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This article is about the antiquity. For the achievement, see Thrassian Stranglers (achievement).

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These gloves pulse and writhe with the grotesque power of the Sload. Sliding one's hands into these pelagic horrors imbues the wearer with arcane might. But like all Thrassian magic, this power comes at a price.

The Thrassian Stranglers are a Mythic pair of light gloves that comes with the Divines trait. It can be obtained through the Antiquities system. It was released as part of the Greymoor Chapter.


1 item: Killing an enemy grants you a stack of Sload's Call for 1 hour, up to a maximum of 50 stacks. Each stack increases your Weapon and Spell Damage by 23, reduces your Maximum Health by 120, and reduces effectiveness of your damage shields by 1%. Sload's Call is lost if you remove Thrassian Stranglers, go invisible, or crouch.


  • Five fragments are required to create the item, all of which require a master-quality Lead in order to scry, and are classed as master difficulty to excavate.
  • You are required to be at least level 7 in Scrying, and have the Antiquarian Insight IV passive in order to scry Master difficulty leads.
  • Fragment Leads are largely found in the same zone as where the fragment is excavated, save for a few cases where it may be found in different zone.
Icon Lead Source Zone Codex Entry
ON-icon-style material-Raw Platinum.png Buoyant Steel Fishing in saltwater Stros M'Kai Was there any metal in Thras? If not, I'm curious how this metal came into their possession. It's not as if they had a flourishing trade relationship with the peoples of Tamriel. — Reginus Buca They likely gathered it from the bottom of the sea--from shipwrecks and the like. Maormer that strayed too close. Maybe even Yokudans or Lefthanded Elves. Even so, this metal feels lighter than most. Buoyant even. — Ugron gro-Thumog Ha! I've got it! Frog-Metal! Syrabane discovered an alchemical alloy in the mid-First Era to provide armor for early Elven marines. It prevented them from sinking to the bottom if they fell overboard. The Sload would take a keen interest in such a thing! — Amalien
ON-icon-fragment-Coral Plating.png Coral Plating Fishing in any Mystic fishing hole Artaeum I've read that dense corals provided the entire foundation of Thras. They probably mined it in much the same way we mine iron and stone, right? — Gabrielle Benele Undoubtedly. The Sload used the tangled nest of coral formations to get around, but they must have developed a way to harvest it as well. I can't even begin to imagine how. This coral feels hard as stone, and I can't imagine a Sload swinging a pick! — Verita Numida Take a hard look at the plates. Subtle variations in the color and the pattern of hollows. Different corals probably provided different advantages in battle. Lightness, durability, etc. Best part: it won't sink you to the bottom of the sea. — Ugron gro-Thumog
ON-icon-fragment-Inert Anemone Inlay.png Inert Anemone Inlay World Bosses Auridon I'm not exactly an expert on the Sload, or anemones for that matter, but I know swamp anemones tend to grow in brackish areas. Much like the swampy region in the center of the Thrassian Archipelago, where I imagine these are from. — Reginus Buca Do you think the Sload could have used these for necromantic purposes? Perhaps the unique slimy properties of the anemone aided in their particular magic, and that's why their skill with it is so refined! — Amalien I have heard some truly unsettling accounts of the Sload's process of ... maturing. Some anemones have similar reproductive behaviors. I am not suggesting there's a direct connection, but consider it if you must! I'd rather not, personally. — Verita Numida
ON-icon-armor-Sash-Skaal Explorer.png Nautilus Shell Guards Public Dungeon bosses in Karnwasten Summerset The Sea of Pearls is known for the myriad shells that wash up on its islands' shores. Many of them have whorls consistent with nautilus shells, which tend to be lightweight but incredibly durable. — Reginus Buca The Sload didn't have much use for shells in general. Way I hear it, they eschewed most tools. Slippery grip, you see? But they did use armor occasionally (if All Flags logs can be believed). Their flabby bodies couldn't boast much natural protection. — Ugron gro-Thumog Apparently the nautiluses surrounding the island of Agonio are particularly large. Since it was the largest island in the archipelago, maybe it had more abundant resources which allowed them to grow larger than normal. — Gabrielle Benele
ON-icon-style material-Culanda Lacquer.png Sticky Integument Leather Psijic Portals Artaeum
Summerset [Note 1]
Do you think this was made out of Sload themselves? I think it could be harvested without killing the creature, but I imagine it would painful. Like flaying. — Reginus Buca Perhaps they shed the stuff! Many seaborn creatures shed their skins to grow, right? Crabs and that sort of thing. I can almost imagine some pink, smelly thing climbing out of a leathery shell! — Amalien Thank you for that vivid description, Amalien. Yes, it may well be a natural waste product. Or perhaps harvested from their young. What little scholarship exists on the subject implies that the Sload do not treat their children well. — Verita Numida


  1. ^ While the Lead is found in Summerset and Artaeum, the dig site is located in Eyevea which can only be accessed via portals found in certain Mages Guild Guildhalls after completing the Mages Guild questline.