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Released on June 11 2018.

The Elder Scrolls Online v4.0.9 includes a fix for Jewelry Crafting inspiration, the Arms of Relequen item set, and the invisible Lava Pools in Bloodroot Forge, among a handful of other bug fixes. This patch is approximately 125MB in size.

Horns of the Reach Fixes & Improvements[edit]


  • Bloodroot Forge
    • The visual effects for the Earthgore Amalgam’s Lava Pools will again persist while the ability is active.

Summerset Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Combat & Gameplay[edit]

Psijic Order

  • Undo: You can no longer cast this ability and its morphs while you are carrying a Chaosball or Relic in Battlegrounds, or an Elder Scroll in Cyrodiil.

Crafting & Economy[edit]

Jewelry Crafting

  • Fixed an issue where Jewelry Crafting Writs beyond the first rank were incorrectly granting Inspiration for Enchanting. These Writs now grant Inspiration for Jewelry Crafting, as intended.

Quests & Zones[edit]


  • Fixed some text in Rellenthil that didn’t match its associated voiceover in non-English languages.

Combat & Gameplay[edit]

Combat Fixes & Improvements[edit]


  • Fixed an issue where grouped players occasionally couldn’t see one of their members when loading in after using the Activity Finder.

Itemization Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Item Sets

  • Fixed an issue where two or more players using Arms of Relequen or Perfected Arms of Relequen could not both apply stacks on the same target. Arms of Relequen will now deal 200 Physical Damage of Harmful Winds per stack on a target generated by the caster.

Base Game Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Art & Animation[edit]


  • Fixed an issue where the Patriarch and Brigand Beards would turn black when the Divine Prosecution heavy helmet was equipped.
  • Removed the lipstick from the Eye-Briar Gemmed tattoo.
  • Fixed an issue where the Barbaric Windblown Hair could display patches of gray when used with some costumes.

Crafting & Economy[edit]


  • Fixed an issue where you could get an error message stating “No Slots are Available” when your Researching was only at 2/3 slots.



  • Fixed a number of game crashes and poor FPS in heavily-populated areas.