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Valley of Scars
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Discoverable No
Armorer Utik, Oruzkad, Runescriber Kulth
Iron Orc Berserker, Iron Orc Ranger, Iron Orc Ravager, Iron Orc Shaman, Troll, Welwa
Upper CraglornCraglorn
Eastern Upper Craglorn
Valley of Scars

The Valley of Scars is a sprawling camp on the eastern side of Upper Craglorn. It is the headquarters of the Iron Orcs. Here, they are creating an army of nirncrux-infused trolls.

The entrance to the Exarch's Stronghold is located on the northern edge of the camp, while the Valley of Scars Wayshrine can be found to the southeast.

Scaled Court Defectors can be seen following other players who are working for Regent Cassipia.

Related Quests[edit]


Valley of Scars Wayshrine

Valley of Scars Wayshrine is located southeast of the valley. Giant scorpions scuttle near the ruined tower just north of the wayshrine. Ilthag's Undertower is located southeast of the wayshrine.


Valley of Scars
Lashburr Tooth-Breaker Quest Giver
Valley of Scars Wayshrine
Risay al-Belkarth
Scattered-Leaves Quest Giver


  • This area used to be a great deal more difficult when the Valley was considered a group area and its associated Delve of Exarch's Stronghold was a Group Delve. However, both were reduced in difficulty to be solo-content areas when the Craglorn Zone Story quest line was reduced to be soloable. Thus the monsters in the area have been considerably reduced in number and difficulty, and all the bosses in both Valley of Scars and Exarch's Stronghold were reduced from difficulty 2 or 3 to 1.
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