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ON-icon-skill-Ardent Flame-Searing Strike.png Searing Strike
Line Ardent Flame
Line Rank 4 Cost 2970 Magicka
Cast Time Instant Duration 20 seconds
Target Enemy
Range 7 meters
Morph ON-icon-skill-Ardent Flame-Venomous Claw.png Venomous Claw
Converts into a Stamina ability and deals Poison Damage. The damage over time increases the longer the effect lasts. Instantly applies the Poisoned status effect.
ON-icon-skill-Ardent Flame-Burning Embers.png Burning Embers
Heals you for a percentage of damage done.
Values are based on Max Magicka/Stamina 12000, Max Health 16000, and Weapon/Spell Damage 1000.
Searing Strike
Searing Strike: Slash an enemy with flame, dealing [3073 / 3106 / 3140 / 3174] Flame Damage and an additional [9227 / 9318 / 9422 / 9524] Flame Damage over 20 seconds. Enemies hit by the initial hit are afflicted with the Burning status effect.
Venomous Claw: Cost: 2525 Stamina.
Rake an enemy with your claw, dealing 3176 Poison Damage and an additional 9532 Poison Damage over 20 seconds. The poison seeps into the target and deals increased damage the longer it lasts, dealing [9 / 10 / 11 / 12]% more damage every 2 seconds. Enemies hit by the initial hit are afflicted with the Poisoned status effect.
Burning Embers: Slash an enemy with flame, dealing 3176 Flame Damage and an additional 9532 Flame Damage over 20 seconds. You heal for [94 / 96 / 98 / 100]% of the damage done with this ability. Enemies hit by the initial hit are afflicted with the Burning status effect.

Searing Strike deals Fire Damage to an enemy and applies fire damage over time. The Venomous Claw costs Stamina and deals Poison Damage instead, with increased damage the longer the effect lasts. The Burning Embers morph heals you every time it deals damage.


  • The healing from Burning Embers occurs when the effects times out, when the enemy dies, or when you reapply the effect on an enemy.
  • The Venomous Claw morph was added in Update 10, replacing ON-icon-skill-Ardent Flame-Unstable Flame.png Unstable Flame, which dealt Flame Damage instead of Poison Damage.
  • Burning Embers is a recommended morph for the Dragonknight Initiate and Inferno Dragon builds, while Venomous Claw is recommended for Venomous Dragon.


Patch Notes[edit]

  • Burning Embers: This ability now heals you if your enemy target dies while affected by it.
* Burning Embers: This ability's heal no longer stacks multiplicatively when multiple player characters cast it on the same target.
  • Increased the damage over time effect applied by all ranks and morphs of this ability by approximately 15%.
  • Unstable Flame: This ability now scales off Stamina and Attack Power and costs Stamina. Damage is mitigated by your target's armor.
  • Burning Embers:
    • Increased the heal at the end of the damage over time to 69/71/73/75% of the total damage inflicted at Ranks I/II/III/IV, from 30/32/34/36%.
    • The heal from this morph now applies immediately if it is recast on the same target.
  • Unstable Flame: Renamed this morph to Venomous Claw. In addition, this morph now deals Poison Damage instead of Flame Damage.
  • Venomous Claw: This morph now has a new icon.
  • Venomous Claw: Fixed an issue where the damage over time did not increment in damage if multiple Dragonknights cast the same rank of this morph on the same target.
  • Burning Embers: Fixed an issue where Rank IV of this morph was not allowing multiple Dragonknights to apply the Damage over Time component to the same target.
  • The initial direct damage from this ability and its morphs can now be blocked and dodged.
  • Adjusted this ability and its morphs to follow our standardized Damage Over Time ruleset. Decreased the total duration to 8 seconds from 8.5 seconds, and increased the damage per tick by approximately 12.5% to make up for the loss of the first tick. This will result in roughly the same overall DPS, but with less burst damage.
  • Fixed an issue where the visual effects from this ability and its morphs would fail to apply if the target was blocking.
  • Increased cost to 2160 from 1350.
  • Increased the DoT damage by approximately 26% per tick.
  • This ability and its morphs now last 10 seconds at base, up from 8 seconds.
  • Increased the base cost to 2970, up from 2160.
  • This ability and its morphs have gained the new functionality of immediately applying their respective status effect to the enemy upon cast.
  • Reduced the damage per tick of the Damage over Time portion of the ability by approximately 47%.
  • Venomous Claw (morph):
    • Increased the ramping bonus damage per tick of this morph to 17/18/19/20%, up from 9/10/11/12%.
  • Burning Embers: Fixed an issue where the heal from this ability was not working when utilizing Searing Heat and Elfbane at the same time.
  • Burning Embers (morph):
    • This ability now heals for up to 100% of the damage done any time it deals damage, rather than up to 75% of the total damage done when the effect ends.
    • Fixed an issue where this morph's heal could critically strike, despite being based off of damage that could already critically strike.
    • Developer Comment: This change was made to help offer the Dragonknight more steady healing in the midst of combat, rather than locking the heal behind a more "burst like" window where it comes in massive clumps, since much of the Dragonknight's healing currently comes in bursts while their sustained healing is weaker. Additionally, this will fix many issues where the healing from the current iteration can return significantly higher than intended in some situations, as well as fixing numerous issues where the heal value was incorrect when recasting the ability before the duration ran out.
  • Burning Embers (morph): Reduced the healing value from this morph to up to 50%, down from up to 100%.
    • Developer Comment: Right now, the healing values from this ability are enabling the Dragonknight too much staying power. While we want to retain the ability to reward the caster for going in and dotting up their foes, the raw damage and healing from this ability is simply too much in its current form.
  • Increased the duration of this ability and its morphs to 20 seconds, up from 10.
  • Reduced the damage per tick by 25%.
    • Burning Embers (morph): Increased the amount of healing this morph allows to up to 100% of the damage caused, up from 50%.
      • Developer Comment: The previous reduction was made as a stop gap before this pass could be completed. Now that the ability deals less damage per tick, we feel comfortable bumping it back up.
    • Venomous Claw (morph): This morph now increases damage done per tick by 9 - 12%, down from 17 - 20%, as it now stacks up for longer to a higher value.
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