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Recover some ancient Argonian relics from Bogmother.
Zone: Shadowfen
Objective: Bogmother — Uncover Bogmother's secrets.
Quest Giver: Gerent Saervild Steel-Wind, Tree-Minder Raleetal
Location(s): Bogmother, Camp Silken Snare, Mudshallow Cave
Reward: Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High
Calming the Dreugh
Shadowfen's Vicecanon Hrondar sent Saervild Steel-Wind to Bogmother's ruins to collect Argonian relics. [if taken from Steel-Wind]
The Dominion set up a camp at Bogmother, possibly looking for relics they can use to control the nearby dreugh. [if taken from Raleetal]

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Gerent Saervild Steel-Wind.
  2. Collect the Tsith Relic, Umoj Relic, Shol Relic and the Xaloc Relic.
  3. Speak with Njorlund Steel-Wind, then find the tree-minders.
  4. Talk to Tree-Minder Raleetal.
  5. Search the Dominion camp for a bedroll.
  6. Return to Tree-Minder Raleetal.
  7. Find Saervild Steel-Wind.
  8. Talk to Tree-Minder Raleetal.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Speak to Gerent Saervild Steel-Wind to start the quest. He tells you that the Dominion has set up camp nearby, and that they're possibly interested in the Argonian relics that are located at Bogmother. He wants you to retrieve the relics so the Dominion can't take them. Whatever their interest in these relics is, it can't be good. Saervild wishes to bring them to Stormhold so the vicecanons can protect them.

You need to gather three relics from the reliquaries of Bogmother. The relics are small statues that resemble highly-stylized depictions of Argonians. Once you've got them, Njorlund Steel-Wind will ask you what you're doing. Apparently, Njorlund and his father were asked to protect the relics, not remove them. Njorlund needs you to find the tree-minders of Bogmother at their camp while he talks to his father. They should know what to do with the relics. Head for the camp. You'll arrive to find it empty; the tree-minders seem to have left behind a lit campfire and a brief journal entry about current events. Njorlund will show up soon after you investigate the camp.

Now that the relics have been removed from their reliquaries, the dreugh that inhabit the area have become very aggressive. This isn't a good sign. He takes the relics from you and goes off to find his father while you search for the tree-minders. Dreugh keep their prey encased in mud piles, so you may be able to find the tree-minders near them. You will need to locate and search Dreugh mud piles until you find the tree-minder. Each pile is a collection of mud spires, the tallest of which is roughly the size of a person. You'll find all but one of the tree-minders dead. Tree-Minder Raleetal wishes to speak with you back at her camp, since it's obviously not safe to be sticking around the dreugh's feeding grounds. When you arrive, you'll find Njorlund Steel-Wind dead on the floor and the relics missing.

Raleetal realizes that Gerent Saervild's weapon is on the ground near Njorlund's corpse. He must have killed his own son and betrayed the Pact. You left the relics with Njorlund, and they're not here. They could already be in enemy hands. Saervild must have taken the relics to the Dominion camp at the bog's edge. Raleetal can't do much to help, but she can turn the dreugh on the Dominion. She needs something from the Dominion camp that is laden with an enemy soldier's scent. If you sneak into the Dominion camp, you'll find a Dominion Bedroll. Take the bedroll and meet Tree-Minder Raleetal at the ruins. She tells you to place the bedroll in the reliquary. Once you've done so, stand by and wait for the ritual to complete. A number of dreugh will approach, but they are not hostile. Once they disperse, speak to Tree-Minder Raleetal again.

She tells you that the dreugh have turned on the Dominion, and that the relics are likely near Mudshallow Cave, located at the Dominion camp you took the bedroll used in the ritual from. The dreugh won't attack you, so you can slip past the soldiers at the camp as the dreugh go to town on them.

Sneak or fight your way into the Dominion camp, and enter Mudshallow Cave. Inside, you'll find some Dominion infantry and a book revealing that "Saervild" is an impostor—a skin-stealer able to assume the identity of any dead body. The impostor, still disguised, is at the end of the cavern. Kill him, and then locate and take the Sack of Relics. Fight your way back outside and speak to Tree-Minder Raleetal, who isn't far, to complete the quest.

Quest Stages[edit]

Saving the Relics
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Tree-Minder Raleetal asked me to speak to Gerent Saervild Steel-Wind about the Dominion presence in Bogmother. I should find him at his camp beside the main road.
Objective: Talk to Gerent Saervild Steel-Wind
Latest start Gerent Saervild Steel-Wind asked me to collect relics in the area. According to him, the vicecanons believe they contain magic that could turn the tide of the war against the Dominion.
Objective: Collect Xaloc Relic
Objective: Collect Shol Relic
Objective: Collect Tsith Relic
Objective: Collect Umoj Relic
When I finished collecting the relics, Njorlund Steel-Wind showed up. I should tell him to return to the camp.
Objective: Talk to Njorlund Steel-Wind
Njorlund Steel-Wind says he and his father were tasked with guarding the reliquaries, not removing the relics from them. The local tree-minders might know more about the relics.
Objective: Go to the Tree-Minders' Camp
The tree-minders aren't at their camp. I should tell Njorlunnd Steel-Wind about this.
Objective: Talk to Njorlund Steel-Wind
Njorlund Steel-Wind thinks there is something strange about his father's behavior, and fears the tree-minder may be in greater danger from the dreugh. He asked me to search the dreugh mud piles.
Objective: Find the Tree-Minders
I found Tree-Minder Raleetal in one of the dreugh mud piles. I should find out what happened to her when I get back to her camp.
Objective: Return to the Tree-Minder Raleetal's Camp
I got back to the camp too late and found Njorlund Steel-Wind was dead, and the relics taken. I should see if there is anything Tree-Minder Raleetal can do to help me return them.
Objective: Talk to Tree-Minder Raleetal
Tree-Minder Raleetal thinks she can turn the dreugh on the Dominion guards if I can collect something with their scent. I should search the camp for something suitable.
Objective: Collect the Dominion Troops' Scent
I found a Dominion bedroll, still smelling like its owner. Tree-Minder Raleetal needs this to start her ritual at the reliquary within the ruins beside her camp.
Objective: Talk to Tree-Minder Raleetal
Tree-Minder Raleetal asked me to place the Dominion Bedroll in the reliquary to complete the ritual.
Objective: Place the Dominion Bedroll in the Reliquary
I should wait until the ritual ends before making my way back to the camp to search for Gerent Saervild Steel-Wind.
Objective: Witness the Ritual
The dreugh seemed enthralled by the scent of the Dominion troops. I should talk to Tree-Minder Raleetal before I go in search of Gerent Saervild Steel-Wind.
Objective: Talk to Tree-Minder Raleetal
With the dreugh distracting the Dominion troops, it should be much easier to get through their camp. I should search Mudshallow Cave for Gerent Saervild Steel-Wind and the missing relics.
Objective: Kill Saervild
Objective: Take the Relics
☑Finishes quest The Dominion spy using Saervild's form is dead. Now that I've collected the relics, I should take them back to Tree-Minder Raleetal.
Objective: Talk to Tree-Minder Raleetal