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A Thieves Trove

Thieves Troves are small wooden containers marked with the Thieves Guild symbol that can be found across Tamriel. They have a distinctive purple-blue glow and often contain valuable items. The troves cannot be opened unless you have the ability to learn the Finders Keepers passive in the Thieves GuildCrown Store skill tree, which requires ownership of the Thieves Guild DLC (see notes).


A Thieves Trove

Thieves Troves often contain a leveled amount of gold, some lockpicks and a rare item. All the items are marked as stolen, and will have to be laundered at a fence before they can be traded. Troves are also marked as owned, and thus players should ensure they are completely hidden before stealing from one.

The rare items found in troves include:

As of Update 12, you have better chances of getting more useful items from Thieves Troves as your rank in the Thieves Guild increases.


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Thieves Troves may be found in the following locations:


Alik'r Desert[edit]

Bal Foyen[edit]


  • Bloodthorn Cave - Right next to the firepit on the coast
  • On the rock by Eyearata
  • On the coast west-northwest of Grimfield wayshrine
  • Atop a mausoleum in northern Grimfield cemetery, south of the Grimfield wayshrine









Khenarthi's Roost[edit]

Malabal Tor[edit]

Reaper's March[edit]

  • While leaving the South entrance/exit of Rawl'kha, it is under the small bridge.





Stros M'Kai[edit]

  • Helane's ship (near the lockbox with keys for quest)
  • Under a ramp that is east of Saintsport and south of the dock leading to Helane's ship.
  • On the ground in the northeastern part of Saintsport, as the corner of the pier and first northern dock.
  • Under a small wooden dock in eastern Port Hunding, in between the wall where the Stendarr's Voice preaches and the Screaming Mermaid.
  • Under the docks in Port Hunding just south of Doom and Draughts.
  • On the middle island in the bay just south of Port Hunding. Between a stone arch, a large rock, and a palm tree.

The Rift[edit]

DLC Zones[edit]

Gold Coast[edit]

Hew's Bane[edit]

Abah's Landing:


  • In a wooden cart along a row of grape vines northwest of alinor
  • On the pier behind a box, that's beside a gazebo on the long light house pier northwest of alinor, not the pier with ships
  • Under a broken arch (will kick off mount) north of B'korgen
  • Between Keelsplitter's nest and Rellenthil Abyssal Gyser on a small island further out in the water
  • Right to the door of Dusk Keep, southeast of Summerset map
  • Just north of Alaxon'ald (and south of the road) next to a barrel (map)
  • On the south end of the island with Sil-Var-Woad abyssal geyser, behind an Aldmeri Dominion tent where Ingarlas tends a garden.(map)
  • In a broken cart north of Sil-Var-Woad wayshrine, there's a tent with a cooking fire nearby (map)
  • Beside a small boat just west of the bridge between Shimmerene and Shimmerene Dockworks (map)
  • At the Eldbur Ruins next to the first column at the top of the north side steps
  • Next to a tree and a cooking fire, below a cliff, between The Crystal Tower wayshrine and Corgrad Wastes (map)
  • South of Rellenthil in the hills alongside a path, next to an arched candle holder opposite a short, curved stone wall (map)



  • North along the road from the North Gate of Orsinium, behind the stone fence on the right side of the road just after the road to Shatul Range branches off.
  • In Frostbreak Fortress, on the southern side, next to campfire. (Due west of "East Tower" objective)
  • Sorrow - just south of southernmost "bend" in pathway.
  • At Torug's Arch.

Clockwork City[edit]


  • The Finders Keepers skill's role is to allow you to continue to open Thieves Troves if your ESO Plus membership ends and you lose access to the DLC. Having ESO Plus active or owning the DLC outright is all you need otherwise as the skill is given to you upon opening your first trove (or starting the DLC's questline).
  • Troves spawn in fixed locations in the world. If one is missing it may have been recently looted and will respawn over time.
  • Troves can also be found in Coldharbour, even though the justice system is not enabled there.