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The purpose of this walkthrough is to help aspiring editors learn the ways of editing as soon as possible. We hope that these help files guide you greatly, and we look forward to seeing your future work on our project.

General Walkthroughs

Online Content — Information specifically about adding new Elder Scrolls Online articles

Disambiguation Pages
New Editors
Getting Started — Information for new editors
Mentor Program — Mentors for new editors who would like one-on-one assistance
Helping Out — General suggestions for how to help contribute
Task List — More specific tasks that need to be done
Basic Editing
Quick Editing Guide
Editing Pages
Edit Summary
Show Preview
Page History
Starting New Pages
Advanced Editing
Magic Words
Writing Templates
Other Topics
Determining a RefID

See Also

  • Style Guide — General guidelines for how to write, format, and present pages
  • The Sandbox — You can test out your editing at the sandbox
  • Prizes — Think someone on the wiki is doing a good job? Then award them with a prize!
  • Common Mistakes — Some of the more common mistakes that users make here, and how to avoid and fix them

  • Book Page Layout — The standard UESP layout for book articles
  • NPC Page Layout — The standard UESP layout for NPC articles
  • Place Page Layout — The standard UESP layout for place articles
  • Quest Page Layout — The standard UESP layout for quest articles
  • Spelling — Spelling rules for commonly misspelled words on UESPWiki
  • Lore — Guidelines for articles in the Lore namespace
  • Mod — Guidelines for articles in the modspaces

External Links

Note: UESP generally follows Wikipedia style. Where guidelines differ, those on UESP policy and help pages should generally prevail.