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Released on May 11 2020. (forum post)

The Elder Scrolls Online v6.0.3 includes lots of improvements and fixes for the entire Antiquities system, along with some adjustments for Vampire skills, additional crash fixes, and more. We appreciate everyone’s feedback and bug reports so far! If you have any remaining feedback items or bug reports to submit, please utilize /feedback and /bug in-game so it can be properly processed. The size of this patch is approximately 377MB.

Fixes & Improvements[edit]

DLCs & Chapters[edit]



  • Bards now actively sing in various parts of Western Skyrim and Blackreach: Greymoor Caverns.


Dungeons & Group Content

Kyne’s Aegis Trial

  • General
    • Updated the text for the mail sent after successfully completing Kyne's Aegis.
    • Updated the name of Kyne's Aegis Perfect Achievement to "Kyne's Deliverance" to prevent confusion with a non-associated title.
  • Lord Falgravn
    • Added sounds to the Blood Cleave ability and the Incorporeal Fiend when entering combat.

Exploration & Itemization


  • Updated the locations for several Harvest Nodes, Heavy Sacks, Safeboxes, Treasure Chests, and other containers so they are now accessible and no longer embed into the terrain.
  • Legendary Instruments no longer reappear in the wild after they’ve been returned to the Bards College.
  • Fixed an error that prevented Western Skyrim treasure maps from dropping.
  • Updated the Restoration Staff of Winter's Respite to use the Blackreach Vanguard style.


  • Updated the text from the Labyrinthian Conqueror achievement to cite the correct monsters.
  • Separated the main quest achievements for Greymoor into two separate achievement lines.
  • Removed the achievement “Broadened Focus”.
  • Corrected a typo in the name of the achievement “Fortuitous Fork-Strike”.


  • General
    • Updated the visual effect that occurs when you use the Antiquarian’s Eye as a Tool, to more clearly point you towards the Antiquity’s Dig Site.
    • Fixed an issue where some Antiquities would not properly display any visual effects upon being revealed, damaged, or destroyed.
    • Fixed an issue where stack sizes were incorrect for a small number of items.
    • Fixed typos in the lore entries for a variety of Antiquities, including the Moons-Blessed Ceremonial Pool and the Faded Psijic Folio.
  • Codex/Journal
    • Fixed an issue where a fragmented Antiquity that could only be found once (like a mount) would have the counter reset to 0 in the Codex after finding all the pieces and getting the Antiquity. The counter should only reset to 0 if the Antiquity can be found a second time (like a Mythic item).
    • Fixed multiple issues with overlapping and incorrect text in the Antiquity Codex.
    • Added progress bars to the Antiquities Codex in Gamepad Mode that measure Codex Entry completion.
    • Fixed an issue where the Antiquities section of the Journal did not have icons in Gamepad Mode.
    • Added support to the Journal for scrolling through Antiquity codex documents using the mouse wheel or by clicking on individual documents.
    • Scryable Antiquities that are above your current skill level will now be grouped by their required skill and rank in the Antiquity journal.
    • The Antiquity journal now displays a new indicator to designate when new leads have been found for Scryable Antiquities.
    • Non-repeatable complete sets in the Antiquities journal will now show as fully complete.
    • Corrected the name of the scholar on one of the Antiquity Lore Codex entries for the Font of Auri-El.
  • Dig Sites
    • Fixed an issue where some compass markers for Antiquity Dig Sites were not located within the Dig Site's boundaries.
    • Fixed a rare crash when mousing over a dig site after Scrying.
    • Moved an Antiquity dig site area in Elsweyr to a different location where it is not imperiled by dragon attacks.
    • Adjusted the boundaries of several Antiquity Dig Sites.
    • Added the compass icon for Antiquity Dig Sites.
  • Excavation
    • Reduced the number of Bonus Loots in Simple Excavations to 1, and the number of Bonus Loots in Intermediate Excavations to 2.
    • Added a keybind to view the Antiquity Codex entry after successfully completing an Excavation.
    • Added some extra idle visual effects to the fissures in Excavation to help make them more visible.
    • Fixed an issue where the Antiquity Name at the top of the Excavation screen would occasionally not update when finding multiple Antiquities in a row.
    • Fixed an issue where the Excavation UI would continue displaying the name of the first Antiquity you excavate.
    • Made additional adjustments to the rewards screens for Excavation.
    • Tooltips within Excavation no longer get stuck on screen.
    • Updated the error message displayed when attempting to use a digging tool that requires Intuition to use.
    • Adjusted the second rank of the Augur skill to function more like its first rank, no longer having narrower bands of 'hot' and 'cold', as the different functionality appeared to be more confusing than helpful.
  • Itemization
    • Increased the variety of basic Treasures that can be found in false-positive dig sites for Antique Maps.
    • Fixed an issue where the parts of the Dwarven Ebon Wolf mount were all found in buried books. They will now be excavated from a variety of container types, as befits such a cool reward.
    • Fixed an issue which could prevent the Snow Treaders item from being acquired.
    • Updated instances of "Ancestral Elf" to note that they're "Ancestral High Elf".
    • Updated the collectible names for the Dwemer Face Marking, Ysgramor’s Chosen Face Marking, and Ysgramor’s Chosen Body Marking to match the names of the Antiquities.
    • Fixed a typo in the name of the Tormentor’s Roller, an Antiquities Treasure found in Coldharbour.
    • Fixed an issue where Antiquity Treasures had stack sizes less than 200. All Antiquity Treasures now have a max stack size of 200.
  • Leads
    • Added a center screen message when an Antiquity lead is acquired.
    • Fixed an error with the sourcing for the lead for the Charm of the Shapeless Antiquity.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the lead for the Brazier of Frozen Flame Antiquity to drop in Stros M'Kai instead of Bleakrock Isle.
    • Adjusted the drop rates for several furnishing leads that were not dropping as intended.
    • Fixed an issue where a fragmented Antiquity that could only be found once would tell you that a lead is required to find it again after it was already found.
    • Fixed an error where the Lead for the Cat's Eye Prism Antiquity was improperly sourced.
  • Mythic Items
    • Fixed an issue where Mythic equipment could be deconstructed. Mythic gear is now unable to be deconstructed, as originally intended.
    • Fixed an issue where Mythic Items were not asking to confirm deletion.
    • Equipped Mythic items now feature an orange glow behind them, to better help them stand out.
  • Scrying
    • Reduced the number of turns one has to Scry for an Antiquity to 8, down from the previous 10.
    • A turn counter will now appear when you have 3 turns or less remaining while Scrying.
    • Fixed issue where the Coalescence skill would unintentionally highlight the center hex.
    • Fixed an issue where the tutorial pop-ups for some Scrying abilities would not display properly.
    • Added some visual effects to Scrying to help transition to and from normal gameplay.
    • Made a number of small adjustments to the visuals when the Antiquarian's Eye appears when beginning to Scry.
  • UI
    • Fixed an issue where Antiquity names would run off the screen on the map.
    • Fixed an issue where successfully recovering an Antiquity would not display the rewards screens if you were previously interrupted by combat.
    • Fixed an issue where Antiquity tooltips may not clear correctly from the Antiquity journal.
    • The Antiquarian Circle is now visibility on the Solitude map.
    • Fixed several typos in the lore entries for Antiquities.
    • Clarified the text that describes how to advance the Excavation and Scrying skill lines, to better indicate that you can advance these skill lines both by completing Achievements and by unearthing Antiquities.
    • Updated the error messages for Scrying and Excavation to now use the correct terminology and ability names.
    • Added a Tutorial pop-up the first time you open the Antiquities Codex to better explain how to initiate Scrying for an Antiquity.
    • Increased the number of bonus loot items that can be displayed in the Rewards screen, following an Excavation, from 2 to 3.
    • Fixed a typo in the tooltip for the Trowel ability.
    • Fixed an issue where the “New” indicator for Antiquity Fragments would not be cleared when looked at.



  • Fixed an issue where you could not exit the Swarming Scion or Perfect Scion transformation inside Bastion Sanguinaris.


  • Updated several furnishings to have shorter names, due to character length limitations.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented a number of Parlor furnishings from appearing when you went to craft them.
  • Updated the furniture behavior tags for several furnishings to better match their functionality.
  • Vampiric drapes can now be found in the Tapestries subcategory, instead of the Banners subcategory, to be consistent with prior furnishings.
  • Updated the description of several Antiquity furnishings to better match their appearance.
  • Added missing audio for switching on and off some of the new lights.
  • Fixed an issue where the flame in the "Solitude Lantern, Table" furnishing wouldn't appear at the correct location.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Warcaller's Painted Drum” Antiquity furnishing could be used many times in very rapid succession; there is now a cooldown of roughly half a second between drumbeats.

Monsters & NPCs


  • Death Hounds
    • Renamed Vampiric Wolves to Death Hounds to remain consistent. They are still good boys… if you’re the right kind of vampire.
  • Humanoid Vampires
    • Vampires no longer play “boss music” when engaged.


  • Converted some NPCs to Bards to better match the content.
  • Updated a number of NPC postures to provide more realistic and lifelike animations.
  • Frileka, innkeeper in the Eversnow Inn, now has things to say about her situation.

Quests & Zones


  • Fixed several discrepancies between lines voiced by NPCs and their accompanying text.
  • All quest assist markers are now in the correct location in Shadowgreen Delve.
  • You will no longer retrigger the theater scene when moving around the room before the boss battle in Netherroot Grove.


  • Titans and other Harrowstorm abilities now display correct ability icons in the death recap UI.
  • Monsters that are part of Harrowstorms will no longer maintain their aggressiveness once you leave the encounter area.
  • The visual effects for the Harrowstorm will no longer duplicate themselves when entering and exiting the encounter space.


  • Bound in Blood: Fennorian no longer disappears during this quest, and the quest pin will update correctly based on the action during the quest step to hide and listen in Deepwood Barrow.
  • Long Journey Home: The quest pin for Old Mjolen is now in the correct location.
  • Greymoor Rising:
    • You will no longer get stuck on the quest step to listen to the soldier if you abandon and later reacquire this quest.
    • You will no longer receive early responses to conversations when talking with Lyris.
  • One Last Adventure: Your followers will now reappear appropriately if you log out and back in during this quest.



  • An equipped Mythic item will now glow when trying to equip a second Mythic item so it's easier to tell which equipment slot currently has one equipped.
  • Corrected a number of text-only typos in books, conversations, quest items, and other text components.


Dungeons & Group Content

Cloudrest Trial

  • Shade of Belanaril
    • Voltaic Overload can no longer spread to allies in other worlds.

Combat & Gameplay[edit]

Combat & Abilities[edit]


  • Fixed numerous issues with passives such as Banish the Wicked or Expert Hunter failing to recognize some enemies as Werewolves in the Wolfhunter DLC dungeons.
  • Made additional adjustments to bar swap to ensure that swapping from both bars now receives the proper cooldown changes.
  • Fixed an issue occurring in some Battlegrounds where falling while in the middle of a cast time could cause the cast time to get stuck.

Buffs and Debuffs

  • Minor Timidity: Fixed an issue where this debuff failed to apply from the poisons that sourced it.


  • Vampire
    • Adjusted the Vampire Stages to the following:
      • Stage 1/2/3/4
      • Health Recovery is now -10/-30/-60/-100%, adjusted from -10/-40/-70-/100%
      • Flame Damage Taken is now +5/+8/+13/+20%, adjusted from +5/+10/+15/+20%
      • Regular Ability Cost is now +3/+5/+8+12%, down from +5/+10/+15/+20%
      • Vampire Ability Cost is now -6/-10/-16/-24%, down from -10/-20/-30/-40%
    • Blood Frenzy: The health cost for this ability and its morphs now increases by 20% for every second they remain toggled on, and stack indefinitely. The cost resets when toggled off.
      • Simmering Frenzy (morph): This morph no longer causes the health cost to increase every second it is toggled on, as the base morph already covers this. It continues to increase the Weapon and Spell damage bonus every second it is toggled by 10%.
    • Mesmerize: Increased the length of the cone of this ability and its morphs to 10 meters, up from 7 meters. The arc of the cone remains at 90 degrees.
    • Fixed an issue where the Player-to-Player Vampire bite was not playing its new paired animation.

Itemization & Item Sets[edit]

Item Sets

  • Spawn of Mephala: Fixed an issue with the visuals of this set.
  • Yandir’s Might and Perfected Yandir’s Might: Fixed an issue where Giant’s Endurance would persist through bar swapping or equipping the set.

Base Game[edit]

Art & Animation[edit]


  • Fixed an issue where completing the Icebreath Indrik would display an effect that included the Pure-Snow Indrik.
  • Fixed an issue where the face of female characters would clip into the Master Field Cartographer helmet while using the Race Change Menu.


  • The Ancestral Orc Bow now properly animates when being used to attack.



  • Fixed an issue with missing sounds on non-combat pets.

Crown Store & Crown Crates[edit]


  • Fixed an issue where you could attempt to change your gender when performing an alliance change.
  • Fixed some issues where various tabs could become unavailable when using an alliance change token after making a change.
  • Characters are now prevented from changing their alliance when in specific areas (such as tutorial areas) to prevent issues where quests could get into a bad state.

Events & Celebrations[edit]

Midyear Mayhem

  • Added a new tutorial after turning in the Midyear Mayhem introduction that tells new players how to get to Cyrodiil or queue for a Battleground.
  • Fixed an issue where the Midyear Mayhem intro quest map pins would not direct you to the battleground camp if you were in a zone that had one.

Summerset Celebration

  • Fixed an issue where some event-sourced furnishing items could not be previewed or placed in your house.

Exploration & Itemization[edit]


  • The buffs provided by the Purifying Bloody Mara and Corrupting Bloody Mara foods now have the correct names.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the non-perfected Master's and Maelstrom weapons to drop for low-level characters.
  • Fixed an issue where weapons would sometimes drop with the wrong rarity from the Maelstrom and Dragonstar Arenas when completing them on normal difficulty.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented Vampires from being able to earn the Vampire Cannibal achievement.



  • Added the Precision Edit key to the Moving & Placing Objects tutorial.
  • When using Precision Edit, your degree of precision (1cm/10cm/100cm for movement, 0.05°/1°/15° for rotation) will now be saved between sessions.
  • Increased the transparency of the housing editor's movement and rotation arrows in order to offer a better view of furnishings during placement.


  • Fixed an issue where the "Provisioning Station, Elsweyr Grill" furnishing would give an interact prompt from very far away.
  • The Basin of Loss and the Soul-Sworn Thrall are now categorized in a new Vampire Utility subcategory of the Services category of the housing editor.
  • The Basin of Loss now correctly shows up when filtering by the Vampiric theme.
  • Fixed an issue where you could use the Basin of Loss while transformed into a Perfect Scion, which could result in unexpected side effects.



  • Fixed an issue that could cause non-combat pets to get stuck fading in or out, appearing partially faded.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a non-combat pet would change postures.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could happen when looting particular items.

Activity Finder

  • Fixed an issue where changing zones after accepting a Ready Check could result in you not being able to queue.



  • Fixed a UI error that could occur after creating a new character using a template.
  • Fixed an issue where previewing a Crown Crate or furniture bundle in the Crown Store would not display the correct quality colors for the contents.
  • Fixed issue that would cause the keybindings in the End User License Agreement to not function.
  • The gold value of an item on the tooltip will now be properly separated by punctuation when 1,000 or higher.

Gamepad Mode

  • Fixed an issue where keybind text at crafting stations could overlap in some languages.
  • Fixed an issue where the images for test events on the PTS would be awkwardly scaled/cropped in the Announcements screen.

Help & Tooltips

  • Added tooltip text to lockpicks.