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Perfected Stinging Slashes is a Perfected Master's Weapons item set found in veteran Dragonstar Arena. It cannot be crafted. The sword is in the Nord Style, the axe and dagger is in the Khajiit Style, and the lightning staff is in the Argonian Style, all of which are in the unobtainable tier 5 versions. The non-perfected version of this set can be looted on normal difficulty.


2 perfected items: Adds 12-526 Critical Chance
2 items: Twin Slashes deals 209 more damage for each hit of the initial attack and bleed. This effect scales off the higher of your Weapon and Spell Damage.


The set consists of one-handed weapons of all types. There is no shield.


  • You will always receive two weapons when this set drops, and they must be wielded together. If you use one with a shield or another weapon, it will not provide any bonus. You may, however, mix and match other items of this set found on subsequent runs of the trial.