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Released on February 29 2016.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited v2.3.4 is our last incremental patch for the PTS before this update goes live. Both the Clemency passive and the 64-bit client are available for use, in addition to cross faction Trials, and we have also fixed a number of issues within Thieves Guild including quests, itemization, and adjustments in Maw of Lorkhaj. We have continued iterating on combat balance and tweaks, fixes with itemization, UI, and more. The size of this last patch is approximately 400MB.

Thanks, as always, for all your feedback and bug reports. We appreciate all the support!

New Features / Updates / Big Changes[edit]

Cross Faction Trials[edit]

You will now be able to form a group with friends from outside your faction and play through any of the available Trials including Hel Ra Citadel, Aetherian Archive, Sanctum Ophidia, Maw of Lorkhaj and Dragonstar Arena.

  • All you need to do is manually invite other players, regardless of their faction, to your group.
  • As with cross-alliance dungeons, you will only see player characters from other alliances within the Trial.
    • Note: Everyone will be displayed as a member of the Aldmeri Dominion once you enter the Trial. This is not a permanent change, and you will be reverted back to your original alliance once you leave the Trial, or the group is disbanded.
  • If you enter Cyrodiil or the Imperial City while in a cross faction group, the group will be disbanded.

Clemency Skill[edit]

The Clemency passive skill is now available to use to talk your way out of trouble. Give it a try, and let us know what you think!

64-bit Client[edit]

We have fixed the 64-bit client, and it is now available for use on all supported Windows operating systems.

  • If you want to use the 64-bit client, you will need to manually launch the executable file (ESO64.exe) from your PTS install directory.
    • When Thieves Guild goes live, we will update the launcher so the correct version will be launched automatically.

Combat Animations[edit]

We have reverted the animation prioritization changes that were introduced in patch 2.3.0, and will release these changes once they're ready. Combat animations will now work as they currently do on the Live megaservers.

New Music[edit]

We've added the final music to Thieves Guild and its areas. Please enjoy!

Imperial City Fixed & Improvements[edit]



  • The "Accept Quest" button in the Collections UI for the Imperial City DLC is now correctly grayed out if you've completed the starter quest for that DLC, "City on the Brink".

Thieves Guild Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Art & Animation[edit]


  • Fixed numerous areas where you could escape the playable space, or get stuck between fixtures.
  • Fixed numerous areas to stop NPCs from getting stuck inside, or walking on top of crates.


  • Continued to improve a large number of animations and postures during the main quest.


  • Hiding spots now have more appropriate visual effects.


  • Hulking Dro-m'Athra weapons will now align properly with a character's hands.
  • Improved the previously-visible seams on the Dro-m'Athra skin.
  • Abah's Watch Armor:
    • Fixed an issue where the medium chest armor would clip through longer hair styles.
    • Fixed a visible gap in left underarm when worn on female NPCs.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause this armor to distort on female player characters if only the leg armor was worn.
  • Ancient Yokudan Heavy Armor:
    • The neckwrap will no longer clip into the back and upper torso of larger male Khajiit.
    • Heavy chest armor will no longer have gaps between the arm and shoulder.
    • Improved the clipping when wearing a guild tabard.
  • Malacath Light Armor: Improved the fit of the tassets, ultimately reducing any floating and clipping.
  • Pirate Armor: The textures from this armor will no longer show through the top of the armor when worn by female NPCs.
  • Thieves Guild Armor:
    • Fixed an issue with clipping, distortion and gaps when a guild tabard was worn with all ranks of the Thieves Guild armor.
    • Thieves Guild light shoulders will no longer float above your chest armor when worn by large female player characters.
    • Improved the strap textures on the light chest armor to reduce warping and stretching when worn by female player characters.


  • Archway doors used throughout Thieves Guild will no longer disappear when viewed from a distance.



  • Fixed many voiceover lines which were repeating.
  • Fixed a number of animated fixtures which were missing their sound effects.

Combat & Gameplay[edit]


  • You can now use the quickslot radial menu while in a hiding spot.


  • Thieves Guild
    • Swiftly Forgotten: The tooltip for this passive now displays the bounty and heat decay amount appropriate for your level.
    • Timely Escape: The tooltip for this passive now correctly indicates that Footpads will appear when you have bounty (and not just heat), in addition to being in combat.


  • Herons have decided they'd prefer to just hunt fish and groom themselves over wandering around.

World Bosses

  • Captain Virindi Slave-Taker
    • Captain Virindi now moves while in combat.
    • Adds will now be summoned earlier in the fight, and will start at 90% health instead of 80%.
    • The previously-used Charge ability has been changed to Streak.
    • The fear from Eye of the Storm now lasts longer, and the large area of effect deals more damage.
    • It is now easier to identify the good Captain amidst her crew.
    • Quick Strike can now be cast while moving.
    • Shock now targets up to 3 player characters.
    • Shock Barrage can no longer be interrupted by Bash, and now reliably targets player characters.
    • Shock Barrage now appears at a slight offset in a randomly chosen direction from the targeted player character.
    • Captain Virindi no longer damages herself or her allies when she calls down her Shock Barrage.
  • Syvarra of the Deep
    • Poison Spit now hits 3 times harder than before.
    • Ranged adds now look distinct from melee adds.
    • All attacks now incorporate a global cooldown of at least 1 second.
    • The icons for Dive and Poison Cloud are now displayed correctly in the Death Recap UI.
    • Resonate now splits when it's created, creating 9 total areas of effect.
    • The visual effects for Siren Song now better match its gameplay effect.
    • Snakes can now be seen swimming in the waters of Ko Estaran.
    • Strike can now be cast while moving.
    • Siren Song will now look like it hits you before you are knocked down.

Dungeons & Group Content[edit]

Maw of Lorkhaj Trial

  • General
    • Ogre Shaman will no longer attempt to heal other Ogres with Primal Heal when there are no targets left.
    • Ogre Flesh Renders will now increase its damage more quickly the longer they remain alive.
  • Boss 1: Zhaj'hassa the Forgotten
    • Fixed an issue where the Ghostly Sar-m'Athra would heal to full health during combat.
  • Boss 2: False Moon Twins, S'Kinra and Vashai
    • Vashai will no longer mispronounce "Scythe."
  • Boss 3: Rakkhat, the Fang of Lorkhaj
    • The damage from Void Shackle now increases over time the longer a target remains tethered.
    • Fixed an issue with how the Void Caller Shades disappear when a Void Caller is killed.
    • Fixed an issue with The Debt of Lorkhaj applying before all of the Void Callers have been killed.
    • Suppressed several SCT notifications for crowd control abilities that do not allow the use of Break Free.
    • Adjusted some of the visual effects to help prevent effects from displaying incorrectly.
    • The Shadow Slayer achievement now requires 25 Void Callers to be defeated instead of 50.

Veteran Maw of Lorkhaj Trial

  • Boss 1: Zhaj'hassa the Forgotten
    • Increased Zhaj'hassa's overall health.
    • Ghostly Sar-m'Athra will increase its damage more quickly the longer he remains alive.
    • Grip of Lorkhaj now slows player characters down by a greater amount when initially applied.
    • Increased the time between the cleansing Shrines becoming active after use.
  • Boss 2: False Moon Twins, S'Kinra and Vashai
    • Increased the overall health for the Will of Vashai and Rage of S'Kinrai.
    • Decreased the amount of damage that the Will of Vashai and Rage of S'Kinrai take while stunned by Lunar or Shadow Tempest to 100% increased damage, down from 500%.
    • Decreased the amount of time the Will of Vashai and Rage of S'Kinrai are stunned when affected by Lunar or Shadow Tempest to 5 seconds from 10 seconds.
    • The Will of Vashai and Rage of S'Kinrai now have an increased chance to appear during the encounter.
    • Increased the overall health for Vashai and S'Kinrai.
  • Gate 2
    • Monsters will now appear slightly faster after initially pulling the chain to initiate the encounter.
  • Boss 3: Rakkhat, the Fang of Lorkhaj
    • Marked for Death is now removed upon entering The Dark Behind the World.
    • Fixed an issue with Void Assassins knocking their targets into the surrounding rocks, thus becoming stuck.
    • Fixed an issue where Void Assassins would teleport to undesired locations.
    • Void Assassins no longer cast Veiled Strike.

Exploration & Itemization[edit]


  • The equipment found in Thieves Troves will now scale to any level (including VR16), based on the level of the player character opening them.
  • The items obtained by completing Thieves Guild quests will now scale up to VR16.
  • Thieves Guild books now have appropriate icons in Eidetic Memory.
  • Fixed an issue where low-level player characters were receiving high-level gear from Thieves Troves. The gear found in Thieves Troves are now scaled to your level, regardless of the Trove's location.
  • Items from Kari's Hit List have brand new unique icons, and also have a treasure type of Relic.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing containers in the Maw of Lorkhaj, such as urns and backpacks, to occasionally fail to award loot when opened.


  • Adjusted the names and descriptions of various achievements to improve consistency and clarity.
  • And Then They Were Gone: Fixed an issue that was preventing this achievement from being granted when escaping to certain Outlaws Refuges.

Justice System[edit]


  • Updated the treasure type for several stolen treasures to better match their descriptions.

Quests & Zones[edit]


  • Players in all alliances can now travel by boat to Abah's Landing freely as long as you have access to the Thieves Guild DLC game pack.
  • Adjusted the amount of Thieves Guild reputation needed to get the last two ranks; it will now take slightly longer.
  • Polished various theater sequences throughout Thieves Guild quests.
  • An invisible Hiding Spot in Deadhollow Halls is now visible. Also, this hallway is now slightly easier to sneak through.
  • Added various music and fanfares to Thieves Guild-related quests.
  • Brucus Gurges no longer assumes you are always a newly joined member of the Thieves Guild.


  • Fixed an issue where the following quests would occasionally increment twice when picking pockets:
    • Idle Hands
    • Plucking Fingers
    • Under our Thumb
    • A Flawless Plan:
      • Fixed an issue where examining objects inside al-Danobia Vaults did not share quest credit.
      • Fixed an issue where Quen and Velsa would enter combat during the final fight, when they should have been hiding and observing instead.
      • Fixed an issue where the quest assist for Finding Percius Loche's Trail was pointing to the wrong location.
    • Everyone Has a Price: Walks-Softly will now restart his theater if you leave while he is talking.
    • Forever Hold Your Peace: Fixed an issue where the quest assist marker was trying to lead you through a door that was supposed to be locked.
    • Master of Heists:
      • This quest is now also bestowed from the location of the heist board, when available. Velsa has moved back to the less cramped area outside.
      • Fixed an issue where sharing a heist mission after completing Master of Heists would prevent group mates from travelling to heist dungeons.
    • Partners in Crime: Your quest progress will no longer be blocked due to too many creatures in Fulstrom Homestead.
    • Shell Game: Walks-Softly now talks directly to you in Velmont Mansion, and will recover if he gets stuck walking to the balcony.
    • The Cutpurse's Craft: Clarified various text sources throughout this quest to indicate that the items you steal must be treasures, and not provisioning ingredients or other miscellaneous items.
    • The One That Got Away: The Desert Falcon and Vantus are now wearing the correct clothing.



  • The notification received when purchasing the Thieves Guild DLC game pack now links directly to the Thieves Guild Access help screen.

Base Game Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Alliance War[edit]


  • Fixed an issue that prevented you from seeing your Forward Camp respawn timer if you logged in and out with the timer active.


  • Fixed an issue where a pair of greaves sold by Adhazabi Aba-daro the Golden was appearing with the Divines trait instead of the intended Infused trait.

Art & Animation[edit]


  • Fixed an issue that was preventing many colors from appearing correctly when setting your Guild heraldry.


  • Glass Armor: Heavy Glass kneepads will no longer inherit the color and style of the equipped gauntlets.

Combat & Gameplay[edit]


  • Fixed an issue that was preventing you from mounting while standing near an unlooted corpse.
  • Abilities that heal based on their damage done (Strife, Puncturing Sweeps, Surge, etc.) will now properly calculate their heal values when the damage is fully or partially absorbed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Crouch stealth eye would continually close and reopen whenever an enemy was in range to detect you.



  • Mages Guild
    • Magelight: Decreased the duration of the reveal from this ability and its morphs to 3 seconds from 5 seconds.
      • Note: The work for reveal abilities, including Magelight, is still ongoing and will be complete by time Thieves Guild goes live.

Alliance War

  • Support
    • Barrier: This ability and its morphs will now place Damage Shields on low-health targets that are not already shielded by Barrier, instead of targets that are closest to the caster.
    • Revealing Flare: Decreased the duration of the reveal from this ability and its morphs to 3 seconds, down from 5 seconds.
      • Note: The work for reveal abilities, including Revealing Flare, is still ongoing and will be complete by time Thieves Guild goes live.

Champion System

  • The Lover
    • Synergizer: Fixed an issue where this ability could be used to generate Ultimate out of combat.


  • Monsters will now smoothly turn back to their original facing when they become aware of a target that backs off before aggro. Previously, they would pop back to their original facing.

Monster Abilities

  • Knight
    • Lava Whip's animation now better reflects its intent, and more reliably displays visual effects.
  • Necromancer
    • Summoned zombies and bone flayers now display a ritual circle beneath them when they appear (previously it would appear at an unrelated location near the caster).
  • Spriggan
    • Control Beast can now be cast upon the remaining summons of other Spriggans.

Crafting & Economy[edit]


  • Reduced the amount of materials obtained when deconstructing stolen goods.
    • You will now obtain a single material of the type the item is constructed from.
    • This change does not affect inspiration gains, style item drops, trait item drops, or the amount of materials obtained when deconstructing laundered goods.
  • Fixed an issue where the Soul-Shriven gear found in the Wailing Prison could be deconstructed to gain Azure Plasm. This was unintentional, and is no longer the case.
    • You can still obtain Azure Plasm from deconstructing other Soul-Shriven style gear (such as certain weapons found in the Maw of Lorkhaj Trial), or by completing Dark Anchors.
  • Adjusted a small number of Survey Reports to ensure they lead to the intended number of rich harvest nodes.

Crown Store[edit]


  • Fixed an issue where the camel's saddlery and barding would clip through his body.
  • Fixed an issue where the veil from the Black/Maroon Evening Dress would clip when worn by Khajiit and Bosmer.

Exploration & Itemization[edit]


  • Kagouti found in Veteran Dragonstar Arena now have a small chance to drop Malformed Tusks.

Item Sets

  • Eternal Hunt: Fixed an issue where the rune created by this item set was using Spell Critical and Spell Resistance for its damage calculations, instead of Weapon Critical and Physical Resistance.
  • Roar of Alkosh: Fixed an issue where this item set was not displaying its visual effects correctly.
  • Scathing Mage: Increased this item set's proc chance to 20%, and updated its tooltip to indicate it does not proc on damage over time effects.


  • Mementos can no longer be used while swimming.
  • Added new, more informative error messages when trying to use collectibles from locations that do not allow their use.
  • Fixed an issue that would allow you to move around freely while reading from the Discourse Amaranthine memento.



  • Made additional improvements to performance that will increase the overall FPS.
  • Fixed an issue where water reflections would flash while panning the camera.
  • Fixed an issue where your game could crash after the Trial leaderboards updated, or if you logged out with a pending group invite.

Quests & Zones[edit]


  • A Nord Peasant in Stormhold no longer awkwardly stares at one of the lockboxes forever. She'll now stare elsewhere.



  • You will now receive a reference number of your submission after submitting feedback.
  • Fixed an issue where you would not receive an error message if your feedback did not successfully submit.
  • Switching between keyboard and gamepad mode while a quest timer is up will no longer cause the text formatting to break.

Alliance War

  • When claiming or releasing a Keep for your guild, the dialog window will now properly close when finished.

Gamepad Mode

  • The world map elevation prompts will no longer overlap the bottom prompt bar on wide window sizes.
  • The dungeon difficulty selector will now use green text when you're able to change it, instead of red text.

Grouping Tool

  • Updated the in-game help menu to better reflect the improved functionality of the Grouping Tool.
  • Fixed an issue where the Dungeon Finder status would incorrectly change to "Not Queued" after going to a new zone.