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This article is about the antiquity. For the achievement, see Dov-rha Sabatons (achievement).

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There was a time, long ago, when dragons and mortals took to the skies as bonded battle-mates. This armor still bears enchantments gifted from dov to man that translated striking speed to martial might.

Dov-rha Sabatons is a Mythic heavy pair of boots with the Well-fitted trait. It can be obtained through the Antiquities system. It was released as part of the High Isle Chapter.


1 item: While Sprinting gain a stack of Draconic Scales every 0.5 seconds, granting you 660 Armor, up to 20 stacks max. Upon stopping you deal 0 Physical damage per stack in an 8 meter shockwave, gain a damage shield equal to damage dealt, and retain Draconic Scales for 10 seconds but cannot gain new stacks. At 20 stacks, this damage will also stun for 3 seconds. The damage scales off the higher of your Physical or Spell Resistance.


  • Five fragments are required to create the item, all of which require a master-quality Lead in order to scry, and are classed as master difficulty to excavate.
  • You are required to be at least level 7 in Scrying, and have the Antiquarian Insight IV passive in order to scry Master difficulty leads.
  • Fragment Leads are largely found in the same zone as where the fragment is excavated, save for a few cases where it may be found in different zone.
Icon Lead Source Zone Codex Entry
ON-icon-fragment-Dov-rha Sabaton Toe Cap.png
Dov-rha Sabaton Toe Cap Psijic Portals in Southern Elsweyr High Isle A remarkable find. This is a piece of a sabaton, or armored footwear. It appears Nord in origin, but the draconic embellishments are very unusual. I date it to the Nord Empire, fourth or fifth century 1E. — Reginus Buca Dragons sometimes formed alliances with mortals and gave their allies powerful gifts. The Dragon Nahfahlaar once gave his horn to the Khajiit hero Ja'darri. I suspect this armor might have been a Dragon's gift, too. But to whom? — Amalien Gift, or tribute? King Olaf One-Eye took the Dragon Numinex captive around that time. I have heard the Dragon paid for its life by providing the kings of Skyrim with draconic armor. Rewards for great champions. — Ugron gro-Thumog
ON-icon-fragment-Dov-rha Sabaton Lames.png
Dov-rha Sabaton Lames Safeboxes in Northern Elsweyr High Isle Articulated bands of ancient steel, likely Nord in origin. I believe these are the lames of a pair of sabatons, or armored boots. These bands protected the top of the wearer's foot. — Reginus Buca These belong to the sabatons of no ordinary warrior. Only a Nord champion of the highest standing would wear armor forged with a draconic motif. I think it belonged to a previously unknown Dragonborn! — Amalien Not every Nord who masters the Voice is a Dragonborn. Yes, a Tongue is a great champion, and wields a power akin to a Dragon's. But the kings of Skyrim often chose such heroes to be their elite guards and captains. — Ugron-gro Thumog
ON-icon-fragment-Dov-rha Sabaton Heel.png
Dov-rha Sabaton Heel Dragon bosses in Sunspire High Isle This piece belongs to a First Era Nord sabaton of unusual design. The draconic embellishments suggest the wearer was a hero of high regard. But how it got to the Systres, I couldn't say. — Reginus Buca The sabatons must have belonged to one of the heroes who came to High Isle with the All Flags Navy in the First Era. People from all over Tamriel joined the expedition to meet the threat of the Sload. — Amalien Amalien is correct. Many Nords joined the All Flags Navy, including a band known as the Dov-rha Axethanes. They were elite warriors who served as guards and champions to the kings of Skyrim in the last years of the First Era. — Ugron-gro Thumog
ON-icon-fragment-Dov-rha Sabaton Poleyn.png
Dov-rha Sabaton Poleyn Regular enemies in Moongrave Fane High Isle Quite a find! This is a steel poleyn, or knee-plate, from an armored sabaton. The steel appears to be of Nord manufacture, First Era. However, I do not recognize the motif. I think it's supposed to represent a Dragon's face? — Reginus Buca I'm not so sure that this is of Nord make at all. The Dragons of the early First Era sometimes made alliances with lucky mortals, and bestowed arms and armor as gifts to those who fought at their side. — Amalien Indeed. Ancient Nord chronicles sometimes mention Dov-rha warriors or Dov-rha thanes ... dov-rha being a Nordic word for Dragon. But only a great champion or beloved chief would wear armor of this sort. — Ugron-gro Thumog
ON-icon-fragment-Dov-rha Sabaton Guard.png
Dov-rha Sabaton Guard Maarselok in Lair of Maarselok High Isle I have never seen something quite like this. Clearly it's the shin-piece from sabatons of the highest quality, but I'm not sure it's even steel. I think these overlapping scale-like bits might be dragonhide! — Reginus Buca Definitely dragonhide. How exciting! I have heard of Dragon fangs and talons used for weapons, but arms and armor crafted from dragonhide are extraordinarily rare. Whoever wore this must have been a mighty hero or a great king indeed! — Amalien These belong to a Dov-rha axethane of the 1E Nord Empire--the kings of Skyrim awarded their bravest warriors with armor crafted from Dragons. Likely handed down for generations until a Nord hero of the All Flags Navy brought them to High Isle. — Ugron-gro Thumog


  • This item is sometimes referred to as the "Scaled Sabatons" style in the files.