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Released on April 30 2019.

The Elder Scrolls Online v5.0.2 is our third patch during this PTS cycle, and has introduced Midyear Mayhem to test this week. You'll find a detailed explanation of the event, including some changes and improvements, outlined below. We also have several adjustments to the Necromancer and Sunspire Trial in this patch, plus a number of tweaks and fixes for general combat and the existing classes. Read on to explore all the fixes and improvements in this latest patch, which is approximately 210MB in size. Note with this patch comes a character copy of all PC/Mac EU characters.

New Features / Updates / Big Changes[edit]

Midyear Mayhem

Join the celebration of Cyrodiil, Battlegrounds, and Imperial City in Midyear Mayhem, available to test during this week on the PTS. Similar to previous Midyear Mayhems, this event allows you to earn additional XP and AP for participating in various PVP game modes in Cyrodiil, Battlegrounds, and Imperial City while the Pelinal's Ferocity buff is active.

  • During the event, you can earn the following bonuses by participating:
    • Double Alliance Points and bonus rewards by taking part in PvP game modes
    • Double Experience for PvP player kills
  • You can pick up the Scroll of Pelinal's Ferocity from the introductory quest, or if you've completed that quest before, you can buy another Scroll from the Maera or Battlegrounds Supply Merchants.
    • For this year, there is also a new board at each BG camp that offers the introductory quest.
  • Pelinal's Midyear Boon Box is the event-specific reward, which is available through a wide variety of PvP activities.
    • You receive one just by completing the introductory quest.
    • Pelinal Boxes are attached to all Rewards for the Worthy mails sent during Midyear Mayhem.
    • Pelinal Boxes are also attached to the Quest Rewards for Daily Quests in Cyrodiil, including:
      • All of the 'Board' missions
      • Town Dailies
      • Battleground Daily Quest
    • Pelinal's Boxes have also been added to Imperial City Daily Quests.
    • Midear Boon Boxes cannot be opened in Battlegrounds, to prevent Alliance-specific rewards from being granted to the wrong alliance.
    • Pelinal's Midyear Boon Boxes can contain:
      • 20-80 Tel Var Stones
      • A Repair Kit, or three filled Soul Gems
      • Transmute Geode
      • And one of the following:
        • A set of Alchemy ingredients
        • A Style Item for your Alliance's style
        • A Raw Style Item for Akaviri
        • A Daedric Siege Weapon
        • A Midyear Mayhem book furnishing
        • A Forward Camp for your Alliance
        • A Chapter (or rarely, the full book) for your Alliance's Motif
        • A Prismatic Runestone
        • A Chapter (or rarely, the full book) for the Akaviri Motif
Collectibles and Titles

During Midyear Mayhem, you'll be able to earn a range of Collectible, Titles, and Outfit Styles during the event. These rewards can be earned from Achievements, sweepers and bosses, as well from the event merchant.

  • These rewards include:
    • Midyear Laurel Wreath adornment from completing the Star-Made Knight meta-achievement
    • Second Legion Outfit Styles can drop from sweepers and bosses in Imperial City
    • Standard-Bearer Emotes, available from Boon boxes, and from Praedicant Maera for AP
  • During Midyear Mayhem, you can earn a single Standard-Bearer's Emblem, once per day per account, from opening a Pelinal's Midyear Boon Box.
    • These Emblems can be sold to vendors for 1,000g each.
  • You can also purchase an Alliance Standard-Bearer's License from Praedicant Maera, for 50,000 Alliance Points.
    • Use an Alliance Standard-Bearer's License to consume 10 Alliance Standard-Bearer's Emblems, and create a Runebox for a Banner Emote.
    • The Banner Emote received is based on your Alliance. For instance, an Ebonheart Pact character will create a Runebox: Ebonheart Pact Banner Emote.
    • While the License is Bind on Pickup, the Emblems and the Runeboxes themselves are freely tradeable.
    • Note: We've added Predicant Maera, the Pelinal merchant, to Battleground camps as well.
Impresario & Event Tickets

The Outfit pages (in bound form) and Emotes will also be available directly from the Event Merchant, for 5 tickets apiece. You can buy the Emotes regardless of your Alliance.

  • You can also earn 2 Event Tickets for completing any Daily Quest that focuses on Cyrodiil or Battlegrounds. This includes all Board quests, as well as Town Dailies.

Template Information[edit]

To reduce confusion, we've moved six item sets' bags from the "Rewards for the Worthy" bag and put them in the Cyrodiil bag. This way, all of the item sets associated with Cyrodiil are all in the "Cyrodiil Sets" bag. These sets include:

Elsweyr Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Art & Animation[edit]


  • Senche-raht mounts now display the appropriate visual gear upgrades.
  • Saddle belts on the Senche-raht mount no longer clip into the belly during running animations.
  • Fixed an issue where horns would float on the head of the red Dragon in the Dragon Hunt Events and on Nahviintaas.
  • Alfiq are now set up for the proper speaking animations.

Visual Effects

  • Updated the visual effects for using Plague-Drenched Fabric and Mummified Alfiq Parts.

Combat & Gameplay[edit]


  • The delve boss, Zahalar Oak-Eye, can no longer be killed with the Blade of Woe.


  • General
    • Fixed an issue where consuming the corpse of a Target Dummy could cause your game to crash under certain circumstances.
  • Grave Lord
    • Fixed an issue where some Necromancer abilities such as Blastbones or Boneyard were not being increased by Ancient Knowledge's Lightning Staff bonus.
    • Blastbones:
      • Reduced the health of the skeleton summoned from this ability and its morphs to 7000 from 10,000.
      • The skeleton will now only attempt to leap to its target after 1.5 seconds of chasing their target, rather than immediately.
    • Reusable Parts: This passive has been redesigned so when your Blastbones, Skeletal Mage, or Spirit Mender dies, the cost of your next summon of one of these abilities is reduced by 12%/25%.
  • Bone Tyrant
    • Bitter Harvest: Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs would cause consumed corpses to linger longer than intended.
    • Bone Armor: Fixed an issue with this ability and its morphs where they could spawn additional corpses and charge you additional resources for casting.
    • Death Gleaning:
      • This passive now restores 100/200 Magicka and Stamina when an enemy dies around you, up from 50/100 Magicka and Stamina.
      • Removed the cooldown from this ability.
    • Death Scythe:
      • Fixed an issue where the morphs of this ability were healing less than the base version.
      • Fixed an issue where this ability and the Hungry Scythe morph were incorrectly being calculated as melee damage, rather than direct damage.
      • Ruinous Scythe (morph): This morph has been redesigned so it no longer applies Healing Absorption to targets hit. Now, every third cast of the ability will set targets hit Off Balance.
    • Last Gasp: Reduced the Max Health bonus this passive grants to 625/1250 from 1000/2000.
  • Living Death
    • Reanimate: Increased the cost of this ability to 350 Ultimate from 200. Note it retains the cost reduction scaling as it ranks up, and the final base cost will be 335 at Rank IV.
    • Undead Confederate: Reduced the Stamina and Magicka Recovery granted from this passive to 100/200 from 150/300.


  • Dragons are now immune to Mangle.
  • You now need to stand closer to Dragons to strike with light and heavy attacks.
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs might not run away from Dragons when they spawn.

Dragon Combat Abilities

  • The knockback applied by Takeoff now goes through CC Immunity, and Takeoff now deals more damage.
  • Fixed an issue where ground fires created by Strafing Run were not always visible.
  • Fixed an issue where Flame Wyrms would fail to spawn in some locations.
  • Chomp now deals more damage and has a visible block telegraph.
  • Bite now hits your character more reliably.
  • Earth Spike now has a different cast animation.
  • Fixed an issue where Earth Spike stopped ticking well before it exploded.
  • Fixed an issue where Earth Spike significantly lowered game performance under certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue where attack telegraphs unexpectedly changed direction.
  • Bursting Fireball is now more aggressive.
  • Fixed an issue where Tracking Breath could hit your character outside the Dragon's ability to track you.
  • Fixed an issue where damage from the Iron Atronach ability Blast Furnace could apply more often than intended.

World Bosses

  • Cartel Duo: Prevented the achievement "Red-Handed Vigilante" from sometimes being granted on evade of the group bosses, and also fixed the bosses from despawning on evade.

Crafting & Economy[edit]


  • Updated the icons for Shimmering Sand, Auroran Dust, Goblin-Cloth Scraps, and Dragonthread.
  • Motif chapters for Coldsnap, Meridian, Anequina, and Pellitine Motifs will now properly let you know when they're already in your Lore Library.
  • Updated the icons for Dragon's Blood and Dragon's Bile.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Dragon's Blood and Dragon's Bile from being consumed to learn their first traits.

Dungeons & Group Content[edit]

Sunspire Trial

  • General
    • The door approaching/leaving the Shrine of Jode will no longer appear closed when it is actually open.
    • The following achievements can now be completed on Normal mode:
    • Nahviintaas can now be heard more easily in the courtyard when you first open the door.
    • Activating Hard Mode for the final boss now requires completing Hard Mode for the first two bosses, as originally intended.
    • Dragon breath attacks will no longer appear to change targets after being cast, and the visuals of the effects will better match where the damage actually is.
    • Armor and weapons found in Sunspire will now properly claim to be from Sunspire, rather than the moons.
  • Yolnahkriin
    • The achievement “Strike While the Iron is Hot” will now be completed only when the requirements are met.
    • Yolnahkriin will now always land when resetting after defeating his enemies.
    • Adjusted the landing locations of Yolnahkriin's Emberstorm, in addition to adjusting the visuals from the projectiles.
    • Increased Yolnahkriin's health in Veteran and Veteran Hard Mode difficulties.
    • Yolnahkriin's head will now face his targets while flying.
  • Lokkestiiz
    • Mojha will now project his voice so that his essential hints can be heard over the din of battle.
    • Adjusted the ice walls near Lokkestiiz to protect players from getting stuck inside them.
    • Adjusted Lokkestiiz's first cast of Storm Breath so the effects better sync up with the cast.
    • Lokkestiiz's Frozen Prison can no longer be removed using the Precognition ability.
    • You will no longer be staggered by Lokkestiiz's Frost Breath when trapped by Frozen Tomb.
    • Slightly adjusted the position of Lokkestiiz's offering braziers so they can both be detected while standing in the same area as Lokkestiiz.
    • Adjusted Lokkestiiz's Arcing Bolts in Hard Mode. You will now be affected by Static, which has had its damage slightly reduced. Arcing Bolts, which affects other players, remains the same.
  • Nahviintaas
    • The Eternal Servant's Shock Bolt will now end if a trapped character returns to the main fight when the Servant dies.
    • The following abilities will now play audio:
      • Fiery Path
      • Fire Storm
      • Sweeping Breath
    • Nahviintaas can no longer be targeted during flight and when perched, as intended.
    • Toned down the brightness and adjusted the weather effects to be more visible during Nahviintaas's transition to the final phase.
    • Nahviintaas's Molten Meteor will now occur earlier and more frequently during the final portion of the encounter.
    • Increased the effects and duration of Time Echo.
    • Adjusted the priority and timing of abilities cast by the Eternal Servant. Aspect of Winter will be more frequent, and the Servant will attempt to transfer to the dragon's location sooner.
    • Nahviintaas's Time Breach will properly reset the portal closest to the player that activated it.
    • The Damage over Time caused by Mark for Death can no longer be removed by Purge.

Exploration & Itemization[edit]


  • Backpacks, pouches, and sacks found in Dragons' guts can no longer be traded with groupmates. They're yours, for you.
  • Champion of Anequina now appears correctly as a title.
  • Jerboas now drop Small Game when killed... you monster.
  • Bahlokdaan and Mulaamnir will now drop Dragon-appropriate loot, though their rewards are not as impressive as those Dragons that patrol Elsweyr.
  • Added recipes for Elsweyr Sarcophagus, Ancient, and its requisite Lid, to some furnishings and pockets to pick in Elsweyr. Happy hunting!
  • Updated the icon for Plague-Drenched Fabric.


  • Updated Elsweyr Achievements to use unique icons.
  • Updated the text for dragon-slaying achievements to better indicate that only Dragons slain in Elsweyr count towards them.

Eidetic Memory

  • The Beast Acquisitions Log is now part of Eidetic Memory.



  • You can now sit on chaise lounges found in Elsweyr.


  • The sealed visuals for the “Akatosh Chancel Door” achievement furnishing now glow correctly on both sides, and you can no longer walk through the doors while they are sealed.
  • Updated Crown Store images for the new furnishing bundles.
  • Changed the name and description of the ruined Khajiit wagon achievement furnishing to match its actual state.
  • The “Elsweyr Fountain, Moons-Blessed” is no longer missing splash effects where the streams hit the water.
  • The "Elsweyr Couch, Elegant Wooden" can now be sat upon.
  • The "Replica Dragon Horn, Large" achievement furnishing will no longer flicker strangely.
  • The achievement furnishing "Replica Dragon Horn, Small" can now be found in the Display category, under Art.


  • Removed the railing on second floor center bump in Jode's Embrace, and changed roof texture to weathered stucco.
  • The tablets associated with the Hall of the Lunar Champion now have updated names and text, and can be found in the "Lunar Champion Tablets" subcategory of the Services section of the housing editor.
  • Slightly tightened the range for the tablet to qualify as placed on the Altar of Betrayal in the Hall of the Lunar Champion.

Quests & Zones[edit]


  • Fixed several NPC posture oddities, typos and VO/text mismatches in quests, and poorly placed resource node spawners.
  • Fixed a number of inaccurate or just plain wrong journal text.
  • The Baandari compound in Rimmen invested in another wagon and now has three to take you to Mournhold, Elden Root, or Wayrest regardless of your alliance affiliation.
  • The door to the Cicatrice caverns is now properly gated by the quest.

Main Story

  • Battle for Riverhold
    • Fixed an issue where Bahlokdaan could teleport players trying to cheese him forever and ever, over and over, despite being in bite range after the first one. Dragons don't like cheese. It gives them the tummy troubles.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed you to block through the knockback when Bahlokdaan crashes to the ground.
    • Fixed an issue where, if two or more players were grouped and somehow acquired multiple Zamaraks, you could not progress the quest if certain activities were performed.
    • Zamarak will no longer get stuck and fail to go into his meditation if you and Zamarak are both in combat when near the moon pillars.
  • Two Queens
    • Fixed an issue that would cause you to stay in combat with mobs of the Rimmen Palace chapel fight even after death.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause Zamarak to not use his basic quick attacks in the Rimmen Palace.
    • There is now a backup graveyard in Euraxia's courtyard in case your character dies during that encounter.
    • Nala-do will no longer respawn after certain events in the quest.
  • The Final Order
    • You can no longer use the Blade of Woe on Captain Saulinia.
  • [Spoilery Quest Name Here]
    • Fixed an issue where a group member logging in during a scene would cause it to skip for all party members.
    • Fixed an issue where Khamira would not respawn if you resurrected in place at the entrance of Shadow Dance Ruins.
    • Fixed an issue where entering Shadow Dance Ruins was erroneously group sharing.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause [SPOILERY BOSS NAME] to speak over and cut off their own VO lines while using abilities.
  • Jode's Core
    • Logging out while defending the Moon Gate no longer causes Abnur Tharn to lose his shield.
    • Fixed an issue where Zamarak and Gharesh-ri would either be entirely too far away from one another, or one would not be present at the same time as the other.
    • Added a number of fixes to the encounter with Mulaamnir, and he will now be progressable through all phases. These fixes include, but are not limited to:
      • Background scenes not progressing during phase transitions.
      • Strafing path and corkscrew flying having weird, awkward turns. Aerodynamics are just a suggestion to dragons, apparently.
      • Turning… very… very… slowly… upon player resurrection.
      • Stopping his strafe when you take damage from it.
      • Not getting knocked back if Mulaamnir crashes on top of you.
      • Mulaamnir's shock breath is no longer called “fire breath” in death recap. Bad cloning, bad!


  • Scars of the Past: Najirra, Pilazaz, and Raebanji now start their lines properly as you get close to them in the caverns.
  • The Riverhold Abduction: Mizzik will no longer get stuck following you if you're able to loot the final item from the smuggler's camp at Sleeping Badger, while still in combat.
  • Ruddy Fang Retrieval: Elianna Pevengius will no longer run in slow motion after you go to get her things back. As much as I enjoyed playing Chariots of Fire every time I saw it happen, it is not meant to be.
  • A Waking Nightmare: If you've resolved the troubles in the Ashen Scar, you can now tell Ri'hirr as much.


  • Fixed an issue where if you (somehow) died to Bahlokdaan in the tutorial, you would not become blocked. There is now also a graveyard in that room where you can resurrect.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Bright Moons, Warm Sands from awarding a skill point when completed.


Help & Tutorials

  • Updated the acquisition hints for the Grisly Mummy Tabby and the Peryite Skeevemaster Costume.
  • Added a warning to the tooltip of Plague-Drenched Fabric and Mummified Alfiq Parts, to better indicate that using them on an account that's already earned the associated Collectibles won't obtain duplicate Collectibles, just Achievement progress.

Thieves Guild Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Exploration & Itemization[edit]

Eidetic Memory

  • You can now read Rhanbiq's Notes in the Abah's Landing Outlaw Refuge after completing the quest The One That Got Away.

Combat & Gameplay[edit]

Combat & Abilities[edit]

  • Made several changes to “Gap Closer” abilities:
    • Removed the snare applied from all abilities that deal with character charges, leaps, teleports, or other movements.
    • Removed all minimum ranges from these abilities.
    • Drastically increased the speed of all of these abilities, and increased their auxiliary effects' (damage, debuffs, etc.) range to ensure they always apply to their target.
    • Note: Dragon Leap and its morphs are an exclusion to some of these changes. They will continue to fire a snare, which has new visual effects introduced to it. This is due to the fact it cannot be used in quick succession compared to other instant cast abilities. Dragon Leap has had its speed increased as well, but not as drastically, to ensure the visual fidelity remains.
  • Fixed many issues where slotted abilities that allowed corpse consumption would show the unique effects for corpses inconsistently.
  • Fixed multiple issues with passives that had to check for specific targets to apply their effects to. For example, Forceful and Tri Focus will no longer hit the initial target, and will instead deal their damage to nearby targets.
Buffs and Debuffs[edit]
  • Fixed an issue with the Poisoned status effect where it was using the incorrect missing of stats to derive its damage. Now, like all other status effects, it will use the caster's highest Weapon or Spell Damage, Max Stamina or Magicka, and Weapon or Spell Critical Strike Chance.
  • Draconic Power
    • Protective Scales:
      • Dragonfire Scales (morph): Fixed an issue where this ability could not critically strike, and was not being properly treated as a Spell Projectile. Note that two or more Dragonknights cannot come together and create a free energy system by self-perpetuating the damage return between them with only this ability.
  • Earthen Heart
  • Assassination
    • Grim Focus: This ability and its morphs will now reduce your damage taken by 3% for each Light or Heavy Attack you use, up to 5 times. Note that this bonus will persist even if the Grim Focus buff fades from you, as it is tethered to the amount of stacks you had while the buff was active. This effect will be consumed when you use your stacks by firing the spectral bow or when you leave combat.
      • Developer Comment: The goal of this change is to alleviate some of the pains that were brought up where this ability required a cost and global to activate, but only enabled you to participate in a mini-game before you were able to be rewarded, unlike any other skill in the game. The initial intent was to remove the overloaded nature of this ability where it granted you more passive damage, but then also granted you more burst damage. Now, the focus has shifted for this ability to be tangible with multiple play styles, and can be used by tanks, damage dealers, or even healers with the bonuses it provides. We went with damage mitigation in order to help reinforce the desire to gain the healing from this skill, and wanted to avoid granting more flat damage or resource management.
    • Mark Target: Removed the cost from this ability and its morphs. This was done to make it more comparable to abilities, such as Weakness to Elements, that only apply a debuff to their target.
  • Siphoning
    • Drain Power: Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs could unintentionally be dodged.
  • Storm Calling
    • Summon Storm Atronach: Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs would not stun and deal damage to targets in the area where you cast the ability.
  • Restoring Light
    • Restoring Aura: Removed the cost from this ability and the Radiant Aura morph, and increased the duration to 20 seconds at max rank. This was done to put it in the same category as other abilities, such as Weakness to Elements.
  • Dual Wield
    • Whirlwind:
      • Whirling Blades (morph): Reduced the execute threshold for this ability to 50% from 100% in order to reduce instances where it was out performing single target “spammable” attacks.
  • Bow
    • Rapid Fire:
      • Ballista (morph): Fixed an issue where the damage from this ability could cause health desyncs to occur under certain circumstances.

Itemization & Item Sets[edit]

Item Sets

  • Burning Spellweave: Corrected a grammatical error in this item set's description.
  • Essence Thief: Fixed multiple issues where the essence pool would vanish if the caster was stunned, feared, knocked back, silenced, disoriented, charging, staggered, or falling while it was still moving to its target location. The only time the pool should fail to materialize now is when your character dies or begins to swim. You're already in a pool, you don't need another.
  • Vastarie's Tutelage: This item set no longer reduces the cost of Ultimate abilities.
  • Vesture of Darloc Brae: This item set no longer grants healing or resources while using Block when crouching.

Base Game Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Alliance War & PVP[edit]


  • The book “Those who Stood at Chalman Keep” is now available for Daggerfall and Aldmeri players in their respective Cyrodiil home keeps.

Weapon Artifacts

  • The damage, healing, and shield provided and/or caused from wielding Volendrung will now bypass Battle Spirit, as the Daedra and their weaponry are not bound by our mortal coil.
  • Adjusted the doors at Bruma, Vlastarus and Cropsford to not allow players with Volendrung to enter them.
  • Elder Scrolls and Volendrung can now be interacted with while in combat.

Art & Animation[edit]


  • Denskar Earth-Turner no longer holds his rake while reacting to crime.



  • Furnishings now indicate which furnishing limit they apply to in their tooltips.


  • Corrected a rare issue where an extra map marker for the Velothi Reverie home would appear with a missing icon.



  • Fixed an issue where particle effects on Mac would become corrupted.



  • Clarified the error messaging when trying to enter a DLC dungeon through a door when you don't have the DLC.

Alliance War

  • A prompt will now appear when your group leader queues you for an Alliance War campaign. If joining the campaign would trigger the Alliance lock on that campaign, the prompt will also include that info.


  • When learning a large amount of recipes all at once (like when using Recipe: Donolon's Infinite Book on PTS) you will no longer receive an alert for every recipe learned in the top right. Instead, you will get a single alert informing you how many recipes were learned.

Gamepad Mode

  • Fixed an issue in the housing editor where buttons could fail to work after a controller disconnect/reconnect while browsing furniture.

Guild Finder

  • Fixed an issue where times could be saved improperly depending on your time zone.
  • Fixed an issue with the Guild Listing screen where your text could get deleted while editing and scrolling.
  • Fixed an issue where you could attempt to apply to a guild you're already in or have already applied to.
  • Guilds that you're in or have applied to will now display in the Guild Finder.
  • Full guilds will no longer appear in the Guild Finder search results.
  • In-game mail will now be sent when a guild's listing in the Guild Finder has expired.

Help & Tutorials

  • Fixed a number of small typos in Help screens.
  • Fixed an issue where the interrupt and CC break tutorials provided redundant information and would overlap subtitles.
  • Updated the Help screens for Midyear Mayhem, to mention the new rewards available during the event.
  • Updated the Imperial City Help screens to reflect that Imperial City is now its own AvA Campaign.
  • Fixed Second Legion Outfit Style acquisition hints to more accurately describe the monsters you should target.


  • Dragon map pins are no longer visible from Reaper's March


  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't accept a shared quest when in a Hiding Spot.