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Released on May 7 2019.

The Elder Scrolls Online v5.0.3 includes several fixes and adjustments to Dragons found in Elsweyr, thanks to your feedback during the testing event last week. We also have several fixes for Sunspire Trial and Elsweyr quests, along with some additional fixes and adjustments for combat abilities (including Incapacitating Strike and DK Standard).

This week, we have the upcoming Orsinium Celebration Event activated on the PTS for testing – we would love to have your feedback and any bug reports! Additionally, we have performed a new character copy from the PC/Mac European megaserver in order to test a new fix for login issues some of you were experiencing last week.

The size of this patch is approximately 468MB. Thanks for all your feedback so far – we greatly appreciate the time and effort everyone has put in!

New Features / Updates / Big Changes[edit]

Orsinium Celebration Event

During this week on the PTS, you can travel to the ancient home of the Orcs and earn bonuses for adventuring in Wrothgar, including Maelstrom Arena.

  • Rewards during this event include:
    • Double Maelstrom Arena drops
    • Double Material Harvesting yield in Wrothgar
    • Double rewards for completing Delve and World Boss dailies in Wrothgar
  • You will also be able to earn Outfit Style pages for the Maelstrom weapons in the Arena. These have a chance to drop in Normal mode, and are guaranteed to drop in Veteran.
  • Along with feathers and berries, the Impresario will also have some new items to offer during the event.
    • Maelstrom Outfit Style Pages will be available for 5 tickets each.
    • The Impresario will also sell a number of pieces of Orcish Furniture, such as braziers, tapestries, and a statue, to help fill your war room. These range in price from 1 to 2 Event Tickets per item, and you can purchase as many as you like.
  • You earn 2 Event Tickets once per day, per account, for completing any Delve and World Bosses each day in Wrothgar.

Elsweyr Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Art & Animation[edit]


  • Smoothed Dragon animations to reduce popping and sideways movement.
  • Adjusted several Dragon animations to reduce collisions with the ground.
  • Polished the timing for some Dragon animations including takeoff and landing.
  • Polished the hover animation for the Dragon Imp Pet, and adjusted the idle hover to eliminate pops.
  • Adjusted the animations for the Senche-Raht to reduce popping and fix an issue when turning right and laying down.
  • Guar critters will no longer twitch.
  • Adjusted the rolling pin animations.
  • Using the Bright Moons emote no longer removes you from first person view.
  • The Winnowing Plague Decoction now appears correctly.

Visual Effects

  • The Urn Smash memento now displays its visual effects.

Combat & Gameplay[edit]


  • Bone Tyrant
    • Bone Armor: Fixed an issue where the model of this ability would clip through your camera under certain circumstances while in first person view.
  • Living Death
    • Spirit Mender: Fixed an issue where you would be immune to stuns while this ability was active.


  • Dragons will now breathe fire while flying in more locations.
  • Increased the amount of experience awarded for completing a Dragon event.
  • Made some adjustments to Dragon event respawn timers.
  • Fixed an issue where Dragons could become unresponsive in combat.

Dragon Combat Abilities

  • Dragons now use Wing Thrash and Tail Sweep less often so they can make better use of their other attacks.
  • Flame Breath now hits your character more consistently.
  • Increased the damage received from Bite and adjusted damage from bleeds applied by Bite.
  • Chomp can no longer target players far away from the Dragon, but it is now more difficult for a player targeted by Chomp to escape by running away.

Crafting & Economy[edit]


  • Coldsnap, Meridian, Pellitine, and Anequina styles will now properly unlock their Lore Library entries when read.
  • Fixed some typos in the Coldsnap Staves and Shield Motif Chapters.
  • Renamed the "Elder Anequina Boots" to simply "Anequina Boots" to better match the other, non-Elder Anequina Outfit Styles.
  • Fixed an issue where Attuned Set Crafting Stations from Elsweyr were uncategorized in the Housing Editor.

Dungeons & Group Content[edit]

Sunspire Trial

  • General
    • Corrected numerous issues throughout the Trial where sounds failed to play or played incorrectly.
    • Added subtitles during times when Azin-jo is speaking.
    • The Godslayer of Sunspire and Sunspire Dragonbreak achievements no longer share the same icon.
    • Set pieces will no longer drop from monsters other than bosses in Sunspire.
  • Yolnahkriin
    • Yolnahkriin's Focused Fire ability will no longer arbitrarily prefer some players over others when choosing a target.
    • Yolnahkriin no longer defies the laws of physics when performing flight maneuvers.
    • Yolnahkriin's boss health bar will now always be present during the encounter with him.
    • Yolnahkriin will no longer attack with Bite and Snap prior to landing.
  • Lokkestiiz
    • Lokkestiiz will now cast Relentless Gale only once.
    • Adjusted Lokkestiiz's flight maneuvers for better timing and visual improvement.
  • Nahviintaas
    • Nahviintaas' followers will now spawn in a bit farther apart from each other.
    • Nahviintaas will now spawn additional monsters during certain events in Hard Mode.
    • Increased the health of Nahviintaas's Eternal Servant in Hard Mode.
    • Adjusted Nahviintaas' flight maneuvers to increase speed, improve turns and transition to landing better.

Exploration & Itemization[edit]


  • Updated the Elsweyr Tutorial to grant items more thematically appropriate to Elsweyr.
  • Adjusted the placement of a number of Thieves Troves, Safeboxes, and the NPCs who might catch you looting them, throughout Elsweyr.
  • The title "Champion of Anequina" will now display properly when selected.



  • Fixed an issue that prevented several new furnishing plans from dropping as often as intended in Elsweyr.
  • Moved several new furnishings to more appropriate categories in the Housing Editor.
  • Corrected some behavior tags on the various Hakoshae lantern furnishings.
  • Fixed an issue where "Elsweyr Table, Elegant Wooden" and "Elsweyr Table, Long Elegant Wooden" had misleading names.
  • "Elsweyr Fountain, Four Lions" now has splash effects.
  • The "Moon Temple Pad" achievement furnishing no longer briefly leaves behind a black pool when moved while being placed.
  • The "Replica Dragon Horn, Small" achievement furnishing no longer clips into surfaces when aligned to them.
  • Added bottoms to a number of furnishings that appeared hollow when viewed from below.
  • Removed some blocking collision from certain tapestries.
  • Made a number of audio improvements to the new Elsweyr furnishings.
  • Added effects and audio to the Replica Rithana-di-Renada.


  • In the Hall of the Lunar Champion, the "Altar of Sacrifice" is now known as the "Altar of Ambition".
  • Improved the consistency of the window light projections in the Hall of the Lunar Champion.
  • Corrected a missing icon when purchasing the Sugar Bowl Suite.
  • Every now and then, a passing dragon will now take an interest in Jode's Embrace. Keep an eye on the skies!
  • Improved the overall audio in Jode's Embrace.



  • Fixed an occasional crash that would occur while traveling around Elsewyr.

Quests & Zones[edit]


  • Added some post-quest versions of some books based on player feedback.
  • Fixed some additional VO timing issues, text typos, and VO/text inconsistencies related to quests.
  • Map pins for turning in Dragon Hunts to Battlereeve Tanerline are now in their appropriate locations.

House of Histories

  • Fixed issues with Rajhin's Shadow saying lines at the wrong time, or appearing in the wrong place.
  • Fixed an issue during the Abode of Ignominy boss fight where Sugarsnout or Zaorir would not immediately respawn if your character died or left combat before killing both.

Ashen Scar

  • Fixed an issue where Vastarie and Mazza Mirri would disappear and not return if you left in the middle of certain scenes.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't continue charging the Moonlight Blade if you logged out and back in on the step to kill undead.

The Stitches

  • Should you not dissuade Tasnasi from taking a life, Sereyne will no longer look crooked on top of a box in the following scene.
  • Fixed an issue where an NPC that was supposed to be bound would run as though not bound.
  • Fixed an issue where Tasnasi would become invisible if your character died and revived at the Wayshrine during the boss fight.
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs wouldn't appear if you left the Stitches quest area in the middle of a scene.
  • Fixed an issue where running away during the quest step "Listen to the Plan" would block your progress. You are the worst thief in this heist movie, you know that?

The Jewel of Baan Dar

  • Fixed an issue where, if you logged out and back in before speaking to Ak'an at the beginning of the quest, you would have an optional step that you could never complete.

The Prowl

  • Fixed an issue where Elhalem might not return in the event he gets stuck.

Two Moons at Tenmar

  • Skooma Cat no longer has an invisible man anchor appearing above his nameplate.
  • Fixed an issue where the compass pin for talking to Haduras was away from his actual position during his theater.
  • You no longer have to loot the Fork twice after abandoning the quest.
  • You will no longer see an inactive "Talk To" prompt for Sizenza while searching for a way to distract the Skooma Cat.
  • You will no longer become stuck if you log out during the quest step "Wait for Sheogorath." You will now be advanced to "Escape the Skooma Cat's Cloister" and a portal will open for you.

Main Story

  • Two Queens:
    • This quest will now advance correctly and properly lead you to the next location after reaching the Chapel of the Guiding Moons.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause Zamarak to not use his basic quick attacks in the Rimmen Palace.
  • Jode's Core: Fixed an issue that would cause Mulaamnir and Kaalgrontiid's little dance in the background to become disrupted if your character died at certain points during the fight.

Morrowind Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Dungeons & Group Content[edit]


Wrathstone Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Dungeons & Group Content[edit]


Combat & Gameplay[edit]

Combat & Abilities[edit]

  • Casting a fear on an enemy while they are midair will no longer cause them to appear to float.
    • Note this was purely a visual error on remote client screens. They were not, in fact, instilled with so much terror they forgot to gravity.
  • Ardent Flame
    • Dragonknight Standard:
      • The rock textures now better align with the broken ground textures from these abilities.
      • Increased the duration of this ability and the Standard of Might morph to 16 seconds at all ranks.
      • Dragonknight Standard will now rank up in 1.1% damage per rank.
      • Fixed an issue where these abilities were being considered Direct Damage, rather than Damage over Time.
        • Shifting Standard (morph): Fixed an issue where this ability was being removed before doing its final damage tick.
    • Searing Heat: Fixed an issue where the duration extension portion of this passive was not applying to Dragonknight Standard or Standard of Might.
  • Assassination
    • Incapacitating Strike: This morph no longer applies Minor Mangle or Stuns the target when cast with 120 or more Ultimate. Instead, it now Silences the target for 3 seconds when cast with 120 or more Ultimate. Additionally, while slotted, it now grants Reave, which restores up to 100 Magicka and Stamina when dealing damage with a Light or Heavy Attack on a target with a negative effect active on them.
      • Developer Comment: After collecting much feedback from forum threads and other outlets, we noted a lot of the feedback on how Mangle's operation was far too niche in terms of engagement due to how the debuff works. While the theme was aimed at helping the Nightblade single out an opponent and put them closer to death's door, we missed the mark in delivery. We want to retain the idea of the Nightblade isolating their target and gaining a few precious seconds of denial on the target's ability to recuperate, but we wanted the defender to at least be able to reposition while those seconds count down, so we have removed the stun in place of a Silence. Additionally, much like Soul Harvest, there is a passive gained for slotting the ability. However, this passive effect makes up a much smaller portion of the ability's power, since Silences are such powerful disabling tools.
  • Shadow
    • Dark Cloak:
      • Fixed an issue where the Minor Protection granted from this ability was additive rather than multiplicative.
      • This ability will now heal for 6% of your Maximum Health per tick rather than 4.5%.
  • Dual Wield
    • Rend: Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs were not updating their hit boxes when fighting Dragons.
  • Medium Armor
    • Wind Walker: Fixed an issue where this passive was applying its cost reduction to Pummeling Goliath's special bash attack.
  • Psijic Order
    • Race Against Time:
      • This ability no longer becomes cheaper as it ranks up.
      • Reduced the Snare and Immobilization immunity to 1 second from 4 seconds.
      • The immunity's duration now increases as the ability ranks up, up to a maximum of 2 seconds.
        • Developer Comment: Since Accelerate is already such a powerful ability granting both damage and mobility potential at reduced costs, we wanted to ensure other abilities that grant similar functions of snare or immobilization immunity still had a place in builds. This is also seen with the Protective Plate ability, which already grants an incredibly powerful base function, so the standard 4 seconds duration is halved.

Itemization & Item Sets[edit]


  • Fixed an issue where the value of an enchantment could decrease if you swapped to a different weapon with a poison equipped.

Item Sets

  • Asylum's Perfected Dual Wield: Fixed an issue where this set was not applying its bonus to Blade Cloak and its morphs.
  • Coldharbour's Favorite: Added a beam of light to Honor to help highlight its position when it was activating.
  • Eye of Nahviintaas: The cost reduction granted from this set now applies to Bash, Dodge Roll, Break Free, and Sprint. Eye of Nahviintaas's 6 second cooldown is now applied per target.
  • False God's Devotion: Fixed a visual error where this set would cause your character to glow green, rather than blue, when killing an enemy.

Base Game Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Art & Animation[edit]


  • The texture of the Baker's hat for Argonians now matches the texture on other races.
  • The Baker's hat now sits properly on Argonian and Khajiit heads.
  • The tail on the grey World Boss Dragon is now properly attached.

Exploration & Itemization[edit]


  • The Skill Respecification Scroll obtained via the Level-Up Rewards system will now use the updated skill respec system, rather than the old method (of simply un-spending all of your skill points).
  • Fixed an issue where monsters and Heavy Sacks were spawning too fast in some areas of Malabal Tor.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in blue-quality Crown foods being stronger than blue-quality crafted foods. The math was fuzzy, and has been groomed for presentability.



  • Renamed the "Orcish Figure, Strength" furnishing to "Orcish Statue, Strength", to better represent its formidable stature.
  • Corrected numerous issues with effect interactions on the Target Iron Atronach. Previously, it was possible for the permanent versions of effects to be double-stacked or scrubbed off by certain player abilities in unintended ways. Additionally, it was calculating values for Fracture and Breach incorrectly.
  • Furnishing Recipes for Sarcophagus: Lid and Sarcophagus: Basin will now have a chance to drop anywhere, not only in Elsweyr.



  • The Announcement Panel will no longer display automatically on login while in tutorial zones.

Alliance War

  • Fixed an issue that allowed you to slot normal skills on top of Volendrung's abilities.
  • Added additional animations to the Volendrung meter when you gain AP.


  • Fixed an issue where quest pins for crafting Writs could fail to swap to the Writ turn-in locations.

Gamepad Mode

  • Fixed an issue where the pre-purchase mount for Elsweyr could occasionally fail to preview in the Crown Store.
  • Break Free and Bash will now work more reliably when pushing both buttons simultaneously.

Encounter Logging

  • Changed the default setting for being Anonymous in the Encounter Logs to On.

Guild Finder

  • The Guild Finder will no longer show old data after a long search.
  • Fixed multiple UI errors that could occur in the Guild Finder.

Guilds & Guild Traders

  • Fixed an issue in the Guild Trader Bid UI where the defaulted guild wasn't your first guild.

Zone Guide

  • Fixed an issue where players under level 10 could use the Zone Guide for Cyrodiil/Imperial City, which isn't available until level 10.