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The banner of the Scaled Court

The Scaled Court are a cult aligned with the Celestial Serpent. They emerged across Craglorn after the constellations ominously vanished from the night sky.

They are the ones responsible for the rise in hostility of the local Iron Orcs, after the Court has made various offers of power and riches in exchange for them helping in the Serpent's fight against the Celestial Mage, Thief and Warrior.


Named Members
The Serpent (Patron Deity)
Regent Cassipia (Regent of Serpentine Strategems) (Leader)
Exarch Braadoth (Ophidian Exarch of Undulating Destruction)
Regent Boward (Regent of Wriggling Nightmares)
Exarch Arnoth
Izrunath the Corruptor
Little Leaf
Madleena Blackvein
Mederic Vyger (Formerly)
Mikhail the Lost
Nathrasa Shimmerscale
Navren Daral
Regent Soteras
Scaevola Calvisius
Valana the Dreamweaver
Mendan Flot (Regent of Roiling Concotions)
Regent Elska (Regent of Fanged Fury)
Generic Members
Scaled Court Archer
Scaled Court Battlemage
Scaled Court Bruiser
Scaled Court Coldblood
Scaled Court Conjurer
Scaled Court Defector
Scaled Court Healer
Scaled Court Illusionist
Scaled Court Ironskin
Scaled Court Mender
Scaled Court Nightblade
Scaled Court Overcharger
Scaled Court Perforator
Scaled Court Quickblade
Scaled Court Ravager
Scaled Court Sentinel
Scaled Court Shaman
Scaled Court Skirmisher
Scaled Court Spellbinder
Scaled Court Venomblade
Scaled Court Viperfang
scaled Court Zombie
Serpent Fang
Serpent War-Priest


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