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ON-icon-skill-Draconic Power-Iron Skin.png Iron Skin
Line Draconic Power
Skill Rank Line Rank
Rank I 1 8
Rank II 2 18
Rank III 3 {{{linerank3}}}
Rank IV 4 {{{linerank4}}}
Rank V 5 {{{linerank5}}}
Rank VI 6 {{{linerank6}}}
Rank VII 7 {{{linerank7}}}
Rank VIII 8 {{{linerank8}}}
Rank IX 9 {{{linerank9}}}
Rank X 10 {{{linerank10}}}
Iron Skin I: Increases the amount of damage you block by 4%.
Iron Skin II: Increases the amount of damage you block by 10%.

Iron Skin makes blocking attacks more effective, reducing the damage you take while blocking.

Patch Notes[edit]