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Stamina is your character's physical energy, and is used to perform various basic combat actions, such as blocking, dodging, and stealth, as well as activating Stamina Skills. Stamina can additionally be used to increase the players movement speed in and out of combat by sprinting. Stamina is comparable to "Fatigue" in earlier Elder Scrolls games.

Maximum Stamina[edit]

The amount of stamina you have depends on your character's level. Each time you level up, your maximum stamina will increase. You can choose to further increase your maximum stamina using attribute points.

A level one character starts with 1220 points of stamina and gains 220 points every level, resulting in 12000 points of stamina at level 50. Stamina can additionally be increased by 111 points for every stat point allocated to stamina. A level 50 character with all 64 stat points allocated to stamina will have a base maximum stamina of 19104 points.

Your stamina attribute can be increased by using equipment with a Glyph of Stamina or Glyph of Prismatic Defense enchantment, jewelry with the robust or triune traits, through many skill trees, and with the Tower Mundus Stone. Characters over level 50 can further increase their maximum stamina with the Champion perks Tireless Discipline and Endless Endurance. Some food can temporarily increase maximum stamina.

Bosmer, Dunmer, Imperials, Nords, Redguards, Khajiit, Argonian, and Orcs may increase their maximum stamina through their skill traits.

The formula for calculating maximum stamina is: Stamina = (220 * Level + 1000 + 111 * Attribute.Stamina + Item.Stamina + Set.Stamina + Food.Stamina + Mundus.Stamina + Skill2.Stamina)*(1 + Skill.Stamina + Buff.Stamina)

Stamina Recovery[edit]

Stamina Recovery is the rate at which your stamina be restored. This stat increases as you level. Increasing the stamina stat will not increase stamina recovery.

A level 1 character starts with 58 points of stamina recovery. This increases by approximately 9.3 points per level, rounded to the nearest integer. At level 50 a character will have 514 points of stamina recovery.

Stamina recovery can be increased by using jewelry with a glyph of stamina recovery, abilities and gear giving the endurance buff, from sets and skill lines, and from the Serpent Mundus Stone. Characters over level 50 can increase their stamina recovery with the Champion perk rejuvenation. Some drinks can temporarily increase stamina recovery.

Bosmer and Khajiit may further increase their stamina recovery with their racial traits.

The formula for calculating stamina recovery is: StaminaRegen = (round(9.30612 * Level + 48.7) + Item.StaminaRegen + Set.StaminaRegen + Mundus.StaminaRegen + (Food.StaminaRegen)*(1/(1 + Skill2.StaminaRegen)))*(1 + CP.StaminaRegen + Skill.StaminaRegen + Buff.StaminaRegen)*(1 + Skill2.StaminaRegen)

Restoring Stamina[edit]

The green bar in the bottom right of the screen shows you the current status of your stamina (although this bar will be invisible when stamina is full). Stamina can be restored in several ways:

  • Stamina regenerates whenever you are not performing an action that uses stamina. You regenerate faster outside of combat than inside of combat.
  • Restore Stamina effects are available from:
  • Whenever your character levels up, your stamina, health, and magicka are fully restored.