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Tamriel divided into regions colored by alliance

There are a large variety of places in The Elder Scrolls Online spread across Tamriel and beyond. This page lists the most important places sorted by type, as well as a list of zones. See Maps for an overview of the icons used for different types of places, and for other available maps in the game.

Place List[edit]

  • Abyssal Geysers — Wave-based group events found only on Summerset
  • Battlefields — Sites of ancient and contemporary battles
  • Beacons — Watchtowers, lighthouses, and other free-standing signal towers
  • Bodies of Water — Lakes, rivers and seas
  • Camps — Bandit camps, guard camps, and other temporary settlements
  • Caves — Root hollows, lava chambers, ice caves, and all other types of natural cavern
  • Cemeteries — Graveyards, necropoli and other places where the (un)dead dwell
  • Cities — Major settlements in each zone
  • Crypts — Tombs, barrows, and other underground burial sites
  • Daedric Ruins — Ancient shrines to the Daedric Princes
  • Docks — Harbors, boatyards and shipwreck sites
  • Dolmens — Summoning locations for Molag Bal's Dark Anchors
  • Dragonscours — Locations where dragon hunting group events can occur
  • Dwemer Ruins — The ruins of ancient Dwemer cities
  • Elven Ruins — The ruins of ancient Ayleid and Aldmeri cities
  • Estates — Countryside houses, homesteads and other estates
  • Farms — Plantations and farmsteads
  • Forts — Towers, forts, keeps and other fortified locations
  • Gates — Milegates, passes, and other guarded thoroughfares
  • Groves — Glades, marshes, oases and other natural wildernesses
  • Harrowstorms — Wave-based group events
  • Landmarks — Other miscellaneous locations
  • Mines — Mining establishments and settlements
  • Mundus Stones — Magical stones which grant special passive abilities
  • Player Houses — Instanced locations that can be purchased and decorated
  • Realms — Places which exist outside of Nirn
  • Ruins — Nordic ruins, Yokudan ruins, and other ruins of contemporary civilization
  • Sewers — City sewerage systems
  • Ships — In-service, under construction, and scuttled ships
  • Strongholds — Major locations in Coldharbour visited during the Main Quest
  • Towns — Towns, villages, and other permanent settlements
  • Wayshrines — Access points to the fast-travel system

Places by Gameplay[edit]

Alliance War and Battlegrounds[edit]

Minor Locations[edit]


Aldmeri Dominion[edit]

Daggerfall Covenant[edit]

Ebonheart Pact[edit]

Neutral and Disputed[edit]

Chapter Zones[edit]

Story DLC Zones[edit]


  • Unzoned — A listing of places which are not part of any zone or their associated storylines.