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Reawakened Hierophant is a Class set found in the Infinite Archive. It cannot be crafted. Pieces are Reawakened Hierophant Style in all weights. It buffs the Curative Runeforms skill line for Arcanists.


2 items: Adds 17-731 Maximum Magicka
2 items: Adds 17-731 Maximum Stamina
3 items: Adds 17-731 Maximum Magicka
3 items: Adds 17-731 Maximum Stamina
4 items: Adds 17-731 Maximum Magicka
4 items: Adds 17-731 Maximum Stamina
5 items: Casting a non-Ultimate Curative Runeform ability grants an effect for 6 seconds to your affected allies based on how many Crux you had. At 1 Crux, allies gain a damage shield that absorbs 3618 damage. At 2 Crux, allies gain Minor Heroism, granting 1 Ultimate every 1.5 seconds. At 3 Crux, allies gain Major Protection, reducing damage taken by 10%.


The set consists of armor of all weights and jewelry in all slots, as well as weapons and shields of all types.

Drop Locations[edit]

Class sets drop from the Infinite Archive. Normal curation rules apply, however, your class' set items will also take priority over other class set items. After obtaining all of your class' set items, you will receive drops from other classes, with priority going to unobtained pieces as per normal curation rules.

  • Defeating Tho'at Replicanum on odd-numbered arcs rewards an armor piece.
  • Defeating Tho'at Replicanum on even-numbered arcs rewards weapon or jewelry piece.
  • Defeating any of the Marauders that spawn will reward any available set piece.