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Location North Beacon
Seaside Sanctuary, Hectahame
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Eyes of the Queen

Cariel is a Bosmer who serves the Aldmeri Dominion as an Eye of the Queen. She is encountered several times across the Dominion territories.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Eye Spy[edit]

When spoken to inside the supply building:

"Arfanel must have sent you. The Queen's Eyes see all, eh?"
That they do.
"Green bless you, then! I have everything I need from this hut. Was just about to take my leave. Would you do me a favor and clean up? I want to make my report."
What do you mean?
"Take these fire salts. The empty crates over there are perfect kindling.
Head to the camp on the bluff when you're done here. I'm sure Arfanel would wish to thank you."

Once the crates have been set on fire:

"Damn, but you live up to your reputation. I guess I'll have to tell Raz his obnoxious crowing was spot on."

Before the Storm[edit]

Just outside Serpent's Grotto, you'll find the captain with Major Cirenwe and a captive Maormer:

"Well met, Queenseye. Grim work to be done here, and we're glad to have you with us."

She can be spoken with at Seaside Sanctuary after A Storm Upon the Shore.

"Hard-fought and well won. You're making quite a name for yourself you know."

Striking at the Heart[edit]

"When Raz told me about Hectahame, I couldn't get here fast enough. Now I can't even get inside.
To top it off, this Vinedusk won't leave me alone. Boys.

Inside the ruin, events will leave the Shade of Naemon defeated and Indaenir collapsed on the ground. Akkhuz-ri and Cariel will come running in. If you speak to her Cariel before speaking to the mane, she'll say, "This can't be right. It shouldn't have to end this way."

After speaking to the mane, Indaenir's body begins to glow and surrounded by a vortex of winds and leaves:

Mane Akkhuz-ri : "Look. Indaenir."
Cariel : "Perhaps you should take a few steps back, Mane?"
Cariel : "The Valenheart … it saved Indaenir!"
Mane Akkhuz-ri : "Saved him? Cariel?"
Cariel : "The Valenwood brought him back! It's Y'ffre's will."
Indaenir : "What happened?"
Cariel : "Indaenir, you're … Y'ffre has chosen you. You're the Silvenar."

Cariel will run out yelling, "I'm going to go let Raz know. I'm sure he's pushed into the grotto by now with the Vinedusks."

A Traitor's Luck[edit]

Cariel Undercover

North of the S'ren-ja Wayshrine and south of Pa'alat you will find a suspicious bottle on a tree. Read the note inside the bottle and it'll lead you to Cariel east of Pa'alat. As you approach her, you can hear her say, "Keep your voice down. We don't want everyone on the road to hear us."

If this is your first meeting:

"You are a sight for sore eyes. I need your help."

Otherwise, she'll greet you with:

"My friend, I could not be happier to see you again. A veteran Eye is just who I need by my side today."

Either way, you can ask:

I gathered that from your note—I mean, what do you need?
"Back up. Pa'alat is home to gamblers, vagabonds, and the retirement villa of a former Eye of the Queen. A legend, actually. A Khajiit named Krin Ren-dro.
Unfortunately, we're pretty sure he's gone rogue."
Gone rogue? What do you mean?
"He's selling secrets. Dominion secrets. His lovely little resort town is lousy with agents of the Ebonheart Pact and Daggerfall Covenant.
I need to find proof, steal back what he's stolen, and take him out. Will you help me?"
I'll help you.
Cariel: "I'll lead you in. Just need a second to change."

In a flash, she's now in civilian gear.

Cariel: "A little less noticeable now. Follow me."

Follow her into town at the end of the bridge:

"Behind you are the luxury guest lodgings. Covenant and Pact agents, thick as thieves.
The troops here aren't even bothering to hide their colors. Sloppy."
What's the plan?
"We need concrete evidence that Ren-dro is in bed with these bastards.
Get inside their quarters, and search everywhere. Correspondence, letters, something … anything I can show to the Queen."
Aren't there guards?
"Of course there are! I trust you to get past them. Persuasion, bribery, intimidation … whatever it takes.
I have some ideas on how you can approach them."
Time to get to work, then.
"I'd start with the dragons. The Pact only ships their dullest, weakest soldiers off for diplomatic guard duty."
How do I get past those Pact guards?
"I've been here for a few days already, so I know the guard rotations.
You would not believe what the Covenant's captain here is into, I've never … ahem."
The Pact guards, Cariel?
"Let's see, this time of day … Andwulf and Ivanya [sic] are on duty. Andwulf looks like a warrior, but raise your voice and he'll run for cover.
Ivanya … well, let's just say she enjoys the services of the 'men of leisure' working the camp."
Can I ask you a few questions?
"Can't promise I won't lie. But I'll tell you what I can. Ask."
Why isn't the military dealing with this?
"Ren-dro is very well connected. Very. He has dozens of business ventures across the Dominion. And he's in tight with members of the military from his time as an Eye.
Erm. That is, from his time before the Queen was coronated …."
What are you saying, Cariel?
"Ahem … well. Officially the Eyes were formed when Her Majesty was crowned two years ago.
Let's just say Her Majesty was preparing for her return long before she actually got back to Auridon. Ren-dro was a big part of that."
Why do you need me for this?
"Ren-dro still has some friends in the Eyes. He knows I'm out here, and the guards know what I look like. Hence the disguise.
You … well, to be honest, he probably knows about you too. But they won't be expecting you."

Again, if this is your first meeting, you can also inquire into her intel:

How did you know who I am?
"Ha! I don't know how you think you've been operating, but you don't exactly keep a low profile. The Eyes of the Queen see everything, friend. We know all about you, and we like what we've seen."

Find evidence and return to her at the bridge:

"You do fast work. Ready to take on the lions?"
Ready. How do I get past their guards?
"Let's see, who's on duty now? Ah, Quinton. He's a dullard. He just opens the door for the parade of pretty faces. Tell him you're there to meet Captain Balrook's disgusting needs.
Just know you'll probably have to deal with the Captain personally."
Who's the other guard on duty?
"Seyran. That bitch. A drunkard. Want her to step aside? Just buy her some ale.
But … you know what? I owe her. Why don't you convince her to step away? Suggest you've got a keg waiting for her under the bridge behind the lodge."
What did Seyran do to you? What are you going to do?
"The war isn't very old. But I've already seen enough action to hold plenty of grudges. Let's just say she cost me.
As for what I'll do … that's up to you. Get her to move however you like."
Thanks for the advice. Where do you want to meet?
"Once you have what we're looking for, head towards Krin's compound. We'll need to get inside if we want to grab back our intel."
I'll see you there.
"I trust you to get the information we need. However you see fit."

If you tell Scout Seyran that you've an entire keg of ale hidden for her, this will result in Cariel killing Seyran as soon as she reaches the bridge, shouting "That was for Saronor, bitch! Ahem. Search the house I'll get rid of... this."(?)

Return from your second mission and she'll ask:

"Well? What did you find?"
Take a look.
"Very nicely done! Clear links … yes, links between Ren-dro and agents in Riften. Deep in the heart of the Pact.
And correspondence with an operator in Sentinel. The Covenant's fingers are all over this place."
What do we do now?
"Our primary goal now should be to reclaim any documents Ren-dro has stolen from the Eyes.
There's only one place they'd be: inside his manse. Only problem is, the place is crawling with guards."
More stealth and manipulation?
"By the Green, I'm done with that. These bastards have relaxed enough. Get into the drinking tents and set some fires. Kill anyone that tries to stop you.
Cause enough commotion and Ren-dro's men will come running. Then make for the compound."
I'll see it done.

Once inside Krin's manse, you'll find Cariel searching for information, "He's got to be hiding it around here somewhere. I can smell it. Keep looking." As you continue to look, she'll announce that she's found something behind the house. Follow her and she'll tell you:

"I found a note in one of the desks talking about this hatch back here. Guess what's down there?"
I couldn't even guess.
"It's a secret lair! Ren-dro has a secret lair. He probably keeps his more important business down there. When I retire I'm going to get my own lair."
So you think that's where we'll find him?
"Oh! Yes. Yes, that's almost certainly where he is. What do you say, my friend? Ready to deal out the Queen's justice to a traitor?"
I'll be right behind you, Cariel.

Inside the lair, defeat Ren-dro and return to Cariel outside:

"It's done. The bastard's dead. Thank you, your help was invaluable."
Thank you.
"Every member of the Dominion is a little safer because of what we've done here today. Queen Ayrenn's not here to give you a fancy scepter, or a royal title. Just me.
But, from me … thanks."

After the quest, she'll say:

"Next time I'm given a mission, you know I'll come looking for you. Be ready, my friend."

Hallowed To Arenthia[edit]

Arrive outside the besieged city and Cariel will greet you. If this is your first meeting:


If you have met, but not completed (?):

"Thank the Green! My friend, it's good to see you out here. Can I beg your assistance?"

If you have completed (?):

"My friend. You cannot imagine how grateful I am to see you. I have need of a veteran in the Queen's service today. What brings you to Arenthia?"

If Kauzanabi-jo sent you here, you can say:

A priestess of the lunar clergy told me I'd find you out here.
"A priestess of the … all right. Hey, we need to get things done here. Whatever brought you up the road, I'm not going to complain."
"I have absolutely no idea why a lunar priest would send you to me. But I'll take all the help I can get. We've got a lot of work to do."

Whether you did or did not speak to the priestess, you can say:

How can I help?
"Arenthia has been taken by invaders from the north, Colovians. I've been tasked to help the local resistance. It's a ragtag group led by a woman named Kazirra. We have a rough plan, but we need help. To start with, grab a uniform off of this scout."
Then what?
"Head to the safehouse in the market. It's the hut with the lion statue at the bottom of the steps. Oh, and stop to listen to the propaganda illusion playing in the market square. It'll give you a sense of what we're up against."
I'll see you at the safehouse, then.

With that, Cariel runs into town:

Cariel: "See you there!"

The Colovian Occupation[edit]

After listening to the projection and finding your way to the Inconspicuous House, Cariel will be inside.

Cariel : "Welcome to the Arenthia resistance!"

If you speak to her before speaking to Kazirra, she'll only comment, "Uplifting stuff, huh? That Lavinia has a way with words."

Speak to Kazirra and Cariel will have more information:

"Stay sharp out there, and stay clear of their patrols. If you lose your disguise, you'll probably be able to find a new one in one of the houses. Don't worry, you'll do fine."
Can you elaborate?
"The Colovians are certain they hold Arenthia. They're getting sloppy. Most of them won't look past the uniform. The patrollers are a different story. Their one job is to be on the lookout for people like us. Stay clear of them."
Is there an easy way to identify the patrols?
"Most of the patrollers are on their own, and generally carry torches even in broad daylight. Silly bastards. As long as you avoid them, you should be fine."
Can you brief me on the situation here?
"It would be my pleasure. What's on your mind?"
How did you find the connection between the Colovians and the cult?
"The Queen's Eyes are everywhere, my friend. Lavinia's pageboy probably shouldn't have spoken to that tavern dancer quite so freely."
How did the Colovians take the city?
"Lavinia is many things, but she's not stupid. She's actually a masterful tactician. She used the terrain to hide the movements of her cohorts until the last possible minute, and then struck the city at the first light of day."
Can you tell me more about the Stonefire cult?
"Just another one of the damned Daedric cults that seem to be everywhere these days. This one is led by a particularly nasty bastard, and a Tharn to boot. Javad. Javad Tharn."
Who is he?
"I don't want to get into a lesson on that particularly twisted family tree, but he's Abnur Tharn's son. A corrupt seedling growing beneath the branches of that nasty piece of business."

After exploring the Tower District, you'll meet Cariel behind the tower:

"Well met. How did it go?"
I think I have what we're looking for. Here.
"Excellent, let me see … ha! This is an amazing find, my friend. With this, by the Green, we'll retake the city for sure! But first thing's first. We need to get the Centurion to Kazirra."
How do we do that?
"Gavo is doing us a favor by delivering himself right to this tower. He's meeting someone. Someone he doesn't know.
Get up inside the tower and watch for him coming from the gates. When he arrives, pretend you're Tharn's envoy."
What will you do while I'm talking to him?
"We need him alive, right? You talk, I get into position. Then I introduce him to the butt of my dagger. Pretty simple, as these things go."
All right. I'll get up there.

As she runs off, she'll warn, "Keep to your feet."

At the top of the tower while you keep the Centurion occupied, Cariel will sneak up behind him and knock him out. Please with the plan, she'll say:

Cariel: "Nice work!"
"Not bad, if I do say so myself. He went down like a sack of eel jerky."
How do we get him to Kazirra?
"You're going to love this. You're going to walk their commanding officer right past the damned Colovians. Straight out the front gate."
How am I going to do that?
If you have worked with Razum-dar
If you haven't
"Our mutual friend Mister Razum-dar has this ... appreciation for disguise. He may have even shown you this earring he keeps around. It has a very simple illusion spell woven into it. No good for long-term missions, but perfect for quick infiltrations."
"My superior, a Khajiit named Razum-dar, has this appreciation for disguise. I've got this earring of his, with a simple illusion spell woven into it. No good for long-term missions, but perfect for quick infiltration."
So I'll appear as Gavo, then. What about Gavo?
"I'm going to gag him and dress him as your prisoner. Then, like I said. You simply walk him out the front gate. Easy as lying. This will take just a moment. You ready?"

Kidnapping Centurion Gavo:

Centurion Gavo: "What... what happened? Who are you?"
Cariel: "Another word and you're dead. Get up."This is your escort. Follow them, and don't speak.
Cariel: "You won't see me, but I'll be watching. Try anything and you'll be the first to die."
Cariel: "Nod if you understand me."

<he nods>

Cariel: "Such a good boy!"
Cariel: "He's all yours! I'll go on ahead, but I'll be nearby."

Inside the safehouse, Cariel will take possession of the prisoner:

Cariel : "Good. You've arrived."
Cariel : "Welcome, Centurion Gavo. Right this way."

If you speak to her before speaking to Kazirra, she'll comment, "I actually hung back a bit to watch you two moving through town. It took all of my training not to laugh at those troops saluting you."

Get the plan from Kazirra and Cariel will become giddy, "I can't wait to hear this. This should be good."

Once Kazirra has interrogated the centurion, Cariel will say:

"They don't even know what they're really doing here. Idiots. I can't wait to see how they react to Gavo's little speech." Once Kazirra tells you to kill Lavinia, Cariel will wish you luck, "Good luck out there. We'll get the troops ready to go."

Dispatch Lavinia and return to the town center:

"We've done it! Once they saw Gavo's confession, most of them abandoned the city. They're running home to Colovia. The only ones still fighting are her loyalist core. How'd it go with Lavinia?"
She's dead.
"Yes! You're just the best. Working with you is like that Argonian bard at my local tavern. An unexpected but very welcome surprise."

Stonefire Machinations[edit]

"The Collies are on the run, and Kazirra's thrilled. By the Green I wish we could stop for a brew. But no such luck. You have more work to do."
Right. The cult and the Mane.
"I've been thinking about what Gavo said. The temple district makes sense. The resistance kept talking about all the strange lights in that part of town. What do you want to bet that's where the Mane's gone, as well?"
I heard him talking to Lavinia. He's working alongside the cultists.
"Damn it. I'll work with Kazirra to contain the district. We need to keep the Arenthians out of there. You stop that ritual. Find Akkhuz-ri and do what needs to be done."
I'll see it done.

Agree to help and she'll say:

"Good luck in there. Hopefully, the Stonefire haven't been able to finish their ritual."
Why do you need to keep the Arenthians out of there?
"For the time being, Akkhuz-ri … the Mane is an unknown. Is he working with Tharn willingly? We don't know. And I don't want the devout Khajiit of the city in there jogging your elbow."
What do you mean?
"I can't be any clearer about this, my friend. The Mane is the spiritual leader of the Khajiit. He wields enormous influence. If he's been turned, or he's defected, he cannot be allowed to leave that district."

After the events inside the Temple to the Divines, you'll exit with Mane Akkhuz-ri, to Cariel's annoyance:

"The Mane still lives. I trust you have a good reason for this, my friend?"
He claims some kind of dark spirit controlled him.
"Kazirra was right, then. She'll be relieved to hear it. The Colovians are on the run and I'd say we've done a damned good job here today."
That's good to hear.
"You should talk to Kazirra. Tell her your account of what went on. I consider it an honor to have served with you here today. I'm going to make sure the Queen hears of your bravery."
Thank you, Cariel.

If you speak to her again before leaving, she'll add, "Kazirra will be very interested in hearing about all this."

The First Step[edit]

Upon entering the temple she will greet you with, "Good to see you again, my friend. Kazirra asked me to send her regards. Actually, she said something about the moons. You know how it goes." Once you've spoken to Kauzanabi-jo, she will tell you, "I'm cheering you on out here, Hallowed." After the trials she will say, "Nice work, "Hallowed." I hope your visions weren't too frightening."

The Path to Moonmont[edit]

"Keep it under your hat, but I've got something coming up over in Dawnmead, in the little town of Pa'alat. If you find yourself there anytime soon, it'd be a pleasure to work with you again."

The Moonlit Path[edit]

Enter the portal to Urcelmo's Betrayal and you'll see Cariel crouched on a path:

"My Queen …. I've failed you …."
Are you all right?
"I'll be fine. As soon as I stop bleeding out of my side, and can walk on my own accord. Actually, now that you mention it …."
What happened? Who was that?
"Where have you been the last few months? The Veiled Heritance, those bastards, led a revolt against the Queen. All of the Summerset Isles have risen against her. It's been all the Eyes could do to keep her alive."
What can I do?
"There's not much you can do. They tracked us cross country. Overwhelmed us. I'm not … I'm not going to last much longer. Maybe you can help Raz. He's up on the hill. Find him. He's the Queen's last defense."
I'll find Raz.
"Go! I don't matter. Ayrenn's all that matters now. Save the Queen!"

The Den of Lorkhaj[edit]

After the quest:

"My friend, you definitely bring the party. A new Mane, dead Daedra in the streets ... I can't wait to draw steel with you again."


"The Three Banners War is old enough that Cariel saw action in Cyrodiil, and became fast friends with another Bosmer named Saronor. They eventually became romantically involved. I want to leave the details to your imagination, but the last encounter between Cari and Seyran ended up with Cariel's lover dead. Hence, what you see at Pa'alat."