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This article is about the passive skill. For the build, see Elder Dragon (build).

ON-icon-skill-Draconic Power-Elder Dragon.png Elder Dragon
Line Draconic Power
Skill Rank Line Rank
Rank I 1 22
Rank II 2 36
Elder Dragon I: Increases your Health Recovery by 129 for each Draconic Power ability slotted.
Elder Dragon II: Increases your Health Recovery by 258 for each Draconic Power ability slotted.

Elder Dragon increases your Health Recovery while any Draconic Power active ability is slotted.


  • Prior to Update 38 this passive increased the range of your melee abilities.

Patch Notes[edit]

  • This passive ability now also increases the range of all instant-cast melee abilities 1 meter per rank, in addition to granting Health Recovery for each Draconic Power ability slotted.
    • Developer Comment: This change was made to help standardize the range of all DK melee attacks. It also matches the melee light attack range to the range of their abilities. This additional range helps distinguish melee DKs from other melee classes.
  • Fixed an issue where this passive was not properly applying its range extension to the intended abilities.
  • This passive no longer extends the range of melee attacks by 2 meters, as this is now once again their standard range.
  • This passive now increases your Health Recovery by 129/259 per Draconic Power ability slotted. rather than 2/5% per ability.