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The Serpent
(lore page)
Location Sanctum Ophidia
Race Nede Gender Male
Health Normal22,721,708Veteran47,434,832
Veteran53,364,196 (Hard Mode)
Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Scaled Court
Condition Celestial
The Serpent

The Serpent is a constellation that has fallen to Tamriel as a Celestial and now seeks to corrupt the other constellations and remake Nirn. He has taken over the minds of two of the Guardian Celestials, The Mage and The Warrior, with only The Thief escaping his grasp. He commands the Scaled Court, a group of fanatics operating in Craglorn that worship him.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

You will fight the Serpent at the end of Sanctum Ophidia.

Sword Strike
Basic melee attack dealing moderate physical damage.
The Serpent swings his sword in a forward arc, indicated by a cone AoE, dealing high physical damage.
Overhead Strike
The Serpent winds up his sword then strikes it from the top on a player, dealing very high physical damage. This attack must be blocked.
The Serpent charges up a ball of green energy in his hand. Once fully formed, he throws it either on the left or right side of the arena at random, forming a lethal AoE.
Poison Bubble
The Serpent plants his sword in the ground and summons a large bubble of green energy that applies constant very high poison damage. You must heal through the damage applied.
Summon Cursed Totem
Summons a Cursed Totem.
Summon Empower Totem
Summons a Empower Totem.
Summon Wrest Totem
Summons a Wrest Totem.
Summon Allies
The Serpent will summon Lamia Howlers and Mantikoras during the fight.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Corrupted Stone[edit]

The Serpent
(lore page)
Location Ruins of Kardala, Throne of the Warlord
Species Giant Snake
Health 52,800
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Scaled Court
Condition Celestial
The Serpent's avatar in the Ruins of Kardala

Once the Apex Stone is cleansed, a projection of the Serpent appears and addresses you:

The Serpent: "You have purged my venom from the Apex Stone. Clever. Too clever for a mortal. She helped you, didn't she? I can smell her fear upon you. No matter. I will find her and consume her in time, just as I have her fellow guardians.
The Serpent: "Do not think you have succeeded here. The damage remains. The Warrior has fallen from the sky and is trapped in mortal form. He is mine."

The Shattered and the Lost[edit]

When Valla shows you a vision of the Mage and the Serpent:

The Mage: "You won't win, Malazar. I am too strong for you!"
The Serpent: "You underestimate me, Valla. I have more tricks at my disposal than you could ever imagine. I have drawn you out of your Apex Stone and made you vulnerable. I know the power you wield. I am not fool enough to try to swallow you whole. But a piece at a time …."
The Mage: "I will not let you do this. I will stop you!"
The Serpent: "Protest as you will, but I have already won."

The Oldest Ghost[edit]

When walking through Sanctum Ophidia, the Serpent will address you and your group by saying the following in this approximate order:

General taunting and threats:

The Serpent: "Under my guidance, the jungles will reclaim your shining cities."
The Serpent: "I will drive Men and Mer from Nirn."

He will first address you when you enter the Sanctum:

The Serpent: "Mortals. More of you."
The Serpent: "Your townships embalm the world like a foul crust."
The Serpent: "When the land was young, it fed on you. Those primordial days will return. And I will end your civilization."
The Serpent: "You stifle growth, natural progress. I will see Nirn freed."
The Serpent: "Nirn will begin anew when I escape this prison, escape Craglorn."

On veteran, when you burn the Nirncrux Braziers:

The Serpent: "No! How dare you undo the work of my brood? Kill them!"

After you slay the Possessed Mantikora:

The Serpent: "You won't stop what's coming! No one will!"
The Serpent: "You escaped with your lives against the Mantikora. Why persist?"

As you approach the bridge:

The Serpent: "Your end is imminent. The Stonebreaker will show you."

Once the troll is dead:

The Serpent: "I see troll blood has thinned in the modern era. You will die for this! I promise you!"
The Serpent taunts you, fearing how far you've come

Entering the hallway before Ozara:

The Serpent: "I will not be contained! Do you understand me? Not by the Celestial Guardians. Not by you."

As you reach Ozara:

The Serpent:: "Burn them, Ozara! Burn them to ash!"

When you reach his Inner Sanctum:

The Serpent: "I tire of this. You will never leave the inner sanctum alive!"
The Serpent: "You have come far—only to die on my sword."

Note that the Celestials' dialogue at the end of the Trial differs slightly depending on which other Craglorn Trials (Hel Ra Citadel and Aetherian Archive) the character has already completed. The Warrior does not appear unless Hel Ra Citadel has been completed, and The Mage does not appear without first completing Aetherian Archive.

Only Sanctum Ophidia complete:

The Serpent: "No! The mortals must perish!"
The Thief: "Serpent! I've ensured you will never return to this plane. When the Mage and the Warrior are freed from your influence, you will answer for their entrapment."

Completed Aetherian Archive but NOT Hel Ra Citadel:

The Serpent: "No! The mortals must perish!"
The Mage: "The Serpent could not break this new seal with the blood of a thousand mortals. He will never return to this plane."
The Thief: "The Warrior remains in his thrall. Even alone, that one will cause untold peril if left unchecked."

Completed Hel Ra Citadel but NOT Aetherian Archive:

The Serpent: "No! The mortals must perish!"
The Warrior: "It is done."
The Thief: "Even the two of us could not break this new seal on the Stone. The Serpent will never enter this plane, again. Let us depart—the Mage remains in the Serpent's thrall."

Completed both Hel Ra Citadel and Aetherian Archive:

The Serpent: "No! The mortals must perish!"
The Warrior: "It is done."
The Mage: "The Serpent could not break this new seal with the blood of a thousand mortals. He will never return to this plane."
The Thief: "But his attention will wander elsewhere. We should depart."

Combat Dialogue[edit]

The Serpent fights you at his last stand

Poison Phase begins:

  • "Suffer!"
  • "You will die with your people!"
  • "May your blood burn!"
  • "Rot!"
  • "None shall be spared."
  • "By choking air and purging fire—your kind will end."

Pink Bubble Phase begins:

  • "That Stone has held me for too long. I will never go back!"
  • "I will not be contained!"

Should you die, he will say one of the following:

  • "Your death was pointless. You should have run. The mortals of Nirn will follow you, shortly."
  • "Your friends are receiving a taste of Nirn's future."
  • "No one will hear from you again."
  • "To challenge me is to die. To flee is to become prey."
  • "I will hunt mortals until none are left."
  • "My trolls will strip your bones of flesh, but my shamans will take so much more from you."
  • "The rest of Nirn will die screaming. Just like you."
  • "All will perish when I awaken the primeval fire under this land."
  • "Nirn of old was nearly uninhabitable by the likes of you. I will see that it returns to that state."
  • "I forced the Thief into hiding. I riled the Warrior to frenzy. I shattered the Mage into so many pieces she cannot remember which one is real. What chance have you against me?"
  • "I am the stars and the sky, and everything that lies beyond. There was no hope for you."
  • "In my wake, the seas will boil, and the roots of the earth will rise to tear civilization apart."
  • "The shining cities of Man and Mer will become their graves—when I tear them to the ground."
  • "As you die, so will the countries of Man and Mer."
  • "No one will hear from you again."
  • "Let go. Give in to the darkness. Stand, and I will simply strike you down."


  • During their confrontation, The Mage refers to The Serpent as "Malazar". Given that the Celestials may have once been mortals that ascended to becoming manifestations of the constellations, Malazar may have been the Serpent's original mortal name.


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