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Gold Road box art
Setting West Weald
Time Period 2E 582
Developer ZeniMax Online Studios
Release Date
3 Jun 2024
Xbox One/PS4
Release Date
18 Jun 2024
Gold Road Deluxe Edition box art

Gold Road is the eighth Chapter for The Elder Scrolls Online. The expansion is set in the Colovian region of the West Weald, and was released on June 3rd, 2024 for PC/Mac, and June 18th, 2024 for Xbox and Playstation.

Gold Road is not included with ESO Plus and cannot be purchased from the Crown Store. Gold Road is the second Chapter in the multi-year-long Secrets of Apocrypha storyline, following the events of Necrom.


  • Brand new story, continuing from Necrom. Embark on an adventure to preserve reality before the threads of fate unravel in Ithelia's wake.
  • Explore a new zone: Venture into West Weald, now threatened by the encroaching Valenwood jungle and Daedric incursions. Defend the Colovian capital city of Skingrad, investigate the wilds of the Dawnwood, and explore ancient Ayleid ruins and the mountainous Colovian Highlands.
  • Scribing: a new, unique system that allows players to customize their playstyle. Collect special skills and modify their effects and functionality.
  • New 12-person Trial - Lucent Citadel.

Marketing Materials

A letter requesting your investigation into this matter

The first teasers for this Chapter began to arrive January 8, 2024. Influencers received one of four different glass shards, 20 leaves, and a letter from Beragon requesting your aid, while also asking that you don't involve his sister Eveli Sharp-Arrow. The letter reads:

Gather your allies and head for the southwest coast.. I'm investigating a band of my kind that has abandoned the Pact and I required your assistance. They appear to be searching for something of great importance. They're well-armed and clearly dangerous, so be careful.
From what I could discern of their plans, it has something to do with the fragment included with this letter. Examine it closely and report your findings back to me personally in Grahtwood. Perhaps we can solve this puzzle together.
Don't allow any would-be emperors or Saliache ruins to delay you. And don't tell my sister. She's perfectly capable of finding trouble without your help.
The completed design

The fragments are all part of the same design, consisting of what appears to be a glass piece with twelve patterns around an interior design. Starting from the top and going clockwise, the segments include:

  • What appears to be a lyre, potentially a symbol of Jephre or Vivec, or a part of the interior design.
  • An eye of Hermaeus Mora.
  • A tree. This design is repeated four times. One notable tree with four rest locations is the currently missing Falinesti, or it is possibly just a reference to seasonal change in general.
  • An eye surrounded by wings. An eye is prominently featured in the symbols of the Mages Guild and College of Winterhold.
  • A repetition of the tree pattern.
  • A lantern. There are numerous significant allusions to lanterns in Tamriel's history. Examples include the Order of the Lamp, the Twin Lamps, and The Drowned Lamp
  • A repetition of the "lyre" design.
  • A tree design surrounded by an internal share. One notable tree design it shares similarities with is the Blessed Life-Tree commonly used by the Ayleids, while the surrounding design shares some similarities with a Green Pact symbol associated with Wood Elves.
  • A repetition of the tree pattern.
  • Two crescent moons. The design matches the city emblem of Skingrad.
  • A repetition of the tree pattern.
  • A symbol that shares the shape of a crown that was once worn by Mephala.

The interior design, besides the "lyres", appears to be similar in design to an Oblivion Gate, which also shares the shape of the Oht character in the Daedric Alphabet. Mirrored on both ends of the shape, between the "lyres" and blue interior of the design is a symbol associated with the city of Fargrave. The very interior of the shape is reminiscent of a symbol of Meridia.


Gold Road is available in four different versions:

  • The Elder Scrolls Online Collection: Gold Road: Includes the base game and all eight Chapters.
  • The Elder Scrolls Online Collection: Gold Road Deluxe: Includes the base game and all eight Chapters, as well as Deluxe Edition bonuses.
  • The Elder Scrolls Online Upgrade: Gold Road: For existing players, only includes Gold Road.
  • The Elder Scrolls Online Upgrade: Gold Road Deluxe Edition: For existing players, only includes Gold Road and Deluxe Edition bonuses.
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