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This article is about the antiquity. For the achievement, see Faun's Lark Cladding (achievement).

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For centuries the deerfolk of High Isle have delighted in tormenting travelers. Their antics are mostly harmless, but what a faun thinks of as humorous and what we cityfolk think is funny can take a deadly turn.

Faun's Lark Cladding is a Mythic medium chest armor that comes with the Well-fitted trait. It can be obtained through the Antiquities system. It was released as part of the Firesong DLC.


1 item: If you continuously Sprint for 1 second, you gain the ability to pass through enemies. Enemies you pass through become Charmed for 4 seconds, removing their ability to attack or cast abilities as they move toward you. Charming an enemy this way restores 678 Stamina and Magicka to you, and heals you for 678 Health. Charming an enemy removes you from Stealth.


  • Five fragments are required to create the item, all of which require a master-quality Lead in order to scry, and are classed as master difficulty to excavate.
  • You are required to be at least level 7 in Scrying, and have the Antiquarian Insight IV passive in order to scry Master difficulty leads.
  • Fragment Leads are largely found in the same zone as where the fragment is excavated, save for a few cases where it may be found in different zone.
Icon Lead Source Zone Codex Entry
ON-icon-fragment-Hartlord Hide Singlet.png Hartlord Hide Singlet Faun Falls World Boss in High Isle Galen Ooh, I don't recognize this material! It feels much different than your standard leather or hide, there's a toughness to it but it's also incredibly supple. It's almost otherworldly! Do you think it could be something Daedric? — Amalien I've seen something like this before, and I'm sorry to say that I don't believe it's Daedric in origin, Amalien. It is rare, however. I believe this to be from the hide of a Faun, the beastfolk found in the Systres. — Verita Numida Interesting. Fauns have historically had contentious relationships with the other inhabitants of the Systres, but they weren't always violent. Whoever made this must have had quite the quarrel with them. — Reginus Buca
ON-icon-minor adornment-Magicka Ear Clasps.png Lustrous Prong Clasps Woodcutting Surveys and Wood Nodes (High Isle & Galen) Galen These clasps are so shiny! At first, I was sure they were silver or some kind of polished metal, but as soon as I held them I knew I was wrong. They're so light, they almost feel hollow! The carvings are so intricate but the material hasn't weakened. — Amalien Look closely, if you examine past the carvings you can see a ring in each clasp. I believe that indicates bone. These are made from antlers. Given how the bone formation falls off in certain places, I'd guess the original sample was quite large. — Verita Numida By the feel of them, I'd say they're Faun antlers. They're not particularly old, likely fallen during a molt. And our talented crafter found themselves quite lucky while adventuring through the Systres. — Reginus Buca
ON-icon-fragment-Mark of the Faun Lord.png Mark of the Faun Lord Thieves Troves in Galen Galen The markings in this fabric almost look like runes. I don't recognize any of the symbols. Perhaps it's a language? But with the five of us, I feel as though we'd be hard pressed to find something we weren't at least tangentially aware of. — Gabrielle Benele I've read old accounts from hunters in the Systres that markings like this are meant to warn others of a Faun Lord's territory. We don't know enough about their dialect to say for certain what those symbols actually mean other than for us to stay away. — Reginus Buca Well, whatever this was it clearly wasn't meant to be worn by a Faun Lord themself. These markings might have more power to them than just a good warning if someone went to the trouble to sew them into fabric. — Ugron gro-Thumog
ON-icon-furnishing-Solitude Rug, Cowhide.png Winter's Pelt Lining Hunter NPCs in Whalefall delve Galen This fur is incredible [sic] coarse. It feels almost like horse tail, but the way it's layered is much closer to that of a wolf or a beast of the north. The harshness of it almost acts as armor. — Reginus Buca Oh, oh! I know what this is! Fauns, the big beastfolk around the Systres, they used to grow this kind of hair on their...shins? Is that the right term? Old depictions of them usually had it growing up from their hooves. — Amalien I've heard this as well. No one is quite sure when or why Fauns had this hair or when it disappeared, but I can see why any crafter from the past might have wanted a material such as this for making apparel. It's certainly...tough. — Verita Numida
ON-icon-fragment-Withered Garlic Gorget.png Withered Garlic Gorget Bosses in Obsidian Scar public dungeon Galen Are these...garlic bulbs? They're nearly petrified but if they've held their shape reliably I can think of no other explanation. And the other components must be some kind of pepper, or root, by that logic. — Verita Numida Looks like it was connected to a larger piece, but I don't think this was for practical purposes. This wouldn't protect you, at least not in the traditional sense like a steel cuirass might. Magical protections? Sure. But that's not my forte. — Ugron gro-Thumog I read a troubling tale once about a group of Fauns who stuffed a man's mouth full of garlic cloves after tying him up. They are known to adorn themselves in the pungent bulbs. Could this be something of theirs? — Reginus Buca