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"Travel across Tamriel to recover lost artifacts with the new Antiquities System. Scry the location of ancient relics and excavate them to uncover Tamriel's hidden history and become a world-renown Archaeologist! "

Antiquities is a system released with the Greymoor chapter that is associated with the Antiquarian Circle. The system allows players to engage in the activity of treasure hunting and uncovering lost artifacts, housing items, emotes, personalities and new Mythic items.

The Antiquities System has two non-combat skill lines associated with it — Scrying and Excavation.

Scrying for antiquities and excavating them requires the player to have access to Greymoor (which includes the Western Skyrim and Blackreach: Greymoor Caverns zones); access may be obtained either by purchasing the DLC in the crown store (per server) or by means of an ESO Plus subscription (which gives access on any server). If the skill-lines have been levelled and their passives invested with skill-points during an active ESO Plus subscription, only the Keen Eye: Treasure Chests passive in the excavation skill-line (which makes all treasure chests glow when approached) will function if the subscription lapses—the ability to scry and excavate will be lost.

How to Begin[edit]

To begin treasure hunting, you first need to join the Antiquarian Circle. To do this, travel to Solitude and speak to Verita Numida, which begins the introductory quest. Alternatively, you can read a poster named Calling All Antiquarians!, which also begins the quest. Completing this quest rewards you with the Antiquarian's Eye, which is required for Scrying.


Scrying Minigame Interface

Scrying is the process of locating the dig sites where Antiquities are buried. Scrying can only be performed when you have found a Lead - special items that can be found almost anywhere loot can be obtained in-game.

Leads have varying levels of difficulty, but all players will begin with access to a free easy-difficulty Lead for every zone, which has unlimited uses. To begin scrying, open your Journal and go to the Antiquities tab. Select "Scryable" to see which antiquities you have the Leads for and the relevant skills to scry for the zone you're in. This menu is split up into 4 categories.

  • In progress - Antiquities that you have already scryed, but not yet excavated (limit of 5).
  • Available - Antiquities that you have the Lead for, but not yet scryed.
  • Requires Lead - Antiquities that you've found once before, but require another Lead to scry it again.
  • Unknown - Antiquities that are unknown to you until you find the Lead.

Selecting an available Lead opens up a puzzle mini-game that players must solve in order to reveal where the treasure is located within the appropriate zone.

There are six possible dig sites that can be highlighted within the zone. Depending on how many "foci" you are able to light up within the game, you can narrow down the potential locations to just one. The goal is to highlight as many "foci" as possible, therefore making it quicker to find the correct dig site to excavate the treasure. The scrying mini-game may be canceled and repeated as many times as you wish in order to get the best possible result with no penalty.

Certain skills, such as Coalescence and Dilation can significantly speed up the process of scrying, allowing green and blue Leads to complete in 3 or 4 turns.

You may also view all Leads you have found in specific regions (e.g. Aldmeri Dominion, DLC areas, etc.) within the Codex section of the Antiquities menu.


Excavation Minigame Interface

Once the Scrying puzzle is solved, players can travel to the marked location and perform an Excavation (which can still be done even if the Greymoor chapter is no longer accessible due to an expired ESO Plus account). These areas appear on the map outlined in cyan. Once at the location, you will need to find the place where the antiquity is thought to be buried. You can use the Antiquarian Eye found in the Tools section of your Collections (which may also be quick-slotted for ease of access) to create a comet-shaped orb of light which will show the direction of the excavation site by following where the thinner tail end of the light is pointing.

The excavation site will appear as a mound of dirt with golden motes of light coming from it. The Excavation passive skill Keen Eye: Dig Sites makes the mounds visible from some distance away, adding cyan wisps of light and a low droning noise as you approach.

Once you have found the dig site you can start excavating, which begins another mini-game where you must excavate the treasure from a 10 x 10 square of dirt. You will have a selection of tools to help you find the antiquity and a limited number of turns for a digging attempt.

See the Excavation main page for further details.

Possible Loot[edit]

Every zone you start with access to a free, green-difficulty Lead, which leads you to a piece of low-value treasure (00000250250 Gold). The green Lead has unlimited uses, but only three codex entries exist for it. Completing this Lead will also grant you a free blue-difficulty Lead, which leads you to a piece of medium-value treasure (000010001,000 Gold). As before, this lead can be obtained an unlimited number of times by completing the green Lead first, and has 3 codex entries associated with it.

Completing the blue-difficulty Lead will grant you a free purple-difficulty Lead, which leads you to a piece of high-value treasure (000050005,000 Gold). However, the difference here is the purple-difficulty Lead cannot be obtained again. It's a one-time-only item - across the entire account, not per character.

Many other types of items can be obtained from each zone via the Antiquities System if the appropriate Lead is found. Some items (such as mounts) are broken up into fragments, meaning all pieces are needed to acquire the item and only has one codex entry associated with it.

For information on where to find Leads, see Antiquity Leads or Antiquities by Zone.

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