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Released on January 09 2017.

The Elder Scrolls Online v2.7.1 is the first incremental patch for the PTS that mainly focuses on fixing issues surrounding our player housing system including homes, furnishings, and the housing editor. Please note that we're still evaluating our recent balance changes in regards to classes and combat, and plan to make adjustments based on data and your feedback in next week's patch. You can expect the size of this patch to be approximately 145MB.

Dark Brotherhood Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Exploration & Itemization[edit]


  • Updated the descriptions for the Dark Ledger and Preserved Sweetrolls items, found on the Achievement Furnisher in the Gold Coast.

Base Game Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Art & Animation[edit]


  • You can now properly dye the Colovian Filigreed Hood and Colovian Fur Hood, obtained from the New Life Festival.
  • The claws of Khajiit and Argonian player characters will no longer be removed when wearing boots from the following armor sets:
    • Medium Soul Shriven boots
    • Medium Dark Brotherhood boots
    • Light Skinchanger boots
    • Light Malacath boots

Combat & Gameplay[edit]


  • Fixed an issue where casting an ability to quickly dismount was not displaying some or all of that ability's visual effects to other player characters.
  • Increased the Dual Wield Weapon and Spell Damage penalty by roughly 3%. Weapon and Spell Damage while Dual Wielding (without modifiers) is now equal to using a Two Handed weapon.
    • Note: This change was included in the 2.7.0 patch, but the patch note was unintentionally missed.


  • Restoration Staff
    • Regeneration: Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs were not correctly prioritizing low-health targets that did not already have the Heal over Time applied.

Crafting & Economy[edit]


  • All purple and gold recipes now confirm your intent when you try to destroy them in your inventory.
  • Corrected naming mismatches for a number of crafted furniture items and their recipes.
  • Increased the skill and material requirements to make the item Wood Elf Trough, Slop. It's a nice trough, you see.
  • Removed a small number of recipes for furnishings not intended to be crafted.
  • Removed duplicate wording in a small number of recipes and furnishing names.
  • The cooking fire near Donalir in Eyevea can now be used when you are not surrounded by Daedra. It's much safer and easier this way.
  • Updated the names on various recipes for Redguard canopies, mats, and runners.
  • Updated the basic recipe for a rough military stretcher to involve cloth. Boy, would it be uncomfortable to be carried on a basic wooden rack.

Master Writs

  • Fixed an issue where buying something with Master Writ Vouchers would not update the total in the store UI.
  • Fixed an issue where Enchanting Master Writs invitations were requiring the Aspect Improvement passive instead of the intended Potency Improvement.
  • Fixed an issue causing the reward for all Master Writ quests to be reduced to 1 Writ Voucher.
  • Fixed an issue where crafting a poison Master Writ would not cause the quest to advance.
  • Removed an unattainable style motif from potential equipment Master Writs invitations.
  • Slightly increased the odds in receiving Blacksmithing, Clothier, and Woodworking Master Writs.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause a Master Alchemy Writ invitation to require an impossible combination of effects.

Survey Reports

  • Fixed an error preventing Enchanting and Alchemy Survey Reports from being distributed properly, leading to you being consistently sent to single locations.

Crown Store & Crown Crates[edit]


  • Commander Personality
    • Robes will no longer distort while walking with this personality.

Exploration & Itemization[edit]


  • Updated various items, such as raw furnishing crafting materials, to appear in categories more as expected on Guild Traders and other such services.


  • Fixed an issue where some achievements obtained by placing furnishings in your home would not complete in some cases.
  • Adjusted the number of items that must be placed to complete each of the Decorator achievements.


  • Updated the Acquire Hint for some Collectibles that could be obtained from various pre-orders, purchases of other products, or contests and giveaways.


  • Fixed an issue where items in the Lord Warden item set had the incorrect default Enchantment. Heavy items now have Health, Medium items have Stamina, and Light items have Magicka, as with other Monster Mask item sets.
  • Fixed an issue where many item sets, including those found on vendors from capturing towns in Cyrodiil, were sourcing Rings and Necklaces at a 50/50 ratio. They are now sourcing Rings more often than Necklaces, as originally intended.
  • Fixed an issue where some items in the Shadow Dancer's Raiment item set did not drop with the correct default Enchantment. Weapons in this item set now drop with the Absorb Magicka enchantment.


  • Updated Fro Snow-Hair's name to Frohilde Snow-Hair. She has grown weary of her childhood nickname, and is trying to be more professional these days.
  • Made some minor adjustments to Alchemist merchant offerings so they no longer sell furnishing recipes unrelated to Alchemy.
  • Adjusted the positioning of Zanil Theran in the Hollow City of Coldharbour so he no longer bumps into his counter.



  • Corrected the bind-type on a large number of furnishings.
  • Crafting Tables placed in your home will no longer display health bars when targeted, because you can't kill a crafting table…
  • Corrected the appearance and description of the "Yokudan Tumbler" accolade item. This has also been renamed to "Yokudan Puzzle Column".
  • Added paintings to treasure chests found in the world. They're rare! If you find one, cherish it. Or don't!
  • Fixed an issue where some PvP-specific achievement furnishings were displaying as the incorrect alliance.
  • Target Skeletons placed in homes will now properly glow yellow and red when appropriate.
  • Updated the Bowl of Blood, found on the Achievement Furnisher in Rivenspire. This item is now named "Crimson-Stained Bowl", and has a new description.
  • Updated the furnishing "Crafting Station, Enchanting" to match its fellows in visual quality.
  • Fixed a number of minor icon issues for some basket and produce box furnishings.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing a small number of furnishings to play their audio when placed in a home.


  • Slightly adjusted the total furnishing count in a number of furnished and unfurnished homes.
  • Daggerfall Overlook now has a tower from which you may now look over Daggerfall.
  • Fixed an issue causing incorrect text to display in a small number of housing purchase panels.
  • Fixed an issue with parts of the sky in Old Mistveil Manor from displaying correctly.
  • Adjusted the position of the tree in Velothi Reverie to be more consistent with general overland appearance.
  • Patched the roof in Sleek Creek so it will no longer rain inside your home.
  • Removed a tree from Quondam Indorilia that could not be adjusted.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed placement of objects blocking the Cliffshade home's door.
  • Slaughterfish will now appear further out from the property in the Hunding's Palatial Hall's waters.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing sounds to be quieter than intended when inside homes.
  • Earthtear Cavern now has a map for its interior space.
  • Added a missing ceiling panel in the Forsaken Stronghold.

Housing Editor

  • Clicking in the Housing Editor without a piece of furniture targeted will no longer play a sound.
  • There is no longer a slight delay when selecting a piece of furniture inside your house, and the camera will now instantly adjust as expected.
  • You can no longer use the Housing Editor while your character is dead.
  • While previewing furniture, visual effects will now appear as they will when the furnishing is placed in your home.
  • Fixed an issue where you would need to replace lights included in homes upon purchase before they could be interacted with.
  • Fixed an issue causing some non-combat pets and assistants to disappear at certain angles in the placement editor.
  • Fixed an issue where an empty category could display in the Place screen within the Housing Editor.

Quests & Zones[edit]


  • Fixed an issue where the quest introducing player housing would not advance properly if you already had a furniture item in your inventory when the quest began.



  • Fixed an issue where the Join Queue button could get disabled when it should be enabled.
  • Removed a duplicate error message from the new Dungeon Finder Ready Check.
  • Fixed a UI error that appeared while scrolling through the Crown Store.