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Help uncover evidence that a Khajiit is selling Dominion secrets to the enemy.
Zone: Reaper's March
Objective: Pa'alat — Investigate the rogue Eye of the Queen.
Quest Giver: Note from a Bottle, Cariel
Location(s): Pa'alat, Ren-dro Caverns
Reward: Traitor's Treads
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High XP
ID: 4687
A hidden note in a bottle has led me on a trail into the town of Pa'alat.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Cariel on the south road into Pa'alat.
  2. Search an Ebonheart Pact lodge.
    • Intimidate male soldier or
    • Pay male entertainer to lure female guard away
  3. Talk to Cariel.
  4. Search a Daggerfall Covenant lodge.
    • Lie to scout and defeat captain or
    • Persuade female guard
  5. Talk to Cariel.
  6. Set four fires.
  7. Take the evidence from the mansion.
  8. Talk to Cariel behind the mansion.
  9. Enter Ren-dro Caverns and kill Krin Ren-dro.
  10. Talk to Cariel outside.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

North of the S'ren-ja Wayshrine and south of Pa'alat you will find a suspicious bottle in a tree. The bottle has a note inside it.

Find the spy northeast of the tree and bottle. You find Cariel crouched behind some rocks and a tent.

Cariel says Krin Ren-dro, a retired Eye of the Queen, may have gone rogue. He is selling Dominion secrets to agents from the other alliances. Cariel asks you to help her find proof, steal back what he stole, and take him out.

You follow her into Pa'alat, then talk to her again. She says you should search the Ebonheart Pact's lodge first.

Convince one of the guards to leave, then find the pile of papers on the desk and a letter of understanding in the trunk.

Talk to Cariel again. Now time for the Daggerfall Covenant lodge. Convince the guards to let you in, then strum the harp and kill Captain gro-Mak. Take the letter from his body.

Take Back the Evidence[edit]

Cariel tells you to cause a commotion in the Ren-dro compound, so the guards will leave. You need to set four fires.

Enter the mansion, and find the Dominion file in a pile of papers upstairs.

Leave the mansion, and talk to Cariel behind the mansion. Together, you enter Ren-dro Caverns and kill Ren-dro.

Outside the caverns, Cariel thanks you and gives you a reward.

Quest Stages[edit]

A Traitor's Luck
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Read the Note
Objective: Talk to the Spy
Objective: Follow Cariel
Objective: Talk to Cariel
Hidden Objective: Convince Andwulf
Objective: Talk to Ebonheart Pact Guards
Hidden Objective: Lodge 1 Pre-IO Tracker
Hidden Objective: Irvina Hint Step Fallthrough
Hidden Objective: Pact Lodge IO 1
Objective: Search an Ebonheart Pact Lodge
Hidden Objective: Convince Seyran Persuade
Objective: Talk to Daggerfall Covenant Guards
Objective: Follow Scout Seyran
Hidden Objective: Pre-IO Tracker
Hidden Objective: Lodge 3 IO 1
Objective: Search a Daggerfall Covenant Lodge
Objective: Set Fires
Hidden Objective: Camp A Off
Hidden Objective: Camp B Off
Objective: Enter Krin Ren-dro's Mansion
Hidden Objective: Find Dominion Intelligence File
Objective: Search Krin Ren-dro's Mansion
Objective: Talk to Cariel Behind the Mansion
Objective: Enter Krin Ren-dro's Secret Lair
Objective: Find Krin Ren-dro
Objective: Kill Krin Ren-dro
Objective: Exit Secret Cave
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