the Warden. Magicka None None
Warden Beast Caller DamageON-icon-role-Damage.png Summon up the wrath of the wild by calling on great beasts to overpower your enemies. Magicka Destruction Staff Light Armor
Warden Savage Stalker DamageON-icon-role-Damage.png Use potent toxins and savage beasts to weaken your foes while you pelt them from afar with skillful archery. Stamina Bow Medium Armor
Warden Guardian of the Wild TankON-icon-role-Tank.png Channel nature's resilience with freezing barriers and restorative, nourishing vines. Health One Hand and Shield Heavy Armor
Warden Master Herbalist HealerON-icon-role-Healer.png Draw on nature's bounty to summon plants that heal and empower your wounded allies. Magicka Restoration Staff Light Armor
Arcanist Arcanist Initiate New Players The forces of tides, tentacles, and fate are close at hand. Rise, Arcanist, and take the power that is rightfully yours. Magicka None None
Arcanist Desolation Scholar DamageON-icon-role-Damage.png Combine turbulent elemental forces and the dread strength of Apocrypha to devastate your foes with overwhelming power. Magicka Destruction Staff Light Armor
Arcanist Claymore of the Deeps DamageON-icon-role-Damage.png Take up a dire blade and your Apocryphal tome to assault foes from close and mid-range. Stamina Two Handed Medium Armor
Arcanist Rune Knight TankON-icon-role-Tank.png Runes are your armor and the grace of Mora your shield. Sustain yourself against even the strongest assault through your connection to Apocrypha. Health One Hand and Shield Heavy Armor
Arcanist Occult Hierophant HealerON-icon-role-Healer.png Your runes spark the swell of Abyssal tides, restoring your comrades through force of intellect alone. Magicka Destruction Staff Light Armor

Level Rewards[edit]

Level 3 Rewards

When you look at your Character screen (provided you are below level 50), you will see a window on the left, showing you what rewards you will earn both on your next level up, and your next milestone, which occurs every 5 levels. (If you are 1 below a milestone level, you will only see that level). When you level up, you will see this screen again, where you can claim your rewards, including making a choice if there are multiple possible rewards. Most of these rewards are Character Bound, meaning they cannot be given to other characters, even on the same account, so you should either use them or destroy them, as they cannot be traded or sold.

Level Skill/
Rewards Dungeon Finder
2 1
3 1 Crown Fortifying Meal
4 1 Trifling Glyph of Health Choice of
5 2 Racial Skill Line Item Set:
Broken Soul
6 1 3 Soul Gems
Crown Experience Scroll
7 1 00000500500 Gold
8 1 Choice of
9 1 Choice of
10 3 Sorrel Horse³ Fungal Grotto I
Spindleclutch I
The Banished Cells I
11 1 25 Gold Coast Survivor Elixirs
12 1 Crown Refreshing Drink
Bag Space Upgrade²
Darkshade Caverns I
13 1 Recipe: Tarragon Chicken
1 Poultry, 1 Seasoning
14 1 10 Lockpicks
3 Counterfeit Pardon Edicts
Elden Hollow I
15 2 Weapon Swap Choice of
16 1 Bank Space Upgrade Choice of
Tier 2
Wayrest Sewers I
17 1 Choice of
18 1 "Room To Spare" Housing Brochure
Storage Coffer, Fortified (page)³
Choice of
Arx Corinium
19 1 2 Crown Repair Kits
20 3 Crown Crate Choice of
City of Ash I
21 1 Choice of
10 Crafting
22 1 25 Crown Tri-Restoration Potions Crypt of Hearts I
23 1 3 Porade, 3 Jejota, Makko, Deni
24 1 Choice of
Cosmetic Pet
Direfrost Keep
25 2 Choice of
26 1 Minor Glyph of Shielding Tempest Island
27 1 Choice of
Treasure Map
28 1 Choice of
Tier 3
29 1 Choice of
Riding Lesson
30 3 000040004,000 Gold
Crown Crate
Blackheart Haven
31 1 Choice of
32 1 Choice of
Dye Stamp
Blessed Crucible
33 1 Choice of
Chest Armor
34 1 Choice of
Selene's Web
35 2 Choice of
10 Crafting
36 1 Cyrodiil
Vaults of Madness
37 1 3 Crown Fortifying Meal Elden Hollow II
38 1 Choice of
Tier 4
Wayrest Sewers II
39 1 Instant All Research Fungal Grotto II
40 3 000060006,000 Gold
Outfit Change Token
Style Box
Spindleclutch II
41 1 Choice of
The Banished Cells II
42 1 Choice of
Darkshade Caverns II
43 1 Attribute Respecification Scroll
Skill Respecification Scroll
Crypt of Hearts II
44 1 Cyrodiil
City of Ash II
45 2 Undaunted Enclave Invitation
Undaunted Key
All DLC Dungeons
46 1 5 Crown Mimic Stone Choice of
Tier 5
47 1 50 Transmute Crystals Choice of
48 1 Choice of
49 1 Crown Experience Scroll
50 3 0001000010,000 Gold
Crown Crate
Veteran Dungeons
Style materials will be for your race's style.
This will be a Flame Atronach Crown Crate until further notice. Note that these are one-time only rewards - only your first character to reach levels 20, 30, and 50 will receive a Crown Crate.
¹These rings will be level 5 no matter when you open the container, so there's no benefit to holding onto them for later.
²This reward is only given if you have not purchased any upgrades from Pack Merchants. If you have, you will instead just be given a tip to seek them out for more upgrades.
³Since these items are Collectibles, you can only earn them once each, and only if you have not previously acquired them via other means. However, in cases where there is more than one choice available, you can earn them all by using multiple characters.
The bank space upgrade evidently only appears for players who have not already purchased any bank space upgrades on any of their characters.
This reward is only given to your first character to reach level 40, subsequent characters will still receive a prompt to go to an outfit station but no token will be awarded.