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ON-icon-skill-Draconic Power-Iron Skin.png Iron Skin
Line Draconic Power
Skill Rank Line Rank
Rank I 1 8
Rank II 2 18
Iron Skin I: Increases the amount of damage you block by 4%.
Iron Skin II: Increases the amount of damage you block by 10%.

Iron Skin makes blocking attacks more effective, reducing the damage you take while blocking.

Patch Notes[edit]

  • Reduced the amount of additional damage you can block from Rank I of this passive to 4% from 5%.
    • Note that due to how percentages are calculated, the total damage blocked with this rank remains unchanged.
      • Developer Comment: Since block values can only be whole numbers, a 5% bonus was increasing block's 50% damage reduction to 50 * 1.05 = 52.5. Then, it got rounded down to 52%. This change helps clarify the proper amount of bonus you get. Note that Rank II of the ability still gives a 10% increase which equates to 55% damage blocked (50 * 1.1 = 55).