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Avenge the Iron Orcs by striking back at the Scaled Court's minion.
Zone: Craglorn
Quest Giver: Lashburr Tooth-Breaker
Location(s): Exarch's Stronghold, Valley of Scars
Reward: Yokudan Coffer of Merit
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 5766
Required Level: 50
RepeatableRepeatable: Daily
Agganor's head on a spike
I met an Iron Orc shaman who had been banished by a younger rival. What's more, this rival, named Agganor, seems to be responsible for the Iron Orc and Scaled Court alliance. The old shaman wants me to avenge him.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Lashburr Tooth-Breaker.
  2. Burn the Scaled Court standards.
  3. Kill Agganor inside Exarch's Stronghold.
  4. Mount Agganor's helmet on the pike.
  5. Return to Lashburr Tooth-Breaker.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Near the Valley of Scars Wayshrine, you come across a wounded Iron Orc sitting next to a campfire.

"Outsiders! Sniffing around our valley like hungry little goats. But this is Osh Ornim land, little goat. Iron Orc land! Away, little goat, or Lashburr will use its bones to pick our—argh! Flint and blood, don't make me yell. It hurts too much."
What happened to you?

Lashburr Tooth-Breaker says the Scaled Court is invading the Valley of Scars and that a younger shaman has banished Lashburr, taking his place instead. Lashburr thinks you understand his problem and asks you to avenge him: you need to burn the Scaled Court's standards, kill the liar, Agganor, and mount his helmet on a pike.

There are three standards to burn, located in the valley to the north from Lashburr's campfire. The enemies in this area include welwas and trolls, plus the Iron Orcs, but it is possible to sneak past most of the groups if you want to.

After you've burnt the banners, you need to enter Exarch's Stronghold to kill Agganor. He can be found at the lowest level of the stronghold, close to where the Skyshard is near the river. During the fight he will periodically become immune to all damage while summoning waves of Scaled Court members to assist him. Defeat Agganor, then head north across the wooden bridge. Exit the stronghold, and go towards the southern part of the valley where the helmet should be mounted. Mount the helmet on the spike, then return to Lashburr to inform him that the deed is done.

The standards have been burned and Agganor's helmet is on display.
"The little goat honors the stones with Agganor's blood! I will see the Scaled Court destroyed as well, this Lashburr swears. Little goat, it has my thanks. Steel for its enemies, blood for its tribe."


  • This quest was originally designed for a group of four players, but the difficulty was lowered with the Craglorn overhaul in One Tamriel update.
  • Agganor's helmet is automatically added to your quest items upon slaying him, rather than having to manually loot it from his corpse.

Quest Stages[edit]

Iron and Scales
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Shaman Lashburr wants me to find the standards of the Scaled Court throughout the valley and burn them to ash.
Objective: Burn the Northern Standard
Objective: Burn the Southern Standard
Objective: Burn the Western Standard
Now that I've burned the Scaled Court standards, Lashburr wants me to find the vile shaman Agganor, kill him and take his helmet.
Objective: Slay Agganor and Take His Helmet
I must now mount Agganor's helmet on a pike so that the old shaman can know vengeance.
Objective: Mount Agganor's Helmet on a Pike
Finishes quest☑ I burned the Scaled Court standards and mounted Agganor's helmet on a pike. I should return to Lashburr and let him know that I avenged him.
Objective: Return to Lashburr Tooth-Breaker
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