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Movement Speed is the speed at which you move when walking, running, sprinting, riding, or swimming. Activities such as sneaking or blocking will naturally reduce your speed. There are many effects which will increase your movement speed or decrease the speed of your enemies. Most notable are effects which provide the Major Expedition or Minor Expedition. Effects which include your speed while mounted are called Major Gallop and Minor Gallop. Note that multiple effects which provide the same buff will not stack, though you can stack a Major effect with a Minor one, and any speed boosts that are not providing Major or Minor Expedition will stack with both of these.

Increase Movement Speed[edit]

ON-icon-misc-Major Expedition.png


Skill Increase Duration Affects Cost/Trigger Notes
Fiery Grip (Ardent Flame) 30% 4 sec. Self Only 3780 Magicka Major Expedition
Consuming Darkness (Shadow) 70% 4 sec. Ally (Synergy) 200 Ultimate Also restores Health
Path of Darkness (Shadow) 30% 2 sec. Self and Allies 3510 Magicka Major Expedition
Concealed Weapon (Shadow) 22-25% Constant Self Only Constant Minor Expedition while Slotted
Hasty Prayer (Restoring Light) 15% 5 sec. Self and Allies 4995 Magicka Minor Expedition, also restores Health
Lightning Form (Storm Calling) No increase without morphs
Hurricane (morph) 10% 15 sec Self Only 3240 Stamina Minor Expedition
Boundless Storm (morph) 30% 6-7.5 sec. 4050 Magicka Major Expedition
Falcon's Swiftness (Animal Companions) 30% 6 sec. Self Only 3240 Magicka Major Expedition
Deceptive Predator (morph) 30% 6 sec. 2700 Magicka Major Expedition + Minor Evasion
Bird of Prey (morph) 30% 6 sec. 2700 Magicka Major Expedition + Minor Berserk
Racial / World
Hunter's Eye (Wood Elf) 1-5% Constant Self Only
Amphibian (Argonian) 50% Constant Self Only Swimming Innate ability
Swift Warrior (Orc) 3-10% Constant Self Only Sprinting
Dark Stalker (Vampire) * Constant Self Only Sneaking Allows sneaking at normal run speed.
Accelerating Drain (Vampire) 10% 17-20 sec. Self Only 2700 Magicka Minor Expedition
Elusive Mist (Vampire) 30% 4 sec. Self Only 5940-5671 Magicka Major Expedition
Unnatural Movement (Vampire) * Constant Self Only Sprinting Reduces the cost of Sprint by 25/50%. If you continuously Sprint for 6/3 seconds you automatically become invisible.
Werewolf Transformation (Werewolf) 30% / 80% Constant Self Only 400-300 Ultimate Increases running and sprint speed
Athletics (Medium Armor) 2-4% / slot Constant Self Only Sprinting
Battlefield Mobility (One Hand and Shield) 30-60% Constant Self Only Blocking
Quick Cloak (Dual Wield) 30% 4 sec. Self Only 3780 Stamina Major Expedition
Hasty Retreat (Bow) 30% 2.5-5 sec. Self Only Roll Dodging Major Expedition
Accelerate (Psijic Order) 30% 4 sec Self Only 3780-3510 Magicka Major Expedition
Race Against Time (morph) 30% 4 sec 3780-3510 Magicka Major Expedition
Channeled Acceleration (morph) 30% 12 sec. 3510-3240 Magicka Major Expedition
Padomaic Sprint (Dark Brotherhood) 30% 6-12 sec. Self Only Killing an Innocent Major Expedition
Rapid Maneuver (Assault) 30% / 30% 5-8 / 27-30 sec. Self and Group 6885 Stamina Major Expedition / Major Gallop
Retreating Maneuver (morph) 30% / 30% 8 sec.
Charging Maneuver (morph) 30%+10% / 30% 8 sec. / 30 sec. 6885-6615 Stamina Minor Expedition + Major Expedition
/ Major Gallop


{ ** denotes a unique buff }

Set Increase Duration Trigger Notes
Adept Rider 30% Constant Constant Major Expedition, Major Gallop
Coward's Gear 30% Constant Sprinting Major Expedition, makes user "immune"
to other Major Expedition sources
Dreugh King Slayer 30% 8 sec. Killing an Enemy Major Expedition
False God's Devotion 30% 8 sec. Recently damaged Enemy dies Major Expedition
Fiord's Legacy 15% Constant* Sprinting ** Not Mounted, buff applies only while sprinting
Gryphon's Ferocity 15% 10 sec. Dealing direct damage Minor Expedition
Jailbreaker 15% Constant Constant Minor Expedition
Marauder's Haste 20% 9 sec. Casting a damage shield ability ** Stacks with other buffs.
Perfected False God's Devotion 30% 8 sec. Recently damaged Enemy dies Major Expedition
Quick Serpent 30% 8 sec. Recently damaged Enemy dies Major Expedition
Ring of the Wild Hunt 15% / 45% Constant Constant ** 15% in combat, 45% out of combat.
Skooma Smuggler 30% 30 sec. Drinking a Potion Major Expedition
Vicious Serpent 30% 8 sec. Recently damaged Enemy dies Major Expedition


  • The Steed’s Blessing perk in the Craft tree increases your out of combat movement speed by 0.4% per stage, for up to 20% at 50 points.
  • The Hasty perk in the Fitness: Wind Chaser tree increases your movement speed when Sprinting by 2% per stage, for up to 4% at 16 points.
  • The Celerity perk in the Fitness: Wind Chaser tree increases your Movement Speed by 2% per stage, for up to 10% at 50 points.
  • The Steed Mundus Stone increases your movement speed by 10% (without Divines traits), and only while running (not mounted).
  • Drinking a potion of Speed grants you Major Expedition, increase your movement speed by 30% for 3.9-15.7 sec., or 5.9-16.2 sec. as a triple effect.
  • Using a poison of Speed does the same, but with a reduced duration of 1.2-5.5 sec., or 1.7-6.0 sec. as a triple effect.
  • The Swift jewelry trait increases all movement speed by 3–7%.
  • The Gifted Rider perk in the Craft tree increases your mount speed by 2% per stage, for up to 10% at 100 points. Gifted Rider will stack multiplicatively with Major Gallop.

Reduce Movement Speed[edit]



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Skill Decrease Duration Affects Cost Notes
Ash Cloud (Earthen Heart) 70% 12-15 sec. Enemies in Range 4590 Magicka While in range or 1.1 sec. after leaving
Warmth (Ardent Flame) 15-30% 2-4 sec. Any Enemy Hit Passive Applies to all Ardent Flame abilities
Merciless Resolve (Assassination) 40% 5 sec. Single Enemy 2700 Magicka Only from the final bow-shot
Lotus Fan (Assassination) 60-80% 8 sec. Single Target 4050 Magicka
Mass Hysteria (Shadow) 50-53% 4 sec. Up to 3 Enemies 3780 Magicka
Consuming Darkness (Shadow) 70% 12-15.5 sec. Enemies in Range 200 Ultimate
Cripple (Siphoning) 40% 8 sec. Single Enemy 3240 Magicka
Solar Disturbance (Dawn's Wrath) 62-65% 8 sec. Enemies in Range 250 Ultimate
Sun Fire (Dawn's Wrath) 40% 5 sec. Single Target 2700 Magicka
Draining Shot (Bow) 60% 3 sec. Single Enemy 2970 Stamina
Wall of Frost (Destruction Staff) (?) 6 sec. Enemies in Range 3510-3240 Magicka
Deep Slash (One Hand and Shield) 30% 4 sec. Single Enemy 2970 Stamina
Rending Slashes (Dual Wield) 30% 4 sec. Single Enemy 2700 Stamina
Alliance War
Caltrops (Assault) 50% (?) Enemies in Range 2295 Stamina
Ice Comet (Mages Guild) 50% 5-8 sec. Enemies in Range 200 Ultimate
Trapping Webs (Undaunted) 50% 5 sec. Enemies in Range 3511 Stamina


Set Decrease Duration Affects Trigger Notes
Bahraha's Curse 70% 5 sec. Enemies in Range Dealing Damage
Spawn of Mephala 50% 10 sec. Enemies in Range Heavy Attacks Cooldown: 10 sec. Seems to no longer provide the movement penalty.
Wilderqueen's Arch 30% 3 sec. Any Enemy Hit Using Bow Attacks
Winterborn 60% 2 sec. Nearby Enemies Dealing Frost Damage


  • The Ensnare perk from 10 points in The Tower will reduce targets' Movement Speed by 20% for 3 sec. when you hit them with a Bash attack.
  • Using a Poison of Hindrance reduces targets' Movement by 50% for 2.2-10 sec., or 3.2-10.0 sec. as a triple-effect. (Drinking a Potion of Reduce Speed will have the same effect on you, with a much longer duration.)
  • Using a Poison of Speed reduces targets' Movement by 50% for 1.2-5.8 sec., or 1.7-6.0 sec. as a triple-effect.
  • There is a cap of 200% speed when running, and 120% while swimming