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Released on February 5 2019.

The Elder Scrolls Online v4.3.2 has a number of bug fixes for the Wrathstone dungeons, and also includes various adjustments for some of the Racial passives based on your feedback. Note that we did run into an issue with the character copy database, and have copied all PC NA characters from last week while we work on resolving the issue; we're currently planning to copy PC EU characters next week. The size of this patch is approximately 159MB.

Wrathstone Fixes & Improvements[edit]


  • Frostvault
    • General
      • You will no longer see the Skeevaton you are directed to follow teleport between locations in the side halls of Frostvault.
    • Icestalker
      • The final hit from Icestalker's Frenzied Pummeling now does less damage on Normal difficulty.
    • Vault Protector
      • The Vault Protector will no longer use Steel Cyclone on Veteran difficulty.
      • The Vault Protector will now correctly interrupt its channeled abilities should it need to shield itself.
    • Stonekeeper
      • Monsters that are close to the edges of the Stonekeeper's platform will more reliably fall off after being the victim of a player knockback ability.
      • When entering into the Skeevaton phase of The Stonekeeper encounter, the Skeevaton event will not begin until at least one Skeevaton charges their ultimate ability to maximum, or a brief amount of time is allowed to pass. This will allow everyone to have a chance to review the Skeevaton abilities before the encounter begins.
      • Scrapped Skeevatons will no longer appear to regenerate health.
  • Depths of Malatar
    • Rizzuk and Avalanche
      • Glacial Prison will now play appropriate effects when it dissipates.
      • You will now be immune to Hail Storm for a brief period of time when resurrecting during the ability.

Combat & Gameplay[edit]

Combat & Abilities[edit]

Mundus Stones

  • Shadow Mundus: Increased the Critical Hit Damage bonus to 13% from 9%. Note that this still will not affect critical healing.


  • Draconic Power
    • Spiked Armor: Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs were not properly returning their damage dealt to attackers under certain circumstances.


  • Storm Calling
    • Summon Storm Atronach: Fixed an issue where the Charged Lightning synergy granted from this ability was not properly applying the Major Berserk buff to the Atronach that granted it. They are just as angry as you are, and will now have their damage properly increased when they’re mad.


  • Psijic Order
    • Time Stop: Increased the base cost of this ability to 8100 from 4590. Keep in mind that this is before the passive cost reduction from the skill line, or the passive cost reduction from the ability rank up.
      • Developer Comment: Time Stop is an incredibly powerful ability that allows large areas to be controlled by the caster, and we’ve noticed that a core contributing factor to the ability’s strength is the low cost and high uptime a single user can have. With this change, we want to ensure Time Stop is still powerful, but incurs a high risk of loss of resources to prevent it from being used too often. The cost is based off our other PvP-based abilities such as Purge or Rapid Maneuvers, as this ability is primarily best suited for PvP environments. We will continue to monitor the performance overall to determine if additional changes are needed in the future.

Racial Passives

  • High Elf
    • Spell Recharge: The return for this passive will now restore your lowest maximum resource, rather than your highest. We also increased the value to 645 from 525.
      • Developer Comment: The main focus of High Elves are their ability to deal high amounts of damage or healing with Magicka-based abilities, and this sustain passive was helping them stand ahead of too many other races that also deal heavily with Magicka-based abilities. We've shifted this over to a utility passive, and slightly increased it.
  • Argonian
    • Life Mender: Increased the Healing Done bonus to 6% from 4%.
    • Resourceful: Increased the Health, Magicka, and Stamina restore from drinking a potion to 4000 from 3620.
      • Developer Comment: After the adjustment to allow flat stats to scale better with CP, we wanted to improve some of the bonuses of Argonians so they could keep up. We targeted their Healing Done bonus to help make it feel more impactful for their identity as strong healers, and their Resourceful passive to help highlight their ability to stay in the fray.
  • Wood Elf
    • Hunter's Eye: Reduced the Movement Speed Bonus granted to 10% from 20%, but added a bonus to Physical and Spell Penetration of 1500 for the duration.
      • Developer Comment: We heard your concerns of adding in a highly powerful movement speed bonus tied to Roll Dodging, as well as the performance of this passive in PvE versus PvP environments. We wanted players who are focused on damage to get a small boost out of this in situations where they dodge attacks, without adding more passive power to the race.
  • Breton
    • Spell Attunement: The Spell Resistance granted by this effect will now be doubled if you are afflicted with Burning, Chilled, or Concussed.
      • Developer Comment: While Bretons had been brought up to speed with our other races with our first round of changes, we still felt the story or unique element to be missing. We added a small contextual flavor bonus on their Spell Attunement passive to help highlight their ability to shrug off magical attacks.
  • Dark Elf
    • Dynamic: Increased the Max Magicka and Stamina granted to 1875 from 1250.
    • Resist Flame: Removed the Max Health bonus from this passive.
      • Developer Comment: Previously, the adjustments to Dark Elves deviated a little too far from their original implementation and we noticed we can still highlight the race's identity of duality in blade and magic without their Max Health, so we removed it in place for returning power to their other flat stats.
  • Imperial
    • Red Diamond: Reworked this passive so when you deal Direct Damage now, you restore 333 Health, Magicka, and Stamina. This effect has a 5 second cooldown. It also will reduce the cost of Block and Bash by 5%.
      • Developer Comment: Previously, Red Diamond felt far too restrictive for tanking builds as there was a % chance on offensive attacks, which tanks typically only do in short bursts. Now, we've streamlined the effect to happen around roughly the same cadence, while also adjusting the values to grant you some recovery in resources that any build can benefit from.
  • Khajiit
    • Lunar Blessings: Increased the Max Health, Magicka, and Stamina bonuses to 825 from 750.
    • Feline Ambush: Decreased the reduction of your Stealth radius to 3m from 5m.
    • Robustness: Increased the Magicka and Stamina Recovery bonuses to 85 from 75.
      • Developer Comment: With the introduction of CP scaling with the flat stats of the races, we made sure to make some minor adjustments so Khajiit wouldn't fall behind the other races. The bonus to the stealth radius was also slightly over tuned and allowed you to sneak too effectively. Now, you shouldn't be able to sneak in the face of guards and wave unless you've heavily invested into sneaking with gear and other passives.
  • Orc
    • Brawny: This passive now grants 2000 Max Stamina instead of 500 Health and 500 Stamina.
    • Unflinching Rage: This passive now grants 1000 Max Health and heals you for up to 600 when you deal damage with a weapon, with a 4 second cooldown. Previously, it granted 4% Healing Taken, and 380 Stamina and Health when dealing damage with a weapon.
      • Developer Comment: Our first adjustments to Orcs still had them too spread thin when their original intent is meant to be damage focused. By reducing their sustaining abilities and healing bonuses, we've been able to bring up their base stats instead without sacrificing their identity as berserkers or shock troops.
  • Redguard
    • Martial Training: Added a bonus that reduces the effectiveness of Snares applied to you by up to 15%.
      • Developer Comment: While we're relatively happy with the performance and identity of the Redguard race, we noticed they lacked that unique flavor or story piece in their passives that helped add a little something different. Due to their training in battle and ability to flow in combat, we decided to help them retain some of their fluidity by granting a small reduction to snare potency.

Champion System

  • Updated the calculation with your Maximum Health, Magicka, and Stamina interacting with modifiers to better reflect the 20% increase to these stats from your first 100 points spent into each tree of the Champion Point system. Previously, this 20% only applied to your base stats, attributes, enchantments, and 2 through 4 piece bonuses on item sets. After this change, all sources of flat stat increases will be affected. Consumable food and drinks, 5 piece bonuses from item sets, and passives will now be properly affected by the 20% increase.

Itemization & Item Sets[edit]


  • Deadly Strike: Fixed an issue where Deadly Strike weapons were coming from the Offensive Heavy Armor box. They now come from the Offensive Medium Armor box, as they ought. This set will also now show up in Bruma rather than Vlastrus.

Item Sets

  • Fixed an issue where the Minor Vulnerability debuff from the sets listed below were being considered buffs rather than debuffs. These will now be able to be cleansed. The affected sets include:
  • Curse Eater: Updated this item set so when you use a Direct Healing ability on a target, you remove 3 negative effects from them. If a negative effect was removed this way, it will restore 600 Magicka. This effect can occur once every 8 seconds.
    • Developer Comment: Previously, the interaction of proccing on any heal over time ability allowed this set to effectively negate all incoming debuffs, which left little room to control or fight the target. We wanted to retain the purge mechanic with this set, while detracting from the passive gameplay it allowed for. The duration increase was made as well to ensure some class’s core abilities cannot be completely denied at a regular rate, such as Haunting Curse or Backlash. In these changes however, we wanted to ensure the set was still worth using so we increased the values of return and outcome.
  • Icy Conjuror: This set now deals its damage over 8 seconds rather than 4 seconds. This was done in effort to reduce the burst damage potential of the set. The total DPS of your “icy bois” will still be the same.
  • Steadfast Hero: Fixed an issue where casting certain purge abilities could proc this item set without needing to remove a negative effect first. This set should only proc when a negative effect is properly removed from you with a purge ability you cast.
  • Symphony of Blades: Fixed an issue where this item set could proc on pets. Your pets are tireless and have no need for Magicka or Stamina return, they only need your love.
  • Tzogvin's Warband: This set now generates a stack whenever you deal any critical damage, rather than only critical Light or Heavy Attack damage. This was done in effort to help this set more manageable to keep up.

Base Game Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Exploration & Itemization[edit]


  • Updated the text on the Keep Capture achievement, to clarify that it now applies to both Cyrodiil keeps and Imperial City districts.

Zone Guide

  • Fixed an issue where Zone Guide was appearing in some tutorial zones. Zone Guide is not needed in these zones since none of the content is tracked by the Zone Guide.
  • Changed the featured achievements in the Cyrodiil zone guide to show the Tremendous Damage Dealer and Tremendous Healer instead of the first tier of the Damage and Healer achievements.


Mac Game Client

  • Fixed some crashes on the Mac game client that would occur after long periods of gameplay.



  • Fixed an issue where the compass setting to show only the focused quest was not functioning.
  • Fixed issue where using the Right Alt key on non-US keyboard layouts could accidentally trigger keyboard shortcuts using the Ctrl key.

Gamepad Mode

  • Fixed issue where using the player level sliders sometimes locked them into place.
  • Holding A and pressing the left trigger will once again trigger a Roll Dodge.

Guild Trader

  • The "Recipe" category has been split into "food recipes", "drink recipes", and "furnishing plans". Furnishing plans can still be subdivided by crafting type.
  • Fixed an issue in the where unit price would incorrectly cap out at 2,147,484.
  • Fixed issue where clicking on the category tree didn't trigger any sound effects.

Known Issues[edit]

Combat & Gameplay[edit]


  • The Magicka and Stamina return from Red Diamond will currently fail to return under most situations. This will be fixed in a future PTS patch.
  • Some summoned pets are currently unable to inherit bonuses that require specific conditions to be met from their owners