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This article is about NPC followers. For the faction, see Companions (faction). For quest-related followers, see Followers.

Companions is a system introduced with the Blackwood Chapter and expanded with the High Isle and Necrom Chapters. Companion NPCs fight alongside you everywhere except PvP and Solo Arenas. You can build a relationship with them to unlock their questline. Fighting alongside your Companion will improve their effectiveness and taking actions they approve of will allow you to build rapport. As you earn their trust and strengthen your bonds of fellowship, your Companion may share personal quests with you. You may also give them Companion-specific gear and customize them in a wide variety of ways, including setting their abilities, mounts, costumes, outfits and more.

Acquisition and Activation[edit]

If you have access to the respective chapter or DLC (except if you only have access due to an ESO Plus free trial), you can meet a Companion during the first quest of their questline. Once the first quest is completed, that Companion collectible will be added to your account, but may only be summoned when logged in as a character who has completed the quest - other characters attempting to use the collectible will be given the quest instead.

Companion Gender Class Race Racial Skill Chapter/DLC Recruitment Quest Companion Perk (and Keepsake effect)
ON-icon-companion-Bastian Hallix.png Bastian Hallix Male ON-icon-class-Dragonknight.png Dragonknight ON-icon-race-Imperial.png Imperial Tough: Increases Max Health by 3% and damage done by 3%. Blackwood Competition and Contracts Bastian's Insight: Potions looted from monsters have a 30% chance to be improved by Bastian's Insight.
ON-icon-companion-Mirri Elendis.png Mirri Elendis Female ON-icon-class-Nightblade.png Nightblade ON-icon-race-Dunmer.png Dark Elf Dynamic: Increases damage done by 3% and healing done by 3%. Shattered and Scattered Mirri's Expertise: Treasure chests found through treasure maps and in the Overland have a 30% chance to provide additional loot from hidden compartments.
ON-icon-companion-Ember.png Ember Female ON-icon-class-Sorcerer.png Sorcerer ON-icon-race-Khajiit.png Khajiit Cunning: Increases Critical Chance by 3% and damage done by 3%. High Isle Tower Full of Trouble Ember's Intuition: When pickpocketing, bestows a chance to acquire hidden wallets your mark hoped to keep secure. Hidden wallets may contain additional gold.
ON-icon-companion-Isobel Velois.png Isobel Veloise Female ON-icon-class-Templar.png Templar ON-icon-race-Breton.png Breton Enchanted: Decreases ability cooldowns by 3% and damage taken by 3%. Tournament of the Heart Isobel's Grace: Bestows a chance, after defeating a world boss, to recover the pack of a slain knight. Packs may contain additional loot.
ON-icon-companion-Azandar Al-Cybiades.png Azandar al-Cybiades Male ON-icon-class-Arcanist.png Arcanist ON-icon-race-Redguard.png Redguard Son of Kozanset: Increases Max Health by 3% and decreases ability cooldowns by 3%. Necrom The Fateweaver Key Azandar's Inquisitiveness: When searching containers, bestows a chance to discover research portfolios. Portfolios can contain crafting recipes, treasure maps, research notes, survey reports, and other documents of value.
ON-icon-companion-Sharp-As-Night.png Sharp-as-Night Male ON-icon-class-Warden.png Warden ON-icon-race-Argonian.png Argonian Survivalist: Increases Physical and Spell Resistance by 3% and healing done by 3%. The Double Edge Sharp's Patience: Fish bite at an increased rate and have a higher chance of being trophy fish. Note that this does not reduce your chance to hook special items.

A player may have only one Companion or Assistant active at a time; summoning a Companion will also unsummon any active Assistant and vice versa. Summoning a Companion takes several seconds for them to appear, during which no other Companion or Assistant may be summoned.

Restrictions and Limitations[edit]

In population-limited instances such as dungeons, group arenas and trials, each Companion present counts toward the population cap as if they were a player.

Players will always take priority and Companions will be auto-dismissed as players zone in. Companions cannot be summoned in PvP areas, solo arenas or in housing instances. They also cannot be summoned while you are in combat or if the summoning character has not yet completed the associated introductory quest, even if the collectible has been unlocked by another character.

If the relationship between the character and Companion deteriorates into very low rapport states, the Companion may voluntarily unsummon themselves and be unavailable to the associated character for a time.

Companion visibility may also be briefly suppressed in some situations where they are unable to navigate to your character, such as while swimming.

Interaction and Customization[edit]

To engage with your Companion, simply initiate dialogue with them and select the Companion Menu dialogue option. This menu provides you with detailed information regarding the status of the Companion, as well as tools for adjusting the Companion's combat behavior and visual customization.

Beyond the Companion Menu, dialogue with your Companion is also a way to get to know them better and their responses will vary based on rapport, quest status, and other factors. The overview section of the Companion character tab provides a summary of Companion information including level, slotted abilities, rapport status, Companion perk details and outfit application status.


Selecting the equipment option of the Companion character tab displays any Companion equipment in your inventory which can be equipped on your Companion via the display on the left.

The skills tab of the Companion menu provides a list of available skill lines and associated abilities which may be slotted into the Companion's active ability bar. These abilities may have usage restrictions such as requiring a specific weapon type is equipped.

Companions attempt to use their abilities in priority order from left to right, if they have a valid target and meet any associated requirements of the ability. Companion abilities utilize a cooldown system to determine frequency of usage, with various Companion abilities having an array of cooldown times.

Companions have a large pool of abilities available to them, which are thematically similar to abilities you may recognize from various skill lines. These abilities provide the opportunity to customize the Companion's combat role including tanking, healing, damage, and any hybridization desired to perfectly complement their player's ability configuration.


Companions can be customized using many of your own cosmetic collectibles. This includes mounts, costumes and outfits. Companions have a default mount which they will utilize when you mount up, but this can be overridden through the Companion menu in the Collectibles tab.

Unlocked costumes may be applied through the Collectibles tab as well, with any associated applied dyes being shared across your character and Companion's appearance per costume. Visiting an outfit station allows you to configure a dedicated outfit slot, with each Companion having a dedicated slot per account. This outfit can be activated through the overview screen of the Companion UI.

Note that a Companion's head armor is automatically hidden at all times and will not be displayed regardless of equipment or cosmetic override settings. Additionally, a small subset of mount, costume and outfit collectibles may not be usable by the Companion based on gender, race, or other restrictions.


With the exception of quests and rapport, which collectively represents the relationship between each character and the Companion, all Companion progress is account-wide.

Combat Level[edit]

Companions are level 1 when unlocked, with a limited set of ability bar slots and a maximum potential level of 20. Companions level up via a percentage (15% + Rapport Bonus), rounded up, of non-Enlightenment experience gained with your character directly from combat.

Experience increasing effects such as holiday bonuses and consumable boosters applied to your character will provide an indirect benefit to the Companion as well.

As Companions gain combat levels, their health and overall power (which affects weapon and spell damage) increases automatically, additional ability bar slots unlock, and more class abilities become available. This includes an Ultimate slot and ability, which unlock at combat level 20.

Skill Lines[edit]

Companions have access to several skill lines, each with associated abilities. Most Companion skill lines have 3 active abilities which can be acquired through leveling up of that skill line.

Companion class skills resemble those of certain player classes (Dragonknight for Bastian, Nightblade for Mirri, Sorcerer for Ember, Templar for Isobel, Arcanist for Azandar, Warden for Sharp), but organized into separate skill lines suiting damage, tanking and healing. Companion armor skills are likewise broken down into light armor for healing, medium armor for damage, or heavy armor for tanking; this means that a Companion who primarily uses spell damage attacks might be better equipped with medium armor, in contrast to player characters for whom light armor is optimal for spell damage.

Companion abilities do not require skill points to unlock and do not rank up or morph over time.

Each Companion unlocks with some progress in skill lines based on their background, as well as with multiple combat abilities pre-slotted so they are immediately combat ready. These may be changed as desired.

Class Skill Lines[edit]

Class Skill lines all increase at the same rate as each other, and similar to the combat level of the Companion. Unlike player character class skill lines, slotting skill(s) from a line does not impact on the rate at which it levels.

Bastian Hallix ON-icon-class-Dragonknight.png Mirri Elendis ON-icon-class-Nightblade.png Ember ON-icon-class-Sorcerer.png Isobel Veloise ON-icon-class-Templar.png Azandar al-Cybiades ON-icon-class-Arcanist.png Sharp-as-Night ON-icon-class-Warden.png
Ardent Warrior
Draconic Armor
Radiating Heart
Deadly Assassin
Living Shade
Soul Thief
Lightning Caller
Mischievous Caster
Playful Schemer
Blazing Might
Brilliant Shield
Healing Grace
Quill Knight
Revitalizing Researcher
Scholar of Apocrypha
Beasts of the Hunt
Verdant Growth
Winter's Bite

Weapon Skill Lines[edit]

Weapon skill lines increase through combat experience based on the equipped weapon(s).

Armor Skill Lines[edit]

Armor skill lines increase through combat experience based on the equipped weight of the armor on the Companion. Unlike player armor skill lines, an armor skill level will only increase if 5 or more armor pieces of that weight are equipped, meaning only one armor skill can be levelled at a time.

Guild Skill Lines[edit]

Guild skill lines (Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, and Undaunted) increase through completing specific solo daily quests associated with the guild, for the active Companion. Each solo daily quest is worth 100 experience each, and each level requires 100 experience to level. Guild levels have a max of 10. Note: The Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood are not skill lines available to Companions.

Racial Skill Lines[edit]

Racial skill lines do not include active abilities and are immediately applied based on the race of the Companion.

XP Tables[edit]

Combat Level / Class
Level Experience
1 0
2 500
3 1,500
4 3,500
5 7,000
6 12,500
7 19,500
8 27,500
9 36,100
10 45,200
11 54,600
12 64,300
13 74,300
14 84,500
15 94,900
16 105,400
17 116,000
18 126,700
19 137,500
20 148,500
Weapon / Armor
Level Experience
1 0
2 250
3 750
4 1,750
5 3,500
6 6,250
7 9,750
8 13,750
9 18,050
10 22,600
11 27,300
12 32,150
13 37,150
14 42,250
15 47,450
16 52,700
17 58,000
18 63,350
19 68,750
20 74,250


All Companions have strong personal preferences, which you can learn about through dialogue and experimentation in the world. Based on your actions in the world, while a Companion is active to observe them, their opinion of you may be raised or lowered. Rapport adjustments are displayed in real time in the loot stream, and most actions that affect rapport have limitations on how often they can be triggered. Rapport is character-based and can vary from one of your characters to another. Some Companion quests are locked until a specific rapport level has been reached on that character.

As rapport increases or falls, various thresholds will be met, with corresponding changes in the Companion's dialogue with you. The numeric value of a Companion's rapport is usually hidden from the player, but can be inferred from the rapport status in the overview window of the Companion UI, and its exact value can be exposed by certain add-ons on PC or Mac.

  • On PCOr you can type "/script d(GetActiveCompanionRapport())" in the chat window.
Minimum Maximum Status Description
-5000 -4000 Disdainful Companion feels nothing but contempt for you.
-3999 -2500 Irritated Companion strongly dislikes you.
-2499 749 Wary Companion tolerates you.
750 999 Cordial Companion counts you as a friendly acquaintance.
1000 1999 Friendly Companion respects you as an ally. (5% companion experience bonus)
2000 2999 Close Companion greatly admires you (10% companion experience bonus)
3000 3999 Allied Companion holds you in high esteem. (15% companion experience bonus)
4000 5500 (max) Companion Companion regards you as their greatest ally and dearest friend. (20% companion experience bonus)

When you first meet a Companion, they will have a Cordial status with 750 rapport. When Friendly status is reached, the Companion will be inclined to share personal information with you and ask you for your assistance with associated quests. When the lower tier is reached, the Companion may choose to part ways with you for a certain amount of time. Each rapport tier above Cordial provides an additional 5% absolute experience gain. Once a companion has reached max level, and maxed their weapon/armor skill line(s), and you have achieved max rapport with one character, there is no longer any particular benefit to boosting their rapport with other characters, other than to avoid dipping into the negative values where they may not want to help you out anymore.

Mirri Elendis[edit]

Ways for Mirri to lose or gain rapport
Amount Action Cooldown
Actions that give Positive Rapport
ON-icon-Rapport+5.png +500 Returning A Mother's Obsession, Dead Weight companion quests Once
ON-icon-Rapport+5.png +125 Returning Dark Anchor contract offered by Cardea Gallus in Fighters Guild 10:00am UTC (6:00am EDT) Reset
ON-icon-Rapport+5.png +125 Returning Numani-Rasi relics daily in Vvardenfell 10:00am UTC (6:00am EDT) Reset
ON-icon-Rapport+3.png +10 Mirri commenting Clockwork City while visiting it. Between 24 and 44 hours.
ON-icon-Rapport+3.png +10 Enter certain daedric delves and public dungeons, such as Ashalmawia, Broken Tusk, Mehrunes' Spite, Sanguine's Demesne, The Cave of Trophies and The Grotto of Depravity 30 minutes
ON-icon-Rapport+3.png +10 Talking to Sotha Sil (?)
ON-icon-Rapport+3.png +10 / ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Taking all loot from a treasure chest 60minutes/No Cooldown
ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 Excavate an Antiquity 5 minutes
ON-icon-Rapport+4.png +75 / ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 View a completed Khajiit of the Moons 20 hours
ON-icon-Rapport+4.png +75 / ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 View a completed Library of Vivec 20 hours
ON-icon-Rapport+4.png +75 / ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 View a completed Kari's Hit List 20 hours
ON-icon-Rapport+4.png +75 / ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 View a completed House of Orsimer Glories 20 hours
ON-icon-Rapport+4.png +75 / ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 View a completed Vault of Moawita 20 hours
ON-icon-Rapport+4.png +75 / ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 View a completed Rithana-di-Renada 20 hours
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Kill a goblin 5 minutes
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Kill a riekling 5 minutes
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Kill a snake. Includes passive snakes, giant snakes and others (cooldown shared across all snake types) 150 seconds
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Craft an alcoholic beverage 5 minutes
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Reading a book from a shelf > 30 minutes (?)
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Summoning certain Daedric pets such as a Daemon ChickenWhich other ones? (?)
Actions that give Negative Rapport
ON-icon-Rapport-1.png -1 Harvest a torchbug, butterfly, or honeybee[verification needed — see talk page] (cooldown shared across both) (?)
ON-icon-Rapport-4.png -10 Enter the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary (?)
ON-icon-Rapport-5.png -25 / ON-icon-Rapport-2.png -5 Use the Blade of Woe, including against enemies 5 minutes / 0
Mirri's Expertise
Mirri's Expertise[edit]

Based on 1,000 "hidden treasure bags", this is the approximate loot per bag:

Item # found per bag
Gold 55.5
Common Contraband 0.450
Fine Contraband 0.160
Superior Contraband 0.012
Fine Furnishing Plan 0.233
Superior Furnishing Plan 0.082
Provisioning ingredient 0.070
Fishing bait 0.024
Contraband Clothing 0.028
empty Soul Gem 0.009
filled Soul Gem 0.008
Foul Hide 0.006
Crusty Bread 0.010
Spoiled Food 0.007
Lockpick 0.006
Essence of Health 0.009
Violet Coprinus 0.002
Provisioning recipe 0.004
Trash 0.009
Namira's Rot 0.002
Clarified Syrah Wine 0.001

The loot consists of a series of specific drops, including but not limited to the following:


Bastian Hallix[edit]

Ways for Bastian Hallix to lose or gain rapport
Amount Action Cooldown
Actions that give Positive Rapport
ON-icon-Rapport+5.png +500 Complete Things Lost, Things Found and Family Secrets companion quests Once each
ON-icon-Rapport+5.png +125 Complete a Mages Guild daily offered by Alvur Baren 0
ON-icon-Rapport+4.png +10 Visit or pass by a Mages Guild guildhall within Alliance zones 20 hours
ON-icon-Rapport+4.png +10 Visit Artaeum via portal in Keep of the Eleven Forces, the Grand Psijic Villa, quest specific zone, by stepping one meter away from the wayshrine, or Eyevea (cooldown shared across both) 20 hours
ON-icon-Rapport+4.png +10 Completing random Encounters that help people such as rescuing merchants from bandits, summoners from Daedra, and travelers during Ambushes. not sure about other encounters (?)
ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 Scry an Antiquity 5 minutes
ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 Loot a Psijic portal (?)
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +5 Kill a Worm Cultist at the start of a Dark Anchor 5-10 minutes(?)
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +5 Kill any Cultist 1 minute
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +5 Killing bandits anywhere 1 minute
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +5 Read a book 15 min
Actions that give Negative Rapport
ON-icon-Rapport-1.png -1 Cooking food with cheese (?)
ON-icon-Rapport-1.png -1 Attempting to flee from guards (?)
ON-icon-Rapport-2.png -5 Stealing (?)
ON-icon-Rapport-2.png -5 Pickpocketing (?)
ON-icon-Rapport-4.png -10 Getting caught stealing or pickpocketing (?)
ON-icon-Rapport-4.png -10 Attacking innocents (?)
ON-icon-Rapport-5.png -25 Murder (?)
Scrying for Gabrielle's Bottle of Proving during The Antiquarian's Art does not increase rapport.


Ways for Ember to lose or gain rapport
Amount Action Cooldown
Actions that give Positive Rapport
ON-icon-Rapport+5.png +500 Returning Cold Trail, Cold Blood, Old Pain, or Green with Envy companion quests Once each
ON-icon-Rapport+5.png +125 Returning Thieves Guild heist with or without the time bonus Daily
ON-icon-Rapport+5.png +125 Returning relic retrieving quest offered by Alvur Baren in Mages Guild Daily
ON-icon-Rapport+5.png +125 Returning delve quest offered by Wayllod at High Isle Daily
ON-icon-Rapport+4.png +25 / ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 Fence a purple-quality stolen item 24 hours
ON-icon-Rapport+3.png +10 / ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Win a game of Tales of Tribute 1 hour
ON-icon-Rapport+3.png +10 / ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Begin a Black Sacrament 24 hours
ON-icon-Rapport+3.png +10 / ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Pickpocket a guard 1 hour
ON-icon-Rapport+3.png +10 Using clemency 24 hours
ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 / ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Loot a thieves trove or safebox 1 hour
ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 Using a Counterfeit Pardon Edict (?)
ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 Returning a Thieves Guild job from a Tip Board 1 hour
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Visit outlaws refuges or Thieves Guild 1 hour
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Harvest a runestone 5 minutes
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Kill a werewolf 5 minutes
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Kill a wolf 5 minutes
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Summon the Big-Eared Ginger Kitten or Witch's Infernal Familiar pet 24 hours
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Sell a purple-quality item to a vendor (?)
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Successfully flee from the guard (?)
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Trespass a restricted area (?)
Actions that give Negative Rapport
ON-icon-Rapport-5.png -25 / ON-icon-Rapport-2.png -5 Pay a bounty to a guard after being caught 1 hour
ON-icon-Rapport-4.png -10 Get caught committing a crime 5 minutes
ON-icon-Rapport-4.png -10 Get spotted while trespassing in a restricted area (?)
ON-icon-Rapport-4.png -10 Entering The Halls of Colossus (?)
ON-icon-Rapport-2.png -5 Pay a bounty to a guard after being caught while the other bounty rapport cooldown is active (?)
ON-icon-Rapport-2.png -5 / ON-icon-Rapport-1.png -1 Start fishing 5 minutes

Isobel Veloise[edit]

Ways for Isobel to lose or gain rapport
Amount Action Cooldown
Actions that give Positive Rapport
ON-icon-Rapport+5.png +500 Completing The Lost Symbol, A Mother's Request, The Princess Detective companion quest Once each
ON-icon-Rapport+5.png +125 Return a Undaunted daily challenge offered by Bolgrul Daily
ON-icon-Rapport+5.png +125 Return High Isle group boss daily offered by Parisse Plouff Daily
ON-icon-Rapport+4.png +25 / ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 Visit an Undaunted Enclave 20 hours
ON-icon-Rapport+3.png +10 / ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 / ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Talk to an alliance leader (Emeric / Ayrenn / Jorunn) 1 hour
ON-icon-Rapport+3.png +10 Talk to Lyris Titanborn 1 hour
ON-icon-Rapport+3.png +10 Complete a volcanic vent (?)[verification needed — bugged?]
ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 Craft sweet delicacies or fruit dishes 1 hour
ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 Craft an item at a blacksmithing station 1 hour
ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 Kill a world boss 1 hour
ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 Kill a delve boss or group dungeon boss (?)
ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 Kill a daedric boss 1 hour
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Kill a daedra 210 seconds
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Use a repair kit Daily
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Accept a duel (?)
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Summoning a dog non-combat pet 1 hour
Actions that give Negative Rapport
ON-icon-Rapport-4.png -10 / ON-icon-Rapport-1.png -1 Murder 0
ON-icon-Rapport-2.png -5 Enter the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary 20 hours
ON-icon-Rapport-1.png -1 Steal from container or loot a thieves trove (?)
ON-icon-Rapport-1.png -1 Enter an Outlaw's Refuge (?)
Dog pets include the Alik'r Dune-Hound, Druadach Mountain Dog, Imperial War Mastiff, Bravil Retriever, Jerall Rescue Dog, and Greenhill Farmdog.


Ways for Sharp-as-Night to lose or gain rapport
Amount Action Cooldown
Actions that give Positive Rapport
ON-icon-Rapport+5.png +500 Returning his companion quests Once
ON-icon-Rapport+5.png +125 Returning Daily Boss quest offered by Ordinator Nelyn in Necrom Daily
ON-icon-Rapport+5.png +125 Completing an Ashlander daily quest offered by Huntmaster Sorim-Nakar or Numani-Rasi in Vvardenfell Daily
ON-icon-Rapport+3.png +10 Obtain monster trophy 10 minutes
ON-icon-Rapport+3.png +10 Visiting a Hist tree[verification needed — see talk page] 10 minutes
ON-icon-Rapport+3.png +10 Talking to M'aiq the Liar (?)
ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 Eat a meal 1 hour
ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 Craft a poison 1 hour
ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 / ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Find Treasure Map Chest No cooldown
ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 / ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Find Heavy Sack No cooldown
ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 / ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Catch a rare fish (green or better) 1 hour/No cooldown
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Kill a Ghost 5 minutes
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Kill a Fabricant or Dwarven Construct 5 minutes
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Repair Gear (Can be done at a merchant as well as repair kit) Daily
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Recharge Weapon with Soul Gem (?)
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Travel via Wayshrine[verification needed — see talk page] (?)
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Using soul gem to resurrect someone (?)
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Go fishing 10 minutes[verification needed — see talk page]
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Harvest plant-based material 1 hour
Actions that give Negative Rapport
ON-icon-Rapport-3.png -10 Pay a Bounty to a guard (?)
ON-icon-Rapport-2.png -5 Destroy Item of multiple Items of the same type at once in Inventory worth over 20 gold >5min
ON-icon-Rapport-2.png -5 Pickpocket a beggar, laborer, or fisher (?)
ON-icon-Rapport-1.png -1 Let your gear break (?)
ON-icon-Rapport-1.png -1 Use an outfitting station (Rapport decreases even if the outfit is not changed) (?)

Azandar al-Cybiades[edit]

Ways for Azandar to lose or gain rapport
Amount Action Cooldown
Actions that lead to gaining Rapport
ON-icon-Rapport+5.png +500 Complete Paths Unwalked companion quest Once
ON-icon-Rapport+5.png +125 Return Ordinator Tilena, Necrom delve daily Daily
ON-icon-Rapport+5.png +125 Return Enchanter Writ daily Daily
ON-icon-Rapport+4.png +15 Returning Master Enchanter writ 15 minutes(?)
ON-icon-Rapport+4.png +15 Collect a Psijic portal 15 minutes(?)
ON-icon-Rapport+3.png +10 Visit the Brass Fortress, The Hollow City, Fargrave City District (?) Daily (Cooldown shared across all)
ON-icon-Rapport+3.png +10 Visit any Mundus Stone Daily(?)
ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 Complete an Oblivion Portal No cooldown(?)
ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 Interact with any Ayleid Well 1 hour(?)
ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 Read a new mages guild book 1 hour(?)
ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 Upgrade an item (?)
ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 Acquire a lead (?)
ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 Scrying 15 minutes(?)
ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 Consume any tea type beverage 1 hour(?)
ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 / ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Steal treasure type of Magic Curiosities, Maps, Writings, Ritual Objects (?)
ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5(?) / ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Brew any tea type beverage 1 hour(?)
ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 / ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Read a lorebook (?)
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Kill a chaurus 15 minutes(?)
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Kill a duneripper 15 minutes(?)
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Kill a dreugh 15 minutes(?)
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Kill a harpy 15 minutes(?)
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Kill a mudcrab 15 minutes(?)
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Kill a nix-ox 15 minutes(?)
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Kill an ogre 15 minutes(?)
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Kill a troll 15 minutes(?)
Actions that result in losing Rapport
ON-icon-Rapport-3.png -10 Visit Artaeum or Eyevea (He's okay with The Scholarium) 15 minutes
ON-icon-Rapport-3.png -10 Give to a beggar (?)
ON-icon-Rapport-3.png -10 Light a Campfire (Lightbringer) (?)
ON-icon-Rapport-1.png -1 Pick a mushroom 15 minutes(?)
ON-icon-Rapport-1.png -1 Brew/Consume(?) a beverage with Coffee (?)
ON-icon-Rapport-1.png -1 Play a game of Tales of Tribute (?)

Equipment and Sourcing[edit]

Companion equipment is distinct from player gear with no overlap between them. Companion gear unlocks with a set of untraited white equipment based on their background.

  • Bastian begins wearing Medium Armor and a Destruction Staff.
  • Mirri starts off with Light Armor and a Bow.
  • Ember starts off with Medium Armor and a Destruction Staff.
  • Isobel starts off with Heavy Armor, a Sword and a Shield.
  • Azandar starts off with Light Armor and a Restoration Staff.
  • Sharp starts off with Medium Armor and two One Handed weapons.

Companion equipment does not include level, cannot be enchanted, does not require repairs and does not include an inherent style appearance, but instead inherits the style of the Companion it's applied to.

White Companion equipment can be purchased from Weaponsmith, Woodworker, Armorer, Leatherworker, and Tailor merchants throughout the world, allowing you to customize your Companion role accordingly.

Fine (green), superior (blue) and epic (purple) quality Companion equipment with traits are obtained from monster drops throughout the world, particularly from bosses. This equipment can be traded so it can be bought and sold on the market.

Equipment above white quality also comes with Companion-centric traits:

Companion equipment slots are account-wide. If you equip a companion on one character, that companion will be equipped when another character summons them.

Quests and Rewards[edit]

In addition to the quest objectives which introduces and unlocks the respective Companions, each Companion has a few associated personal side quests (two each for Bastian and Mirri, three each for Ember, Isobel, Azandar and Sharp) which will become available to you once a sufficient rapport has been established.

Completing the final Companion quest will unlock a houseguest collectible of the Companion, allowing them to be placed and utilized similarly to other houseguest collectibles.

Completing any Companion side quest will result in a large rapport boost.

Perks and Keepsakes[edit]

Each Companion has a unique associated non-combat perk which benefits you while active.

  • Mirri's Expertise: Treasure Chests found through Treasure Maps and in the Overland have a 30% chance to provide additional loot from hidden compartments. The treasure from these hidden compartments may contain additional gold, sellables or recipes.
  • Bastian's Insight: Potions looted from chests and monsters have a 30% chance to be improved by Bastian's Insight.
  • Ember's Intuition: When pickpocketing, bestows a chance to acquire hidden wallets your mark hoped to keep secure. Hidden wallets may contain additional gold.
  • Isobel's Grace: Bestows a chance, after defeating a world boss, to recover the pack of a slain knight. Packs may contain additional loot.
  • Azandar's Inquisitiveness: When searching containers, bestows a chance to discover research portfolios. Portfolios can contain crafting recipes, treasure maps, research notes, survey reports, and other documents of value.
  • Sharp's Patience: Fish bite at an increased rate and have a higher chance of being trophy fish.

By completing meta-achievements associated with each Companion (including completing their personal quests, summoning them at max level, and hitting max rapport,) you can unlock a keepsake collectible for each Companion which provides the benefits of the non-combat perk even while the Companion isn't active. These collectibles are located under the Upgrades section of the Collections menu.

Responsiveness and Miscellaneous Items[edit]

Companions can respond to a wide array of situations that occur while adventuring with you, both in and out of combat. While they will always respond to some critical triggers, you can adjust the frequency your Companion will vocally respond by opening the settings menu, selecting gameplay, and adjusting the "Companion Reactions" setting to Minimal, Infrequent, Normal, and Frequent.

Beyond ability and equipment selection, Companions can also be directed in battle in a couple additional ways. While Companions will always attempt to engage in combat to support you, utilizing pet commands allows you to direct the Companion to engage with specific targets or to pull back, respectively.

By default, hold Y and left or right clicking on mouse and keyboard, or press L3+R3 along with the left or right bumper on gamepad. Additionally, Companions will utilize their Ultimate when available and conditions are met by default. However, you can choose to have them wait until directed to utilize it.

The Companion Ultimate Auto Cast setting in gameplay section of the settings menu allows you to set the Companion to wait until they are directed to use their Ultimate by clicking on the new Ultimate icon which is present next to your hotkey bar when a Companion is active on keyboard, or pressing L3+R3 with no bumper input on gamepad.

Companions will also attempt to block incoming heavy attacks, interrupt some abilities and break free from crowd control effects. However, their timing is not always perfect, and they do have a cooldown between uses of these actions.

If a Companion dies in battle, they can be revived using a soul gem, similar to reviving other players. Any Companion who is still defeated at the end of combat will recover within a few seconds of battle concluding.