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ON-icon-achievement-Ashlands Relic Preserver.png Ashlands Relic Preserver
Type Morrowind Achievements
Points 5
Furnishing(s) Ashlander Fence, Totems (page) (0001000010,000 Gold)
Complete all seven relic preservation daily quests given by Numani-Rasi.

Ashlands Stalker is awarded for completing each of the 7 quests for Numani-Rasi in Ald'ruhn. You must first complete the Ancestral Ties and Ashlander Relations before these are available. The quests are offered on a daily rotation, so the best way to ensure you get all of them is to do them on 7 consecutive days. Alternatively, you can get them all done in 1 day by having quests shared from other players. The quests are (in order of rotation):

Earning this achievement will allow you to purchase a Ashlander Fence, Totems (page) for your house. It costs 0001000010,000 Gold and can be purchased from Drops-No-Glass in Vivec City.