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Location Near Valley of Scars Wayshrine
Race Argonian Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly

Scattered-Leaves is an Argonian trader found near the Valley of Scars Wayshrine in Upper Craglorn. He was part of a group transporting goods when the Iron Orcs attacked and captured half of his guards.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

As you approach, you'll hear him issue a warning, "Careful! I erect the spine of warning. Stay back! It's dangerous out here."

Speak with him to begin the quest.

"You should keep moving. These ruins are crawling with Iron Orcs. They beat the sap out of us and dragged off half my guards.
Iron Orcs have always been dangerous, but now … I just don't know."
What happened here?
"We were transporting goods when the Iron Orcs attacked. Came out of nowhere. Even dragged away a number of our guards—and they never do that!
We've been talking about trying to rescue them, but we're in no condition to fight.
I'll find your guards. Where did the Iron Orcs take them?
"Into the Valley of Scars, but they may as well gone to Secunda. The valley's a fortress. Still, you look tougher than a five-legged wamasu.
Save my guards if you can. If you can't, bring back something we can give to their families.

After agreeing to help him, you can ask him some questions about himself.

"We'll calm the water here for a while longer and mend what wounds we can. Return after you've found my missing guards and I'll pay you for your trouble.
What were you doing out here?
"Earning a living. There's gold to be made out here—as long as you have the courage and commitment to deal with all this Celestial nonsense.
I was leading a caravan through the region when the Iron Orcs attacked. Took us completely by surprise.
Seems like a tough way to make a living.
"Harder than some, but you need to follow opportunities as they present themselves. That's how those Dragonstar Caravan thugs do it.
Usually, we finish our runs with a few cuts and bruises between us … but not this time."

Once you return after rescuing Hjargredda:

"Hjargredda just returned, but she was too shaken up to say very much. What did you find?"
I found your captured guards. The Orcs fed them to trolls.
"Fed them to … but why would …. Those scaleless savages! I swear on the Hist, we'll sun ourselves with vengeance before we depart!
Thank you for trying to save them. And for bringing us their badges. Their families will appreciate the gesture."

After the quest:

"We won't forget our lost companions or what you did to help us.
If you ever find yourself in deep mud, know that Scattered-Leaves owes you a debt, my friend."