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Puncturing Remedy is a Master's Weapons item set found in normal Dragonstar Arena. It cannot be crafted. The axe and dagger are in the Khajiit Style, the shield is in the Dark Elf Style, the sword is in the Nord Style and the mace is in the Argonian Style, all of which are in the unobtainable tier 5 versions. The perfected version of this set can be looted on veteran difficulty.


2 items: When you deal damage with Puncture, you heal for 2230 Health and gain Spell and Physical Resistance equal to the amount of healing or over healing done for 5 seconds. The healing scales off your Max Health.


The set consists of a one handed weapon and shield of all types.


  • This set consists of a one-handed weapon and a shield, which must be equipped together. You could in theory equip two one-handed weapons, but you cannot cast Defensive Posture without a shield equipped. However, if you have a one-hand and shield weapon on one slot, and a pair of weapons on the other slot, you might be able to benefit from the set while dual wielding. (This would require receiving this set 3 times in order to have enough weapons.)[verification needed — see talk page]