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ON-icon-skill-Ardent Flame-Lava Whip.png Lava Whip
Line Ardent Flame
Line Rank 1 Cost 2295 Magicka
Cast Time Instant Duration
Target Enemy
Range 7 meters
Morph ON-icon-skill-Ardent Flame-Molten Whip.png Molten Whip
Splits the cost between Magicka and Stamina. While slotted, your other Ardent Flame abilities increase the damage of your next Molten Whip cast and Weapon and Spell Damage.
ON-icon-skill-Ardent Flame-Flame Lash.png Flame Lash
Targeting Off Balance or Immobilized enemies grants you a more powerful attack which deals increased damage, costs half as much, and heals you.
Values are based on Max Magicka/Stamina 12000, Max Health 16000, and Weapon/Spell Damage 1000.
Lava Whip
Lava Whip: Lash an enemy with flame, dealing [6148 / 6215 / 6282 / 6351] Flame Damage. If you strike an enemy that is immobile or stunned, you set them Off Balance.
Molten Whip: Cost: 1148, 1148 Magicka and Stamina.
Lash an enemy with flame, dealing 6351 Flame Damage. If you strike an enemy that is immobile or stunned, you set them Off Balance. Whenever you activate a different Ardent Flame ability while in combat, you gain a stack of Seething Fury, increasing the damage of your next Molten Whip by 20% and your Weapon and Spell Damage by [85 / 90 / 95 / 100] for 15 seconds. This effect stacks up to 3 times.
Flame Lash: Lash an enemy with flame, dealing 6351 Flame Damage. If you strike an enemy that is immobilized or stunned, you set them Off Balance. Targeting an Off Balance or immobilized enemy changes this ability into Power Lash, allowing you to lash an enemy at half cost to deal [7305 / 7385 / 7465 / 7545] Flame Damage and healing you for [7305 / 7385 / 7465 / 7545] Health.

Lava Whip deals Fire Damage and sets enemies off balance if they are currently Immobile or Stunned. If you have the Molten Whip morph slotted, casting a different Ardent Flame ability will increase your Weapon and Spell Damage and increase the damage of your next Molten Whip cast. Using the Flame Lash morph on enemies that are already off balance changes the skill to Power Lash, which heals you in addition to dealing more damage.


  • Power Lash works both on enemies that are set off balance through a previous Flame Lash as well as through other means, like blocking a heavy attack.
  • When you target an enemy that enables you to use Power Lash, the icon in your skill bar changes to ON-icon-skill-Dragonknight-Power Lash.png.
  • Casting Power Lash originally cost no Magicka, but now is just half the cost of a normal cast.
  • Flame Lash is a recommended morph for the Dragonknight Initiate build.


Patch Notes[edit]

  • Flame Lash: Increased the damage and healing for this ability's activated follow-up attack.
  • Molten Whip: This ability's slotted passive only applies to Ardent Flame skill line abilities instead of all fire damage.
  • Updated the tooltip for this ability to note the cooldown to set an enemy off balance.
  • Flame Lash: The follow up attack that is part of this ability now works on any off-balance target, stuns off-balance targets, and has a new icon.
  • Molten Whip: Fixed an issue where this ability wasn't providing increased damage to Ardent Flame ability morphs that use Stamina.
  • Switched the position of this ability with the Fiery Grip ability as seen in the skill line UI.
  • Increased the damage from this ability and its morphs by 5%.
    • Developer Comment: We wanted Lava Whip to hit harder since it's a melee attack without increasing the overall PvE DPS of Dragonknights. To accomplish this, we reduced the bonuses from Standard of Might by 5% and increased Lava Whip by 5%. This gives Magicka Dragonknights a bit more pressure in PvP without increasing their PvE damage.
  • Reduced the cost of this ability and its morphs by approximately 10%.
  • Flame Lash: The Power Lash attack from this morph now has a 3 second cooldown.
  • This ability and its morphs no longer have a cooldown when they can set the enemy target Off Balance. Striking a stunned or immobile enemy will always set them Off Balance.
  • Flame Lash: Fixed an issue where the Power Lash attack from this morph could not be dodged.
  • Decreased the range of this ability and its morphs to 5 meters from 8 meters.
  • Flame Lash: Removed the stun from the Power Lash special attack.
    • Developer Comment: We want all classes to be intentional about when they land stuns on the enemy, and not have it coupled with an already highly damaging attack.
  • Power Lash: The Power Lash special attack is no longer free, and now costs half the amount of a regular Flame Lash.
    • Developer Comment: Because this ability could be used multiple times against off balance targets, it provided too much of a resource sustain bonus. To alleviate the issue, we set its cost to that of other proc abilities like Crystal Fragments.
  • Reduced the cost of this ability and its morphs by 5% to put it in line with other melee “spammables”.
    • Molten Whip (morph): Reworked this ability so it no longer grants a passive bonus to Weapon and Spell Damage while slotted. Instead, this passive grants access to Seething Fury, a 33% damage bonus to your next Molten Whip cast and increase of 125 Weapon and Spell Damage every time you activate an Ardent Flame ability that isn't Molten Whip. This bonus can stack up to 3 times, lasts 5 seconds, and will refresh in duration every time it is applied to you.
      • Developer Comment: The previous Molten Whip was under budgeted in terms of total power compared to Flame Lash, and rather than reducing that morph, we wanted to bring this one up to par. Additionally, we like how Flame Lash has the potential to disrupt a static rotation in combat, so we wanted to add a diverse bonus that would allow for you to engage in different ways. Now, the caster can decide to simply follow a normal rotation, or attempt to save up for a heavy hitting attack after building up stacks. Please note however, this will operate similarly to the previous Molten Whip where your bonus will only be active on the bar that it is slotted on.
  • Molten Whip: Reduced the stacking Spell Damage bonus from this passive to 75 at Rank IV from 125.
  • Flame Lash (morph): The special attack from this ability, Power Lash, can now also be cast on enemies that are Immobilized.
  • Molten Whip (morph): Fixed an issue where the Weapon and Spell Damage from this passive did not appear in your character sheet.
  • This ability and its morphs now scale off your highest offensive stats, rather than exclusively Magicka based stats. May this finally end the fiery and age-old debate over getting a Stamina Whip, as this is our version of it.
    • Flame Lash (morph):
      • Fixed an issue where this morph did not apply Off Balance to targets who were Immobilized but not already Off Balance.
      • The override ability, Power Lash, now heals immediately rather than over 2 seconds, but its total healing per cast has been reduced by approximately 43%. However, Power Lash no longer has a 3 second cooldown. Ballerinas are back.
    • Molten Whip (morph): Seething Fury now lasts 10 seconds per stack, up from 5 seconds, to help it feel way less stressful to use in a rotation and allow for activation of burst at the perfect moment.
    • Developer Comment: Magicka Dragonknight's morph options for Lava Whip currently feel too similar as they both increase the damage of the spammable and deal with 3 second cadences. Molten Whip now stands out more as a build-up to a deadly burst attack with its more gracious time period to activate for the perfect opportunity, while Flame Lash doubles down in the sustained pressure path, giving the Dragonknight moments to relentlessly batter their opponent down with reckless abandon.
  • Molten Whip (morph):
    • This morph now causes the ability to split the cost to half Stamina and half Magicka.
    • Reduced the stacking damage bonus to Molten Whip to 20% per stack, down from 33%.
    • Increased the Weapon and Spell Damage per stack to up to 100, up from 75.
    • The Weapon and Spell Damage portion of Seething Fury is no longer consumed when using Molten Whip.
    • Increased the duration of Seething Fury to 15 seconds, up from 10 seconds, to help it be easier to keep up with the new duration timers of Fiery Breath and Searing Strike.
    • Developer Comment: To help this ability become more available to hybrid builds, we've opted to take a very unique route with the ability where the cost is now split evenly between Magicka and Stamina. In doing so, we hope to see more unique interactions with the skill as well as aiding more Stamina-focused Dragonknights in sustaining the skill.
  • Molten Whip: Fixed an issue where this morph could fail to activate many conditional requirements that stated, “when casting an ability that costs Magicka or Stamina”. Note that conditional requirements that require only a Stamina ability specifically will still not fire, as this ability is predominantly Magicka oriented.