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ON-qico-Group Area.png Seal an ancient laboratory filled with angry Celestials.
Zone: Craglorn
Objective: Skyreach Pinnacle — Warden of the Pinnacle
Quest Giver: Mederic Vyger
Location(s): Skyreach Pinnacle
Reward: Yokudan Coffer of Merit
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 5772
Required Level: 50
RepeatableRepeatable: Daily
Group Group Size: 4 (Recommended)
Help Mederic Vyger to reestablish the wards
Outside the ancient ruins of Skyreach Pinnacle, I met a member of the Scaled Court. He told me that the court accidentally released creatures from magical wards the Nedes set up long ago. He plans to reestablish the wards, but he needs help.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Mederic Vyger outside Skyreach Pinnacle.
  2. Fight your way to the central ritual chamber.
  3. Survive the four waves of Celestial enemies.
  4. Kill Aetherion by destroying his core.
  5. Exit the ruins for your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Outside Skyreach Pinnacle you will meet a worried former Scaled Court scholar Mederic Vyger. He explains that the Skyreach Pinnacle functioned as a prison for dangerous creatures who were sealed away by the ancient Nedes who used celestial wards to contain them. Scaled Court has removed the wards, letting the mobs roam free around the Pinnacle. Mederic asks you to help him restore the wards.

After you enter the Pinnacle, the way ahead is rather straightforward. You will meet several celestial forms of otherwise known creatures—ogrim, scamps, winged twilights and clannfears. After you clear the way to the central room, Mederic will come running down and head into the central room, declaring he is ready to restore the wards.

Restoring the Wards[edit]

New Task: Ancient Prisoners — Defeat the awakened prisoners of Skyreach Pinnacle

The next step is restoring the four wards located in the ritual room's corners. Use the Celestial Ward in the middle of the room to start the restoration process. Notice that there is a break between restoring each ward—it is you who starts each new phase by using the Celestial Ward again.

  • The First Ward—During this phase, waves of celestial scamps and crocodiles will spawn, eventually followed by Dresuu Var, a celestial daedroth. Dresuu will have several scamps assisting him throughout the fight, but if you have high dps and/or good survivability skills you can just ignore the adds and focus on taking him down.
  • The Third Ward—Here you will need to kill clannfears, winged twilight and occasional ogrim. The last boss of this wave is a watcher called Lazonthagish who is assisted by clannfears.
  • The Fourth Ward—The last wave consists of spiders, bats and some big scorpions. The following boss is Bol Veppik, a spider daedra, assisted by smaller spiders during the fight. Among other things, she uses an ability to pull you to herself—be ready to break free (or use it as an opportunity and charge up your Proximity Detonation for some mass annihilation).
Task Completed — You defeated the awakened prisoners of Skyreach Pinnacle

Aetherion and the Aetherion Core[edit]

New Task: Aetherion — Defeat the awakened prisoners of Skyreach Pinnacle

The last boss is Aetherion, a giant Daedric titan who engages you almost directly after the last ward is restored.

Notice that although he is the last boss of this encounter, he does not have more health than the mini bosses nor does he continually summon any adds. However, he will respawn shortly after defeated. The key to defeating him is to destroy the Aetherion Core, a glowing orb in the center of the room. The Core will spawn and become targetable only for a short moment after you have killed Aetherion and until he rematerializes.

Aetherion himself uses three attacks that might be important to know:

  • Ethereal Breath, a ranged attack which you cannot avoid but which is quite easy to heal through.
  • Fire Blast, a clearly visible wave of fire on the ground, which you can move out of or roll dodge.
  • Gusting Wind, a stun which also does damage. Together with the Fire Blast, the stun can be rather dangerous.

It is in your best interest to take down the Core as quickly as possible or you might become overwhelmed and wipe. Every time Aetherion comes back, there will be additions to the fight that make it harder to continue. The first two respawns will add two slowly moving orbs on the ground—these damage any players who go near them. After the third respawn additional mobs will spawn, who will spawn fire runes on the ground and make your movement in the area much more limited, because the moving orbs will also be there. Thus, it might be good to try and defeat the Core before the third respawn of Aetherion.

Task Completed — You restored the ward and imprisoned Aetherion

When you have defeated Aetherion, speak to Mederic outside the Pinnacle.


  • Mederic still appears inside and starts the wards event if you clear the first two groups of enemies inside without having spoken with him and started the quest.
  • Although the quest states you need to defend Mederic, the mobs do not seem to target him at all.
  • Enemies slain during the defense section don't give experience or loot.
  • Despite a barrier of magic appearing at the entrance of the summoning room during the defense event, it doesn't physically prevent you from leaving the room as it might seem.
  • The loot that appears after defeating Aetherion can contain gear from sets outside of Craglorn.


  • Despite having Celestial in their names, the enemies in the first two groups of the location lack the purple celestial appearance that the Celestial enemies in the defense section have. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I agreed to help the former Scaled Court scholar, Mederic Vyger. I need to enter Skyreach Pinnacle and clear a safe path before Mederic can come inside and cast the spell to reestablish the prison wards.
Objective: Enter Skyreach Pinnacle
Now that I'm inside Skyreach Pinnacle, I need to clear a safe path for Mederic Vyger.
Objective: Clear the Way for Mederic Vyger
Mederic Vyger has begun to cast his spell to reseal the imprisoning wards. I need to protect him from the creatures emerging from the summoning circles until the wards are restored.
Objective: Defend Mederic Vyger
We accomplished what Mederic set out to do and restored the wards that seal the summoning circles. Now I should find Mederic outside and discuss what transpired in here.
Objective: Exit Skyreach Pinnacle
Finishes quest☑ I emerged from the ruins of Skyreach Pinnacle. I should speak to Mederic Vyger and make sure the prison wards have truly been restored.
Objective: Talk to Mederic Vyger
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