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Released on April 15 2014.

Alliance War[edit]

  • Attempting /stuck in Cyrodiil no longer instructs you to use /bug instead of /help if you're actually stuck.
  • Resolved an issue if you take all the resources around the same time, and the icons do not update in real time on the map.
  • You will now generate Ultimate against battle-leveled players.

Combat & Gameplay[edit]

  • Silver Bolts rank 2 can now be re-added to your skill bar if it gets removed.
  • Fixed an issue with the Ranger's gait set bonus. It no longer gives you excessive stamina recovery.

Crafting & Economy[edit]

  • You will no longer accidentally deconstruct your equipped helmet.
  • The sell value of food that you create has been reduced to be more in line with other crafting skill lines.

Dungeons & Group Content[edit]

Dark Anchors
  • You will no longer get stuck if all the cultists are killed as soon as they spawn.
  • Banished Cells: After killing Cell Haunter and the other monsters, Keeper Areldur will no longer remain trapped.
  • Banished Cells: Fixed an issue in the final boss room where the boss would not spawn if you were on the quest, but not on the right step.


  • You will now be forced to restart the game client following a patch to ensure you do not get stuck on the login screen.
  • Fixed an issue where you would get shot up into the air when walking over certain objects.


Bleakrock Island
  • Frozen Man: You will now be able to find the third clue.
  • The Army of Meridia: The Groundskeeper will no longer occasionally spawn in an uninteractable state.
  • Crossing the Chasm: You will now always be able to start and advance through the portal events.
  • Crossing the Chasm: The fight against Molag Grunda will now reset properly if you revive after being killed.
  • Trade Negotiations: Markers have been added to the compass and world map for each step in the quest.
  • Trade Negotiations: Bodani and Raston should now always appear when turning in the quest.
  • Challenge the Tide: The signal horn should now always be able to be used to summon Gruznak.
  • Forgotten Soul: The central welkynd stone will now always be interactable.
  • Scars Never Fade: Slim-Jah will now always speak with you, and her hunters will now always be willing to duel.
  • Unsafe Haven: The ritual event will now spawn in as intended, and will no longer break with many players in the area.
Main Quest
  • Castle of the Worm: Fixed an issue where the quest could become blocked if you logged out or disconnected during the "Observe the Scene" step.
  • Castle of the Worm: Cadwell will no longer decide to stop following you.
  • Daughter of Giants: The exit portal will now always appear after defeating the final boss.
Malabal Tor
  • Arithiel: The sorcerer event will now always spawn as intended when you're on the correct quest step.
Reaper's March
  • Proving Trust: It should now be much easier to find and heal peasants.
  • Divine Favor: Resolved an issue where you could not summon the Guard-Captain.
The Rift


  • The error message "Account Expired" will now display properly when the client is set to any language.
  • The error message "An unknown error has occurred" has been edited to be more helpful.