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Released on May 26 2020. (forum post)


Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v6.0.5 and our next Chapter: Greymoor! Explore the icy mountains and wild forests of the Nords as you venture forth into Western Skyrim. The land is harsh and unforgiving, much like many of its people and its lords. High King Svargim welcomes you to the capital city of Solitude gruffly, but you'll have the opportunity to earn the respect of the Jarls and the swordthanes of Western Skyrim—if you survive.

In addition to climbing over the frozen peaks of Western Skyrim, you'll have the opportunity to delve into its darkest ruins and greatest secrets. Find the hidden entrances to legendary Blackreach, the subterranean realm beneath the lands of Tamriel and explore the darkling caves and forgotten ruins deep below Western Skyrim's surface. Two wildly different lands, stacked one on top of the other, each threatening … and threatened.

But there is more to Greymoor than defeating evil! Try your hand at our brand new Antiquities system to unearth a ton of legendary relics scattered throughout Tamriel. Between furnishings, Mythic items, a mount, and even siege weapons, there truly is something for everyone. If battle is more your thing, get together with your strongest allies to take on Kyne's Aegis, our newest 12-player Trial.

Greymoor also features 10 new item sets (including Perfected versions only found in the Veteran Kyne's Aegis Trial), and of course new Collectibles, Dyes, and Titles. Exploring Blackreach also uncovers new crafting ingredients!

Update 26, which is a free update as part of the base game, includes several other additions and features as well. First, Vampires have received significant changes this update, with a focus on improving the entire experience as a Vampire. If you currently play a Vampire, don't worry: any experience required for progressing the Skill Line itself has not changed, and you will keep your current ranks. Update 26 also brings several optimizations to both the server and client to improve game performance. You'll also find several updates to Imperial City, and the addition of Precision Editing Mode for housing enthusiasts.

Finally, we're excited to welcome all of our Russian players who can enjoy localized Russian text in-game with this update. You can expect this update to be approximately 6.64GB. Thank you, and enjoy your time in Greymoor!

New Features / Updates / Big Changes[edit]

Greymoor Chapter[edit]

New Zone(s) – Western Skyrim/Blackreach[edit]

Prepare to embark on a new journey! In this patch, you can travel to the Nord nation of Western Skyrim and uncover the Dark Heart of Skyrim.

  • To begin your voyage, you can choose from among the following:
    • Create a new character and play through the new Greymoor tutorial.
    • Enter the zone with an existing character in one of the following ways:
  • After you complete the tutorial, seek out Fennorian just outside Deepwood Vale to get the first quest of the Main Story, or travel to the gates of Solitude and encounter Brondold who can set you on your path.
  • Greymoor includes the following activities:
    • Six delves, each with its own Skyshard and associated content
    • Six challenging world bosses, ranging from the terrifying Sea Giant Ysmgar along the northern coast to the powerful Dwarven Colossus deep within the mines of Blackreach
    • Two public dungeons: the ancient tombs of Labyrinthian and the Dwarven stronghold of Nchuthnkarst (bless you!)
    • New set crafting stations
    • Defending the realms of Western Skyrim and Blackreach from powerful Harrowstorms
    • Over thirty hours of quest content, exploration, achievement hunting

The new Antiquities system allows you to scour all of Tamriel for lost relics and treasures. Through the use of two new Skill Lines and the new Antiquarian's Eye Tool, you'll be able to uncover new furnishings, equipment, a mount, and more!

To begin, visit the Antiquarian Circle, located in the city of Solitude, in Western Skyrim. There, speak with Verita Numida, who will introduce you to the Antiquarian's Eye, and teach you the skills needed to begin seeking Antiquities. You can then strike out on your own, or continue to learn more about the Antiquarian's Eye and how the Antiquities system works from Verita and Gabrielle Benele.

  • Leads
    • In most cases before you can Scry for an Antiquity, you'll need to obtain a Lead. Leads can be found in a wide variety of ways and places throughout the world, and do not require you to be an Antiquarian to obtain them (though you will need to be to utilize them).
    • Some Leads may require you to have done other tasks before you can obtain them – exploring a Zone, completing a quest, or digging up other Antiquities.
    • Leads expire 30 days after you obtain them. (Of course, you can always obtain them again).
    • Leads can be found almost anywhere, from nearly any activity. Below are some hints to get you started.
      • As a general rule of thumb: the rarer the Antiquity, the more specific, hidden, or mysterious its source.
      • Lead sourcing is often related, directly or indirectly, to the Antiquity it will lead to. For instance, if you're looking for Leads to Antiquities concerning Glenumbra's history, try scouring Glenumbra.
      • Some Leads are already known – to someone else. Try defeating powerful foes, speaking with shopkeepers, or checking in treasure hoards big and small.
      • When in doubt, poke around and explore. You may find a new Lead when – and where! – you least expect to.
    • Every zone has at least one green-quality treasure lead that you will already have, so you can dive into Antiquities right away without needing to hunt for leads.
    • Finding that lead can unlock higher value treasures in each zone.
  • Scrying, Excavating, and The Antiquarian's Eye
    • Once you've obtained a Lead, you'll learn a little about the Antiquity – enough to Scry for it.
    • You can Scry for an Antiquity from the Journal or from the Map.
    • You must be in the Antiquity's correct Zone in order to Scry for an Antiquity.
    • Once you've successfully excavated an Antiquity, you'll learn a little lore about it. There are hundreds and hundreds of tidbits of scholarly discourse to be uncovered!
    • You can press F1 / hold Back to bring up the Help screens at any time.
  • List of Antiquities
    • Mythic Items – each Mythic Item is split into five fragments. You can read more details on these items under the "New Item Sets" section.
      • Bloodlord's Embrace (Heavy Chest)
      • Malacath's Band of Brutality (Ring) (Requires Orsinium)
      • Ring of the Wild Hunt (Ring) (Requires Murkmire)
      • Snow Treaders (Medium Feet)
      • Torc of Tonal Constancy (Neck)
      • Thrassian Stranglers (Light Hands) (Requires Summerset)
    • Dwarven Ebon Wolf mount – the first time a canine mount has been earnable in-game!
      • This mount is split into 17 fragments, found throughout the base game and Western Skyrim. You'll need to collect all seventeen pieces in order to form the mount.
    • Antique Map furnishings of nearly all zones in the game
    • Three new Motifs
    • Cosmetic Options
      • Companion's Coronet (Adorment)
      • Ysgramor's Chosen Body Marking
      • Ysgramor's Chosen Face Marking
      • Dwemer Crown (Adornment)
      • Dwemer Body Markings
      • Dwemer Face Markings
    • The Aldmeri Symphonium, a new Music Box furnishing – split into three Fragments (requires Thieves Guild)
    • The Magicka Lance siege weapon, available in Fire, Ice, and Shock varieties
    • A new Emote, the Alinor Allemande (requires Summerset)
    • Over a hundred new sellable treasures (three per Zone), worth a total value of over 300,000 gold
    • Over fifty new, highly impressive Furnishings for your home:
Spoiler: Furnishing List
Furnishing - Zone
  • Altar of Celestial Convergence - Craglorn
  • Anvil of Old Orsinium - Wrothgar
  • Ashen Infernace Gate - Stonefalls
  • Ayleid Lightwell - Betnikh
  • Beacon of Tower Zero - Stormhaven
  • Blessed Dais of Mother Morrow - Deshaan
  • Branch of Falinesti - Greenshade
  • Brazier of Frozen Flame - Bleakrock
  • Carved Whale Totem - Eastmarch
  • Cat's Eye Prism - Khenarthi's Roost
  • Daedric Pillar of Torment - Coldharbour
  • Dwarven Puzzle Box - Stros M'Kai
  • Dwemer Star Chart - Alik'r
  • Dwemer Star Chart - Stros M'Kai
  • Ebony Fox Totem - The Rift
  • Echoes of Aldmeris - Auridon
  • Eight-Star Chandelier - Grahtwood
  • Font of Auri-El - Western Skyrim
  • Golden Idol of Morihaus - Gold Coast
  • Greensong Gathering Circle - Greenshade
  • Hollowbone Wind Chimes - Malabal Tor
  • Jeweled Skull of Ayleid Kings - Glenumbra
  • Kingmaker's Trove - Glenumbra
  • Maormeri Serpent Shrine - Auridon
  • Meridian Sconce - Gold Coast
  • Mnemonic Star-Sphere - Clockwork City
  • Moonlight Mirror - Reaper's March
  • Moons-Blessed Ceremonial Pool - Southern Elsweyr
  • Morwha's Blessing - Hew's Bane
  • Moth Priest's Cleansing Bowl - Elsweyr
  • Nest of Shadows - Shadowfen
  • Nisswo's Soul Tender - Murkmire
  • Noble Knight's Rest - Stormhaven
  • Prismatic Sunbird Feather - Summerset
  • Remnant of the False Tower - Rivenspire
  • Riven King's Throne - Rivenspire
  • Ruby Dragon Skull - Bleakrock
  • Rune-Carved Mammoth Skill - The Rift
  • Sacred Chalice of Ysgramor - Eastmarch
  • Seat of the Snow Prince - Western Skyrim
  • Shrine of Boethra - Southern Elsweyr
  • Silvenari Sap-Stone - Malabal Tor
  • Sixth House Ritual Table - Vvardenfell
  • Sorcerer-King's Blade - Reaper's March
  • Spellscar Shard - Craglorn
  • St. Alessia, Paravant - Grahtwood
  • St. Nerevar, Moon-and-Star - Vvardenfell
  • Stained Glass of Lunar Phases - Elsweyr
  • Sweet Khenarthi's Song - Khenarthi's Roost
  • Tall Papa's Lamp - Bangkorai
  • The Dutiful Guar - Bal Foyen
  • The Heartland - Alik'r
  • Tri-Angled Truth Altar - Bal Foyen
  • Tusks of the Orc-Father - Wrothgar
  • Void-Crystal Anomaly - Coldharbour
  • Warcaller's Painted Drum - Betnikh
  • Yokudan Skystone Scabbard - Hew's Bane
New Trial: Kyne's Aegis[edit]

Kyne's Aegis is a keep on an island north of Solitude. Its original intent was to be a bulwark against northern invasions which approached the coast via the easiest channel. Thane Ogvar was given ownership over the fort and over time, it morphed into a northern fishing village in addition to a fort. The island's gold veins led to the Thane establishing a mining operation. Until recently, the fort has remained peaceful with only the occasional northern squall cropping up to cause concern. The transformation of the island to a fishing and mining spot has led to the slow decline of the fort.

A short time ago, tremendously large longships appeared to the north. Before a proper defense could be mustered, these ships crashed into the island, disgorging Sea Giants and Half-Giants, led by a powerful Vampire lord. These creatures of myth quickly overwhelmed the northern section of the island and have begun the assault of the fort proper.

With the island threatened, the Thane has sent for assistance from anyone that can reach the island.

  • Kyne's Aegis is a 12-player Trial reached from the northern coast of Western Skyrim.
  • The Trial includes both a normal and challenging Veteran version.
  • There are unique Item Sets within the Trial, including Perfected versions only found in the Veteran difficulty.
  • Unique Achievement awards are available for completing the Trial, including:
    • A unique Skin
    • A new and unique multi-player Memento awarded by completing all achievements within the Kyne's Aegis
    • Several Titles
    • Unique housing items
New Item Sets[edit]

This update brings a number of new item sets you can obtain through various means, either from the overland, the new Trial, crafting, or the new Antiquities system.

  • Overland
    • Winter's Respite – Light Armor
      • 2 – Adds 129 Magicka Recovery
      • 3 – Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
      • 4 – Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
      • 5 – Casting abilities that leave an effect on the ground will create a circle of healing frost for 10 seconds. You and your allies restore 2358 Health every 1 second while inside the circle. This effect can occur once every 10 seconds.
    • Venomous Smite – Medium Armor
      • 2 – Adds 833 Weapon Critical
      • 3 – Adds 833 Weapon Critical
      • 4 – Adds 129 Weapon Damage
      • 5 – Dealing Critical Damage inflicts Hunter's Venom on your enemy for 2241 Poison Damage to your target and nearby enemies every 1 second. This effect can occur once every 15 seconds.
    • Eternal Vigor – Heavy Armor
      • 2 – Adds 129 Magicka Recovery
      • 3 – Adds 129 Stamina Recovery
      • 4 – Adds 129 Health Recovery
      • 5 – Adds 1407 Maximum Health
      • 5 – Adds 337 Stamina and Magicka Recovery while your Health is above 50%. Adds 1011 Health Recovery while your Health is 50% or less.
  • Crafting
    • Stuhn's Favor
      • 2 – Adds 129 Weapon Damage
      • 2 – Adds 129 Spell Damage
      • 3 – Adds 1487 Physical Penetration
      • 3 – Adds 1487 Spell Penetration
      • 4 – Adds 129 Weapon Damage
      • 4 – Adds 129 Spell Damage
      • 5 – Dealing damage to an enemy who is Off Balance grants you 5312 Physical and Spell Penetration for 10 seconds.
    • Dragon's Appetite
      • 2 – Adds 129 Weapon Damage
      • 3 – Adds 129 Stamina Recovery
      • 4 – Adds 129 Stamina Recovery
      • 5 – Increases your damage done to Bleeding enemies by 225. Dealing non-Bleed damage to Bleeding enemies generates a persistent stack of Dragon's Appetite, up to once per second. After 10 stacks, you consume Dragon's Appetite and heal for 6415.
    • Spell Parasite
      • 2 – Adds 129 Spell Damage
      • 3 – Adds 833 Spell Critical
      • 4 – Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
      • 5 – Whenever you deal damage, you restore 63 Magicka. This effect can occur once every 0.25 seconds.
  • Trial
    • Roaring Opportunist – Magicka DPS
      • 2 – Adds 1487 Spell Penetration
      • 3 – Gain Minor Slayer at all times, increasing your damage done to Dungeon, Trial, and Arena Monsters by 5%.
      • 4 – Adds 129 Spell Damage
      • 5 (Perfected) – Adds 1096 Max Magicka
      • 5 – Dealing damage with a Fully-Charged Heavy Attack to an enemy grants you and up to 11 group members Major Slayer, increasing your damage done to Dungeon, Trial, and Arena Monsters by 15% for 1 second for every 8000 damage dealt, with a minimum of 5 seconds and maximum of 12 seconds. Roaring Opportunist can only affect a target every 22 seconds.
    • Yandir's Might – Stamina DPS
      • 2 – Adds 129 Weapon Damage
      • 3 – Gain Minor Slayer at all times, increasing your damage done to Dungeon, Trial and Arena Monsters by 5%.
      • 4 – Adds 129 Stamina Recovery
      • 5 (Perfected) – Adds 1487 Physical Penetration
      • 5 – Dealing Critical Damage grants you a stack of Giant's Endurance, up to one a second. Each stack of Giant's Endurance adds 69 Stamina Recovery, up to 5 stacks. Dealing damage with a Fully Charged Heavy Attack removes Giant's Endurance and grants you Giant's Might for 10 seconds, increasing your Weapon Damage by 111 per stack removed. You cannot have Giant's Endurance and Might active at the same time.
    • Kyne's Wind – Healing
      • 2 – Adds 129 Magicka Recovery
      • 3 – Gain Minor Aegis at all times, reducing your damage taken from Dungeon, Trial, and Arena Monsters by 5%
      • 4 – Adds 4% Healing Done
      • 5 (Perfected) – Adds 129 Magicka Recovery
      • 5 – Casting an ability or drinking a potion that applies a Major Buff on yourself or an ally creates a pool of Kyne's Blessing for 4 seconds. You and allies standing in Kyne's Blessing restore 399 Stamina and Magicka every 1 second. This effect can occur once every 10 seconds.
    • Vrol's Command – Tanking
      • 2 – Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina
      • 3 – Gain Minor Aegis at all times, reducing your damage taken from Dungeon, Trial, and Arena Monsters by 5%.
      • 4 – Adds 1206 Maximum Health
      • 5 (Perfected) – Adds 4% Healing Taken
      • 5 – After dealing damage with a Fully-Charged Heavy Attack, apply Major Aegis to you and up to 11 nearby group members for 10 seconds, reducing damage taken from Dungeon, Trial, and Arena enemies by 15%. This effect can occur once every 36 seconds.
  • Mythic
    • Bloodlord's Embrace – Heavy Chest
      • 1 – Dealing damage with a Bash attack places a persistent, un-cleansable Blood Curse on an enemy. You can only have one Blood Cursed enemy at a time and dealing additional Bash damage moves the Blood Curse. Blocking an attack from a Blood Cursed enemy restores 1535 Magicka to you. This effect can occur every 1 second.
    • Thrassian Stranglers – Light Hands
      • 1 – Killing an enemy grants you a persistent stack of Sload's Call, up to a maximum of 20 stacks. Each stack increases your Spell Damage by 150, but also increases your damage taken and reduces effectiveness of damage shields and healing taken by 2%. Removing Thrassian Stranglers, crouching, or going invisible removes all stacks of Sload's Call.
    • Snow Treaders – Medium Feet
      • 1 – You are immune to Snares and Immobilizations that can be cleansed. While in combat, you cannot Sprint.
    • Ring of the Wild Hunt – Ring
      • 1 – Increases your movement speed by 15% while in combat. Increases your movement speed by 45% while out of combat.
    • Malacath's Band of Brutality – Ring
      • 1 – Increases your damage done by 25%. You cannot deal critical damage.
    • Torc of Tonal Constancy – Necklace
      • 1 – While your Stamina is less than 50%, increases your Magicka Recovery by 450. While your Magicka is less than 50%, increases your Stamina Recovery by 450.
New Collectibles[edit]

In this update, we've added several new collectibles for you to, well, collect!

  • Pets
  • Mementos
  • Costumes
    • Antiquarian Robes: Acquired by completing the "Master of the Eye" achievement.
    • Master Field Cartographer: Acquired by collecting and combining all of the Cartographer Fragments found in the Nchuthnkarst public dungeon.
    • Antiquarian Field Garb: Acquired by completing the "Master Antiquarian" achievement.
  • Hats
    • Reach-Mage Ceremonial Skullcap: Combine 20 Arena Gladiator's Proofs with a Reach Mage's Ferocity, available for purchase from War Researchers in Cyrodiil.
  • Adornments
  • Skins
  • Outfit Styles
    • Antiquarian's Pickaxe: Acquired by earning the "Master of the Spade" achievement.
    • Wolf of Solitude Replica Sword: Complete the quest "Greymoor Rising"
    • Karthwatch Sigil Shield: Complete the quest "The Vampire Scholar".
  • A new Undaunted trophy and bust for completing the Kyne's Aegis trial on normal and Veteran difficulty respectively.
New Achievements, Dyes & Titles[edit]

With Greymoor, we're adding over 80 new achievements with 12 unique titles, various achievement furnishing unlocking, 2 dyes, and more!

New Homes[edit]

There are two new homes to obtain in this update:

  • Snowmelt Suite: Whether visiting the Bards College, seeking an audience at the Blue Palace, or looking to imbibe the best Nord mead around, take advantage of convenient living in the midst of Solitude with this room inside the Lonely Troll.
  • Proudspire Manor: Many lived within Solitude's coveted Proudspire Manor over the years, but its last owner vanished, leaving its spacious living quarters empty—and available. Shelter yourself from the cold within this multi-room landmark in the heart of Solitude.
    • Note this house is available in-game for gold by unlocking the Western Skyrim Grand Adventurer achievement, or for purchase in the Crown Store.
New Furnishings[edit]

A wide variety of new furnishings are available to find or craft with Greymoor.

  • A wide range of recipes for Solitude style furnishings can be obtained from monsters and containers across Western Skyrim.
  • Recipes for Vampiric furnishings can be found in the caverns beneath Western Skyrim, and from Harrowstorms.
  • A selection of new conservatory furnishings and other offerings can be purchased from Masela, the Home Goods Furnisher in Solitude.
  • A set of new achievement furnishings are available for purchase from Netinndel, the Achievement Furnisher in Solitude, after completing achievements in Greymoor.
  • New Vampiric paintings can rarely be found in treasure chests in the caverns beneath Western Skyrim, while new Western Skyrim themed paintings can be found in treasure chests in Western Skyrim.
  • All the new and unique furnishings found from the Antiquities system, as listed in the Antiquities section above.
  • A brand new music box for recovering all of the missing instruments for the Bards College in Solitude!
New Motifs[edit]

There are four new motifs being added with this update:

  • Blackreach Vanguard Motif chapters, as well as the associated style item Gloomspore Chitin, can be obtained from completing delve and world boss dailies in Blackreach: Online:Greymoor Caverns and Western Skyrim.
  • The Ancestral High Elf, Ancestral Orc and Ancestral Nord Motif chapters, as well as their associated style items of Etched Adamantite, Etched Manganese and Etched Corundum, are sourced via the Antiquity system.
New Crafting Ingredients[edit]
  • Alchemy
    • We have three new reagents for this update!
      • Crimson Nirnroot is a new herb that can be found in the world throughout Blackreach areas.
      • Vile Coagulant can be found by dispersing Harrowstorms.
      • Chaurus Egg can be found occasionally by defeating Chaurus monsters.
      • All three new reagents carry the new effect trait of Minor Timidity.
    • Within the Alchemy system, Timidity is the opposite trait of Heroism. Reagents with the Heroism trait will cancel combinations with the Timidity trait and vice versa.
      • Minor Timidity is a debuff that consumes the target's Ultimate points while in combat. When a poison with the Timidity trait is procced on a target, it will consume that target's Ultimate points for a short amount of time. 
      • If for some reason you were consume a potion with the Timidity trait while in combat, it would consume your own Ultimate points for a short amount of time. 
  • Enchanting
    • Added a new Essence Rune, known as Indeko, which can occasionally be obtained as bonus loot from the Antiquity system. This rune can be used to make two new types of jewelry Glyphs, Prismatic Recovery and Reduce Skill Cost.

Base Game[edit]

Vampire Updates[edit]

Vampires have received significant changes this update, with a focus on improving the entire experience as a Vampire. Revisions to parts of the Vampire quest, Justice System ramifications, and even improved Feeding visuals are just a few examples of these changes. The Vampire Skill Line has also been updated, adding 3 brand new Active Abilities while also revising the previous Active, Passive, and Ultimate skills that existed before. But be wary – these newfound powers come with even greater drawbacks. It is up to you to decide if the gift of Vampirism is worth the price…

  • General
    • All Vampire abilities and persistent effects have new icons.
    • Updated the visual effects for becoming infected with Noxiphilic Sanguivoria (the initial Vampirism infection).
    • Refunded all skill points spent in Vampire abilities.
    • All Vampires have been set to Stage 1.
    • Vampire Stages have been significantly refactored:
      • Feeding now increases your Vampire Stage instead of decreasing it.
      • Vampire Stages last 4 hours. When a Vampire Stage expires, it decreases your Vampire Stage. Vampire Stages do not lose duration while you are logged out.
      • Each Vampire Stage grants bonuses that decrease the cost of your Vampire abilities and cause certain Vampire passive abilities to activate.
      • Each Vampire Stage grants penalties that decrease your Health Recovery, increase your damage taken from Flame, and increase the cost of your non-Vampire abilities.
      • Health Recovery is now -10/-30/-60/-100%
      • Flame Damage Taken is now +5/+8/+13/+20%
      • Regular Ability Cost is now +3/+5/+8+12%
      • Vampire Ability Cost is now -6/-10/-16/-24%
    • Feed now plays unique cut scene animations when you feed on an unsuspecting victim, similar to Blade of Woe.
    • Some Vampire abilities have been designated CRIMINAL ACTS, and will trigger a kill-on-sight amount of bounty on you if cast near townsfolk and witnesses.
    • Most merchants in the game will refuse to deal with you if you are Stage 4 Vampire, though you may be able to convince them otherwise…
    • Priests of Arkay have moved to more prominent cities throughout Tamriel, and are more readily available to cure those wishing to remove the affliction of Vampirism.
    • Made improvements to the quest "Scion of the Blood Matron" to better teach you how to use some of the new Vampire skills.
  • Drain Essence
    • This ability has been removed from the game and replaced with Eviscerate.
    • All experience earned in Drain Essence has been transferred to Eviscerate.
  • Mist Form
    • This ability has been moved to the 5th Skill in the Skill Line.
    • All experience earned in Mist Form has been preserved.
    • This ability is now a toggle ability, draining your Magicka every second while it is toggled on. It still requires you to channel it while it is toggled on, so you cannot use other abilities while in Mist Form.
    • Elusive Mist (Morph 1) – This morph remains unchanged, and grants you Major Expedition while in the form.
    • Blood Mist (Morph 2) – This new morph deals damage to enemies around you and heals for the damage caused.
  • Bat Swarm
    • This ability has been removed from the game and replaced with Blood Scion.
    • All experienced earned in Bat Swarm has been transferred to Blood Scion.
  • Eviscerate (New Skill)
    • This new skill is a direct damage melee attack that deals more damage based on your own missing Health.
    • Blood for Blood (Morph 1) – Costs Health to use and increases the damage bonus based on your own missing Health.
    • Arterial Burst (Morph 2) – Will always be a Critical Strike if you use it while under half Health.
  • Blood Frenzy (New Skill)
    • This new skill is a permanent buff that can be toggled off and on outside of the global cooldown. While it is toggled on, you gain a massive bonus to Weapon and Spell Damage, but your Health is drained every second and you cannot be healed by other players. This Health drain increases in intensity the longer you keep it toggled on.
    • Simmering Frenzy (Morph 1) – Increases the Weapon and Spell Damage bonus, but also increases the Health cost the longer it remains toggled on.
    • Sated Fury (Morph 2) – When it is toggled off, you heal for a portion of the Health you spent while it was toggled on.
  • Vampiric Drain (New Skill)
    • This new skill is a short channeled beam ability, which deals low damage to an enemy but heals you for a significant amount of your missing Health over time.
    • Drain Vigor (Morph 1) – Restores a portion of your missing Stamina over the channel.
    • Exhilarating Drain (Morph 2) – Generates Ultimate over the channel.
  • Mesmerize (New Skill)
    • This new skill is a crowd control ability that affects all enemies in a cone in front of you, stunning them if they are facing your direction.
    • Hypnosis (Morph 1) – Affects all enemies around you instead of enemies in front of you.
    • Stupefy (Morph 2) – Enemies are snared after the stun ends.
  • Blood Scion (New Skill)
    • This new Ultimate is a transformation skill that turns you into a horrific Vampire monster. Transforming instantly heals you into full Health. While transformed, you have increased Health, Stamina, and Magicka, you heal for a percentage of all damage caused, and you can see enemies through walls.
    • Swarming Scion (Morph 1) – Bats swarm around you while transformed, dealing damage to enemies that come close.
    • Perfect Scion (Morph 2) – You ascend to Vampire Stage 5 while transformed, which grants all the benefits of Vampire Stage 4 with none of the drawbacks.
  • Savage Feeding
    • This ability has been removed from the game and replaced with Feed.
  • Supernatural Recovery
    • This ability has been removed from the game and replaced with Dark Stalker.
  • Blood Ritual
    • This ability has been moved to the 4th Passive Skill in the Skill Line.
  • Undeath
    • This ability has been moved to the 5th Passive Skill in the Skill Line.
    • Now reduces your damage taken by up to 15/30% based on each percentage of your missing Health.
  • Unnatural Resistance
    • This ability has been removed from the game and replaced with Undeath.
  • Dark Stalker
    • This ability has been moved to the 2nd Passive Skill in the Skill Line.
    • Now decreases the time to enter Crouch by 25/50% at all times, instead of only at Night. Continues to allow you to ignore the Movement Speed penalty of Sneak.
  • Feed (New Skill)
    • This new skill is now the 1st Passive Skill, automatically allocated for free upon obtaining the Vampire Skill Line. This allows you to Feed on enemies and describes the bonuses and penalties of Vampire Stages.
  • Strike from the Shadows (New Skill)
    • This new skill is the 3rd Passive Skill. It grants a short bonus to your Weapon and Spell Damage after leaving Sneak, Invisibility, or Mist Form.
  • Unnatural Movement (New Skill)
    • This new skill is the 6th Passive Skill. It reduces the cost of Sprint and causes you to become invisibility after continuously sprinting.
Performance Improvements[edit]
  • Server Optimization & Stability
    • Non-combat pets and their behaviors have been rewritten to put less strain on the server so it now works better and more efficiently, and takes up less resources. This reduces the likelihood of server issues such as slow responses and players being kicked.
      • The rewritten behavior is intended to match how non-combat pets previously worked, but there may be some very slight differences. This could include pets being more responsive to player movement and following more closely, or small changes to animations.
    • The player character loading process is now multi-threaded on the server to improve performance. These changes will allow the server to more efficiently prepare and load character data so as to not adversely affect over server operations.
  • Client Optimization & Stability
    • The fixture creation process on the client is now multi-threaded. This allows the client to utilize multiple cores when constructing and drawing art assets on screen, improving overall performance.
    • Optimized how characters are drawn on the client, spreading work out over multiple cores to improve overall performance.
    • Further improved performance in situations with lots of effects (particles, projectile effects, weather, etc.) happening simultaneously.
    • Made numerous small optimizations to reduce memory usage by the client, use more performant functions, and remove unnecessary function calls.
    • Improved caching for animation sets to reduce memory usage in situations with many players or monsters. This results in improved stability, fewer "out of memory" crashes, and a slight improvement to FPS.
Imperial City Updates[edit]

The Imperial City repeatable daily quests (available at the tops of the ladders leading out of your alliance base) underwent significant changes for this update, with the primary goal of making them more friendly for multiplayer, easier to get involved in, and brought up to more modern ESO standards. Note this does not make getting places, fighting monsters, or returning to your base any easier; the Imperial City is just as deadly as it used to be in that regard, so watch your step, bring a buddy or twelve, and be ready to repel enemy players! Or, you know, die and resurrect back at base. You do you.

  • Sewer patroller minibosses are now properly tagged as such for the drops of future event rewards (when and if applicable). In Imperial City, if it looks like a boss, it should give you associated things during events.
  • District-based patrolling bosses and sewer-based treasure scamps now respawn more quickly during associated events (Midyear Mayhem, Imperial City Celebrations). You still need to hunt them down and kill them before enemy players do. Then kill those enemies, because this is Imperial City and anything goes.
  • All daily quests are now ungated from needing to complete the main story of Imperial City. You can now pick up the daily for a district and run it at the same time as the district story quest if you so desire, or ignore the story quest and just run the daily.
  • Historical Accuracy (Arboretum District daily):
    • Both conditions (Slay Daedroth and Flame Atronachs, Find Missing Imperial Records) are now on the same step so you don't need to complete one, then the other.
    • Greatly increased the drop rates on Imperial records.
    • Increased the spawn rates of both Daedroth and Flame Atronachs to assist with completion when the district is under load.
  • The Lifeblood of an Empire (Arena District daily):
    • Fixed an issue where you could get double credit for saving Imperial Citizens.
    • Increased spawn rates for Imperial Citizens to assist with completion when the district is under load.
  • Speaking for the Dead (Memorial District daily):
    • Reduced the number of Xivkyn you need to kill to 2.
    • Increased Xivkyn spawn rates to assist with completion when the district is under load.
    • Reworked how Auriculur Geodes need to be placed. No longer will you need to try to race the despawn of a skeleton you just killed while also getting beat on by hostile enemies and Argonians in wedding dresses! You now get to place the geodes in special non-hostile undead laborers who are visible only while you are on the quest.
  • Watch Your Step (Noble District daily):
    • Increased spawn rates for Legion Zero soldiers to assist with completion when the district is under load.
    • Fixed an issue where some Legion Zero soldiers did not count for credit on this step.
    • Certain conversations from the bestower are now gated for context; you can't ask her about the Imperials in the garrison unless you've done that quest already, because you are not psychic.
  • Priceless Treasures (Temple District daily):
    • Reduced the number of Grievous Twilight claws you need to collect to 4.
    • Increased spawn rates for Greivous Twilights to assist with completion when the district is under load.
    • Added more spawners for blessed wine and truncated the quest pin areas for the Consecrated Oils so they aren't so huge and non-specific.
Housing Precision Editing Mode[edit]

Having trouble getting the placement of your furnishings juuuuust right? We've all been there, but with the new Precision Editing mode, it's easier than ever to make it all line up perfectly.

  • To use this new mode, simply point at a previously placed furnishing in the Housing Editor, and select Precision Edit. Unlike with normal selection, you are free to move your camera and character in this mode without adjusting the position of the furnishing; it only moves when you tell it to, so you can check the placement from a few different angles without needing to pick up and place the furnishing every time.
  • You can toggle between movement and rotation of the selected furnishing, and can cycle between different degrees of precision (from a single centimeter up to a meter at a time for movement, and from one twentieth of a degree to fifteen degrees for rotation.) Whether you're building a tower from scratch or just hanging a painting, the new “Straighten” keybind allows you to easily snap your furnishings to the nearest vertical right angle.
  • You can even see the exact numerical position and rotation of the selected furnishing, so you can be certain that everything is, in fact, perfect.
New Achievements[edit]

7 new specific achievements for Vampires and Werewolves have been added to the base game for you to obtain.

Updated Character Select Screen[edit]

The character select screen has been updated to reflect the snowy environment of Greymoor.

Crown Store Additions[edit]

Several new items have been added to the Crown Store to support this update:

  • Vampire and Werewolf Skill Lines
    • These skill lines act like the other skill lines where they require you to have a character who has already maxed out the respective skill line's rank in order to purchase these.
  • Alliance Change Token
    • These tokens are used from the character select screen to change the alliance of a single character to either of the other alliances. Upon using the token, you will be logged into the game at the capital city of your new alliance.
      • Some quests will have their progress reset or removed and replaced entirely with the appropriate quest for that alliance.
      • You will also be removed from your current Home Campaign in Cyrodiil, and your leaderboard progress removed.
        • Note that you will have to wait 12 hours until you can select a new alliance locked home campaign.
  • Western Skyrim Skyshards
    • Like other Skyshard offerings, you must have another character on your account that already gathered all of Western Skyrim Skyshards in order to purchase this. Once purchased, the character will unlock all of the Skyshards (and a skill point for every 3 unlocked) available in Western Skyrim immediately.

Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Clockwork City Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Dungeons & Group Content[edit]
  • Asylum Sanctorium
    • Saint Olms' Gust of Steam ability will now correctly indicate the next intended landing spot.
Exploration & Itemization[edit]
  • Interactable objects in Clockwork City now animate normally.
Monsters & NPCs[edit]
  • Moved the nameplate for the Imperfect to a more relevant location.
Monster Abilities
  • Firepot Spider
    • Fireball can now be cast while the Firepot Spider is moving.

Dark Brotherhood Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Monsters & NPCs[edit]

Monster Abilities

  • Bodyguard
    • Shard Shield can no longer be reflected at the bodyguard.
Quests & Zones[edit]

Dragonhold Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Exploration & Itemization[edit]
  • Adjusted the names of "Ancient Dragonguard" quest rewards to "Venerable Dragonguard" to avoid confusion with the Ancient Dragonguard item set.
  • Fixed an issue that, in some cases, could prevent you from having a chance to earn New Moon Priest Motif chapters when opening the Dragonguard supply chest.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the Dragonguard supply chest inadvertently giving a guaranteed motif chapter with every interaction. Note the updated rate is still significantly higher than most other motif sources.
  • Updated the Dragonguard Style Master achievement to be in the Dragonhold General achievement category.
Quests & Zones[edit]

Elsweyr Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Art & Animation[edit]
  • Fixed an issue where some Dragon attacks did not display all of their visual effects.
Combat & Gameplay[edit]
  • Tether abilities, such as Restoring Tether and Shocking Siphon, are now once again on the Global Cooldown, and have had their targeting improved furthermore.
  • Bone Tyrant
    • Bone Goliath:
      • The heal for this ability and its morphs will no longer trigger from Mend Wounds or its morphs, and states it requires dealing damage to proc.
      • Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs would end abruptly if they ranked up while it was active.
    • Grave Grasp: Fixed an issue where casting this ability in rapid succession would cause the final Area of Effect to fail to spawn.
  • Elsweyr-themed paintings can now be found in treasure chests in Northern and Southern Elsweyr.
Quests & Zones[edit]
  • Clothier Certification: If doing this quest in Rimmen (Northern Elsweyr), you will now get a quest assist location for the "Acquire Jute" quest step.

Harrowstorm Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Exploration & Itemization[edit]
  • Fixed an issue which could prevent you from getting credit for the "Unchecked Empowerment" achievement.
  • Fixed an issue where the Pyre Watch and Icereach Coven motif achievements were incorrectly categorized under Greymoor > General. They are now correctly sorted under Harrowstorm > General.

Imperial City Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Dungeons & Group Content[edit]
  • Imperial City Prison
    • The Brace for Impact synergy should once again apply correctly when activated and protect against falling damage.
  • White-Gold Tower
    • The Scion of Wrath's Algid Downpour ability will no longer display erroneous effect icons.
Monsters & NPCs[edit]
Monster Abilities
  • Flesh Colossus
    • Roar now correctly increases the damage of the Flesh Colossus' basic attacks.

Morrowind Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Monsters & NPCs[edit]
Monster Abilities
  • Beastcaller
    • The NPC Feral Guardian corpse is no longer considered a consumable corpse for Necromancer abilities.
  • Iron Atronach
    • Blast Furnace no longer displays the interrupt tutorial.
  • Netch Gouger Spellfiends
    • Updated the abilities of these monsters to fix an issue where they were not animating when using abilities.
Quests & Zones[edit]
  • Delve and group boss dailies available in Vivec City no longer require that you complete the quest "Divine Conundrum" and the associated quest to the daily quest givers.
    • Ashlander dailies are unchanged, as there is a greater fictional justification for their gating.

Murkmire Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Exploration & Itemization[edit]
  • Corrected some missing treasure tags for a large amount of stolen objects in Murkmire.
Eidetic Memory
Monsters & NPCs[edit]
Monster Abilities
  • Chemist
    • Fixed an issue where Blazing Tar would not fully cover the caster's weapon.
  • Miregaunt
    • Spring Bound now renders the Miregaunt untargetable while it is underground.
  • Voriplasm
    • Colonist Conservation can no longer be cast while rooted. If the Voriplasm is rooted during the cast, the effect still deals damage but will not move the Voriplasm.
    • Voriplasms created by Colonizing Toss are now better able to engage a moving target.
Quests & Zones[edit]
  • Argonians will now flee properly after being rescued from hackwings throughout the swamp.
  • Death Among the Dead-Water: Fixed an issue where Kishi would sometimes take an extremely long time to catch up to you, or in some cases, not appear at all.
  • Death and Dreaming: Increased the respawn timer for Aki-Kahz, Bringer of Dust.
  • Empty Nest:
    • The orange fumes will now properly lead you to your correct destination, regardless of what doors you use.
    • The scene that plays out in front of the Tree-Minder's house will now spawn properly no matter what approach you take.
    • The exchange between Ree-Nakal and Haxara will now play in the correct order.
    • Fixed an issue where you could prematurely despawn Haxara before speaking to her, which would force you to relog before continuing the quest.
    • Fixed an issue where Haxara would sometimes get stuck in a cower position while following you.
    • Haxara will no longer say she's leaving every time you enter into a Fume room to deal with their origin.
  • Grave Expectations: Fixedan issue where burning corrupted heart-roots wouldn't remove the map assist pips from group members' maps.
  • Something About Stibbons: The scene of Stibbons… ahem… "milking a snake" will now play properly even if you advance to the next step of the quest.
  • Sounds of Home: Fixed an issue where the quest marker to speak to Nesh-Deeka would lead you to the wrong building.

Orsinium Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Dungeons & Group Content[edit]
  • Maelstrom Arena
    • The Maelstrom power-up synergies are now prioritized over the Venom Grenade synergy and the Spectral Explosion synergy.
Monsters & NPCs[edit]
Monster Abilities
  • Echatere
    • Headbutt now displays a block telegraph instead of an Area of Effect telegraph.

Shadows of the Hist Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Dungeons & Group Content[edit]
  • Cradle of Shadows
    • Quest pins for the quest step "Kill Dranos Velador" now match between the Silk and Shadow and Pledge quests.
    • The Corpulence attack from Velidreth can now be correctly blocked if your character has the appropriate amount of stamina remaining.
  • Ruins of Mazzatun
    • The Monstrous Blitz attack from Xal-Nur the Slaver can once again be interrupted by any player that stands in the path of the charge and blocks the attack.

Summerset Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Dungeons & Group Content[edit]
Cloudrest Trial
  • Shade of Belanaril
    • Voltaic Overload can no longer spread to allies in other worlds.
  • Shade of Relequen
    • The Direct Current attack can now be correctly blocked if your character has the appropriate amount of stamina remaining.
  • Z'Maja
    • The Shifting Shadows attack that originates from the Gateway can now be correctly blocked if your character has the appropriate amount of stamina remaining.
    • To go along with the updates to synergy priority, the Shed Hoarfrost synergy is now prioritized above the other synergies inside Cloudrest including Gateway, Welkynar's Light, Wind of the Welkynar and Malevolent Core.
Exploration & Itemization[edit]
Eidetic Memory
Monsters & NPCs[edit]
  • Gryphons no longer cause beam effects that are targeted at them to behave erratically.
  • Skein Spider critters no longer make the same amount of noise as their giant brethren.
Monster Abilities
  • Gloam Knight
    • Shade Impulse and Shadow Rend now display effects on players it hits.
  • Indrik
    • Hyper Awareness will no longer be used if its target is out of range. Indriks are no longer shy about casting Hyper Awareness behind your back.
  • Maormer Chaplain
    • Sky Strike can now be interrupted, and no longer completes if the monster dies while casting it.
  • Sea Adder
    • Constricting Strike no longer displays a block telegraph.
  • Sload
    • Mental Manipulation now deals damage more reliably.
  • Spiderkith Fleshweaver
    • Web of Pain now has a telegraph and affects the target's position at the beginning of it being cast, rather than at the end.
  • Yaghra Spewer
    • Discharge and Luminescent Mark will no longer start casting if the Yaghra Spewer is rooted.
Quests & Zones[edit]
  • Slaughterfish in Evergloam no longer allow revival outside of a Wayshrine or graveyard.

Thieves Guild Fixes & Improvements[edit]

  • Adjusted the areas where the Abah's Landing city map will display when outside but near the city.

Wolf Hunter Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Dungeons & Group Content[edit]
  • Moon Hunter Keep
    • The Surging Gale attack from Vykosa can now be correctly blocked if your character has the appropriate amount of stamina remaining.

Wrathstone Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Dungeons & Group Content[edit]
  • Depths of Malatar
    • Removed erroneous effect icons from the Blade Dance ability.
  • Frostvault
    • The Dwarven Centurion's Barrage ability will no longer cause collateral damage to other monsters.

Combat & Gameplay[edit]

Combat & Abilities[edit]

  • Synergies now have a hierarchy to determine which synergy appears first when multiple are present to you. Quest, Dungeon, Arena, and Trial-related synergies now always appear over player-sourced synergies. Furthermore, for player-sourced synergies, the following ruleset is applied:
    • Healing and Shield-related synergies will take utmost priority.
    • Utility, Buff, and Debuff synergies will appear next.
    • Strictly Damage-related synergies are last in priority.
      • In a situation where Purify, Conduit, and Combustion are all available to activate and are given to you, Purify (Healing) will appear first, then Combustion (Utility), then Conduit (exclusive Damage).
  • Fixed an issue where "Thorn" abilities, such as Spiked Armor or Thews of the Harbinger, were not being considered Direct Damage.
  • Fixed an issue where partially charged Heavy Attacks, or "Medium Attacks," were not considered Direct Damage.
  • Updated and optimized the logic of many of the player passives to reduce load on the server.
    • Note this doesn't change the functionality or balance of the passives, just how the server handles them.
  • Updated numerous proc conditions' logic, preventing the server from attempting to parse logic in situations where it will not succeed anyways.
  • Fixed numerous issues where some "gap closer" abilities, such as Accursed Charge, could not be used while immobilized.
  • Pet basic attacks can no longer remove players from stealth or invisibility; only special Area of Effect attacks that require special activation, such as Blastbones or Ultimates, will remove stealth.
    • In some instances, they may still attack stealthed targets if the target gained stealth in the time they began their attack, but the attack will not remove it.
  • Pet summoning abilities now have a preventative window after completing their cast that prevents attempting to summon them again while they're already alive.
  • Pets will now properly inherit their parent's bonuses related to armor, such as Concentration or Prodigy.
  • Fixed an issue where pets could fail to summon if you immediately began sprinting after casting.
  • Fixed an issue where sprinting while in the middle of a cast or channel time could cause a failure to obtain all speed bonuses.
  • Fixed an issue where you could still mount up after block cancelling the summon cast time.
  • Fixed numerous issues related to bar swapping while not having a weapon equipped on one of your bars.
  • Fixed numerous issues where the audio for consuming a Quick Slotted item would play while you were unable to activate the item.
  • Reduced the damage of Bashing by 80%.
    • Glyph of Bashing: These enchantments now increase the damage of your Bash attacks by up to 500 per CP160 Gold quality enchantment, rather than increasing the Weapon and Spell Damage of your Bash attacks by 348.
    • Deadly Bash (One Hand and Shield passive): This passive now increases the damage of your Bash attacks by 750/1500, rather than increasing the Weapon and Spell Damage of your Bash attacks by 250/500.
Developer Comment

The above changes were made to reduce the impact of bash weaving in a normal damage dealer's rotation, which was creating a huge rift between those who did and did not engage with the mechanic. Bashing is meant to primarily focus on interrupting of mechanics, as well as to help increase or control proc conditions of item sets, passives, or other events, rather than dealing damage. We've decided to retain the ability to deal damage with bashes, however, and even increased their overall effectiveness if specifically built for. The flat damage modifiers will result in a slight decrease for standard bash builds, but a more moderate increase for super specialized bash builds such as Pummeling Goliath builds that go all in on enchantments, passives, and item sets (while not going too far like the builds were at its launch!)

  • Increased the healing reduction from Battlespirit to 60%, up from 50%.
  • All players will now have a baseline of 20% Critical Damage Reduction in the form of Critical Resistance, starting at level 10.
  • In an effort to address many input delays, the cooldown for activating an ability after Weapon Swapping has been reduced from 500ms to 250ms to better match the animation.
  • Fixed numerous issues with passives such as Banish the Wicked or Expert Hunter failing to recognize some enemies as Werewolves in the Wolfhunter DLC dungeons.
  • Fixed an issue occurring in some Battlegrounds where falling while in the middle of a cast time could cause the cast time to get stuck.
Buffs and Debuffs[edit]
  • Updated multiple abilities and item sets that grant the caster permanent Major or Minor buffs to make them work more consistently with other temporary sources of Major and Minor buffs.
    • This fix will help reduce situations where permanent sources of Major or Minor debuffs would clash with one another and cancel their effects.
    • It will also help situations where item sets that require Major or Minor buffs or debuffs apply their proc more appropriately.
  • Shadow
    • Veiled Strike: This ability and its morphs now stun and set targets Off Balance when used from the flank of an enemy, rather than when you are stealthed or invisible. This change was done to offset the loss of the ability to activate this portion of the attack with the recent fixes to Heavy Attacks properly breaking invisibility.
  • Siphoning
    • Siphoning Strikes: Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs could proc off Mend Wounds and its morphs. The soul-stealing power of this ability is now reserved for damaging Light and Heavy Attacks.
    • Soul Shred: The synergy granted from this Ultimate and its morphs will now work for allies who are 10 meters or closer to the target, rather than 10m or further.
  • Dark Magic
  • Storm Calling
    • Overload: Fixed numerous visual issues with this Ultimate and its morphs, such as causing your weapons to appear hidden longer than intended, or some cases where the effects could get stuck on your character. Casting any other Ultimate while this Ultimate or its morphs are toggled on will now cause this Ultimate to untoggle.
      • Energy Overload (morph): Fixed an issue where the Magicka restore from this morph would fire even if your Light or Heavy Attack failed to deal damage.
  • Animal Companions
    • Feral Guardian: Fixed an issue where this summon could not be interrupted.
    • Savage Beast: Fixed an issue where this passive could proc off casting Feral Guardian or its morphs.
    • Scorch: Fixed an issue where the damage from this ability and its morphs could fail to be recognized as Direct Damage in some instances.
  • Restoration Staff
    • Heavy Attack: Updated the Heavy Attack with this weapon to operate more closely to Lightning Staves. It will now have 2 minor ticks of damage and then a final, larger hit of damage at the end, rather than 3 continuous ticks of damage. This will fix numerous issues where sets or passives could fail to recognize the Fully Charged state with this weapon.
  • Vampire
    • Mist Form: Fixed numerous issues relating to persistent visuals disappearing when using this ability or its morphs.
Developer Comment

The Werewolf experience has received many minor updates to its toolkit, focusing on enhancing its existing gameplay based on aggressive and fast-paced playstyles, as well as introducing more aspects related to the Pack Leader fantasy where you can lead your allies in and enfeeble your foes.

    • Call of the Pack: This passive now works with Direwolves summoned from the Pack Leader.
    • Hircine's Bounty: Casting this ability while at full Health now restores Stamina. While this ability or its morphs are slotted, you passively gain Major Brutality.
      • Hircine's Rage (morph): Casting this ability at full Health now grants Major Berserk for 6 seconds, but also causes you to take additional damage.
      • Hircine's Fortitude (morph): This ability now also increases your Health and Stamina Recovery by a small percent of the Healing caused (with a cap), as well as continuing to increase the base healing of the ability.
    • Piercing Howl: This ability and its morphs now deal 10% more damage to enemies who are facing you.
      • Howl of Agony (morph): Decreased the damage bonus of this morph to 25%, down from 33%, but it now also works on enemies who are facing you.
    • Pounce: This ability now becomes Carnage for 5 seconds after casting it, which allows you to quickly rend your target, causing them to Bleed for 10 seconds with an aggressive execute scaling bonus.
      • Brutal Pounce (morph): Carnage now overrides to Brutal Carnage, converting it into a conal attack. Each time an enemy is hit by Brutal Carnage, you gain extra Weapon Damage up to a maximum of 6 times.
      • Feral Pounce (morph): Dealing damage with the initial hit or the override Feral Carnage, grant Stamina in addition to extending the time you stay in Werewolf form.
    • Roar: This ability now also causes enemies to become Off Balance for 7 seconds. While slotted, this ability and its morphs passively grant Major Savagery.
      • Deafening Roar (morph): This morph now also applies Minor Maim to enemies for its duration.
      • Ferocious Roar (morph): This morph now increases your Heavy Attack speed by 33% for its duration.
    • Werewolf Transformation:
      • Pack Leader (morph): This morph no longer causes your Direwolves to apply Minor Maim to enemies when they deal damage. Instead, while you are transformed you gain 10% damage mitigation and you passively grant you and 11 other nearby allies Minor Courage.
  • Fighters Guild
    • Silver Bolt:
      • Silver Shards (morph): Fixed an issue where you could not use this ability against neutral targets that are related to Justice activities.
  • Psijic Order
    • Acceleration
      • Channeled Acceleration (morph): Fixed an issue with the timing of the visual effects of this ability when used with a Two Handed weapon.
    • Imbue Weapon
      • Crushing Weapon (morph): This morph's heal now ranks up by 1% value of the damage done per rank, rather than 1.1% healing done per rank.
    • Mend Wounds:
      • Fixed an issue where Heavy Attacks could fail to chain properly after using this ability.
      • Fixed an issue where you could still get Magicka from heavy attacking a target with this ability without actually healing them.
    • Undo: Fixed an issue where the animation for this ability and morphs would appear and end abruptly, making your character appear to do jazz hands erratically, if not moved with the rewind.
  • Undaunted
    • Blood Altar: Fixed an issue with the synergy visuals, causing it to fail to appear to some allies as well as being able to appear to enemies.
Alliance War[edit]
  • Fixed an issue where your Alliance War skill lines could reset to Rank 1 after encountering a specific crash in Cyrodiil.
    • Support
      • Barrier: Increased the cost of this Ultimate and its morphs to 250, up from 200, to ensure it meets standards with other Ultimates that apply to 12 targets.
        • Replenishing Barrier (morph): Fixed an issue where this ability could apply to non-grouped targets.
Champion System[edit]
  • The Shadow
    • Shadowstrike:
      • Fixed a movement issue involving this passive.
      • This passive will no longer force an animation to play on your character, in order to prevent strange animation errors from occurring when it managed to proc while in the middle of a different animation.
    • The Atronach

Itemization & Item Sets[edit]

  • Updated Alliance War sourced potions to reflect the power level of max level crafted and Crown potions, resulting in increases in their resources restored and durations across the board. They now better reflect the following potions:
    • Battle Draughts now mimic Gold Coast Warrior Elixirs
    • Spell Draughts now mimic Gold Coast Spellcaster Elixirs
    • Health Draughts now mimic Gold Coast Survivor Elixirs
  • Potions that grant the Detection bonus now properly apply their visual effects.
  • Fixed an issue where you could activate certain potions while stunned.
Item Sets[edit]
Developer Comment

Many item sets in the following section have received numerous bug fixes or performance-related enhancements to make them less taxing on the server to track. While making these changes, we have continued our standardization to any of the affected sets to ensure their bonuses meet our intended goals with our set bonus efficiency budget. For example, many sets related to Heavy Attacks had their scripting updated to be less taxing to track for the server, so during this pass we made sure we brought them up to speed with other sets' standards. You can expect to see this trend continue every major update until we complete this pass with item sets.

  • Aegis of Galenwae:
    • This set and its perfected version now grant Empower to 11 allies, rather than only 3.
    • This set no longer has a 50% chance to proc, but instead has a 2 second cooldown, up from 1.
    • Fixed an issue where the radius of this bonus was not as large as the tooltip indicated.
  • Amberplasm:
    • This set now grants Health Recovery alongside its Magicka and Stamina Recovery.
    • Increased the bonus of each recovery to 276, up from 250.
  • Arch-Mage: This set now increases your Magicka Recovery by 360 for 10 seconds after dealing damage with a fully charged Heavy Attack, rather than granting 834 Magicka whenever you fully charge a Heavy Attack.
  • Ashen Grip: This set now deals damage in the same size as Fiery Breath does, resulting in twice the arc and reach than it previously did, ensuring it more appropriately matches the visual effects.
  • Bahraha's Curse:
    • Fixed an issue where this set's damage was considered Direct Damage in some cases.
    • Fixed an issue where the final tick of damage from this set did not heal.
  • Deadly Strike: Fixed an issue where this set was not applying to Rapid Fire or its morphs.
  • Draugr's Rest: Increased the total healing done of this set to 19404 over its duration, up from 11000.
  • Elf Bane: This set no longer works with channeled effects or beams.
  • Embershield:
    • Fixed an issue where the damage from this set was considered Direct Damage instead of Damage over Time.
    • Reduced the Armor granted to 3300, down from 3440.
    • Decreased the damage done per tick to 860, down from 1032.
    • This set no longer has a proc chance.
  • Grace of Gloom:
    • Increased the duration of this set to 10 seconds, up from 5.
    • Increased the cooldown to 25 seconds, up from 15.
    • This set now properly works with Overload and morphs' Heavy Attacks.
  • Hand of Mephala: This set now has a negative telegraph to denote the damage area.
  • Healing Mage:
    • This set now more accurately procs off abilities that meet its stated requirements.
    • Fixed an issue where the enemies affected by this debuff in the area around you did not match the typical sort selection - prioritizing the nearest enemies.
  • Impregnable Armor: This set now grants 1650 Critical Resistance, down from 2000.
  • Kvatch Gladiator: This set now increases your Weapon Damage by 1475 against targets under 25% Health, rather than increasing your Weapon Damage with Light and Heavy Attacks by 1800 against targets under 25% Health.
  • Leeching Plate:
    • Fixed an issue where this set's damage was considered Direct Damage in some cases.
    • Fixed an issue where the heal value from this set could become bloated when hitting targets with damage shields.
    • Fixed an issue where the final tick of damage from this set did not heal.
  • Orgnum's Scales: This set now increases your Health Recovery by 800 and Armor by 6400 while at or below 60% health, rather than increasing your Health Recovery by 50% while below 60% health.
  • Queen's Elegance: This set now causes your Light Attacks to reduce the Health, Magicka, or Stamina cost of your next ability used by 10%, and your Fully Charged Heavy Attacks to increase the damage of your next Direct Damage attack by 2610. Previously, it increased your Light and Heavy Attack damage by 20%.
  • Reactive Armor:
    • This set now reduces your damage taken by 33% for 5 seconds after being affected by a disabling effect, with a 20 second cooldown, rather than reducing your damage taken by 35% while you are disabled.
    • This set now works with Snares.
  • Robes of the Hist:
    • Slightly redesigned this set to apply a Heal over Time that heals for the original value every second for 5 seconds after being hit by a disabling effect, rather than healing once every second while under the effect of one.
    • Fixed an issue where this set could trigger off self-imposed snares and some snares meant to bypass the normal rule sets, such as boss mechanics.
  • Robes of Transmutation: This set now grants 1400 Critical Resistance for 5 seconds when the proc conditions are met, rather than 1304 for 20 seconds.
  • Savage Werewolf: Fixed an issue where this set would double proc from Dual Wield Heavy Attacks.
  • Senchal Defender: Fixed an issue where this set considered beam attacks as Direct Damage.
  • Sergeant's Mail: Increased the damage bonus for Fully Charged Heavy Attacks to 2257, up from 1634.
  • Sergeant's Mail: This set now more accurately describes what abilities it works with, and has had its proc condition expanded to work with more abilities that fall into the standard type it was designed to. Previously, it only worked on abilities that operated as charges, but now works on charges, leaps, teleports, and pulls. This set will continue to not work with blinks, such as streak.
  • Vampire Lord: This set now increases the bonuses and penalties of your Vampire Stages by the following amounts:
    • Stage 1/2/3/4
    • Flame Damage Taken 1/2/4/6%
    • Regular Ability Cost Increase: 1/2/4/6%
    • Vampire Ability Cost Decrease 5/10/15/20%
  • Winterborn: Fixed an issue where the snare from this set could fail to apply in some situations.
Monster Masks[edit]
Developer Comment

Monster Masks have been updated to be more comparable to 5 piece sets in regards to our set bonus efficiency standards. While most are value adjustments, a few sets have received larger adjustments to either bring them in line with intended fantasies or to improve their flexibility in use cases.

  • Balorg:
    • This set now grants Weapon and Spell Damage equal to the amount of Ultimate spent, rather than double the amount spent. It now also grants Physical and Spell Penetration equal to 23 times the amount spent.
    • Increased duration of bonuses to 12 seconds, up from 10.
Developer Comment

This set's functionality was meant to help enable burst to the caster for a short duration and reward holding onto your Ultimate for a longer time. With the original values, the set could hit those notes but would often fail against high mitigation targets due to just getting a flat increase. This change means the set will be stronger against high mitigation targets, while weaker against squishy targets, allowing a healthier balance point and reducing some of the gank potential of the set.

  • Bloodspawn:
    • Reduced the armor granted from this set to 3300, down from 6450.
    • Reduced the Ultimate on proc to 8, down from 14.
    • Reduced the duration and cooldown to 5 seconds, down from 6 seconds.
Developer Comment

Bloodspawn was one of the original Monster Masks created before the game had time to develop more complex behaviors and mechanics. Because of this, the total power it enabled is often times significantly higher than other sets, leading to situations where it overshadows them. With these adjustments, we decided to retain the defensive and offensive options, with a milder window of opportunity. The reduced duration and cooldown helps tone it down in smaller skirmishes, while retaining some of its power in outnumbered situations since it will be able to proc more frequently and give Ultimate each time.

  • Chokethorn:
    • This set now heals for 24409 health over 6 seconds, rather than 19565 health over 4 seconds.
    • Increased the proc chance to 33%, up from 15%.
    • Reduced the range of the beam from 28 meters to 15 meters in order to help introduce more counterplay with its stronger heal.
  • Domihaus:
    • This set now grants 300 Weapon or Spell Damage while standing in the ring, rather than 200. The outer ring now deals 1380 damage, up from 1000.
    • Removed the proc chance from this set.
  • Earthgore:
    • This set now heals for 29700 health over 10 seconds, rather than 30000 over 6 seconds, to reduce the burst heal potential.
    • Reduced the cooldown to 20 seconds from 35 seconds.
  • Engine Guardian:
    • This set now restores 550 Magicka or Stamina per tick, rather than 1204.
    • Increased the healing to 1955 per tick, up from 1204.
    • Reduced the range of the beam to 15 meters, down from 28 meters.
    • Fixed an issue where the sphere would not attempt to cast again after being interrupted.
    • Fixed an issue where the cooldown displayed was incorrect to its actual cooldown. It previously displayed 10.7 seconds, but is now 10 seconds as intended. This will also fix an issue where if you managed to proc the set after 8 seconds, you would not summon a new sphere and simply prevent the set from proccing again for another 8 seconds, resulting in a 16 second cooldown from the original cast.
Developer Comment

Similarly to Bloodspawn, Engine Guardian is a set that was made during a very different time of the game's life and has significantly affected balance decisions made for other resource return sets. Often times, Monster Masks that deal with resource management would be significantly stronger than 5 piece counterparts because of this. By reducing the total regeneration possible from this set, we can allow for a healthier balance between all sets in the game. The healing has been increased to better match other healing set standards as well.

  • Grundwulf: Reduced the primary resource restore granted by this set to 700 and the secondary to 350, down from 1000 and 500 respectively.
  • Ilambris:
    • Increased the damage done from each meteor shower to 2015, up from 1170. You can no longer layer each meteor shower.
    • Increased the proc chance to 33%.
    • Fixed an issue where this set was triggering other proc sets.
    • Fixed an issue where this set's Fire Damage was not extended by Elf Bane.
  • Infernal Guardian:
    • Decreased the damage done from each mortar to 4430, down from 5000.
    • Fixed an issue where this set would fail to proc from a Hardening Enchantment while using a channeled Heavy Attack.
  • Kjalnar's Nightmare: Fixed an issue where the damage of this set could fail to inherit some bonuses, such as Ancient Knowledge.
  • Kra'gh's: Increased the damage per tick of this set to 1345, up from 1300.
  • Lord Warden:
    • Reduced the armor bonus of the 1 piece set to 1487, down from 2975.
    • Decreased the armor bonus of the proc to 3180, down from 3870.
  • Maarselok: Reduced the damage done to 7200, down from 8000.
  • Maw of the Infernal:
    • Streamlined the damage of the Daedroth's attacks to always deal 3865 damage over each ability's duration, which is 2 seconds, down from the varying values which averaged at 4257.
    • The Daedroth will now follow a pattern to its attack combinations, rather than having a random chance to use them.
    • Fixed an issue where the breath attack was proccing Burning significantly more frequently more than intended.
    • Increased the proc chance to 33%, up from 10%.
    • The Daedroth can no longer be targeted.
    • Changed the 1 piece bonus to 1096 Max Magicka, from 1206 Max Health.
  • Mighty Chudan: Reduced the 1 piece bonus to 1487 armor, down from 2975.
  • Molag Kena: Increased the Weapon and Spell Damage granted from this set to 560, up from 516.
  • Mother Ciannait: Increased the Magicka granted by this set to 822, up from 600.
  • Nerien'eth:
    • Increased the damage of this set to 9393, up from 8890.
    • Increased the proc chance to 15%, up from 10%.
    • The 1 piece bonus now grants 129 Spell Damage, rather than Max Health.
  • Nightflame (Bogdan's):
    • Decreased the healing per tick of this set to 2460, down from 2525.
    • Increased the proc chance to 20%, up from 10%.
  • Pirate Skeleton:
    • Reduced the 1 piece bonus of armor to 1487, down to 2975.
    • Decreased the cooldown of the proc of this set to 15 seconds, down from 20 seconds.
    • Increased the proc chance to 10%, up from 8%.
  • Scourge Harvester (Malubeth's):
    • Decreased the damage of this set to 5715 over its duration, down from 5805.
    • Increased the proc chance to 10%, up from 8%.
    • Fixed an issue where the heal from this set could return labeled as a Critical Strike, despite not actually Critically Striking. This will fix instances of other proc conditions, such as Power Surge, activating from this set.
  • Selene's: Increased the damage of this set to 13364, up from 12000.
  • Sellistrix:
    • Increased the damage of this set to 6836, up from 5030.
    • This set no longer has a proc chance.
    • Slightly increased the cooldown to 6 seconds from 5.5 seconds.
    • Fixed an issue where hitting multiple enemies with this set could intensify the screen shake. Your Richter scales will no longer implode when using this set in AoE situations.
  • Sentinel of Rkugamz:
    • Removed the proc chance from this set.
    • Reduced the tick count of the heal and resource restore by 1.
    • Increased the Magicka and Stamina restore to 125 per tick, up from 115.
  • Shadowrend:
    • This set no longer applies Minor Maim to targets hit for 3 seconds, and instead reduces their damage done by 5% for 2 seconds. This debuff cannot stack from multiple sources.
    • Significantly reduced and streamlined the damage of the Clannfear's attacks to 800 per hit from 3240. The attacks it deals are no longer random.
    • Reduced the cast time of the Tail Swipe attack by 400ms, and reduced its cooldown by 3 seconds.
Developer Comment

Previously, this set was enabling far too much damage reduction for a passive set, as well as dealing a sizable amount of damage while doing so. Rather than introducing a huge cooldown to the set, we've opted to change the bonus from Maim to a weaker version, but by making it unique it should help the set become more viable in PvE. The reduction in damage also reinforces the set as a tank centric set rather than a bruiser.

  • Spawn of Mephala:
    • Increased the damage per tick of this set to 1340, up from 1096.
    • Fixed an issue with the visuals from this set.
    • Fixed an issue where this set could be blocked.
    • This set now is accurately displayed as Damage over Time by Scrolling Combat Text.
  • Stonekeeper:
    • Reduced the Health, Magicka, and Stamina restored from this set to 2480, down from 5350.
    • Reduced the cooldown stacker to 250ms, down from 1 second, to better match the cooldown of block's cost.
Developer Comment

By now matching the standards of typical resource management sets, the values needed to be considerably reduced. To offset this large loss, we've opted to allow the stacks to generate much more frequently, helping the set function better in outnumbered situations.

  • Stormfist: Increased the damage of the final explosion to 8470, up from 8000. The Shock damage of the set now bypasses Spell Resistance.
  • Swarm Mother: Changed the 1 piece bonus of this set to 1096 Max Magicka and Max Stamina, instead of 129 Stamina Recovery.
  • Symphony of Blades:
    • This set now restores 570 resource per tick, down from 2325.
    • The cooldown of 18 seconds is now applied per target, rather than overall.
  • Thurvokun:
    • Reduced the damage per tick of this set to 100, down from 430.
    • Increased the cooldown to 16 seconds, up from 8 seconds.
Developer Comment

Since this set was essentially a permanent (and then some) uptime of Minor Defile and Maim, it was significantly stronger than other enfeebling sets. We decided to retain the extra breathing room of 4 seconds on the debuff to ensure targets that leave the area are still afflicted for a time afterwards, and adjusted the cooldown to better account for that uptime. For stationary targets, the total uptime will now be 12 seconds with a 16 second cooldown.

  • Tremorscale:
    • Increased the damage of this set to 6000, up from 5850.
    • Increased the cooldown to 8 seconds, up from 4 seconds.
    • Enemies hit by the damage now have their Physical Resistance reduced by 2395 for 8 seconds, rather than being snared by 70% for 3 seconds.
    • Removed the proc chance from this set.
Developer Comment

By removing the snare from this set and swapping to an armor shred, the functionality can now be more flexible between content and playstyles rather than focusing primarily on Player versus Player interaction.

  • Troll King:
    • Reduced the Health Recovery granted by this set to 925, down from 1548.
    • Fixed an issue where this set had a range limit, despite being bound to heals that already passed a range check.
  • Valkyn Skoria:
    • This set's 1 piece bonus now grants 1487 Spell Penetration rather than 1206 Max Health.
    • Decreased the splash damage of the meteor to 3535, down from 4000.
  • Velidreth:
    • Increased the damage of this set to 10752 per spore, up from 10320.
    • Reduced the cooldown to 8 seconds from 9 seconds.
  • Zaan:
    • Decreased the initial damage of this set to 2010, down from 3440.
    • Increased the damage scaling bonus to 100% per stack, up from 50%.
    • Increased the duration of the beam to 6 seconds, up from 5 seconds.
    • Increased the proc chance to 33%, up from 20%.
Arena Weapons[edit]
Developer Comment

Arena Weapons have all been adjusted to follow the same system as trial gear with the Perfected system. Normal arenas will drop the normal version of the sets, while Veteran will drop the Perfected version of these weapons. The perfected sets will now all grant the same special bonus as their non-perfected counterpart, but will have an extra set bonus of stats, equal to 4/5ths the density of a normal perfected set, since it requires less slots to obtain but also keeps in mind that this bonus will only be active on one bar. Almost all arena weapons have been adjusted to put them more in line with our set bonus efficiency standards.

  • Asylum Sanctorium
    • Chaotic Whirlwind:
      • Casting Whirlwind now envelops yourself with a whirlwind for 6 seconds, which strikes out to 3 random enemies every second, dealing up to 2675 Physical Damage with a 10 second cooldown.
      • The perfected version no longer has a unique value, and instead grants up to 666 Weapon Critical.
    • Concentrated Force:
      • The perfected version of this set no longer has a unique value, and instead grants up to 103 Spell Damage.
      • Fixed an issue where this set was allowing each elemental attack to proc its respective status for a short duration after reaching the proc condition, rather than immediately applying each elemental status effect listed.
      • Fixed an issue where this set could fail to apply if you bar swapped before it landed.
    • Defensive Position:
      • Increased the base restore to 2200 Magicka and the maximum restore to 6600.
      • The Perfected version no longer has a unique value and instead grants up to 877 Max Stamina.
    • Disciplined Slash:
      • Reduced the maximum Ultimate returned from this set to 12, down from 15.
      • Fixed an issue where the Ultimate restore started at 48.9%, rather than at 49.9%.
      • Fixed an issue where the restore could return 0, despite the FX proccing; it will now restore a minimum of 1 Ultimate whenever it procs on targets low enough.
      • The Perfected version no longer has a unique value and instead grants up to 877 Max Stamina.
    • Piercing Spray:
      • Enemies hit by your Arrow Spray now have their Physical Resistance reduced by up to 6600 against incoming Bow attacks for 10 seconds.
      • The perfected version no longer has a unique value and instead grants up to 1190 Physical Penetration.
    • Timeless Blessing:
      • Reduced the cost reduction of this set to 21%, down from 27%.
      • The Perfected version of this set no longer has a unique value, and instead grants up to 877 Max Magicka.
  • Blackrose Prison
    • Gallant Charge: Reduced the Perfected version's armor to 1190.
    • Mender's Ward:
      • Reduced the duration of Major Vitality to 2 seconds, down from 3.
      • Reduced the Perfected version's Magicka Recovery to 103.
    • Radial Uppercut:
      • This set now deals 45% of the damage dealt with Uppercut to all nearby targets, rather than 100% to only 1 nearby target.
      • Reduced the Perfected version's Penetration to 1190.
    • Spectral Cloak:
      • This set now increases your damage done and reduces your damage taken by 6% for 2 seconds when dealing damage with Blade Cloak, rather than granting Major Protection for 3 seconds after casting it.
      • Reduced the Perfected version's Stamina Recovery to 103.
    • Virulent Shot:
      • Increased the damage this set does to 65% of the damage done of your Scatter Shot, up from 50%.
      • Reduced the Perfected version's Weapon Critical to 666.
    • Wild Impulse:
      • Increased the damage done by this set to 3965 per elemental tick, up from 3333.
      • Reduced the Perfected version's Spell Penetration to 1190.
  • Dragonstar Arena
    • Caustic Arrow:
      • This set now grants up to 330 Weapon Damage against targets affected with your Poison Arrow, up from 300.
      • This set now has a perfected version that grants up to 103 Weapon Damage.
    • Destructive Impact:
      • This set now grants up to 600 Spell Damage for 4 seconds after casting Destructive Touch.
      • Reduced the cost reduction granted towards Destructive Touch to 10%, down from 30%.
      • This set now has a Perfected version that grants up to 103 Spell Damage.
    • Grand Rejuvenation:
      • This set now grants up to 117 Magicka and Stamina to target affected, up from 100.
      • This set now has a Perfected version that grants up to 877 Max Magicka.
    • Puncturing Remedy:
      • Increased the healing granted by this set to 6130, up from 2500.
      • Increased the duration of the armor bonus to 5 seconds, up from 3.
      • The armor granted from this set will now incorporate over healing into its calculation, ensuring it will always grant a benefit when engaged with.
      • This set now has a Perfected version that grants up to 3% Healing Taken.
    • Stinging Slashes:
      • This set now increases any instance of damage done with Twin Slashes by 1635, rather than only increasing the bleed damage by 1600. We will continue to monitor the power of this ability altering weapon and its function in allowing Twin Slashes to perform closer to our "spammable" damage standard through the next update.
      • This set now has a Perfected version which grants up to 666 Weapon Critical Rating.
    • Titanic Cleave:
      • Increased the stacking damage bonus of this set to 1550, up from 1500.
      • Increased the target cap to 24, up from 6.
        • Note we will closely monitor how frequently this allows utter devastation to large groups and will address it appropriately so it is similar in function to Proximity Detonation.
      • This set now has a Perfected version which grants up to 1190 Physical Penetration.
  • Maelstrom Arena
    • Cruel Flurry:
      • Increased the Weapon and Spell Damage granted from this set to 1690, up from 1000.
      • This set now has a Perfected version which also grants up to 103 Weapon Damage.
    • Crushing Wall:
      • Increased the damage bonus of this set to 1353, up from 1341.
      • This set now has a Perfected version which grants up to 1190 Spell Penetration.
    • Merciless Charge:
      • Increased the damage done by this set to 10032 over its duration, up from 7200. The damage done is now once again labeled as a Bleed.
      • This set now has a Perfected version which also grants up to 1190 Physical Penetration.
      • This set now continuously activates from Stampede through bar swap.
    • Precise Regeneration:
      • Decreased the Magicka granted from this set to 500, down from 800.
      • Removed the cooldown from this set, though note it cannot proc from the event of simultaneous critical heals from Radiant Regeneration.
      • This set now has a Perfected version that grants up to 666 Spell Critical Rating.
    • Rampaging Slash:
      • Decreased the Magicka and Stamina restore from this set to 1904, down from 2000.
      • This set now has a Perfected version which also grants up to 77 Magicka and Stamina Recovery.
    • Thunderous Volley:
      • This set now increases the damage done of your Volley by 430 and increases by 143 per tick, up from 320 and increasing by 110 per tick.
      • This set now stacks up to a maximum of 8 times, rather than continuously stacking.
      • This set now has a Perfected version which grants up to 666 Weapon Critical rating.

Base Game Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Alliance War & PVP[edit]

  • Added extra measures to prevent objectives such as Volendrung, Elder Scrolls, or the Chaos Ball from being held longer than intended or being interacted with while dying or moving.
  • The debuff from Scattershot Catapults will now be consistently applied to all targets in the landing area.
  • Volendrung's protective Shield will now properly fade away in all cases when it should.
  • The Chaos Ball in Ald Carac will now properly be available in the level 50+ Flag Game queue.
  • Capture the Flag in Eld Angvar will now properly be in the solo queue rotation for level 10-49 players.

Art & Animation[edit]

  • Temporal Anti-Aliasing is now available as a graphics option on PC and Mac game clients.
  • Fixed an issue where your arrow would display incorrect textures after changing a bow's weapon style at a dye station.
  • Fixed a visual issue with a few effects such as the compass on Baandari Pedlar mounts.
  • Fixed an issue where the Boneyard spell's tombstones would not appear under certain circumstances.
  • Grass will now fade in while being loaded.
  • Fixed an issue where completing the Icebreath Indrik would display an effect that included the Pure-Snow Indrik.
  • Fixed an issue where the face of female characters would clip into the Master Field Cartographer helmet while using the Race Change Menu.
  • Fixed an issue where Lynx non-combat pets would not animate properly.
  • The Ancestral Orc Bow now properly animates when being used to attack.
Visual Effects
  • Visual effects on Elder Argonian one and two-handed axes are now properly positioned.

Crafting & Economy[edit]

  • Davon's Watch has upgraded their facilities and added an Outfit Station to the city!
  • The residents of Hollow City have tired of going elsewhere for their Jewelry Crafting needs and have installed a station behind the Exceptional Enchants building.
  • Improved the camera movement triggered when interacting with a number of writ boards and crafting stations.
  • Fixed an issue where some harvest nodes were not spawning at the expected rate in the Bisnensel quest interior space.
  • Using Dragon Rheum to learn its first alchemy trait now properly consumes an item.
  • Fixed an issue where the Prismatic Recovery glyph was not functioning properly. This Enchantment will now correctly display its regenerative properties.
Outfit & Weapon Styles
  • Previewing Outfit Styles from the Collections menu will now dismount your character in order to be consistent with other methods of previewing.
  • Fixed many inconsistencies with how two-handed weapon Outfit Styles were displayed when previewed.
  • Fixed an issue where some Outfit Styles were not being sorted in alphabetical order.
  • Updated the cost to apply Maelstrom Weapon Styles to be consistent with other styles.

Dungeons & Group Content[edit]

  • Banished Cells II
    • You will no longer be awarded credit for the Survivor achievement when a group member perishes.
  • Blessed Crucible
    • The quest pin for the Scroll of Glorious Battle is now correctly located over the scroll.
    • Grunt the Cleaver
      • Grunt the Cleaver's Obliterate ability will now knock back all players damaged by it.
    • Troll King
      • Troll King's Ground Slam and Leap abilities now have correct effect icons.
      • Troll King's Ground Slam ability now has a telegraph for the radiant damage lines.
  • Dragonstar Arena
    • Ardent Flame Ravager's Flames of Oblivion ability no longer displays duplicate effect icons.
    • Dwarven Ice Centurion's Ice Charge ability no longer displays erroneous effect icons.
    • Fighter's Guild Ravager's Silver Shards ability now displays the correct effects when the ability is reflected.
    • Siphon Life from Hiath the Battlemaster no longer displays erroneous effect icons.
  • Elden Hollow
    • The quest "Ancient Remains" will now update to the correct quest step for anyone entering the instance.

Events & Celebrations[edit]

  • The Impresario and her assistant are now located near every capital city in Chapter zones, including Vivec City for Vvardenfell, Alinor for Summerset, Rimmen for Elsweyr, and Solitude in Western Skyrim.
Jester's Festival
  • Fixed an issue where Princess could follow you into Trials, hungering for the flesh of tender bosses. That'll do, pig.
Midyear Mayhem
  • The buff from using the Scroll of Pelinal's Ferocity is now removable if you so desire.
  • Added a new tutorial after turning in the Midyear Mayhem introduction that tells new players how to get to Cyrodiil or queue for a Battleground.
  • Fixed an issue where the Midyear Mayhem intro quest map pins would not direct you to the battleground camp if you were in a zone that had one.
New Life Festival
  • Fixed the "Breda's Bottomless Mug" memento so that characters always drink from the mug instead of sometimes pouring the mead out in front of them.
Summerset Celebration
  • Fixed an issue where some event-sourced furnishing items could not be previewed or placed in your house.
Undaunted Celebration
  • Clarified the descriptions of the Opal Style Pages to better describe how to earn them during the Undaunted Celebration.

Exploration & Itemization[edit]

  • Renamed Double Bloody Mara to Purifying Bloody Mara to support the Vampire changes in this update.
  • Renamed Disastrously Bloody Mara to Corrupting Bloody Mara, also in support of the Vampire changes.
  • Adjusted the glossiness of the Frozen Blood dye.
  • Updated the Beast Personality to no longer include "Personality" in the name to be consistent with similar appearance collectibles.
  • Standardized descriptions of rare fish.
  • Updated a number of Siege Weapons to not have a vendor value to be consistent with our standards for similar items.
  • Clarified the wording and icongraphy of upgrade collectibles for improved consistency and messaging.
  • Corrected several minor typos in item descriptions.
  • Pet damage now progresses damage-based achievements.
  • Fixed a number of minor typos in achievements.
  • Moved the Lycanthropy, Lycanthropy Master, Vampirism, and Vampirism Master achievements to their respective categories.


  • Fixed an issue that caused four homes to appear on your map before you visited them.
  • Updated the Anthology of Available Abodes to include the Snowmelt Suite and Proudspire Manor from Western Skyrim, and now unlocks only the map icons for homes that are available via gold or quest, and not for homes that are found only on the Crown Store.
  • Moderately reduced the chance of acquiring paintings from treasure chests. However, when acquiring a painting from a treasure chest in an area that has its own paintings, you now always get a painting specific to that area.
    • This makes it much easier to acquire region-specific paintings, even with the overall reduction in the drop rate of paintings.
  • The Alliance War Dog and Alliance War Horse will no longer change appearance after being placed, instead staying loyal to the faction of the character that placed them.
  • The Ancestor Moth Swarm pet now has the normal furnishing highlight when selecting it in the Housing Editor.
  • The visual effects around the base of a recently resurrected "Target Bone Goliath, Reanimated" no longer get a selection halo in the Housing Editor.
  • The "Fishing Vessel" furnishing can now be found in the Vehicles subcategory of the Courtyard category, instead of being incorrectly categorized with Vases. This is a boat.
  • The "Imperial Well, Covered" and "Orcish Canopy, Shingled" furnishings no longer appear hollow when viewed from below:
  • Fixed an issue where the gas visuals for a "Gas Blossom" furnishing could appear offset from the body of the plant when it was sideways or upside-down.
  • The "Nord Banner, Knotwork" furnishing is now less blurry.
  • The "Probably-Not-Punch Bowl of Mayhem" can now be activated to play visual effects similar to what you see in the world.
  • The "Bed, Petal-Strewn Double" furnishing no longer appears offset when viewed from far away.
  • Fixed an issue where some furnishings would show up unexpectedly when you searched for unrelated terms in the housing editor.
  • Updated the prompts for the Hlaalu Bath Tub, Masterwork furnishing to "Heat" and "Cool" instead of "Heat" and "Splash".
  • Prior map furnishings can now be found in the Maps subcategory of the Library category of the Housing Editor.
  • Furnishings with ground projections will now show their projections correctly when previewed.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Provisioning Station, Elsweyr Grill" furnishing would give an interact prompt from very far away.
  • Sealed a small gap behind the frame of the front door of the Ald Velothi Harbor House.
  • Corrected a number of minor visual issues on the buildings in Forgemaster Falls.
  • Updated the collision for the forge building in Forgemaster Falls to more closely match what you see.
  • Corrected a small issue that could cause you to catch your toes on some of the courtyard steps in Linchal Grand Manor, instead of smoothly walking up the stairs.
  • Sealed some small gaps in the archways of the Potentate's Retreat main chamber.
Housing Editor
  • Updated the rotation widgets around selected furnishings to more clearly indicate rotation, and to make it clearer which axis you are rotating around at any given time.


  • Fixed a rare crash in Cyrodiil during the periodic unloading of unused animations.
  • Fixed several very rare client crashes that could occur randomly.
  • Optimized the login screen to reduce CPU usage.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur after activating block while standing from a chair.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a graphical effect's target object goes missing.
  • Fixed a rare crash related to reflected projectiles.
Activity Finder
  • Made additional improvements to this tool, including addressing several edge cases that occurred when queued players logged off or disconnected, and some Ready Check display issues.
  • Fixed an issue where the difficulty selected in the group menu could be incorrect after using the Dungeon Finder.
  • Fixed an issue where Ready Checks could auto-decline.
  • Fixed an issue where changing zones after accepting a Ready Check could result in you not being able to queue.
  • Fixed an issue where Battleground entries within the Activity Finder would state that they had teams of 1 rather than 4.
  • Fixed additional edge case issues that could occur when changing zones while in an active Ready Check.
Mac Game Client
  • The client window is now compatible with dark mode.

Monsters & NPCs[edit]

  • Fixed an issue where players frozen or petrified by monsters would briefly disappear after the effect expired.
  • Fixed an issue where larger-than-normal monsters would display the wrong movement animations.
  • Fixed an issue where monsters summoned by other monsters did not have the correct stats.
  • Fixed a large number of monsters that were floating or clipping into fixtures and terrain
  • Fixed a number of bosses that could be executed with the Blade of Woe.
Monster Abilities
  • Archer
    • Arrow Spray's snare can now be avoided when dodge rolling.
  • Flame Atronach
    • Lava Geyser now explodes when it deals damage.
    • Pools of oil Ignited by blue Flame Atronachs now produce blue flames.
  • Frost Mage
    • Ice Barrier no longer snares player characters who stand near it.
    • Ice Barrier now correctly intercepts projectiles against its caster from the front.
  • Healer
    • The visuals for Rite of Passage now better communicate the target and caster of the effect.
  • Nereid
    • The visual effects for Hurricane now display correctly.
  • NPC Nightblade
    • Veiled Strike now casts more reliably when the Nightblade cloaks, and interacts more accurately with abilities that reveal stealth.
  • Spider Daedra
    • Spiderling Web now ends properly when the effect is dispelled by Negate Magic.
  • Storm Mage
    • Thunder Thrall no longer starts casting if the Storm Mage is rooted.
  • Duchess of Anguish (Halls of Torment)
    • The Block telegraph for the Duchess' heavy attack now ends correctly.
  • Certain vendors will no longer play their suspicious greeting together with their normal greeting when talked to while crouching.
  • NPCs that follow you as part of a quest will now find another player to follow if you leave the group or disconnect.
  • The "Prevent Attacking Innocents" option no longer prevents you from fighting back against NPCs who attack after witnessing a crime.

Quests & Zones[edit]

  • Fixed a large number of typos across the game.
Alik'r Desert
  • Sever All Ties: Fixed an issue where destroying one of the Sigil Stones wouldn't teleport you back to the proper location.
  • A visually inaccessible area of the Onsi's Breath Mine should now actually be inaccessible.
  • Mistress of the Lake: Fixed an issue where running away too quickly after freeing the prisoners would not grant credit toward the quest.
  • Mastering the Talisman: Fixed an issue where Gabrielle could vanish and not reappear.
  • The Dagger's Edge: Fixed an issue where Gelvin could reappear and attempt to free harpies even after they were freed. Stand down, Gelvin, we got this.
Main Quest
  • God of Schemes: Fixed an issue where Molag Bal would get stuck during his final encounter, causing the fight to no longer advance.
  • Soul-Shriven in Coldharbour: Fixed an issue if leaving the Wailing Prison prematurely, many of the doors would no longer work, causing you to become stuck with no way out.
Malabal Tor
Reaper's March
  • Fixed an issue where subtitles were not displaying for this quest.
The Rift
  • To Vernim Woods: Fixed an issue where the Pact Soldier would approach you to give you this quest, even if you were already on it or had completed it.


  • You will now receive the correct error message when losing an internet connection.
  • Improved the reliability and accuracy of quest-related icons.
  • Added additional messaging for active in-game events so it's clear when an event is active, and how much time is left.
  • Adjusted the position of the "Go To Entrance" button in the House Purchase screen to avoid collisions with long zone names.
  • Fixed an issue where some supported text characters would not display correctly in the Japanese game client.
  • Fixed an issue where the Removing from Area timer would be short instead of long with a completed dungeon.
  • Updated the descriptive text for the Reach-Mage's Ferocity to better match the style of similar items.
  • Fixed an issue where Heroism and Timidity were lacking their own icons in the Alchemy UI.
  • Fixed issue that would cause the keybindings in the End User License Agreement to not function.
  • The gold value of an item on the tooltip will now be properly separated by punctuation when 1,000 or higher.
  • You are no longer prompted to save changes or warned of lost changes when using a race or appearance change token if the character hasn't been changed.
Gamepad Mode
  • Fixed multiple UI errors that could occur when using the Automatic setting for Gamepad mode and swapping directly between Gamepad and Keyboard menus.
  • Fixed an issue where a social list, such as a Guild Roster updating, would cause your position to be reset in the list.
  • Fixed an issue where going to a menu directly from an Outfit Station would not warn you about losing your changes.
  • Fixed a UI error that could occur when leaving an Outfit Station by opening your map.
Guilds & Guild Functionality
  • Added Russian as a language option to the Guild Finder.
  • Fixed an issue where the selected guild in the Guild Store screen would sometimes change without your input.
  • Fixed an issue where items could appear in the Guild Store Listing screen with a 100+ month duration when they were actually nearing expiration.
Help & Tutorials
  • Searching in the help section will no longer result in some entries showing up as duplicates.
  • Created new help entries for Werewolves and Vampires.
  • Updated the tooltip text for the Undaunted skill line to be more informative.
  • Added tooltip text to lockpicks.