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ON-mapicon-Infinite Archive.png
Infinite Archive
(view on map) (lore page)
Discoverable Yes
Quest Chain
Endless LibraryApocrypha
North of Runemaster's Acropolis
Instanced Dungeon
Group Size 2
Veteran Speed Run Target
Loading Screen
Loading screen
"What is life but a constant fight against unending enemies and unseen puppet masters across an ever-changing landscape? The Infinite Archive is not the exception to the struggles of existence, it is the quintessence of it."—Master Malkhest
The Infinite Archive - Entrance

The Infinite Archive (previously called the Endless Archive)[nb 1] is a two-person arena located in a demiplane linked to Apocrypha.

A portal to the Infinite Archive can be found north of Runemaster's Acropolis, inside a cavern that can be accessed on the shoreline. Alternatively, it can be accessed by clicking on the icon on the Apocrypha map and teleporting directly to the Archive. It is an endless library which has become infected by Tho'at Replicanum, a Daedric being of living ink.

The Infinite Archive is part of the base game and is accessible for all players, regardless of ESO Plus subscription or ownership of the Necrom Chapter.

Related Quests[edit]


Endless Archive Index
Master Malkhest Quest GiverRepeatable Quest Giver
Filer Eru
Filer Kyf
Filer Jun
Filer Myx
Filer Ool Merchant°
Filer Tezurs Merchant±
Filer Xess
Infinite Archive
Destozuno Quest Giver
Filer Kor
Nidara Andalas
Will provide Merchant services or accompany you randomly during stages in the Infinite Archive.
±Filer Tezurs offers a variety of items and is always available in the Archive Index Hall.
°Filer Ool is only available to purchase from after having completed some amount of the Infinite Archive. Filer Ool's wares rotate every week.


The Infinite Archive is an "unending" dungeon/duo-arena added in Update 40. The Infinite Archive does not have a normal or veteran mode; it gets progressively more difficult with each 'round' one completes. Players may enter solo, with an NPC Companion or with one friend (in a duo). There is a separate Leaderboard for solo and duo completions of the archive.

What makes The Infinite Archive different from other PvE content in ESO is that the majority of its encounters are randomly generated. Each 'round' consists of randomly selected trash packs, which can conjure up unusual combinations of various mobs from throughout the game, such as bone colossi fighting alongside dwarven automata. At the start of a round, a blob of roiling ink will spawn, and walking under it will trigger the enemies to appear. There are three such waves in each round. The second and third waves will spawn immediately after finishing the previous one. You must complete all three waves without dying to complete the round. If you are killed during any wave (and have any Threads remaining), you will need to start the round over.

A round's final encounter spawns a Boss, again, randomly selected from dungeon, world, and trial content throughout ESO, including Expansions. The bosses’ HP and damage are reduced, making them more suitable for a 1 or 2 player battle. However, they do retain most of their original mechanics, so knowledge and experience of a wide range of bosses in ESO is advantageous to have.


When you first enter the Archive, you will have three Threads available, or four if you have acquired Destozuno's Safety Net. You may additionally receive a "Supplemental Thread" as a Vision at the end of a boss stage, but this can only happen once during a run of the Archive, meaning that you have a potential maximum of five threads. If you are killed by any means in the archive, you will lose one of these Threads. When you have lost your last thread, you cannot continue and must start over. If this happens during the first Arc, you will not be able to complete the daily quest without starting over. The "Rebirth" Verse can save you from death and prevent you from losing a Thread, but this can only occur once in a Stage, and like all Verses the protection only lasts for one Stage. Dying during one of the side puzzles does not cost you a Thread (though it will fail the puzzle).

Solo, Duo, Companions[edit]

While the Infinite Archive is neither normal nor veteran, the ramping difficulty is static regardless of whether you play solo or as a duo. A player may certainly last longer and complete more rounds playing with another player. Companions are available to select within the Archive, however, they are unable to make choices based on content and therefore are not the best at staying alive as difficulty increases.

  • Best method: Duo with a friend.
  • Nominal: With a Companion (and a quick rez).
  • Challenging: Solo. One must have a solid 'solo build' as well as in-depth knowledge of game mechanics.


The Infinite Archive is broken down into smaller portions to make it more structured and manageable:

  • Stages – Each time you go through a Portal in the Infinite Archive, you are taken to a new Stage. You usually have two stages of trash mobs, each one containing three packs of randomly generated mobs. The third stage will contain a boss, randomly selected from a very long list of potential bosses found throughout ESO.
  • Cycles – After beating the boss at the end of the final stage, you will begin a new Cycle. Each cycle has the same structure as that described above, two stages and a boss fight on the final one.
  • Arc – After completing four Cycles, you will have to fight another boss, which is the final boss of the Arc. This one is tough and can easily end your run. After completing the boss, you will move onto another Arc, beginning the process anew (Arc 2, Cycle 1, Stage 1). Each Arc is more difficult than the last – mobs and bosses will hit harder and you may occasionally find surprise bosses (Marauders) mixed in with the trash pulls.

1 Arc consists of the following:

Cycle 1 Cycle 2 Cycle 3 Cycle 4 Cycle 5
Trash Trash Trash Trash Trash
Trash Trash Trash Trash Trash
Boss Boss Boss Boss Big Boss

† This may have been reduced now to 3 Cycles only.

Visions and Verses[edit]

Verses are temporary buffs that last until the end of the next stage.
Visions are permanent buffs that will be on your character until you finish the Infinite Archive.

  • Verses
    • Offensive Verses
    • Defensive Verses
    • Utility Verses
  • Visions
    • Offensive Visions
    • Defensive Visions
    • Utility Visions


After completing a Cycle, Arc or side puzzle, a Muniment Chest will be awarded, containing a variety of rewards including gold, equipment, soul gems and a special new currency called Archival Fortunes.

Archival Fortunes can be spent at the merchants in the entrance area of the Infinite Archive in return for special rewards, such as Monster Mask style motifs, Legendary quality treasure maps, non combat pets, Companion gear and more.

The Infinite Archive item sets are Class-specific. A player will typically only find pieces of the set for the class currently being played. As with all curated Sets, once the 'Stickerbook' is completed, other set pieces for other classes will begin to drop.

Class Sets[edit]

The item sets available from the Infinite Archive are:

Set Name Bonuses Armor Weight
Basalt-Blooded Warrior

2 items: Adds 3-129 Magicka Recovery
3 items: Adds 28-1206 Maximum Health
4 items: Adds 3-129 Weapon and Spell Damage
5 items: Casting an Earthen Heart ability grants you a Rock Stance for 10 seconds. While on your Primary Weapon you gain Molten Stance, granting you Major Heroism, generating 3 Ultimate every 1.5 seconds. While you are on your Secondary Weapon you gain Obsidian Stance, increasing your Healing Done and damage shields by 14%. Bar Swapping will swap your Stance automatically.

All Weights

2 items: Adds 3-129 Weapon and Spell Damage
3 items: Adds 15-657 Critical Chance
4 items: Adds 3-129 Weapon and Spell Damage
5 items: When you deal damage with a Dawn's Wrath ability, you gain a stack of Sunlight for 10 seconds, once per attack. You can have 40 stacks max and gain 12 Magicka Recovery per stack. When at max stacks, your Dawn's Wrath abilities deal 25% bonus damage and a Wrathful Nova is cast on the enemy, but you cannot refresh Sunlight. When Sunlight expires at max stacks, you lose 50% of your current Magicka.

All Weights
Monolith of Storms

2 items: Adds 15-657 Critical Chance
3 items: Adds 3-129 Weapon and Spell Damage
4 items: Adds 3-129 Weapon and Spell Damage
5 items: Dealing damage with a Storm Calling ability's initial hit or every 5th tick creates a Monolith near the enemy for 10 seconds, up to one every 1 second. You may have up to 3 Monoliths at a time. Monoliths link to your other Monoliths within 28 meters of each other, each link dealing 680 Shock damage, scaling off of the higher of your Weapon and Spell Damage, every 2 seconds to enemies between and near them. An enemy can only take damage from this set once every 2 seconds.

All Weights

2 items: Adds 3-129 Weapon and Spell Damage
3 items: Adds 25-1096 Maximum Magicka
4 items: Adds 3-129 Weapon and Spell Damage
5 items: While in combat, strengthens your Siphoning abilities at the cost of Ultimate: Increases the damage and healing of Siphoning abilities by 18%. Reduces the cost of Siphoning abilities by 18%. Casting Siphoning abilities drains you of 1 Ultimate.

All Weights
Gardener of Seasons

2 items: Adds 4% Healing Done
3 items: Adds 3-129 Magicka Recovery
4 items: Adds 3-129 Weapon and Spell Damage
5 items: Gain Herald of Spring, causing your Green Balance overheals to apply Minor Heroism for 3 seconds. Casting a Heal ability while Bracing consumes Herald of Spring and gives you Harbinger of Fall for 6 seconds, causing your Green Balance overheals to create an 8 meter area for 5 seconds, applying Major Cowardice to enemies and Minor Vitality to allies. You can create an area once every 5 seconds. When Harbinger of Fall ends, regain Herald of Spring.

All Weights
Nobility in Decay

2 items: Adds 28-1206 Maximum Health
3 items: Adds 4% Healing Taken
4 items: Adds 28-1206 Maximum Health
5 items: Casting a Bone Tyrant ability while in combat grants you Beautiful Corpse and Death's Favor for 16 seconds. Death's Favor increases your healing received and reduces Damage Taken by up to 12% based on your missing Health. This can occur once every 20 seconds, and is reduced by 2 seconds for each slotted Bone Tyrant ability. Casting a corpse consumer ability consumes Beautiful Corpse, treating you as a corpse.

All Weights
Reawakened Hierophant

2 items: Adds 17-731 Maximum Magicka
2 items: Adds 17-731 Maximum Stamina
3 items: Adds 17-731 Maximum Magicka
3 items: Adds 17-731 Maximum Stamina
4 items: Adds 17-731 Maximum Magicka
4 items: Adds 17-731 Maximum Stamina
5 items: Casting a non-Ultimate Curative Runeform ability grants an effect for 6 seconds to your affected allies based on how many Crux you had. At 1 Crux, allies gain a damage shield that absorbs 3618 damage. At 2 Crux, allies gain Minor Heroism, granting 1 Ultimate every 1.5 seconds. At 3 Crux, allies gain Major Protection, reducing damage taken by 10%.

All Weights


Normal & Elite[edit]

The enemies that spawn while with the Infinite Archive are randomised with each stage. However, a selection from 1-2 "Factions" will be spawned by the maligraphies for each non-boss stage. Some of the creatures that spawn are independent of any factions, such as the Dremora and Fabled enemies. The latter appear more frequently in later arcs and are more powerful than most.

Please note, most of these listed factions correspond to the categories mentioned for the Archive's Most Adored achievement.

Ascendant Archer
Ascendant Bulwark
Ascendant Cryomancer
Ascendant Pursuer
Ascendant Vanguard
Dreadhorn Blade-Bearer
Dreadhorn Briarcaller
Dreadhorn Earthgorer
Dreadhorn Firehide
Dreadhorn Flamechanter
Dreadhorn Scrapper
Dro-m'Athra Conduit
Dro-m'Athra Blademaster
Dro-m'Athra Runecaster
Dro-m'Athra Sentinel
Firesong Druid
Firesong Rockseer
Firesong Vinecaller
Firesong Wildling
Goblin Archer
Goblin Berserker
Goblin Firemage
Goblin Warbruiser
Grovebound Blightbow
Grovebound Bruiser
Grovebound Dreadmage
Grovebound Mauler
Silver Rose
Silver Rose Archer
Silver Rose Knight
Silver Rose Pyromancer
Silver Rose Realmshaper
Silver Rose Stormcaster
Daedric Minions
Spider Daedra
Dwarven Constructs
Dwarven Arquebus
Dwarven Centurion
Dwarven Sphere
Dwarven Spider
Forest Hunters
Dire Wolf
Giant Bat
Living Roots
Wild Spriggan
Wild Guar
Iron Atronach
Magma Scamp
Magma Shalk
Stormy Seas
Sea Adder
Storm Imp
Storm Atronach
Fabled ±
Fabled Fateweaver
Fabled Flameshaper
Fabled Infuser
Fabled Mystic
Fabled Spellthief
Fabled Sun-Eater
Fabled Totem Master
Butcher Haefal
Butcher Sja
Gw the Pilferer
Body Snatcher Wasp
Bone Colossus
Bone Flayer
Cliff Strider
Dremora Battlemage
Dremora Bulwark
Dremora Conduit
Dremora Conjurer
Dremora Ironclad
Dremora Ravager
Dremora Spellsword
Dremora Tormentor
Dremora Vigilant
Relic Fiend
Elite Enemy
±Start appearing after Arc 1, Cycle 4, count towards Fabled Foil achievement


There are many different bosses one can potentially find in the The Infinite Archive. These bosses are reflections of dungeon, world and trial bosses throughout ESO, and typically retain most of their mechanics and attacks, however their health and damage is scaled down to make them more balanced for 1 or 2 players.

As one progresses through the Infinite Archive, bosses will get tougher, with more hitpoints and damage. You can optimize a build for the Infinite Archive with the Penetration table below.

The armor of bosses in Infinite Archive is as follows:

Boss Pen Req'd
First Boss: 9100
Second Boss: 9100
Third Boss: 9100
Fourth Boss: 9100
Arc Final Boss: 18200

This pattern will repeat in subsequent Arcs after the first one.

Boss List[edit]

There are many bosses that can appear, from story quests bosses, dungeon bosses, trial bosses, and world bosses. You do not have to have previously encountered a boss in other areas of the game for it to appear in the Infinite Archive. Many of these bosses come from DLC content, but you do not need to have access to the relevant DLC to encounter them in the Archive.needs confirmation

The Marauders do not appear in the boss stage, but can appear randomly in any other stage after Arc 1.

Dungeon Boss
Allene Pellingare
Ash Titan
Baron Zaudrus
Canonreeve Oraneth
Captain Blackheart
Death's Leviathan
Doylemish Ironheart
Exarch Kraglen
Garron the Returned
High Kinlord Rilis
Kjarg the Tuskscraper
Kra'gh the Dreugh King
Lady Thorn
The Lava Queen
Lord Warden Dusk
Dungeon Boss
Molag Kena
Prior Thierric Sarazen
Razor Master Erthas
Sentinel Aksalaz
Sonolia the Matriarch
Symphony of Blades
Vila Theran
Vorenor Winterbourne
War Chief Ozozai
The Weeping Woman
The Whisperer
Story Quest Boss
The Ascendant Lord
Councilor Vandacia
Lady Belain
Rada al-Saran
Valkynaz Nokvroz
Trial Boss
The Mage
The Serpent
The Warrior
Zhaj'hassa the Forgotten
World Boss
Bittergreen the Wild
The Endling
Ghemvas the Harbinger
Glemyos Wildhorn
The Imperfect
Old Snagara
Queen of the Reef
The Sable Knight
Taupezu Azzida
Voidmother Elgroalif
Xeemhok the Trophy-Taker
Marauder Gothmau
Marauder Hilkarax
Marauder Ulmor
Final Boss
Tho'at Replicanum


Infinite Archive Index Chamber[edit]

Infinite Archive[edit]

Treacherous Crossing[edit]

Haefal's Butchery[edit]

Filer's Wing[edit]

Echoing Den[edit]

Destozuno's Library[edit]

Theater of War[edit]


The following books can be found within the Infinite Archive:


Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Infinite Archive Challenger.png Infinite Archive Challenger 50 Complete various meta achievements inside Infinite Archive
ON-icon-achievement-Infinitely Versed.png Infinitely Versed 50 Complete all of the unique Verses achievements.
ON-icon-achievement-Attentive Eye.png Attentive Eye 50 Complete all of the unique Vision achievements.
ON-icon-achievement-Leading the Charge.png Leading the Charge 50 Complete all of the Defeat Cycle Boss achievements in the Infinite Archive.
ON-icon-achievement-No Book Left Unread.png No Book Left Unread 50 Complete all Infinite Archive Optional Achievements.
ON-icon-achievement-Going Solo.png Going Solo 5 Complete 3 Stages without the aid of a companion or other player in the Infinite Archive.
ON-icon-achievement-Who Needs Friends.png Who Needs Friends? 10 Complete 15 Stages without the aid of a companion or other player in the Infinite Archive.
ON-icon-achievement-Me, Myself, and I.png Me, Myself, and I 15 Complete 60 stages without the aid of a companion or other player.
ON-icon-achievement-A Little Help Never Hurt.png A Little Help Never Hurt 5 Complete 3 Stages with a companion in the Infinite Archive.
ON-icon-achievement-Companionable Combatant.png Companionable Combatant 10 Complete 15 Stages with a companion in the Infinite Archive.
ON-icon-achievement-Companion Champion.png Companion Champion 15 Complete 60 stages with a companion.
ON-icon-achievement-A Stage for Two.png A Stage for Two 5 Complete 3 Stages with another player in the Infinite Archive.
ON-icon-achievement-Infinite Camaraderie.png Infinite Camaraderie 10 Complete 15 Stages with another player in the Infinite Archive.
ON-icon-achievement-Friends for Life.png Friends for Life 15 Complete 60 stages with another player.
ON-icon-achievement-Once More, Please.png Once More, Please 10 Complete the Replication Elimination daily quest 10 times.
ON-icon-achievement-First Splurge!.png First Splurge! 10 Spend 1,000 Archival Fortunes.
ON-icon-achievement-It's an Investment.png It's an Investment 15 Spend 10,000 Archival Fortunes.
ON-icon-achievement-Fortune's Flush.png Fortune's Flush 50 Spend 100,000 Archival Fortunes.
ON-icon-achievement-Favorite Customer.png Favorite Customer 50 Purchase all collectibles from the Infinite Archive Merchants.
ON-icon-achievement-Ichor Most Malevolent.png Ichor Most Malevolent 50 Acquire and use 50 Maligraphic Ichors.
ON-icon-achievement-Scheming Skeevers.png Scheming Skeevers 15 Acquire and use 25 Disgusting Spoils.
ON-icon-achievement-Peer Into the Mirror Maze.png Peer Into the Mirror Maze 15 Acquire and use 20 Unreliable Archive Maps.
ON-icon-achievement-Walk Through the Mirror Maze.png Walk Through the Mirror Maze 15 Acquire and use 20 Erroneous Archive Maps
ON-icon-achievement-Infinite Archive Conqueror.png Infinite Archive Conqueror 50 Defeat the final evolution of Tho'at Replicanum
ON-icon-achievement-Knock 'em Down a Peg.png Knock 'em Down a Peg 10 Defeat one of the Marauders in the Infinite Archive.
ON-icon-achievement-Marauder Slaughter.png Marauder Slaughter 15 Encounter and defeat Marauder Gothmau, Marauder Ulmor, and Marauder Hikarax in the Infinite Archive.
ON-icon-achievement-I Crave Violence.png I Crave Violence 10 Acquire 16 specific and unique Offensive Verses in the Infinite Archive.
ON-icon-achievement-You Can't Touch Me.png You Can't Touch Me 10 Acquire 16 specific and unique Defensive Verses in the Infinite Archive.
ON-icon-achievement-Viable and Versatile.png Viable and Versatile 10 Acquire 11 specific and unique Utility Verses in the Infinite Archive.
ON-icon-achievement-Visions of Violence.png Visions of Violence 10 Acquire 16 specific and unique Offensive Visions.
ON-icon-achievement-Infinite Defender.png Infinite Defender 10 Acquire 16 specific and unique Defensive Visions.
ON-icon-achievement-Seeing the Big Picture.png Seeing the Big Picture 10 Acquire 15 specific and unique Utility Visions.
ON-icon-achievement-Keeping It Cool.png Keeping It Cool 15 Acquire all Ice Avatar Visions and then acquire the Ice Avatar Verse.
ON-icon-achievement-Howling with Rage.png Howling with Rage 15 Acquire all Werewolf Behemoth Visions and then acquire the Werewolf Behemoth Verse.
ON-icon-achievement-Molten Measures.png Molten Measures 15 Acquire all Iron Atronach Visions and then acquire the Iron Atronach Verse.
ON-icon-achievement-Battle Ready.png Battle Ready 5 Acquire 5 Offensive Verses or Visions.
ON-icon-achievement-Armed Onslaught.png Armed Onslaught 10 Acquire 25 Offensive Verses or Visions.
ON-icon-achievement-Mora's Onslaught.png Mora's Onslaught 15 Acquire 75 Offensive Verses or Visions.
ON-icon-achievement-A Sturdy Shield.png A Sturdy Shield 5 Acquire 5 Defensive Verses or Visions.
ON-icon-achievement-Forceful Fortifications.png Forceful Fortifications 10 Acquire 25 Defensive Verses or Visions.
ON-icon-achievement-Under Mora's Protection.png Under Mora's Protection 15 Acquire 75 Defensive Verses or Visions.
ON-icon-achievement-Studying Up.png Studying Up 5 Acquire 5 Utility Verses or Visions.
ON-icon-achievement-Unorthodox Approach.png Unorthodox Approach 10 Acquire 25 Utility Verses or Visions.
ON-icon-achievement-Power Practicum.png Power Practicum 15 Acquire 75 Utility Verses or Visions.
ON-icon-achievement-Archive's Most Adored.png Archive's Most Adored 10 Encounter the following factions within the Infinite Archive.
ON-icon-achievement-Heavy Hitter.png Heavy Hitter 10 Defeat 1,000 Maligraphies within the Infinite Archive Stages.
ON-icon-achievement-Monster Mercenary.png Monster Mercenary 15 Defeat 2,000 Maligraphies within the Infinite Archive Stages.
ON-icon-achievement-Fortune's Soldier.png Fortune's Soldier 50 Defeat 5,000 Maligraphies within the Infinite Archive Stages.
ON-icon-achievement-Fabled Foil.png Fabled Foil 50 Defeat 500 Fabled in the Infinite Archive.
ON-icon-achievement-Proof of Ability.png Proof of Ability 5 Defeat 1 Boss in the Infinite Archive during the first Arc.
ON-icon-achievement-Infinite Endurance.png Infinite Endurance 10 Defeat 50 Bosses in the Infinite Archive within the first Arc.
ON-icon-achievement-Running the Gauntlet.png Running the Gauntlet 15 Defeat 100 Bosses in the Infinite Archive within the first Arc.
ON-icon-achievement-Back for Seconds.png Back for Seconds 5 Defeat 1 Boss or Marauder in the Infinite Archive within the second Arc.
ON-icon-achievement-Boss Basher.png Boss Basher 10 Defeat 30 Bosses and Marauders in the Infinite Archive within the second Arc.
ON-icon-achievement-Watch Them Fall.png Watch Them Fall 15 Defeat 50 Bosses and Marauders in the Infinite Archive within the second Arc.
ON-icon-achievement-Still Standing.png Still Standing 10 Defeat 1 Boss or Marauder in the Infinite Archive within the third Arc.
ON-icon-achievement-Decisive Dispatch.png Decisive Dispatch 15 Defeat 15 Bosses and Marauders in the Infinite Archive within the third Arc.
ON-icon-achievement-Outstanding Onslaught.png Outstanding Onslaught 50 Defeat 30 Bosses and Marauders in the Infinite Archive within the third Arc.
ON-icon-achievement-Furious Fighter.png Furious Fighter 10 Defeat 1 Boss or Marauder in the Infinite Archive within the fourth Arc.
ON-icon-achievement-Slaying the Hordes.png Slaying the Hordes 15 Defeat 10 Bosses and Marauders in the Infinite Archive within the fourth Arc.
ON-icon-achievement-Infinite Arc's End.png Infinite Arc's End 50 Defeat 20 Bosses and Marauders in the Infinite Archive within the fourth Arc.
ON-icon-achievement-Infinite Archive Vanquisher.png Infinite Archive Vanquisher 10 Defeat Tho'at once.
ON-icon-achievement-You Again.png You Again 15 Defeat Tho'at 10 times.
ON-icon-achievement-Replicable Results.png Replicable Results 50 Defeat Tho'at 50 times.
ON-icon-achievement-Destined Dungeoneer.png Destined Dungeoneer 15 Complete 150 Stages at or above Arc 2.
ON-icon-achievement-Arcing Onward.png Arcing Onward 50 Reach Arc 4.
ON-icon-achievement-Word Waltzer.png Word Waltzer 15 Complete all quests related to the Destozuno's Library optional content.
ON-icon-achievement-Hidden Prowess.png Hidden Prowess 15 Complete all difficulties related to the Theater of War's optional content.
ON-icon-achievement-Ghostlight Gatherer.png Ghostlight Gatherer 15 Complete all difficulties of the Echoing Den optional content.
ON-icon-achievement-Kidding Around.png Kidding Around 15 Complete all difficulties related to the Haefal's Butchery optional content.
ON-icon-achievement-Mind over Magick.png Mind over Magick 15 Completed all difficulties related to the Treacherous Crossing optional content.
ON-icon-achievement-Eye See You!.png Eye See You! 15 Complete all difficulties related to the Filer's Wing optional content.
ON-icon-achievement-Pilfered Pilfer.png Pilfered Pilfer 15 Kill Gw the Pilferer 5 times.


The Infinite Archive has several leaderboards where players can compete against each other. These scores are NOT time dependent, as each player or team will work through the dungeon arcs at different paces. Score is improved by completing more stages, cycles and arcs. Solo and Duo Leaderboards are separate. Having a Companion active upon entering the Archive will place the player in the Duo Leaderboard if they score well.

Leaderboards in Infinite Archive:




  • ^  This location was originally called the Endless Archive before being renamed to the Infinite Archive with the release of Patch 9.2.8 on December 18, 2023.[1]