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Released on August 26 2015.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited v2.1.3 is an incremental patch on the PTS that continues to address issues involving gameplay, itemization, dungeons, and more. The size of this patch is approximately 1GB for English, 180MB for German, and 1.4GB for French. This will be the final patch on the PTS before the Imperial City DLC game pack is published.

Known Issues[edit]

Champion System

  • The Precise Strikes passive is not currently increasing critical damage as much as intended.
  • The Arcanist, Mooncalf, and Healthy passives are not properly stacking with recovery bonuses from drink items.


  • The Black Rose item set is not currently working as intended, and you may see some unintentional changes in values while this item set is equipped. This will be fixed before Imperial City is published.

DLC Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Combat & Gameplay[edit]


  • Fixed an issue where your Weapon Power and Spell Power could be incorrectly increased after entering Sanctuary locations.
  • It is no longer possible to crouch while under the effects of Sanctuary when using Imperial City District doors.

Dungeons & Group Content[edit]


  • Imperial City Prison (Normal & Veteran)
    • Fixed multiple areas where you could get stuck on objects.
  • White-Gold Tower (Normal & Veteran)
    • Fixed an issue where the Crematorial Guards were not moving faster while in combat.
    • Fixed an issue where the Ogrim's Hot Shot Splash was causing visual effect errors during the battle with the Planar Inhibitor.
    • Pulsar no longer reduces the maximum health on the Elite Guard.
    • Fixed an issue where the visual effects associated with Molag Kena's Storm Shield was not being removed.
  • White-Gold Tower
    • Decreased the time it takes for the first enemy to emerge from a rift during the battle with the Planar Inhibitor.

Veteran Dungeons

  • Veteran Imperial City Prison
    • Increased the damage done to Flesh Atronachs that have been hit by Flesh Grenades during the battle with Ibomez the Flesh Sculptor.
  • Veteran White-Gold Tower
    • Increased the damage over time suffered by having the third tier of Heat Stroke during the battle with the Planar Inhibitor.

Exploration & Itemization[edit]


  • None but the Brave: Removed this achievement line. The dye associated with this achievement has been moved to the Imperial City Warlord achievement.
  • Updated the monster Trophy Vault achievements to only require you to collect each key one time, and collect a total number of 25 keys.
  • Escape Artist: Renamed this achievement to "No Prison Can Hold Me," and now displays the proper amount of time it takes to complete the Dungeon to acquire the achievement.

Imperial City, Itemization

  • Updated the icons on Daedric Embers and Daedric Shackles, which are collected to access Trophy Vaults in the dungeons of the Imperial City.
  • Removed the line on the Sigil of Imperial Retreat tooltip stating that you "could only carry one at a time," as they now stack to 100.
  • Bottles that are found inside Imperial City now correctly award you with drinks when you click on them.
  • Updated the coloration of the Alliance-styled weapons and armor to match the color themes of their Alliances.
  • Updated the style of equipment obtained in the Imperial City's Treasure Vaults to reflect the Alliance of the receiving player character.
  • Effects from the Sigil of Imperial Retreat will no longer stack when it is used, cancelled, then used again.

Imperial City, Item Sets

  • Increased the bonuses granted by the Endurance, Willpower, and Agility sets by 50%.
  • Black Rose: This item set has been redesigned. The previous ability (returning stamina on block) has been replaced with an increase to the resources returned by the Constitution passive ability by 50%, and also grants bonus Weapon Damage and Spell Damage.
  • Essence Thief: Increased this item set's damage bonus to 12% from 10%, and increased the chance to trigger it to 15% from 10%.
  • Jolting Arms: Increased this item set's chance to trigger to 15% from 10%; the ability will no longer be triggered by damage over time effects.
  • Leeching Plate: Increased this item set's damage by 12%.
  • Lord Warden: Fixed an issue where this item set was granting more Spell Resistance than stated in the tooltip.
  • Meritorious Service: Increased this item set's duration to 2 minutes from 15 seconds.
  • Molag Kena: Decreased this item set's bonus Weapon Damage and Spell Damage by 25%.
  • Noble's Conquest: Increased this item set's damage bonus to 8% from 4%, and increased the heal effect by 25%.
  • Overwhelming Surge: Increased this item set's damage by 60%.
  • Phoenix:
    • Fixed an issue where this item set was doing less damage than intended after the 2.1.2 incremental patch.
    • This item set's heal ability can now critically heal.
    • Fixed an additional case where this item set ability would fail to trigger.
  • Reactive Armor: Fixed an issue where the damage reduction from this item set was stacking additively with Battle Spirit.
  • Redistributor: Increased this item set's heal by 30%, and increased the speed of the heal projectile by 40%. We also clarified the tooltip for this item set to specify that only your own healing triggers the set ability.
  • Sheer Venom: Increased this item set's ability damage by 110%.
  • Shock Master: Increased this item set's ability duration to 20 seconds from 10 seconds, and increased the damage by 20%.
  • Spell Power Cure: The effect from this item set's ability now applies to Weapon Power in addition to Spell Power.
  • Tormentor: Increased the duration of this item set's ability to 15 seconds from 5 seconds.
  • Toxic Defiance: Increased the damage for this item set by 60%, and clarified the tooltip to include disease damage as a triggering damage type.

Imperial City[edit]


  • Renamed the map marker that shows where a door is located to your respawn area.

Tel Var Stones

  • Increased the amount of Tel Var Stones received from Patrolling Horrors in the Imperial City Districts to 500 Tel Var Stones from 400.
  • Dying from fall damage now causes you to lose 10% of your Tel Var Stones, the same rate as dying to monsters.
    • Dying to fall damage after fighting other player characters will still count as a PVP death.



  • The glowing screen edge effects that indicate you've crossed a Tel Var Stone multiplier threshold will no longer display outside of Imperial City.
  • The filter for entry into the Imperial City is now plural.


  • Made minor corrections and improvements to various Imperial City help windows.
  • Specified that the minimum level requirement to access the Imperial City is level 10 in the Imperial City access help screen.
  • The "not bound" keybind no longer appears in the tutorial for Imperial City access.

Base Game Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Alliance War[edit]


  • Removed the counter for Siege NPCs on the Cyrodiil map as Mercenaries are no longer used.


  • Added a selection of useful potions, food, and drink to the Siege vendors in Cyrodiil.
    • These items can only be purchased with Alliance Points.
    • Though better than the consumables found from monsters, vendors, and treasure chests elsewhere in the game, they are still inferior to consumables crafted by other player characters.
  • Updated the Rewards for the Worthy so the set items in those mails will now only come in blue or purple qualities.
    • Note: The overall chance to get a set item has not changed, but the chance to get a blue or a purple has each increased.
  • The Rewards for the Worthy set items are now all Bind on Equip.
  • Siege Repair Kits can now be purchased with gold from Daggerfall and Ebonheart merchants in Cyrodiil, matching their Aldmeri counterparts.
  • Fixed an issue where Scattershot Catapults were more expensive from Aldmeri vendors than from Daggerfall or Ebonheart vendors. The Aldmeri vendors have had their price reduced to match.

Combat & Gameplay[edit]

  • General
    • Weapon enchantments will no longer break stealth on their target if they don't deal any damage.
    • Fixed an issue where dual wield light and heavy attacks would not hit stealthed player characters.
    • Fixed an issue where you could continue to adjust tumblers after breaking a lockpick.


  • Earthen Heart
    • Obsidian Shard: Increased the healing effect radius of this ability to 8 meters from 5 meters.


  • Assassination
    • Mark Target: Updated the tooltip of this ability to properly state it can only affect one target at a time.


    • Refreshing Shadows: Fixed an issue which caused this passive to not increase health regeneration.
      • Shadow Cloak: This ability and its morphs will now correctly cancel an attacker's channel for the following abilities:
      • Drain Essence and its morphs
      • Flurry and its morphs
      • Lightning Staff heavy attacks
      • Restoration Staff heavy attacks
      • The summoned Storm Atronach's Zap
    • Summon Shade: Updated the tooltip for this ability to properly state it can only affect one target at a time.
  • Siphoning
    • Updated the tooltips for Agony and Cripple to properly state they can only affect one target at a time.
    • Soul Siphon: Fixed an issue where Ranks II-IV of this ability were not granting the Major Vitality buff to allies.


  • Dark Magic
    • Rune Prison: Updated the tooltip for this ability to properly state it can only affect one target at a time.
  • Storm Calling
    • Ball Lightning: Fixed an issue where casting this ability could dismiss your summoned pet.
    • Lightning Splash: This ability and its morphs will no longer incorrectly trigger the Mages Guild passive Might of the Guild.
  • Daedric Summoning


  • Aedric Spear
    • Radial Sweep: Fixed an issue which prevented the damage-over-time portion of this ability from applying for Ranks I-III of the ability.
  • Restoring Light
    • Cleansing Ritual: This ability and its morphs now properly display effect durations in the tooltip.
    • Mending: Fixed an issue where this passive was not applying the full percentage bonus.
    • Repentance: Fixed an issue where this ability was scaling the stamina return off your maximum magicka only. It now correctly scales off stamina or magicka, choosing the higher of the two.
  • Dawn's Wrath
    • Total Dark: Fixed an issue where the reflect would not occur from Rank III of this ability.


  • Destruction Staff
    • Force Pulse: Fixed an issue with this ability which prevented its bonus effect from applying to Concussed or Chilled enemies.


  • Werewolf
    • Werewolves will no longer have an erroneous "Attack Speed" icon displayed on the character sheet while transformed.
    • Claws of Life: This ability will no longer have both damage and healing reduced by Battle Spirit; the healing will not be reduced to avoid a double penalty.
    • Pursuit: Fixed an issue with this passive which made Rank I of the ability only return an additional 50 Stamina per heavy attack, rather than 50%.


  • Fighters Guild
    • Trap Beast: This ability will no longer erroneously trigger the Sorcerer passive Exploitation.
    • Silver Leash: This ability now properly displays an error message if the target is too high or low relative to the caster.
  • Mages Guild
    • Volcanic Rune: Fixed an issue where this ability could push targets to areas where they get stuck.
  • Undaunted
    • Spiked Bone Shield: The damage from this ability is no longer reduced by Battle Spirit as it scales off incoming damage, which is already reduced.


  • Orc
    • Swift Warrior: Fixed an issue where this passive was not increasing damage for melee-class abilities.

Mundus Stones

  • Steed: This Mundus Stone now provides a bonus health recovery in addition to its previous effects.

Crown Store[edit]


  • Updated the text on the Imperial City entry in the Crown Store to better separate out what the DLC offers versus the base-game patch.
  • Improved the overall wording for the Imperial City DLC game pack description in the Crown Store.

Dungeons & Group Content[edit]


  • Wayrest Sewers
    • Fixed an issue where Allene Pellingaire would occasionally remain invisible after summoning her Fiendish Hallucinations.

Veteran Dungeons

  • Veteran Elden Hollow
    • Nova Tendrils will now animate correctly during the battle with Bogdan the Nightflame.
  • Veteran Spindleclutch
    • Vorenor Winterbourne's captives are now immune to crowd control effects.


  • Aetherian Archive
    • You will no longer have an endless Clone Blast Origin effect while fighting Valariel.
  • Hel Ra Citadel
    • Gargoyles will now join the denizens of Hel Ra when the Warhorn is used.
  • Sanctum Ophidia
    • Fixed an issue where the boss bar for Stonebreaker would not display in some areas of the combat area.

Exploration & Itemization[edit]


  • The Imperial Chancellor costume tooltip now accurately states that it is unlocked at Veteran Rank 16.


Quests & Zones[edit]


  • The Ghost Ship along the western coast has returned!


  • A Thirst for Revolution: Fixed an issue where Grandeya Nuwarrah's stocks and the watchtower fires were displayed as being used when multiple player characters were trying to interact with them at the same time.



  • Fixed an issue where some settings from one character could be applied to an alternate character.
  • Your health bar visual for shields will no longer become stuck after having multiple shield effects active at once.


  • Very large Saved Variable files from add-ons will no longer crash when writing to a file.


  • Fixed an issue where setting a map waypoint would not show up if you weren't in the zone where you set the waypoint.


  • Fixed an issue that was causing items placed in certain trade slots to be lost.
  • Fixed an issue that was resulting in items not being received after a trade.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent you from submitting a trade after another player changed their item submission.