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This page lists all the Arenas in Elder Scrolls Online. Each have a Normal and Veteran mode, and consist of round-based combat challenges. Arenas can be designed for solo play or for groups of 4, and Veteran mode has a leaderboard system.

The Infinite Archive is a roguelike arena aimed at groups of two. Its mechanics are distinct from other arenas and are detailed on its respective page.

Solo Arenas[edit]

Group Arenas[edit]


A core mechanic of most Arenas is the presence of Sigils, synergies that appear at the beginning of each round of combat. In Normal mode, use of these synergies is encouraged, but in Veteran mode the use of a Sigil will reduce your final overall leaderboard score. Sigil buffs therefore provide a crutch to clear Veteran Arenas, but offer the incentive of leaderboard rewards for higher skill gameplay. In group Arenas, Sigil buffs affect your entire group.

There are several types of Sigils. Only four will appear in a given Arena, as listed below:

  • Sigil of Defense: Reduces incoming damage and reflects ranged physical- and spell-based projectile attacks. (Found in Blackrose Prison, Maelstrom Arena, Vateshran Hollows.)
  • Sigil of Haste: Grants increased Magicka and Stamina regeneration as well as the Major Expedition buff. (Found in Maelstrom Arena, Vateshran Hollows.)
  • Sigil of Healing: Grants a powerful heal over time effect. (Found in Blackrose Prison, Maelstrom Arena, Vateshran Hollows.)
  • Sigil of Power: Grants increased weapon power. (Found in Maelstrom Arena, Vateshran Hollows.)
  • Sigil of Resurrection: Resurrects dead group members and protects the activating player. (Found in Blackrose Prison.)
  • Sigil of Sustain: Grants increased Magicka and Stamina regeneration. (Found in Blackrose Prison.)


  • Though the Imperial City Arena and Kvatch Arena are both called arenas and have similar mechanics, they are not instanced areas and are not counted as arenas by the game. There is also the Thizzrini Arena in Reaper's March, which does not count as an arena; the mechanics are a mixture of overland and instanced dungeon. Ilthag's Undertower contains an arena area with waves of enemies. Dragonhold has a location called the Black Kiergo Arena, which is also not an official arena, but only visited in one quest. There is also the Hammerdeath Arena in Stormhaven, which has no hostile NPCs and no connected quests.