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Released on March 11, 2024.

Patch 9.3.5
Version 9.3.5
Patch Type Game Update
Approximate Size 2.26GB
Release Date March 11, 2024
Patch Notes URL Patch Notes

Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v9.3.5 and our first DLC for 2024: Scions of Ithelia! This DLC features two challenging new 4-player PvE dungeons. Oathsworn Pit is a training ground for Malacath's chosen, and the God of Curses demands you enact revenge on behalf of the fallen. In Bedlam Veil, located within the demiplane of Maelstrom, you’ll find cultists have invaded and it’s up to you to defend this ancient vault and the mysterious relic it protects. Completing these dungeons gives you the chance at obtaining a number of new item sets, collectibles, achievements, and more.

As part of the free base game update, we’ve added 3 new PvP item sets that are earned from Rewards of the Worthy in addition to a new Antiquity. We’ve also unified gear repair kits to aid in any inventory woes, and siege equipment will also now stack! Undaunted key rewards have been increased, and we’ve also updated graphic settings presets and the minimum specs for the game.

We hope you enjoy this year’s first DLC which is approximately 2.26GB in size.