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Released on September 03 2014.

The Elder Scrolls Online v1.4.2 is an incremental patch focusing on additional fixes for many areas of the game including combat, gameplay, crafting, dungeons, itemization, and quests. We have also fixed a number of issues within Dragonstar Arena.

Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Alliance War[edit]


  • Fixed an issue where keep bonuses were stacking instead of new bonuses replacing the previous ones as they should.
  • Leaderboard rewards now have a chance to include ability-altering weapons.
  • The Haderus campaign scoring values have been adjusted to the following amount of points per scoring tick:
    • Reduced the keep control value to 5 points
    • Reduced the resource control value to 0 points
    • Reduced the outpost value to 3 points
    • Reduced the scroll ownership to 10 points
  • The underdog scoring evaluation period in the Haderus campaign has been adjusted to two-hour intervals instead of 12-hour intervals.
  • Repairing a siege weapon will now take four seconds instead of six seconds.

Art & Animation[edit]


  • Optimized the particle effects on the Trials Mantikora boss to improve visual quality.
  • When casting Dawnbreaker (the Fighters Guild Ultimate), your weapons will now remain hidden.
  • Fixed an issue with the positioning of some visual effects on troll-type monsters.



  • Improved the sound you hear when you are out of magicka or stamina.
  • Fixed an issue with some Dragonstar Arena crowd sounds and music.
  • Added previously missing sounds to some armor abilities.
  • Improved the sound for certain types of fire effects.
  • Fixed an issue with some dungeon boss and world effect sounds.

Combat & Gameplay[edit]


  • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck in combat due to nearby dead targets, causing you to be unable to mount your horse or quickly regenerate resources.
  • Mounting after exiting combat will now be more responsive.
  • Enchantments on VR13 and VR14 gear are no longer better than enchantments crafted by player characters.
  • Fixed an issue where some Ultimates would persist after death, causing you to be stuck in combat forever.
  • Fixed an issue where Mundus Stone effects weren't providing any bonuses.
  • Weapon enchantments can now proc elemental damage status effects, such as burning or chilled.



  • Rite of Passage
    • You will now be immune to interrupt effects while channeling this ability.


  • Stormcalling
    • Streak (morph of Bolt Escape) will no longer affect more than six targets, which was resulting in a much larger amount of Ultimate gain than intended.


  • Restoration Staff
    • Fixed an issue where Healing Ward (morph of Steadfast Ward) wasn't causing critical hits.


  • Vampire
    • Fixed an issue where you could stack the Dark Stalker passive with the Night's Silence or Shadow Dancer's Raiment item sets to move at mount speed. This is no longer possible—you get the bonus from either Dark Stalker or Night's Silence or Shadow Dancer's Raiment.


  • The following monsters are now immune to bleed damage:
    • Air Atronachs
    • Bone Flayers summoned by Necromancers
    • Stone Atronachs
  • Craglorn Ravagers now let forth distinctive shouts before they execute Cleave.
  • Monsters that are immune to crowd control are no longer vulnerable to crowd control abilities that are cast at the beginning of combat with them.
  • The Daedric Arch now has all of its intended sound effects.
  • It is no longer possible to attack Stranglers from more than 28 meters away without reprisal.
  • The Wamasu Sweep attack now correctly displays a ground telegraph to indicate that it will affect multiple targets.

Crafting & Economy[edit]


  • Improved the messaging on the Nirnhoned items received from the final Craglorn quest.
    • These items are now clearly marked as intended for researching, and have safeguards in place to prevent accidental deletion, sale, or deconstruction. The items can still be traded.
  • Fixed an issue where iron ingots, iron ore, and iron swords without traits were mislabeled, preventing them from existing.
  • Increased the research reduction bonus on rank 4 Carpentry, Metallurgy, and Stitching crafting passive abilities to 25%.
  • Fixed an issue where you may not have been appropriately refunded the skill points for the Runestone Extraction passive changes introduced in patch v1.4.0.
  • Critters will once again drop guts as expected.
  • Crafted Fishy Sticks are now a green quality item of level 45 and can no longer be acquired from crates, barrels and other interactable objects.
    • Regular Fishy Sticks can still be found in some containers around the world, as everybody in Tamriel loves those tasty Imperial treats.

Dungeons & Group Content[edit]

Dragonstar Arena

  • General
    • The vendor merchant in the arena's rest area is now also present in the Veteran version of the arena.
    • Opening a chest multiple times in Dragonstar Arena no longer progresses the Treasure Chest Seeker achievement multiple times.
    • Player characters under Veteran Rank 6 can now see and interact with the Scamp vendor that appears after you clear each arena.
  • First Arena
    • The death recap icon for spike traps in the first arena has been updated to have its own unique icon.
  • Second Arena
    • The archers in the second arena possess two different Volley-type abilities, which now have proper, different names from one another (Volley and Flame Volley).
  • Fifth Arena
    • The Celestial Blast ability that is used in the fifth arena will now have a more visible telegraph when the targeted player character is under the effects of any ability that changes their appearance or skin texture, such as Dragon Blood.
  • Eighth Arena
    • The Fire Centurion in the eighth arena will now properly pick targets that not affected by Ice Charge.
  • Ninth Arena
    • If a Sorcerer player character is pulled into the crypt area in the ninth arena, their summoned pets will no longer display unusual movement behavior.
    • In the ninth arena, monsters in the crypt will no longer despawn while still engaged in combat, after a random amount of time.
    • Skeletons in the ninth arena can no longer be affected by bleed effects.
    • Duplicate ghost versions of Rubyn Jonnicent can no longer be summoned in the ninth arena, and they will no longer double-up on spawned minions.
  • Tenth Arena
    • You can no longer use light attacks or crowd-control breaks while your character is being levitated at the end of the tenth arena.
    • Fiery circles dropped by player characters in the tenth arena will no longer have an interact prompt.
    • Hiath the Battlemaster will now properly vanish from the rest area once your team engages him in the tenth arena.


  • General
    • Fixed several text issues with Trial achievements.
  • Aetherian Archive
    • Mage Celestial
    • If monsters get knocked off the island, they will now teleport back to the combat area.
  • Hel Ra Citadel
    • Fixed an issue where the Warrior Celestial's Shehai Sword effects would not play.
  • Sanctum Ophidia
    • Fixed an issue with the camera position around the Alchemy crafting table.
    • Fixed an issue where a treasure chest was below ground and could not be opened.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing a Dark Anchor to incorrectly appear in the Trial.
      • Possessed Mantikora
        • Fixed an issue where the effects for the Celestial Nightmare would not be removed after the boss had reset.
        • Updated the UI target frame for the Serpent's Image to properly indicate the monster's difficulty level.
        • You may find that attacking from the ledge above is now less survivable…
        • The ladder beyond the Mantikora is no longer interactable until after the Mantikora has died.
      • Stonebreaker
        • Fixed an issue where you could pull Stonebreaker out of the intended combat area.
      • Serpent Celestial
        • The Lamia Howlers can no longer be blinded or affected by miss-chance.
        • The Serpent Celestial will now always face the correct direction when positioned at the end of the fight.


  • Fixed several breadcrumbing issues where pips would not appear correctly on the map.

Upper Craglorn

  • Fixed an issue where some cooking fires were not correctly set up in the overland and certain delves.
  • The scorpions that spawn during the Fearfangs Cavern encounter with Lakorrah the Matron will now properly aggro player characters that stand near the door.
  • Multiple versions of Little Leaf will no longer appear outside of Exarch's Stronghold when you are turning in “The Serpent's Fang” quest.
  • Updated the map markers for Skyreach Hold, Skyreach Catacombs, and Skyreach Pinnacle so they are no longer identical to those of group delves.
  • Fixed an issue with some interactable bookshelves having the same book down the entire length of multiple shelves in Skyreach Hold.

Exploration & Itemization[edit]


  • Fixed an issue where you would not be awarded the achievement for clearing Dragonstar Arena until after you re-logged into the game.


  • Nirnhoned Trait
    • Fixed an issue where the Nirnhoned item trait was providing a flat value increase instead of a percentage value increase.
    • Fixed an issue where the Nirnhoned trait from your weapon swap was being applied all the time.
  • Fixed an issue where Heavy Sacks could contain items when they weren't always supposed to.
  • Fixed an issue where the Sabatons of the Unassailable were displaying the incorrect icon.
  • Added items to the Morag Tong item set. You can now use all types of weapons with it.
  • The following NPCs will now sell items to you if you are below VR6:
    • Chef Egeria
    • Chef Logdotha
    • Grocer Hleseth
  • Fixed an issue where Elite Gear Vendors in Cyrodiil were not selling the Covenant's Ice Staff.


  • The merchant Kazbur will now appear in the Veteran mode of Dragonstar Arena.
  • Fixed an issue where Sjarla's wares in Bleakrock did not scale to the appropriate Veteran Ranks.
  • Fixed an issue where Feduzdal's wares in Stonefalls did not scale to the appropriate Veteran Ranks.



  • Guild Traders will now show conversation options after there is a new owner.
  • Guild Traders will now correctly display their bid/hire conversation options again after the transition from one owner to the next.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not purchase a guild tabard from guild stores.
  • Changes made to the Guild Heraldry in the Guild Menu will now update immediately, even for newly appointed Guildmasters.


Alik'r Desert

  • In Leki's Blade, Bloodfiend attacks will now correctly animate.


  • Rites of the Queen: Fixed an issue that was preventing you from following the Queen after destroying the crystals associated with this quest.


  • Stormcrag Crypt: The door near the end of the dungeon can no longer be used as a shortcut to the boss room.

Fighters Guild

  • Will of the Council: This quest will now correctly update after you perform the necessary tasks.


  • The Dagger's Edge: Updated the compass marker associated with finding Gelvin so the quest will now advance correctly.


  • Striking at the Heart: Fixed an issue where Indaenir would become stuck in a healing state and block quest progress.

Reaper's March

  • A Traitor's Luck: Previously passive members of the Pact will now fight back at Pa'alat in Reaper's March.


  • The Thin Ones: Corrected the skeletal appearance of many of the villagers.
  • Saving the Relics: Tree-Minder will now appear during the quest step Talk to Tree-Minder Raleetal.


  • Sadal's Final Defeat: Fixed an issue that was preventing you from progressing the quest if you abandoned it and immediately reacquired it.


  • Abandoned Farm: Gar Xuu Gar will now correctly grant his achievement “Gar Xuu Gar's Bane” if you pull him away from the Abandoned Farm.

The Rift

  • Shattered Hopes: Boss-level Necromancers will no longer try to kill themselves.



  • Fixed an issue where UI notifications for items such as gained Skyshards, Skill Points, exploration discoveries, and completed quests would no longer appear after an extended play session.


  • Items listed in the Guild history can now be linked in chat by right-clicking the item.
  • Objects that are already linked in chat, such as items, achievements, and lore books, can now be linked to another chat window.