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Find Scattered-Leaves' missing guards in the Valley of Scars.
Zone: Craglorn
Quest Giver: Scattered-Leaves
Location(s): Valley of Scars
Reward: Yokudan Coffer of Humility
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 5174
Required Level: 50
RepeatableRepeatable: Daily
Avenge the dead caravan guards
Iron Orcs, who usually don't take prisoners, have started abducting travelers near the Valley of Scars. I encountered a caravan master who survived an attack, though a number of his guards were dragged off by the Orcs.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak with Scattered-Leaves near the Valley of Scars Wayshrine.
  2. Enter the Iron Orc camp and speak with the surviving guard.
  3. Kill Gulzog the Butcher.
  4. Search the pile of bones for the guards' badges.
  5. Report to Scattered-Leaves for your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Near the Valley of Scars Wayshrine and Ilthag's Undertower, you find Scattered-Leaves.

"You should keep moving. These ruins are crawling with Iron Orcs. They beat the sap out of us and dragged off half my guards. Iron Orcs have always been dangerous, but now…I just don't know."
What happened here?
"We were transporting goods when the Iron Orcs attacked. Came out of nowhere. Even dragged away a number of our guards—and they never do that! We've been talking about trying to rescue them, but we're in no condition to fight."
I'll find your guards. Where did the Iron Orcs take them?
"Into the Valley of Scars, but they may as well have gone to Secunda. The valley's a fortress. Still, you look tougher than a five-legged wamasu. Save my guards if you can. If you can't, bring back something we can give to their families."

The surviving guard is in the Valley to the northwest of the wayshrine and Scattered-Leaves. You see Hjargredda standing over two dead guards.

Defeat Gulzog the Butcher. He is surrounded by at least two trolls. Search the tall pile of bones. Inside it, you find the guards' badges. Take them back to Scattered-Leaves.

"Hjargredda just returned, but she was too shaken up to say very much. What did you find?"
I found your captured guards. The Orcs fed them to trolls.
"Fed them to … but why would …. Those scaleless savages! I swear on the Hist, we'll sun ourselves with vengeance before we depart!
Thank you for trying to save them. And for bringing us their badges. Their families will appreciate the gesture."


  • This quest and related hostile NPCs in the area used to be much more difficult before several areas in Craglorn were rebalanced to be soloable as opposed to being a Group Area.
  • The prisoners, Gulzog the Butcher and Ripgut won't exist in the stronghold before starting the quest.

Quest Stages[edit]

Taken Alive
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
The caravan master, Scattered-Leaves, believes his abducted guards were taken into the Valley of Scars. I should search for them there.
Objective: Find the Caravan Guards
The leader of this band of Iron Orcs, a cruel taskmaster called Gulzog the Butcher, fed the captured caravan guards to his trolls. I need to make him pay for this outrage.
Objective: Defeat Gulzog the Butcher
I need to gather some personal effects from the remains of the guards so that Scattered-Leaves can give them to their families to remember them by.
Objective: Search Remains for Personal Effects
Finishes quest☑ I defeated Gulzog the Butcher and gathered the personal belongings of some of the captured guards. I should return to Scattered-Leaves and let him know what happened to the guards.
Objective: Return to Scattered-Leaves
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