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The Sanctum caverns are works of art, carved masterpieces sealed long ago. Unfortunately for Craglorn, the Ophidians were always the most … fervent of the Celestial sects.
Sanctum Ophidia
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Discovery Leveled XP
Completion Objective
Leveled XP
Upper CraglornCraglorn
Northern Craglorn
The entrance to Sanctum Ophidia

Sanctum Ophidia is an ancient Nedic temple in northern Craglorn.

Inside Sanctum Ophidia
The last room in Sanctum Ophidia where you will face The Serpent

It is the stronghold of the Serpent and his Scaled Court. It has both a Normal and a Veteran mode, as well as a "Hard Mode" which can be triggered only in Veteran mode by desecrating the sacred banners of the Scaled Court. Hard Mode only affects the Celestial Serpent, making this boss fight far more challenging.

Related Quests[edit]


The following sets can be found in Sanctum Ophidia:

Set Name Set Type
Eternal Warrior Heavy Armor
Immortal Warrior Heavy Armor
Infallible Mage Light Armor
Twice-Fanged Serpent Medium Armor
Vicious Serpent Medium Armor
Wise Mage Light Armor



Normal Enemies[edit]

  • Various Scaled Court members

Elite Enemies[edit]




There are 5 achievements associated with this location:

Achievement Points Description Reward
ON-icon-achievement-Rank.pngON-icon-ActiveFrame.png Sanctum Ophidia Completed 50 Defeat the Celestial Serpent. ON-border-ArmorDye.png Ophidian Jade
ON-icon-achievement-Sanctum Ophidia Conqueror.pngON-icon-ActiveFrame.png Sanctum Ophidia Conqueror 50 Defeat the Celestial Serpent in Veteran Sanctum Ophidia, while the Trial is scaled to Champion 160. Title: Ophidian Overlord
ON-icon-achievement-Group Dungeon.pngON-icon-ActiveFrame.png Time Trial: Sanctum Ophidia 50 Completed the Sanctum Ophidia within a time limit of 33 minutes. ON-border-ArmorDye.png Scaled Court Brown
ON-icon-achievement-Rank.pngON-icon-ActiveFrame.png Sanctum Ophidia Difficult Mode 50 Defeat the Celestial Serpent after desecrating the sacred banners of the Scaled Court.
ON-icon-achievement-Veteran Dungeon.pngON-icon-ActiveFrame.png Sanctum Ophidia: Feeding Pit 5 Use the feed pile in Sanctum Ophidia and survive the ensuing battle.


A map of the first area of Sanctum Ophidia
A map of the second area of Sanctum Ophidia
A map of the sub-area of Sanctum Ophidia


  • This trial scales to the Champion Points of the leader, to a maximum of Champion Points160.
  • This trial cannot be accessed unless the player is at least level 50 as the entrance is in Craglorn.
  • Sanctum Ophidia originally scaled to Veteran14 and had no Normal mode.