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This article is about the antiquity. For the achievement, see Stormweaver's Cavort (achievement).

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Eldertide skirmishers tap deep into the wellspring of power that runs beneath the Systres islands. The power of the True Way fuels their leaps and bounds, allowing feats that defy even the doughtiest knight.

Stormweaver's Cavort is a Mythic light leg armor that comes with the Infused trait. It can be obtained through the Antiquities system. It was released as part of the Firesong DLC.


1 item: Adds 300 Magicka Recovery
1 item: Sprint, Roll Dodge, Bash, Break Free, Sneak, and Block now consume Magicka instead of Stamina. You reduce your Magicka Recovery to 0 while Blocking, Sneaking, or Sprinting. You no longer reduce your Stamina Recovery to 0 while Blocking, Sneaking or Sprinting.


  • Five fragments are required to create the item, all of which require a master-quality Lead in order to scry, and are classed as master difficulty to excavate.
  • You are required to be at least level 7 in Scrying, and have the Antiquarian Insight IV passive in order to scry Master difficulty leads.
  • Fragment Leads are largely found in the same zone as where the fragment is excavated, save for a few cases where it may be found in different zone.
Icon Lead Source Zone Codex Entry
ON-icon-furnishing-Vines, Thornpinch.png Braided Blessed Brambles Group Event Boss Bloodroot in Toothmaul Gully, Auridon Galen Hmm, these looks [sic] similar to the branch-like growths of the forest wraiths. Given the druid circles' connection to the wraith, I wonder if these were harvested from slain wraiths or given freely. — Amalien Druids? Kill the wraiths? Amalien you know about the druids, do you honestly believe that they would fight a creature of nature? No, these brambles must be a type of grass. It's probably good protection and insulation. — Ugron gro-Thumog Now that you mention it, these brambles look like a type of grave grass we had on Summerset. That must be their origin. The druids wear them to keep the lifeforce of their departed loved-ones by their sides. — Amalien
ON-icon-misc-Taproot.png Panels of the Earthbones Drops from Preserver of Galen or Timbershade Galen I've heard of this pattern, the translations call it the Knots of Earthbones. Myths abound about Y'ffre's body turning into the very foundation of Nirn. — Reginus Buca I know of no bone that is knotted or any myth of the Aedra to mention knots. Reginus, question whether your translation is accurate, are you certain these aren't Knotted Roots? That would make more sense given the image. — Verita Numida Reginus' translation is accurate though the druids take it much less literally. They regard this weaving symbol as the Knots of the Earthbones, but describe the Earthbones as more of the lines of natural energy that flow through the ground. — Gabrielle Benele
ON-icon-fragment-Promise of the Circles Leather.png Promise of the Circles Leather Reward box for Delve quests given by Juline Courcelles Galen So many tassels and chains of braided leather. I heard some druids braid their blessing and prayers into their leatherwork. Three strands, three circles. Perhaps there is something there. — Ugron gro-Thumog If your theory is correct, Ugron, then the promise braided into these strips of leather is one of unity. Some of the braids contain four strands, perhaps there was a fourth circle that is more secretive than the Firesong. — Verita Numida A fourth circle? How marvelous, though even I find that hard to believe. A better explanation would be that the fourth strand in the braid represents Y'ffre so that the promise of unity between the circles extends to the one they all worship. — Amalien
ON-icon-fragment-True Way Clay Dials.png True Way Clay Dials Volcanic Vents in Galen Galen Knots and twisted lines mean more to the druids than almost any other group, but this symbol isn't used very often. I think this is the sign for the True Way. If druids follow the True Way, they'll please Y'ffre. Maybe that's why the wear the symbol. — Gabriele Benele Why does only one of the clay disks have this important symbol? There are three druidic circles and three disks. It stands to reason that the True Way appears on the disc representing the circle of the druid wearing it. — Ugron gro-Thumog A targeted piece of apparel and you think it stops at denoting which group a member belongs to? Haven't you read about the Raven's Green necklace? The True Way on these dials implies that only one of the circles actually follows in Y'ffre's footsteps. — Amalien
ON-icon-stolen-Rope.png Twice-Harvested Knot Rope Clothier Surveys and Clothing Nodes in High Isle or Galen Galen Druids put more intention behind their knots and twisted cords than almost any other group on Nirn. With the two distinct knots on the rope, I suspect it harkens back to the Breton's history as hailing from both man and mer. — Verita Numida Verita, you just assume the knots stand for man and mer? Could they not also symbolize Bretons and Druids? Or civilization and nature? The druids honor many dichotomies. Oh! It could be Y'ffre and Ehlonofey [sic]! — Amalien Regardless of what the knots symbolize, did either of you happen to look at the cord itself? It looks like it's made out of cotton and flax. That's probably what the knots symbolize, two materials they use to make clothing. — Reginus Buca


  • This item is sometimes referred to as the "Sacred Grove Pants" style in the files.