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Daedra are immortal creatures from the planes of Oblivion.

For historical information, see the lore article.


Air Atronachs[edit]

Air Atronach

Air Atronachs are powerful air elementals found in Craglorn. They primarily use spinning blade attacks. Following the atronach naming conventions, the air atronachs' typical name might begin with "Parel", although there is only one such air atronach found in ESO.

Flame Atronachs[edit]

Flame Atronach

Flame Atronachs are fiery and malevolent fire elementals. They use area of effect flame attacks, and explode upon death. Cold Flame Atronachs are found in the employ of Molag Bal. According to the naming convention in ESO, the flame atronach's unique name seem to begin with "Magdra" although there are only two such flame atronachs found in ESO.

Flesh Atronachs[edit]

Flesh Atronach

Flesh Atronachs are Daedra bound to dead flesh through necromantic ritual. They are often summoned by necromancers and rely on melee attacks in combat. The unique flesh atronachs' names do not seem to follow any clearly defined rules.

Foundation Stone Atronachs[edit]

Foundation Stone Atronach

The Foundation Stone Atronach is a unique atronach found in the Aetherian Archive. It was made from the foundation stones of the tower.

Frost Atronachs[edit]

Frost Atronach

Frost Atronachs are large ice elementals. They can freeze opponents solid and have powerful melee attacks. Many frost atronach names begin with the word "Nomeg".

Iron Atronachs[edit]

Iron Atronach

Iron Atronachs are molten iron elementals. They can be found on Vvardenfell. Iron Atronach names begin with the word "Mynar".

Storm Atronachs[edit]

Storm Atronach

Storm Atronachs are large lightning elementals. They use area of effect shock attacks. Several storm atronach names begin with the word "Zymel".




Aurorans are a golden-clad race of Daedra in service to Meridia. They are notably rare.



Dremora are a warlike race of Daedra most often associated with Mehrunes Dagon. Like most NPC enemy types, there are many different classes of Dremora and they are often found in complementary groups.

Dark Seducers[edit]

Dark Seducer

Dark Seducers are a purple-skinned and seductive race of Daedra associated with Sheogorath. Like most NPC enemy types, there are many different classes of Seducers and they are often found in complementary groups.

Golden Saints[edit]

Golden Saint

Golden Saints are a haughty, golden-skinned race of Daedra in service to Sheogorath. Like most NPC enemy types, there are many different classes of Saints and they are often found in complementary groups.



Spiderkith are navy-skinned Daedra in service to Mephala. Like most NPC enemy types, there are many different classes of Spiderkith and they are often found in complementary groups.



Xivilai are tall, horned humanoids and proficient torturers. They use lighting attacks and can summon lesser Daedra to act as permanent familiars.



Xivkyn are powerful humanoid Daedra found in the Imperial City. They are a fusion of Dremora and Xivilai, created by Molag Bal.

Lesser Daedra[edit]



Banekin are small horned Daedra. They use lightning attacks and are often found in large groups.



Clannfear are aggressive, quick Daedra. They have a small frill, plated spikes on their spines, and a deadly tri-tipped tail, and can charge enemies in combat.

Daedric Titans[edit]

Daedric Titan

Daedric Titans are giant winged Daedra. They are very powerful, with a lot of health and fiery breath attacks.



Daedrats are Daedric rodents found mainly in the Imperial Sewers. Although usually passive, they can be encountered as enemies.



Daedroths are large crocodile-like Daedra.



Fiendroth are passive creatures found in the Imperial Sewers. They are small, beetle-like Daedra.

Grievous Twilights[edit]

Grievous Twilight

Grievous Twilights are powerful winged Daedra found in the Imperial City. They have the ability to teleport.


A Harvester

Harvesters are snake-like feminine Daedra. They can be a challenge to take down alone due to their restorative powers.



Ogrim are brutish Daedra often associated with Malacath. They rely on hand-to-hand combat, and have the ability to charge enemies and heal themselves.



Scamps are weak, mischievous Daedra. They can attack by launching fireballs from their hands and make fireballs rain from the sky, and will switch to normal melee attacks when you finally get close to them.

Spider Daedra[edit]

Spider Daedra

Spider Daedra are Daedra resembling a cross between a woman and a giant spider. They can summon a Spiderling to aid them in combat.



Velidreth is a unique spiderlike Daedra found in the Cradle of Shadows.


A Watcher

Watchers are flying tentacled Daedra. They use knockback attacks and powerful lasers.

Winged Twilights[edit]

Winged Twilight

Winged Twilights are flying Daedra usually associated with Azura.

Daedric Princes[edit]

Several Daedric Princes appear in ESO. See their individual articles for more information:


Several Daedric mounts are available: