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ON-icon-skill-Ardent Flame-Fiery Breath.png Fiery Breath
Line Ardent Flame
Line Rank 20 Cost 3510 Magicka
Cast Time Instant Duration 20 seconds
Target Cone
Area 10 meters
Morph ON-icon-skill-Ardent Flame-Noxious Breath.png Noxious Breath
Converts into a Stamina ability and deals Poison Damage. Applies Major Breach to enemies, reducing their Resistances.
ON-icon-skill-Ardent Flame-Engulfing Flames.png Engulfing Flames
Affected enemies take more damage from all Flame Damage attacks.
Magicka/Stamina Cost is based on a character of Level 50 Champion Points160. Damage values are based on Max Magicka/Stamina 7958, Max Health 8744, and Weapon/Spell Damage 1037.
Fiery Breath
Fiery Breath: Exhale a flaming blast to enemies in front of you, dealing [2248 / 2272 / 2298 / 2321] Flame Damage and an additional [3757 / 3800 / 3846 / 3866] Flame Damage over 20 seconds.
Noxious Breath: Cost: 2984 Stamina.
Exhale a corrosive blast to enemies in front of you, dealing [2326 / 2352 / 2377 / 2401] Poison Damage and an additional [3908 / 3956 / 4002 / 4053] Poison Damage over 20 seconds. Afflicts enemies with Major Breach, reducing their Physical and Spell Resistance by 5948.
Engulfing Flames: Exhale a flaming blast to enemies in front of you, dealing [2326 / 2352 / 2377 / 2401] Flame Damage and an additional [3908 / 3956 / 4002 / 4053] Flame Damage over 20 seconds. Affected enemies take more damage from all Flame Damage attacks based on your Weapon and Spell Damage, with a maximum of 6% bonus damage taken. Current value 6%.

Fiery Breath deals Fire Damage to enemies within a 10 meter radius in front of you, and applies fire damage over time. Noxious Breath changes the cost to use Stamina and the damage from fire to poison, as well as reducing your targets' Physical Resistance. Or you can choose Engulfing Flames, which will increase the target's vulnerability to other flame attacks, either from you or other players.


  • The Noxious Breath morph was added in Update 10, replacing ON-icon-skill-Ardent Flame-Burning Breath.png Burning Breath, which dealt Flame Damage instead of Poison Damage.
  • Engulfing Flames is a recommended morph for the Inferno Dragon build, while Noxious Breath is recommended for Venomous Dragon.


Patch Notes[edit]

  • Burning Breath: Fixed an issue where this ability was doing less damage than intended.
  • Engulfing Flames: The tooltip for this ability now properly states that it deals increased damage per rank.
  • Burning Breath: The armor reduction debuff from this ability will no longer stack.
  • Fixed an issue where Burning Breath IV wasn't dealing damage over time as it should.
  • Increased the damage over time effect applied to all ranks and morphs by approximately 30%.
  • Fiery Breath and its morph Engulfing Flames are now mitigated by your target's Direct Damage and Resist statistics.
  • Fixed an issue where the morphs of Fiery Breath were dealing their damage over time instantly, instead of waiting 2 seconds like the base ability.
  • The bonus damage an enemy takes from fire, applied by Engulfing Flames, will now properly factor into the damage from the first tick.
  • Burning Breath: This ability will now scale off of stamina and weapon power, and is mitigated by your target's armor. This ability now applies the Major Fracture debuff to your target.
  • Fixed an issue where the fire graphic effect wasn't applying to enemies for Ranks II-IV of this ability.
  • Burning Breath: Fixed an issue where the Major Fracture debuff applied by this ability was shorter than the duration of the damage over time effect.
  • Burning Breath: Renamed this morph to Noxious Breath. In addition, this morph now deals Poison Damage instead of Flame Damage.
  • Noxious Breath: This morph now has a new icon.
  • World in Ruin: This ability now also increases the damage over time component of Fiery Breath and its morphs.
  • Increased the damage of the initial hit of this ability by 200% to be on par with our PBAoE standards. The base ability will now rank up in damage for the entire ability, rather than just the DoT.
  • Increased the cost of this ability and its morphs to 2808 from 2700.
  • Decreased the DoT damage per tick by approximately 15%.
  • This ability and its morphs now last 10 seconds at base, up from 8 seconds.
  • Increased base cost to 3510, up from 2808.
  • Reduced the damage per tick of the Damage over Time portion of this ability by approximately 20%.
  • Engulfing Flames (morph):
    • This ability's bonus Flame damage modifier now uses both your Spell Damage and your Max Magicka, rather than only Spell Damage, to allow for more builds to engage with the morph.
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