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Released on August 19 2019.

The Elder Scrolls Online v5.1.6 fixes the issue where you would stop sprinting on your mount when out of stamina and some pulls not working properly, such as Empowering Chains. We also fixed the bug that was allowing players not on the top 100 leaderboards to receive rewards, among a few other fixes. The size of this patch is approximately 103MB.

Scalebreaker Fixes & Improvement[edit]

Dungeons & Group Content[edit]


  • Moongrave Fane
    • The telegraph for Sahrotnax's Dying Breath will now always line up with where the flames will travel towards Grundwulf.
    • Hemo Helots will no longer become invisible after a player character dies while attempting to execute a heavy attack against the Helot.

Combat & Gameplay[edit]

Combat & Abilities[edit]


  • Sprinting on a mount on empty stamina no longer incorrectly reduces your speed.
  • Fixed an issue where certain pull abilities, such as Fiery Grip, would occasionally not work properly.

Base Game Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Alliance War & PVP[edit]


  • Added protection against a crash that could occur when interacting with siege weapons in Cyrodiil.


  • Added additional fixes to ensure Chaosball bonuses and effects do not persist on players when they respawn.

Crown Store & Crown Crates[edit]


  • Fixed an issue with notifications incorrectly referencing Vampire and Werewolf skill lines in the Crown Store when they are not yet available.

Exploration & Itemization[edit]


  • Fixed an issue where you could potentially get leaderboard rewards even if you weren't in the top 100 players on the leaderboard.



  • Corrected a missing icon for Frost Embers, the style material for the Sunspire style.